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What Happens If A Wool Hat Gets Wet?
Wool can get wet. But getting wet does not harm wool, as it is a very sturdy fabric that can hold up to 20% of its weight in water. Wet woollen garments are also able to produce warmth to the wearer.
Does OSHA Require Mechanics to Wear Hard Hats?
OSHA has suggested that even mechanics should wear hard hats as a part of their PPE gear. There is always some sort of risk involved in a mechanic’s day-to-day work.
Are Polyester Beanies Good?
Polyester beanie is a brimless headwear made of woolen materials, a predominant winter accessory. It is a small, round, tight-fitting cap covering your ears, head, and sometimes forehead.
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Chelsea vs Cowboy Boots: Which One is Better?
Both Chelsea and cowboy boots are superior quality boots. Check out this article as we have given detailed information on both the boots so that you make an informed purchase. 
Are Steel Toe Boots Waterproof?
Steel toe boots do come in waterproof varieties as well to serve both for protection from impacts and water! I have also mentioned 3 different types of steel toe waterproof boots...
Should I Get Insulated Bean Boots or Regular?
Insulated bean boots will only be needed if you encounter snow because that's when the thinsulate layer is gonna offer you the needed warmth from within the boots, cutting off the outside cold.
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Why Do Construction Workers Wear Sweatshirts? 
Discover why construction workers swear by sweatshirts, and how they help them get the job done with ease. Let's dig in and find out!
What are Class E Safety Pants?
Class E safety pants are high visibility pants that when worn with class 1, 2, or 3 clothes, increase the visibility further. So, when it's raining heavily or visibility is really poor, they act as a safety shield!
How to Wear Construction Knee Pads?
Wear the knee pad just across the upper shin, covering the knees and the upper calf region. It should not stretch too much on the thigh area or else your knee movements will be hindered.