Safety Glasses

Welding, carpentry, iron industry, wood cutting industry, and nearly all the jobs require wearing of safety glasses as a measure to protect your eyes from flying molten metals, sparks, fumes, heat, flying debris, dust, etc. But you often get confused amongst the various ranges of safety glasses like which tint of the safety glass do you need, of what optical density should be your safety glasses, etc. and end up buying the wrong one. So, to end this confusion once for all, our experts have a list of the best safety glasses…. by category… for you to choose according to your profession

How to Choose Prescription Safety Glasses for Work
This article will help you quickly find the information you need to choose the most comfortable and effective prescription safety glasses you can find.
Why Do We Wear Safety Glasses for Woodwork?
You never know when and how dust, debris, or even chunks of wood fly around while woodworking. It can have hazardous effects in contact with your eyes. So it’s a must to wear safety glasses for woodwork.
What Happens When You Don't Wear Safety Glasses?
If you don't wear safety glasses, it can cause permanent loss of vision, eye injuries that might leave you unfit to carry out your work anymore, and hefty medical bills!
5 Best Safety Glasses For Metal Work
We decided it was time for an update and set out to find the best pair of safety glasses for metal work at a reasonable price. So we got the pros to work researching and testing glasses for you.  
4 Best Radiation Safety Glasses
We decided to dedicate one of our product research projects to find the proper safety eyewear for all those professionals that operate machines emitting radiation. Check out the results!
How Are Safety Glasses Tested?
Safety glasses are tested based on ANSI standards. They are examined to test their strength, ability to withstand impacts, corrosion, durability, and other significant factors.
Does Anti-Glare Coating Wear Off? (Explained!)
Yes, anti-glare coatings do wear off eventually. The lifespan of an anti-glare coating is about two years and by then they would peel off, ruining your style and vision.
Can I Wear Safety Glasses as Sunglasses?
YES, you can use your safety glasses as sunglasses provided the lens in your safety glass comes with UV protection and anti-radiation features to protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Best Over-The-Glasses Safety Goggles for Work
I set out on a personal quest to find myself the best pair of safety goggles that allow me to wear my eyeglasses comfortably for long periods and afford adequate protection.
6 Best Safety Glasses for Small Faces
I began to hunt and find the proper safety eyewear for both of my sons. Keep reading to find out what I discovered and why I chose the safety glasses I selected to protect my family’s small faces.
Ordinary Glasses Vs Safety Glasses: What Is the Difference?
Safety glasses and regular glasses are not the same thing. On the job or at home, safety glasses are designed to give the best protection for your eyes.
Can I Use Anti-Radiation Glasses Everyday?
Yes, you can use anti-radiation glasses everyday and experience no adverse effects. When your eyes are excessively exposed to cell phones or laptops will actually help protect your eyes.
Are Polycarbonate Lenses Considered Safety Glasses?
The best lens material for safety glasses is polycarbonate as they are impact-resistant. Polycarbonate lenses also block 100% of ultraviolet rays.
What Does Z87+ Mean? (Explained)
The ANSI Z87+ ratings are designed to protect those wearing them from chemical splashes, heavy impact, dust particles, and even radiation. They are put through extensive testing, research, and design.
Why Do You Need Prescription Safety Glasses?
Prescription safety glasses glasses can protect your eyes from flying debris or the materials which can easily pierce your normal glasses.
Difference Between Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles
Assess your workplace, know the level and types of hazards and choose between safety glasses and safety goggles according to your requirements.
Do Safety Glasses Expire?
While my detailed research on the expiration of safety glasses, I read quite a few pdfs, articles and have also talked to the eye specialists regarding it. And the conclusion I arrived at is that they will last you somewhere around 3 to 4 years.
Can You Reuse Safety Glasses?
Good safety glasses can be pricey which is why many people try to buy well-made ones that can be used over and over again. But you may wonder if it's actually safe and effective to reuse safety glasses?
Can I Look at the Sun With Laser Safety Glasses?
YES, you can look at the sun with laser safety glasses. These kinds of glasses have the ability to shield your eyes from directed, and reflected radiations.
Best Polarized Safety Glasses: Top 5 Options Compared
Do you spend countless hours on the job in direct sunlight? If so, you may want to invest in a polarized pair of safety glasses, check out the complete buying guide.
6 Best Over-Prescription Safety Glasses for Work
If you need to wear safety glasses over your prescription eyewear, we have created a list of options for you to consider. Our team tested approximately twenty different pairs doing their job.
Best Safety Glasses for Mechanics
We commissioned a group of professional mechanics to establish criteria for the best safety glasses for mechanics and then we researched safety glasses available in the market. Check out the results...
7 Best ANSI Safety Glasses for Men and Women
We suggest ANSI certified safety glasses to give you the best protection available for your eyes when working. Look at the best ANSI safety glasses in the market.
6 Best Safety Glasses for Lawn Care
If you are a gardener, or lawn maintenance professional you already know how important it is to have protective eyewear on the job. Let's explore top safety glasses for lawn care!
6 Best Bifocal Safety Glasses for Men and Women
You want to find the best bifocal safety glasses for your money. Make sure you purchase from a reputable supplier. Let's check out the top ones!
6 Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Work
Prescription safety glasses are worn in place of regular eyeglasses when you need protection on the job. Our editors have researched and tested the best prescription safety glasses available in the market.
Best Construction Safety Glasses for Men and Women
Safety glasses are standard PPE for construction sites. Most of the eye injuries that take place could be avoided if workers used the correct eye protection.
5 Best Safety Glasses for Woodworking
We researched about two dozen pairs of glasses based on manufacturers' information, popularity, and customer feedback. After testing our list of best safety glasses for woodworking was born.
5 Best Anti-Fog Safety Glasses for Work
Wearing anti-fog protective safety eyewear is a huge advantage when doing manual labor or a specialized profession, especially when working in a very hot or humid environment. Let's find the top ones!