15 Best Men’s Polo Shirts for Work

The polo shirt gets its name long before it became popular. It was invented for polo matches to allow comfort and range of motion to players while still having an attractive look.

The popularity that this shirt has gained through the years is due above all to the quality of the fabric used because it ensures comfort.

In fact, this type of shirt is also incredibly comfortable and can lend some easy style to your wardrobe.

Best Polo Shirts for Work

With a few accessories or a well-chosen jacket, polo shirts will provide you with a pleasant stylish alternative to the tie and jacket. 

In a Hurry… Check out the Comparison of Top Polo Shirts

Polo ShirtFitMaterialClosureSide Vent
Brook Brothers Tailored Pique Regular100% Supima cottonThree-buttonYes
Amazon Essentials Men’s Pique Cotton Regular100% cottonButtonYes
Everlane Polo Shirt for Men Slim93% cotton, 7% elasteneButton
IZOD Advantage Performance Tall/BigPoly-cottonButtonYes
Lacoste Classic Pique Slim Fit Slim fit100% cottonButton
Bramble Polo ShirtRegularLinen, viscose, polyesterZipperNo
Nautica Classic StripeRegularPoly-cottonTwo-buttonYes

Polo shirts are also easy to mix and match and will look great with most likely all the pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Plus, polo shirts come in a multitude of colors and even patterns, so you can even have some fun choosing the day’s pairing.

Whether you are meeting an important client, giving a presentation, or just working a normal day’s work, a polo shirt will be a positive addition to your selection of work garments. 

Our Best Polo Shirts for Work List

Best Office Pick

1. Brook Brothers Tailored Pique Polo Shirt

Brook Brothers Tailored Pique Polo Shirt

This is a terrific choice for an office that allows casual dress. It comes in a number of colors and is comfortably lightweight.

Made from 100% cotton, it has been treated to resist shrinking or fading making it a great choice for any or every day of the week. It features an extended back for fitting when standing or sitting at your desk.


      • Shrink and fade resistant
      • High quality
      • Extended back


      • A bit more expensive 

Best Budget Buy

2. Amazon Essentials Men’s Polo Shirt in Pique Cotton

This is a really great price for a standard polo shirt. The sizing may run a bit larger than indicated, however being that it is 100% cotton, it may shrink in the dryer.

Amazon offers lots of colors and designs including stripes. Not necessarily adapted to more formal appointments.


      • Affordable
      • Many Colors available
      • Free return


      • May shrink somewhat in the dryer
      • Only one “fit” available: Regular
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Best Slim Polo Shirt

3. Everlane Polo Shirt for Men

Everlane Polo Shirt for Men

Everlane makes this polo shirt only for slim fits. if you’ve never bought a slim fit, you may want a larger size.

It features a slim collar and has a pique knit texture that is soft. There are numerous color choices and is quite stylish.


      • Color choices
      • 93% cotton with 7% elastane for fit
      • Affordable


      • Not for the dryer after washing

Best Big and Tall Polo

4. IZOD Advantage Performance Polo Shirt

Another iconic brand in polos, this shirt is specifically designed for taller and larger-sized men. Manufactured in a polyester cotton blend with 60% cotton and 40% polyester, it features UV protection and has been pre-shrunk to guarantee fit.

The collar is roll-resistant to keep your polo looking great after lots of wear and wash. IZOD offers 21 various colors and the sizing ranges from large up to 5XL and large to 5XL Tall.


      • Side vent design
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Lots of big and tall sizes
      • Many Colors
      • Affordable


      • Some sizing concerns
      • Wear in stitching underarm area reported
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Other Great Choices

5. Lacoste Classic Pique Slim Fit Polo Shirt

This classic iconic Lacoste polo shirt is made in 100% cotton with button closure. It is machine washable with ribbed armbands and a ribbed collar.

Soft and durable, it features the well-known signature green crocodile on the left of the chest. Lacoste was born in 1933 when champion tennis player Rene Lacoste snipped the arms off his shirt to improve his range of movement. The rest is history.


      • Soft
      • Highlights athletic forms
      • Numerous colors


      • European sizing which runs smaller
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6. Bramble Polo Shirt

If you’re looking for something with design, this Bramble polo is impressive. It features a zip neck, so no buttoning, and a geometric pattern that would look great under a blazer or jacket.

It is a regular fit with short sleeves and a knit texture. The material is a mix of 56% linen, 27% viscose, and 17% polyester. It should be hand washed.


      • Geometric design
      • Stylish, elegant polo
      • Zip neck


      • Should be hand washed only
      • A bit more expensive

7. Nautica Classic Stripe Polo Shirt

Nautica Men's Classic Short Sleeve Stripe Polo Shirt

This is a classic from Nautica with a timeless design and high-quality material that makes it durable. It’s made in a poly-cotton mix of 60% cotton and 40% polyester for moisture-wicking. (Check out the guide on Best Moisture-Wicking Work Shirts)

Nautica offers quite a variety of striped color choices making it great for both work, or free time. Manufactured with vented side seams it features a two-button closure. Sizes range from XS to 3XL.


