Best Carpenters Tool Belt – Reviews and Buying Guide

So, you’ve decided to invest in a good carpenter’s tool belt. No surprise here as it will help you save time and offer great convenience when working on your next project.

Whether you are a professional carpenter or builder, or just someone who enjoys doing your own home improvement projects, a carpenter’s tool belt is a must when on the job.

Best Carpenters Tool Belt

A really good tool belt will turn out to be your best helper while working. Rather than constantly looking through your toolbox, a really fine tool belt will put everything from nails to all your required tools right within your reach whether you are outside, inside or even up on a ladder. Now let’s take a look at what we’ve prepared for you.

1. Occidental Leather 9855 Tool Bag (Our Best Pick)

The Occidental Leather Company has been producing top quality tool belts for approximately forty years, beginning in the 1980s in the USA. This belt is one of the absolute best for carpenters looking for durability. Occidental uses top quality leather in its manufacturing to guarantee this belt is built to last.

Designed to carry numerous tools, it also is made for various sized waistlines easily fitting pant waist sizes that range from thirty-two to forty-one inches. It features a whopping twenty-four pockets in all shapes and lots of sizes.

The actual belt buckle part is made in leather while the rest of the best is produced in thick neoprene. The components are made in nylon and leather together with the pockets boasting both leather reinforced bottoms as well as corners.

This belt also features D-rings for suspenders along with bags that also have tool holders guaranteeing you ease while working. The main featured bags are a generous ten inches deep for big tools. The bag weighs in at five pounds and can be ordered for both right and left hands.

If you get a pair of Occidental suspenders to combine with this belt, it is very comfortable. While not inexpensive, if your budget will permit, we found it to be well worth the investment.


      • Durability
      • Lots of holders for those various tools
      • Made with industrial quality nylon and leather
      • Fat lip design of bags and leather reinforced
      • Versions for both left and right hands


      • May feel a bit bulky
      • Can become heavy if well filled
      • May be a bit expensive for some budgets
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2. Dewalt DG 5650 31-Pocket Pro Carpenter Apron (Next Best Pick)

If you use and like DeWalt Tools, you’ll love this carpenter’s tool belt. Dewalt Work Gear is manufactured by Custom LeatherCraft, known for its quality products for tradesmen and laborers with approximately thirty years in the manufacturing business.

Named as a carpenter’s apron, it features eleven larger pockets together with twenty-four smaller pockets and has been designed to last during heavy work.

Featuring loops and sleeves, its various sized pockets are made to keep your nails, tools, pencils and accessories in general within arms-reach at all times. The belt easily fits waists sized anywhere from twenty-nine to forty-six inches.


      • This belt has handles to carry it when not wearing
      • Very durable belt buckle and adjustable
      • A security zipper pocket
      • Dri-lex liner padded to guarantee comfort
      • Lots of Tool holders together with carabiner and a lanyard


      • Material is not high grade
      • Can become heavy
      • Too many pockets for some
      • Warranty is limited

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3. Dewalt DG5372 12 Pocket Carpenters (Best Budget Pick)

If you’re on a budget but still looking for a good quality carpenter tool belt, the Dewalt top grain carpenter apron may just be for you. This belt is a terrific buy for the money. Conveniently priced, it offers five large pockets and seven smaller pockets to for your smaller items.

As more expensive belts, it also features handles to both adjust the belt when wearing or for carrying it around from job to job. The belt fits waists from twenty-nine to forty-six inches. 


      • Durable top grain leather
      • Lightweight with handles for carrying
      • Adjustable with roller buckle for stability
      • Hammer holders and pry bar loop
      • Conveniently priced


      • May not last as long as more expensive belts
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4. CLC 5605 Professional Carpenter Combo

CLC offers a top-quality professional carpenter tool belt combination. This tool belt distinguishes itself for its versatility. All of its parts can be removed and are totally interchangeable. The belt is constructed in excellent ballistic fabric making it oh-so-very-durable.

Featuring eighteen pockets, the principal pockets have a stay-open capacity to allow you easy access to your tools. It also boasts six smaller pockets for pencils, pliers, screwdrivers or whatever you prefer.

There are also two hammer rings in metal as well and a convenient carrying handle makes jobs on the go, all that much easier. This 3.5 pound belt will comfortably fit waist sizes from twenty-nine to forty-six inches, and its great look will only add to your professional demeanor.


      • An extremely versatile tool belt
      • Lots of tool holders
      • Comfortable to wear all day
      • Slick appeareance
      • Handles for easy transport
      • Affordable


      • Basically more suited to professional carpenters
      • May seem a bit bulky
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5. Occidental Leather B5625 Green Framer Tool Belt Set

For lovers of leather, this Occidental Leather Tool Belt is nothing less than beautiful. The belt feels exceptionally comfortable right from the beginning because of the leather used in its manufacturing. It offers twenty-four well placed pockets guaranteeing you lots of room for tools and accessories.

