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5 Best Wolverine Work Boots Reviews [2023]
Wolverine is a well-respected industry name in producing work boots and still going strong after more than a century, we decided to research and review the best Wolverine work boots for you!
4 Best Anti-Fatigue Work Boots
We had our team of tradesmen test a selection of high-quality work boots for you while being on their feet all day long in the most varied of working situations, including construction, and industrial.
5 Best Chemical Resistant Work Boots
For professionals that work with chemicals, hazards faced on job are dangerous. We asked a team of professionals who work with chemicals to help us research and test the best chemical-resistant work boots.
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Work Pants Vs Dress Pants
Work pants are way more durable, comfortable, and of greater utility than dress pants when it comes to wearing pants for work. Work pants are thicker, have more pockets and are mostly waterproof.
Are Cargo Pants Baggy?
Cargo pants were supposed to fit loose and baggy, made for manual workers and the armed forces. But with many designers and brands making cargo pants these days, they come in various styles and fitting that might not be baggy as well.
Why do Construction Workers Tuck their Shirts In?
Tucking your shirts in is not only for giving you the formal look in construction, but also for protecting you from several hazards and dirt of the construction sites.
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4 Best Safety Vest for Hot Weather
While there are many quality safety vests available, not all will be comfortable when worn in hot weather or warmer climates. So, we went to work to find the best safety vests specifically to wear in hot weather.
Why Do Construction Workers Wear Orange?
One of the main reasons why construction workers wear safety vests in orange color is because of visibility. It is crucial for the safety of a worker to be clearly visible while at work!
4 Best Safety Vest for Construction
We tested numerous safety vests, even having heavy machinery operators rate visibility for us from high up or from behind the wheel of incredibly large machinery. This is what we found...
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4 Best Hard Hats for Small Heads
So, you need a hard hat for work, but you have a smaller-sized head and perhaps the hard hat your employer gives sits just a little too big for you to feel protected. Discover right hard hat for small heads!
5 Best Full Brim Hard Hat
Full brim hard hats offer as complete protection as you can hope when selecting a hard hat. The full brim style offers added protection because the brim surrounds the entire hard hat as opposed to a small brim limited only to the front.
7 Best Hard Hat Suspension to Protect Your Head
We have chosen several examples with all three types of suspension point systems: four, six, or eight to give you an idea of what is available.
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What Are Riggers Gloves Used For?
There are several types of jobs that require you to wear rigger gloves. They are best for rigging, cable pulling, fishing, construction, forestry, industrial purpose, mechanics and warehouse work to name a few.
What Can Vinyl Gloves Be Used For?
Vinyl gloves have been used in the food industry and the healthcare sector for a very long time now. However, there have been some health concerns that have put limitations and considerations.
What are Neoprene Gloves Made Of?
Neoprene is made of chloroprene (a type of lab-synthesized rubber). Various chemical reactions result in the formation of neoprene gloves with the help of the free radical polymerization process.
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Why Do We Wear Safety Glasses for Woodwork?
You never know when and how dust, debris, or even chunks of wood fly around while woodworking. It can have hazardous effects in contact with your eyes. So it’s a must to wear safety glasses for woodwork.
What Happens When You Don't Wear Safety Glasses?
If you don't wear safety glasses, it can cause permanent loss of vision, eye injuries that might leave you unfit to carry out your work anymore, and hefty medical bills!
5 Best Safety Glasses For Metal Work
We decided it was time for an update and set out to find the best pair of safety glasses for metal work at a reasonable price. So we got the pros to work researching and testing glasses for you.  
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Will Headphones Make You Bald?
When you wear such a headphone that fits extremely tight to your head, the rubber cushioning can heat up that certain area of the head and cause sweating, which is one of the causes of hair loss.
5 Best Hearing Protection for Woodworking
We invited a group of seasoned professionals to discuss with us their views on hearing protection and test several products while on the job to help us select the best ones for your consideration.
5 Best Ear Protection for Blacksmithing
We got in touch with a number of professional blacksmiths and professionals who work daily with metals, to listen to their specific needs and ideas about hearing protection while on the job. 
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6 Best Reusable Dust Mask
A basic dust mask’s filtering ability can decrease with faster breathing. However, there is a new generation of dust masks conceived for very active people in cities with high levels of pollution.
4 Best Dust Masks for Construction Workers
We asked a group of construction site professionals, both managers, and workers to help us research and test the best dust masks for construction workers to help you find good respiratory protection on job.
Should You Wear a Mask When Mixing Concrete?
It is quintessential to wear a mask while mixing cement since, without one, you'll be inhaling harmful cement dust that contains silica. Not any ordinary mask, but only a NIOSH-certified respirator N95 mask.
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Do Leather Jackets Need To Be Waterproofed?
Yes! A leather jacket needs to be waterproofed if you want to wear it in a humid climate. Let’s now find out the reasons and ways for waterproofing a leather jacket. 
6 Best Lightweight Work Jackets
Many of the professionals we talked to reiterated that a lightweight jacket is a priority for them to work comfortably while involved in specific physical tasks that require agility and flexibility.
Do I Need a Jacket for 16 Degrees?
How you should dress up for 16 degrees does not merely depend on that temperature but would also be influenced a lot by your health, the climatic conditions in which you have lived, your culture, etc.
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What Body Types Do High Rise Jeans Typically Flatter?
In this post I am going to make it simple for you the body types that can adorn high waisted jeans and the ways to style it for the picture perfect figure!
What Jeans do Construction Workers Wear?
When it comes to jeans for your construction work, you need jeans that are made of cotton so that it dries up quickly, utility pockets are a must!
When Worn with Jeans Should a Polo Shirt Be Tucked in?
To tuck or not to tuck? Almost every clothing item comes with a list of recommendations as to how it should be worn, and polo shirts are no exception.