Why Do We Wear Safety Glasses for Woodwork?
You never know when and how dust, debris, or even chunks of wood fly around while woodworking. It can have hazardous effects in contact with your eyes. So it’s a must to wear safety glasses for woodwork.
4 Best Dust Masks for Woodworking
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Why Do Carpenters Wear Suspenders?
Tool belts will put pressure on your waist and hips and will slip down every other time due to the weight of the tools in it. That is when a carpenter needs to wear a suspender to disperse tool belt weight.
5 Best Work Boots for Carpenters
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6 Best Carpenter Hard Hats Brands
Some people may wonder if carpenters need to wear hard hats. If there is work being done overhead where tools, objects, or debris can fall from above causing a head injury they have to wear hard hats.
10 Best Work Pants for Carpenters
Carpentry is a very physically demanding job, therefore, wearing the appropriate gear is required. You have come to the right place because in this article we have listed out the ten best work pants for carpenters.
Best Carpenters Tool Belt - Reviews and Buying Guide
A really fine tool belt will put everything from nails to all your required tools right within your reach whether you are outside, inside or even up on a ladder.
Do Carpenters Need Steel Toe Boots?
Yes, steel toe boots offer the best protection for carpentry job from any sharp objects and heavy impacts. Steel can withstand impact up to 6000 pounds without causing the slightest harm to your toes!