      • Affordable
      • Quality cotton-poly mix
      • Variety of sizes and colors


      • Limited colors in some sizes 
      • Some sizes not always available due to demand

Best long sleeve polo shirts

Here is a list of long sleeve polo shirts that are recommended for you. 

8. Dickies Men’s Long Sleeve Pique Polo

Made of part polyester and cotton, this full sleeve polo shirt is perfect for your business as well as casual outing. 

9. Van Heusen Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

This long sleeve polo shirt has a softer feel and is more comfortable. Ideal for layering beneath a puffer vest or lightweight jacket.

10. MoFiz Men’s Long Sleeve Polo Shirts 

These long sleeve polo shirts are smooth and comfy, and ideal for physical workouts as well as business casual clothing. 

11. Lands’ End Men’s Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

The wrinkle and stain resistant interlock knit fabric resists fading, pilling, and shrinking, allowing you to wear it with confidence again and again. Also, cooling comfort is provided by light, breathable cotton.

Best polo shirts for fat guys.

A polo shirt is a must-have item for every man’s wardrobe. Polos, as a versatile and wonderful alternative to the t-shirt, provide some stylish diversity to your collection. When you’re overweight, though, things change. 

From collar to hem, every point must be comfortable, adaptable, and breathable for a big built guy.

Let us have a look at some recommended polo shirts for guys that are on the heavier side. 

12. Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt

It is a trendy shirt made of a poly-cotton blend. However, the actual construction, from the stitching to the fabric, is long-lasting, lightweight, and moisture-wicking which is comfortable as well as convenient. 

The fit is regular, allowing you maximum flexibility of movement. And the aesthetic is also good: it comes in a variety of colors and sizes which is apt for a variety of people.

13. Hanes Men’s EcoSmart Jersey Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Hanes jersey polo is constructed of cotton with a recycled polyester/plastic blend because it is an environmentally conscious business that employs recycled fibres such as polyester and plastic bottles. 

These recycled synthetic fibres keep you cool and provide a lot of flexibility and they are the greatest substitute and last longer than natural fibres. 

14. KingSize Men’s Piqué Polo Shirt

KingSize has been supplying huge and tall sizes since 1920. 

This KS pique polo is ideal for the big guy or those who like extra coverage because it is larger than the normal polo, eliminating the possibility of riding up or being too tight. 

15. Nautica Men’s Polo Shirt

You can see right away that this polo has an athletic appearance, yet it’s not only for sports anymore. Wear it whenever you want to seem stylish and confident. 

It dries quickly thanks to its moisture-wicking fabric, and it’s lightweight and consists of a poly-cotton blend. 

Polo Shirt Advantages After Work

If your employer has a casual dress code for the workplace, polo shirts will afford you that look of relaxed professionalism that management requires.

But one of the great things about polo shirts is that you will be able to use them after work as well. Have a date or an appointment? Fear not!

The polo shirt is a good-looking choice, and you won’t have to worry that you’ll look wrinkled and unkempt at the end of a difficult or long day on the job.

You can go straight from work to your appointment. Do you need to look a bit more formal? No problem! Slip on a basic blazer and you are set to go. No wrinkles, no discomfort, and no tie!

Polo Shirt Summer Comfort

This is truly the ideal choice for a summer shirt. If it’s unbearably hot, or you have a long drive to work and maybe get stuck in traffic, the polo shirt will help you avoid arriving sweaty and wrinkled to begin your workday.

Fabrics like cotton will keep you comfortable and good-looking in spite of the temperature or even lack of air conditioning. And again, you can pair your favorite polo shirt with a pair of lightweight cotton chinos or slacks.

Chino pants are great as a pairing because they give you a “pulled-together” look even in the hottest summer climate. Does the thought of going to work in extreme heat make you dread getting dressed? Try a lightweight polo shirt to put your mind at ease.

Seasonal Changes Become Easy with a Polo Shirt

The end of summer is near, but winter cold hasn’t arrived, and you haven’t begun to change the clothes in your closet yet for the coming season. Both fall and spring present this problem every year.

It’s either too cold for summer clothes or too hot for winter wool. This is where a polo shirt can come in really handy. As the autumn cool approaches, you can continue to wear polo shirts and maintain your comfort as well.

Maybe select a pair of pants that are a bit heavier to wear with the polo shirt. Still a bit chilly or perhaps it might be a bit colder when you leave work? No problem, a sweater or jacket over your polo shirt will resolve the problem whether you’re heading into fall or spring weather.

Polo Shirts in Winter?

Why not? With the correct pairing, you can wear polo shirts even in the coldest of seasons and still have that nice comfort under any layering of sweaters or jackets.

In fact, the key to wearing polo shirts all year round is “layering”. And you can still take advantage of lively or neutral colors depending on your personal taste. 

Polo shirts truly offer a great business apparel option for dressing casually in an appropriate work environment.

If you work in a profession that requires a range of movement, you cannot do better than with a polo. Choose a good selection of different colors and patterns and then have some fun mixing and matching to reflect your personal style.

