Safety Hat

How to Fix And Replace Different Parts of Hard Hat
A hard hat is a safety hat and if there are any problems with it, it is most likely going to fix it by relacing different parts of it. Let's find out!
What Class Of Hard Hat for Electrical Work?
When you want to know which electrical hard hat to choose, you must not only look at how the hats are classed from an electrical point of view. You must look at the type of hard hat needed.
How Often Should Hard Hats Be Inspected
Hard hat is subject to wear and tear and it too has a ‘sell by’ date. If the hat that you, or your staff are wearing is not checked on a regular basis, it may not do the job it is meant to do.
Full Brim Hard Hats Vs. Hard Hat Caps: Which One You Should Buy?
In this article, you'll find exact details about both Full Brim Hard Hats and Hard Hat Caps, their differences, which one you should choose and why. 
Kevlar Vs. Carbon Fiber Hard Hat: Which One Protects Head Better?
The most reliable materials till date trusted in the making of hard hats are Kevlar and carbon fiber. But the question is which one is better than the other?
6 Ways to Make Hard Hats More Comfortable
Find cool tips to gear up your hard hats to make them comfortable. And all the products mentioned have a cushioning effect to the head and save from the hard material of the hard hat hitting your head.
Do Hard Hats make you Bald?
There is no proof that hard hat can make you go bald! Literally no! But there are certain precautions you need to take to keep away sweat from hair root which might be the cause of few hair losses.
How to Wear a Hard Hat the Right Way?
It is very essential to wear your hard hat the right way to ensure proper protection. To help you with that I am here with this guide in which I am going to tell you the exact way to wear a hard hat!
How to Put Stickers on Hard Hats? (The Right Way)
Before you apply a sticker on your hard hat you need to know the correct way of applying the sticker or else you might end up damaging your hard hat.
How Long are Hard Hats Good For?
I suggest not using the hard hat for more than 3 to 5 years. This is because not only impacts but also exposure to chemicals and cleanings and the environment deteriorate the material of the hard hats over time.
How to Clean Hard Hats Like a Pro
In this article I am going to tell you in details about the easy and effective ways of cleaning hard hats. Also, we will be telling you when to dispose the hard hats, what’s their shell life and some pro tips as well.
What Do the Colors of Construction Helmets Mean?
In this article I am going to tell you in details all about safety helmets, their color coding and the OSHA, ANSI & CSA standards.