What Does Green Hard Hat Mean?

As there are separate uniform for particular professionals, like for doctors it is white apron, for fire fighters it is red uniform, for office workers it is formals, so are there different color codes of hard hats for different professionals.

What Does Green Hard Hat MeanThe color coding in hard hats help to identify a particular class of worker in emergency situations. Not only this, wearing color coded hard hats in the job site help a supervisor to locate each class of workers which in turn increases efficiency in the work field.

In a construction site, there are different levels and sectors of workers and therefore, differentiating them in times of needs becomes crucial. But this differentiation is made easy by wearing of different colored hard hats by different sectors of workers. 

The green color symbolizes safety and so does the green colored hard hat mean that the person wearing it belongs to the safety department. So, a green hard hat is worn by the safety inspectors and the workers who belong to the safety maintenance department. But a green hard hat is also worn by the new workers in the site meaning that they are still under training and have not become experienced in any particular field till date.

Unlike the heading of this post, this article is not only for telling you what does a green hard hat mean, but it will answer some of the unknown facts about green hard hats and also, I have in store for you some of the best recommended green hard hats!

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Who wears a green hard hat?

As is already mentioned, a green hard hat is generally worn by the professionals whose work is maintaining the safety of the work site like the safety inspectors and the safety officers.

However, the green color hard hat in a construction site is also given to the new hires, the ones who are still undergoing training in any particular field of work.

What is the role of a safety inspector?

A safety inspector is the one whose duty is to check the overall safety of the work site. They inspect for potential hazards in the work site like hazards from faulty building or any health-related hazards to the workers and give remedial measures for those hazards.

They examine minute details and faults in the construction of the buildings, like the amount of mixture of sand and cement in the making of the building, they look for faults in the machinery and appliances used in the construction site, the surrounding of the work site; whether it is suitable for the construction of the building, potential threats from the electricity lines around the work site, etc. and then they suggests measures for overcoming those shortcomings and tell ways to carry on the work with safety so that no worker is harmed during the work.

Green hard hat on power line?/why are there hard hats on power lines?

Yes, we all for once have wondered what do the helmet-like structures are doing in the powerlines?

No wonder, they are really the green hard hats and the fact behind this is that the green hard hats are worn by the BC Hydro’s power line technicians as part of their apprenticeships and when they are upgraded to journeymen, they hang the green hard hats on the lines and start wearing the white hard hats.

Green hard hats are usually worn by electricians?

This is not true! Green hard hats are not worn by electricians. In fact, electricians wear blue hard hats that are especially designed for protecting against the electric shocks!

Generally, ANSI Type 1 hard hats that are able to withstand electric current up to 20, 000 volts are recommended for electricians. They not only protect against electric shock, but also provide overhead impact protection as well.

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Recommended Green Hard Hats

Best full brim green hard hat:

This hard hat is made of a polyethylene shell which ensures 100% impact protection and the Fas-Trac111 ratchet suspension is very easy to adjust and will give you a perfect and comfortable fit. The best thing with full brim hard hats is that they offer all round protection of your head.

Best cap-style green hard hat:

This cap style hard hat meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class E, C & G standards and is made of polyethylene. The best thing about this cap style hard hat is that it has 6-point ratchet suspension which enables you to enjoy a comfortable fit with ease. What’s great with a cap style hard hat is that reverse donning of the hard hat helps in upward visibility when required.

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Best vented cap-style green hard hat:

When its hot, wearing a hard hat becomes a matter of discomfort. But not with the vented hard hats anymore. The vented hard hats provide air circulation inside them so that there is no build-up of sweat and heating up of the head in the hot summers.

This particular hard hat is loaded with some really unique features like the UV indicator which helps to make the wearer aware of when to put it off due to rising heat. Not only this, but it also meets the ANSI Z89.1-2009 Class C standards and has a 4-point adjustable ratchet suspension.

Best custom carbon fiber design full brim green hard hat:

When it’s a matter of your comfort, nothing can beat this hydro dipped full brim hard hat with some of its excellent and unique features. Made with premium quality ABS material, this hard hat offers the best protection while being lightweight at the same time.

Speaking of comfort, the padded ratchet suspension and the soft brow pads offer unmatched comfort to the wearer. Not to mention, it also meets the ANSI Z89.1-2014 Type 1, Class E, C & G standards.

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It is always better to choose safety wears that meet the ANSI and OSHA standards even if they cost you a bit higher.

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Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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