What Should I Consider When Choosing my Polo Shirts for Work?

The polo shirt is a classic staple of any preppie wardrobe. It always looks good and will give you a nice put-together look in any situation. Let’s consider the following:

How many polo shirts should I have?

It would be great to have at least a week’s supply, but two to three in different colors, as well as a pair of rugby polo shirts, will give you a good selection, to begin with.

What is a rugby polo shirt?

These shirts are characterized by thicker cotton that is made to withstand the wear and tear of the sport. They are made to last and may offer special details like rubber buttons. It usually has long sleeves and will come in a patterned fabric like stripes.

What Style of Polo shirt should I Look for?

Polos have maintained their original style since their creation. The type of material used will offer you choices and will of course depend on personal preferences. 

You may choose cotton or a mesh-pique that has a bit of stretch. Cotton polos are environmentally friendly because cotton is biodegradable.

Synthetic polos or blends are may be used in athletic situations because they may be moisture resistant as well as wrinkle-free and possibly more durable.

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Classic, Regular or Slim?

A classic or regular polo shirt has little or no fitting and will tend to be loose-fitting. A slim fit is more fitted but should always be comfortable and not tight. It can be tighter across the chest, so much will depend on your body type.

The slim may be more flattering for those that can wear them but may not offer the same amount of mobility. The important thing to remember when choosing is the fit.

Try on your polo and tuck it into your pants. It should fit you snugly but comfortably and most certainly not tightly. Sizes usually run in regular, big, or tall.

Consider fit, type, size, sleeve length, and finally colors and patterns. Also, look for side vents that are finished on your polo shirt. These finished vents will allow you to wear them outside of your pants.

This also allows you the option of which way, tucked in or not, is most flattering to your figure. Polo shirts come in both short sleeve and long sleeve versions. Finally, consider what your budget will allow.

Are polo shirts appropriate for work?

Polo shirts are deemed appropriate for both professional and casual settings. The key is to match them with appropriate combinations and accessories while on business work. 

Here is a way to wear your polo shirts to make them look professional- 

A polo shirt’s fit should be neither too tight nor too loose, so make sure you can move freely. A pair of chinos will add just the right look to your polo shirts, and to make it look more professional, wear a nice matching blazer Tuck your polo shirt inside your jeans for formal occasions. By adding a jacket to your outfit, you may dress up or down a polo shirt.

Is a polo good for an interview?

While polo shirts are okay for jobs that are not demanding in terms of dress code, but even for companies with a more casual dress requirement, a polo shirt is typically too informal to wear to an interview. 

It’s advisable to dress a little more professionally for the interview, so polo shirts are not advisable in this situation.

Are polo shirts considered unprofessional? 

Polo shirts are not unprofessional, but they are more on the informal side of clothing. Polo shirts, as you’ve already guessed, are both professional and informal, making them the ultimate wardrobe piece that should be in everyone’s collection.

How can you make your polo shirts look professional so that you can wear them for an interview? 

So you now know that a polo shirt is not ideal for an interview in a variety of situations. However, if you do decide that a polo shirt is appropriate for the interview, follow the guidelines below to make it work. 

1.) Make sure there is no branding. 

Polo shirts are frequently emblazoned with obnoxious logos. The logo is generally the major offender and looks very unprofessional. It may be rather huge and take up a substantial section of the garment.

If you’re going to wear a polo shirt to an interview, look for one with no obvious marking. Nothing except a single hue and a basic design. 

2.) Color that is neutral 

It’s crucial to wear a polo shirt to an interview in a plain, neutral, minimalist hue. 

Polo shirts, being a traditional smart-casual style of summer wear, are commonly found in bright and striking colors such as bright yellow or pink. 

Choose a color that is neutral, such as off-white, beige, navy blue, or olive green. These aren’t simply simple and subtle hues. They’re also fairly simple to color match with the rest of your outfit.

3.) Make sure you’re not pairing them with other casual items. 

The polo shirt should be your most informal piece of clothing for the interview. The remainder of the ensemble should be professional and sophisticated enough to compensate for the polo shirt’s informal appearance. 

Don’t wear jeans and sneakers. It will just make the entire ensemble appear too casual. Instead, go for smart-casual pieces like chinos and Derby shoes. 

Chinos go well with polo shirts because they aren’t as casual as jeans and don’t seem as relaxed back. 

4.) Think about a Blazer. 

Finally, think about layering a jacket or sports coat over your polo shirt. 

It’s a simple method to make your polo shirt appear smarter and less casual, and even the more casual looking sports jackets look smarter and less casual. 

They can look wonderful worn over polo shirts and demonstrate that you’ve gone above and above for the interview.


Polo shirts are never out of style! The fit and how you wear it will define your look. They remain a wardrobe staple for casual occasions in and out of the workplace.

You’ll also be really at ease while appearing well dressed. What more can you ask for than feeling and looking your best while on the job? 

They look great with dress pants, jeans, shorts, and even sweatpants and with any number of shoe styles. If your workplace allows polo shirts, and once you’ve tried them, you may never wear any other type of shirt on the job!

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