Are Cords or Corduroy Warmer than Jeans?

Cords or corduroy are warmer than jeans. The debate over whether corduroy or jeans is warmer has raged for years, and the fundamental reason for the confusion is that both fabrics are made up of 95 to 100 % cotton.

Corduroy, on the other hand, is softer and cosier than jeans and may provide additional warmth in exceptionally cold weather.

In this article you’ll be introduced as to why choose corduroy pants while working in an extremely cold condition. 

Are Cords or Corduroy Warmer than Jeans

What makes Corduroy Pants warmer?

Corduroy pants offer the ideal blend of comfort, warmth and style and can be worn in a variety of working conditions due to their distinctive cord-based pattern.

They’ve become prominent in men’s fashion in recent years for the same reason. Corduroy is well known for its distinctive ridged pattern, which may be woven in a range of widths. So, corduroy is a ridged, resilient fabric made from a range of materials by textile manufacturers. 

There are a lot of misconceptions among people where they assume that corduroy pants are made of corduroy fabric. However, this isn’t entirely false, but it’s also not entirely correct as well.

The reason is that corduroy isn’t a fabric and the term ‘corduroy’ in the textile industry refers to a weaving pattern which involves multiple parallel lines of raised fabric. 

This raised fabric is known as wale, and these vary significantly in width. The wale number of corduroy fabric is identified by the number of wales within the single inch of fabric and 11 – 12 wales is the standard measurement.

If the wale number is low, then the wales will be thicker and similarly if the wale number is higher than the wales will be thinner, which are more closely bunched together.

Corduroy fabric is normally made of cotton, although it can also be made of polyester and cotton blends or even 100% polyester. However, recently wool corduroy is occasionally fabricated by textile manufacturers; and it is up to you to choose from this variety considering your needs.

Corduroy pants are now available in different colours, and you can search online for the best colour which suits your working conditions. 

There are 6 different types of Corduroy fabric, and you can choose according to your comfortability and ease of use. 

1.) Standard corduroy: It has 11 wales per inch and if any piece of this fabric with wales between 8 and 13 wales per inch is also considered to be the standard corduroy.

2.) Elephant cord: This corduroy features exceptionally broad, thick cords and is named after the folds in an elephant’s skin. The wale number of elephant cord fabric can range from 1.5 to 6 wales.

3.) Pinwale corduroy: Pinwale corduroy is the polar opposite of elephant cord, with a great number of tiny ridges throughout every square inch. It’s wales number can go up to 21 wales per inch. 

4.) Pigment-dyed corduroy: With each wash, the speckled pattern of this particular corduroy becomes more noticeable and the majority of corduroy fabric available in the industry is pigment-dyed.

5.) Spandex corduroy: To make a stretchable corduroy fabric, textile manufacturers combine cotton, poly blend, and wool corduroy with spandex. It is mostly found in children’s clothing.

6.) Bedford cord: Bedford cord is an American fabric with a corduroy-like fabric. However, these are left uncut, resulting in less visible ridge compared to the corduroys.

Are cords or corduroy warmer than jeans?

Yes, they’re warmer than jeans. Corduroy pants are traditionally considered as a good fabric that is used during fall as well as winter times due to the warmth they provide, however denim jeans are regarded as a year-round fabric.

Both of them make very good casual and work pants, but their appearance and feel are somewhat different.

Corduroy is a softer and warmer fabric that has wales woven into it. On the other hand, Denim is a tightly woven fabric which is also soft and warm, but not as warm as corduroys. 

Difference between Jeans and Corduroys

Corduroys  Jeans
Made of rigid cotton fabric and is also available in polyester blend and wool Tightly woven twill, may or may not have spandex or polyester.
Have wales on it Doesn’t have wales on it
Available in broader colour scheme Available mostly in blue and black shades
thicker and denser fabric Not so thicker and denser fabric
Have fuzzy texture Do not have fuzzy texture
Warmer for winter climate Less warm for winter climate
Less durable than denim Have strong durability
Available only in fitting-form Available in a number of types like loose fit, regular and so. 
Need more care washing this fabric as it could lead to shrinkage Comparatively less care washing this fabric than corduroy. 

Benefits of Corduroy Pants

1.) Their soft texture and high-end construction provide exceptional comfort. You can be confident that your corduroy pants will be comfy whether you wear them for a few hours or all day. This alone should convince you to go for corduroy pants over other options.

2.) These pants are strong and long-lasting and are mainly due to the cord-based weaving technique. Due to this reason itself you can get more use out of a pair of corduroy pants when compared to others. 

3.) Corduroy pants are stylish and are available in a variety of colours. Corduroy pants are available in conventional hues such as tan and black, as well as more contemporary colours such as orange, blue, green, and even red.

So, you will not have no trouble selecting corduroy pants that complement your unique style and work environment.

How to Care for Corduroy Pants

A pair of high-quality corduroy pants can last for years if properly cared for. These are some of the ways in which you can take care of your corduroy pants. 

1.) Corduroy pants should not be washed in hot water because they are heat sensitive.

2.) If you’re washing them in the washing machine, use the cold-water option.

3.) Tumble dry the garments. Most modern clothes dryers have a setting that just employs a tumbling mechanism to dry clothes. It will not heat up your corduroy pants.

In Conclusion

Corduroy Pants will offer you with the incredible warmth you need during the winter months. Although jeans are a wonderful option, the warmth they provide is less than that of Corduroy Pants.

From this post, you now have a thorough understanding of why Corduroy Pants are preferable than denim pants.

When selecting the ideal pair of pants or jeans for your workplace, always keep your necessities in mind.

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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