The belt is in the higher priced range, so you’ll be spending to buy this belt, but Occidental offers great customer service and warranties for their all-leather carpenters’ belts. The belt weighs in at six pounds.


      • Lightweight made in the USA
      • Quality leather
      • 24 tool holders and pockets
      • Durable and long lasting with reinforced back on stress points


      • Expensive
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Which is the best carpenter’s tool belt? Once you begin your shopping, you’ll find that there are so many professional belts out there on the market. Our team set out to find out which is the best. We’ve done all the leg work by testing and comparing numerous tool belts for you.

We’ve put in about twenty-four hours of on-the-job use by several carpenters to provide you with enough information from professionals who use these belts on a daily basis all day long.

How to Choose the Right Tool Belt?

A tool belt is personal. You’ll use it on every job or project you undertake and you’ll take it with you, wherever that job happens to be. And you’ll want it to last for a long time, so you’ll be making an investment with your pick. What did we look for when evaluating these belts?

When you’re on the job for quite a bit of time, or in some unusual positions, you are going to want something comfortable to wear. We considered how well any one belt fit over clothing as well as padding.

Padding is fundamental especially as you add weight to your belt. You don’t want a tool belt that digs into your body, making you uncomfortable or even causing pain. Good added belt protection will make your day easier.

The number of tools you intend to carry will affect the overall weight. If your new tool belt is already heavy when it’s empty, it’s probably not a good choice. You’ll want a belt that is resistant over time but lightweight all the same.

Everyone wants a tool belt made especially for one’s needs. Good choices in belts will allow you to do a bit of your own customizing, meaning you can change the position of pockets to fit your requirements. A really great belt should not dictate how you use your belt, but on the contrary should answer your specific needs.

Pockets are a big deal when choosing a tool belt. You don’t want just space for storage, but pockets which permit you to organize your tools, especially particular tools like a tape measure.

Choosing leather or nylon, is a question of personal choice. Some prefer the look of leather while others may prefer the comfort nylon belts can offer. Try on both and see which is best for your taste.

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How we tested

We tested these choices in the most demanding circumstances, right on the job. Professional carpenters were given these belts to try out while at work. These carpenters are topnotch pros and they gave us the lowdown on how the belt they were wearing performed at the job site.

We considered what the pros liked and what they wished had worked differently. We then compared our on-the-job quality reports with both price, availability and the manufacturer’s reputation in the business.

When testing we specifically considered:

      • Fit
      • Quality of construction in both materials and stitching
      • Number of belt pockets, type and usefulness
      • Overall value

Leather or Nylon, that’s the question!

When choosing between a leather or a nylon belt, it may just boil down to personal taste. Many feel that leather offers a more professional, time-tested look, while others will opt for lighter weighted comfortable nylon that can offer a cleaner appearance as opposed to time-stained well-lived leather.

Manufacturers, however, are now offering more and more tool belts that feature a combination of the two materials. The answer may lie in your trying out both types of materials to get a feel for how each works for your personal needs.


When selecting your tool belt, think about how you may need to organize it before making that final decision. What do you think you’ll need? More pockets or some extra pouches. No, they’re not quite the same and can make quite a difference when you’re busy at work.

Pouches are usually large and contain some pockets within. Depending on the size of the pocket, you will be able to store specific accessories that you won’t want to spill out while you’re busy.

Also consider how you intend to wear your belt. Weight, pouches and pockets, as well as orientation will all make a difference while you’re at work. Orientation, meaning that you can wear your belt backwards for some jobs can really make life easier.

If you need to bend quite a bit, you’ll probably want those pouches behind you. If you are considering a belt with more than two pouches, you may want to make sure they can be removed once you arrive at the job site, allowing you more freedom of movement.

Last, but not least, if your belt is going to carry considerable weight because of necessary tools, you may opt for a lighter belt and even invest in a good pair of suspenders to take the weight off your lower back and hips. When purchasing your perfect tool belt, a lot goes into the selection.

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All Things Considered

Choosing your personal carpenters’ tool belt is really personal, almost like buying a pair of undergarments or a bathing suit. There are a multitude of reasons for choosing one belt as opposed to picking another.

In the end the perfect belt has to meet your standards and address your needs. While many will choose comfort and weight as priorities, others will want to prioritize customization and how many and what type of pockets are available for tools and accessories.

Many of our team professionals opted for soft leather tool belts for durability and for pouch size for accessories, however a few of our carpenters placed their emphasis on comfort and opted for lighter weight nylon tool belts with padding.

One consideration voiced was about sweating in hotter weather. A few felt more comfortable with the new nylon belts to address this issue of heat induced perspiration. Still others wanted customization options with bags that float and can be easily rearranged on the belt.

In the end, you’ll want to consider what you intend to use your belt for and for how long. Will it be for daily use as a tradesman or will it be weekend use for home improvement? Decide what is most important to you and what your budget will allow, then off to work!

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