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Nubuck Vs Suede Leather Boots: Which One is Better?
We have curated this guide to put an end to the drama around nubuck vs Suede. Expect to learn everything about both these leather types!
How Tall Do Boots Make You?
Different kinds of work boots can increase the height from anywhere between 1 inch to even 5 inches. Women have endless options too. They can wear platform heels or pencil-heel boots. 
What Are Metatarsal Guards and What Do They Do?
Metatarsal guards consists of a protective flap that covers the instep area of the feet. The metatarsal guards are indeed extremely essential at construction sites.
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Is It Ok to Wear a Back Brace All Day?
The correct answer is NO! You should not be dependent on it 24x7, as it will only lead to further spine problems in the future by making your muscles and ligaments weak. Unless advised by your doctor...
Can Kevlar Stop a Knife?
Kevlar is not completely impenetrable. They are more knife resistant than knife proof, which means they provide some level of protection but doesn't guarantee full safety. The Kevlar slows the blade to reduce the chances of injury!
Are Jeans Good for Welding?
Jeans are very good options for welding when they’re made of cotton, leather, or Nomex. The basic reason that cotton and/or leather jeans are good for welding is that these fabrics resist heat and flame. 
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Can Bump Caps be Worn Backwards?
Bump caps are not even approved by OSHA and therefore, there are no set rules whether you can wear your bump caps backwards or not. It entirely depends on your comfort and the demand of the job!
Do Mechanics Wear Hard Hats?
Mechanics might be safe from vertical blows to their heads, but the danger of blows from the front and sides are very high. Wearing the right kinds of hard hats is, therefore, very important.
How to Put Vinyl on a Hard Hat?
Pasting vinyl on hard hats is not a tough job. However, you need to be careful and start from the center before flattening the edges to avoid air getting under and leaving bubbles under the sticker.