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Can Boot Oil Help Scratches? (Get Rid of Boot Scratches)
Yes, boot oil will effectively help to get rid of boot scratches in case of light scratches! Boot oil works by softening and conditioning the leather fibers.
Chippewa Apache VS Redwing Iron Ranger
I prefer Iron Rangers more than the Chippewa Apache due to few comparative features such as a better cushioned insole, durability, ease of breaking in and a more than sufficient outsole.
Can You Use Leather Polish on Suede Boots?
Leather polish can damage the suede fibers as they are harsh for the soft fibers of the suede. Leather polish will stain and harden suede fabrics! Check out my experience on using leather polish on suede boots.
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Why Do Welders Wear Special Glass Goggles While Working?
Welders wear special glass goggles while working in order to protect their eyes from the harmful UV and IR radiations that are produced during the welding process.
Does Regular Shirt Work as Undershirt for Sweating?
Undershirts are meant to be worn under your regular shirts for comfort and to prevent as well as soak up sweat as they are made of breathable fabric like cotton.
How to Choose Laser Safety Glasses?
The harmful radiation from the laser can penetrate the eyes and damage the cornea or the retina. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the correct safety laser glasses to protect your eyes.
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What Type of Hard Hats are Not ANSI Approved?
The Class C hard hats that are also called bump hats or bump caps are not ANSI approved as they offer low impact protection and do not offer resistance to electric voltages and burns!
What Color Hard Hat do Electricians Wear?
Electricians generally wear blue hats which are accepted by industry standards. The hat saves you from head trauma due to contact with falling objects, electrical shock or burns and injuries.
Can You Wear a Hat Under a Hard Hat?
The answer is YES, you can wear a hat under a hard hat, as long as the hard hat is designed for this. It's important to select hat worn under the hard hat carefully, and all safety regulations must be followed.