5 Best Safety Glasses For Metal Work

As a metalworker hobbyist or especially as a pro who makes their living working metals, good protective eyewear is more than necessary, it’s a must whenever metals are involved.

But metalworking is a vast activity. You could be mostly grinding, cutting, or welding, or perhaps you do all three.

All of these activities require good protective work gear, and no one piece is more important than the protective glasses you wear to safeguard your eyes and vision health.

If you regularly use an angle grinder, cut metal with both a plasma cutter or an Oxy-Acetylene torch, depending on project needs, you know firsthand just how important safety glasses are.

With welding, it’s even more so. When it comes to sparks, droplets, or metal shavings flying in your face safety glasses or goggles are your best chance at defense against permanent injury or blindness.

Best Safety Glasses For Metal Work

We decided it was time for an update and set out to find the best pair of safety glasses for metal work at a reasonable price. Whoa! It’s incredible just how many versions of safety glasses and goggles are available in today’s market, so we got the pros to work researching and testing glasses for you.  

Our top choices from De Walt, NoCry, Carhartt, Kleenguard, and Hobart are all worthy of attention from metalworkers looking for solid protection while at work.

DeWalt Dominator DPG94-1C Clear LensPlasticPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1+, UV protection, High impact lensesLarger lenses for fuller coverage
NoCry Anti Fog Scratch-ResistantRubberPolycarbonateUV protectionCustomizable fit, resistant to fog, glare, and scratching
Carhartt Carbondale Clear LensRubberPolycarbonateANSI, UV protectionAnti-fog lens available
KleenGuard Maverick KCC49311PolycarbonatePolycarbonateANSI, Side shields, UV protectionAnti-fog coating
Hobart Shade 5 770726Thermoplastic polyurethaneMirrored polycarbonateANSI, Shade 5, UV protectionAnti-scratch coating

The Reviews

Best Overall Safety Glasses for Metal Work

1.) DeWalt Dominator DPG94-1C Clear Lens Safety Glasses

These heavy-duty safety glasses from Dewalt feature rubber on the nose and at temples so that they remain firmly in place regardless of movement.

Featuring a larger lens, they offer more protection of the eye area. The style is somewhat wraparound as well giving a bit more coverage especially peripherally. 

Frames are in rubber with polycarbonate lenses that offer 99.9% of UV rays and lenses can be chosen in various tints including smoke grey, gradient, silver, or yellow mirror lenses. These glasses comply with ANSI Z87.1+ safety requirements.


      • Non-slip design
      • Larger lenses for more coverage
      • Rubber nosepiece
      • UV protection
      • ANSI rated
      • Affordable


      • Reported fogging
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Best Wraparound Safety Glasses for Metal Work

2.) NoCry Anti Fog Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses

A pragmatic wraparound design distinguishes these safety glasses by NoCry.  Polycarbonate lenses in rubber frames are clear and double coated for exceptional clarity.

Advertised as fog resistant, they still may allow for a minimum. Nose and temple pieces are adjustable for improved fit and comfort.

This is a great feature because the glasses can be adjusted to fit different sized and shaped faces with ease. 90% of UV rays are blocked and NoCry offers a refund if you remain dissatisfied.


      • Customizable fit
      • Resistant to scratching, fogging, and glare
      • Refund guarantee


      • Not yet ANSI Z87 certified
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Best Comfort Safety Glasses for Metal Work

3.) Carhartt Carbondale Clear Lens Safety Glasses

These Carhartt safety glasses are quite stylish for safety glasses. They are surprisingly comfortable thanks to a super rubber nose pad that won’t leave any indentations on nose skin for a change.

Glasses fit snugly yet comfortably also because of rubber injected frames at the temples. The polycarbonate lenses offer 99% UVA/B/C protection and boast an ANSI rating. A variety of tinted lenses are available in gray, antique mirror, and bronze.


      • Comfortable
      • Snug fit
      • Polycarbonate lenses
      • ANSI rated
      • Various tints


      • Scratch easily
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Best Tinted Safety Glasses for Outdoor Metal Work

4.) KleenGuard Maverick KCC49311 Safety Glasses

These tinted safety glasses by Kleenguard are ideal for outdoor metalwork and thanks to an anti-fog treatment help contrast humidity.

Side shields have been integrated to protect your eyes laterally. Both frames and lenses are produced in tough polycarbonate offering UV protection.

The classic design makes them look like a standard pair of sunglasses all the while offering optimal protection for your vision and they are ANSI rated.


      • Tinted
      • Tough polycarbonate
      • Side shields for lateral protection
      • UV protection
      • ANSI rated
      • Stylish sunglass design


      • Size runs small
      • Scratch easily
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Best Safety Glasses for Oxy-Fuel Metal Work

5.) Hobart Shade 5 770726 Safety Glasses

Hobart Shade 5 770726 Safety Glasses

These sleek Hobart safety glasses look more like glasses you’d wear at the beach with cool mirrored lenses.

Frames are constructed in thermoplastic polyurethane with lenses in polycarbonate with a coating for scratch resistance and that boasts a shade 5 rating. They comply with ANSI certification requirements. 


      • Polycarbonate lenses
      • Stylish
      • Mirrored shade 5 lenses
      • ANSI certification
      • Anti-scratch coating
      • Flame welding, plasma cutting appropriate


      • Some fogging
      • Could be improved for plasma cutting

What Makes a Pair of Glasses, Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses or safety goggles are meant to protect your eyes or the area around your eyes from preventing liquids, chemicals, dust particulates, debris, irritants, and anything else from entering your eyes and causing them harm.

While anyone can use a pair of safety glasses, they are mandatory in professional settings for metalworkers. The primary function of safety glasses is to shield the eyes from any type of hazard that a metal worker may encounter.

These dangers may include intense lights as in welding, chemical splashes, sparks, heat, impact injury, and any type of flying particle. So, prescription glasses or sunglasses are not manufactured with this type of protection.

Prescription glasses are made to improve vision, while sunglasses protect from sunlight. They are not produced with other capabilities in mind.

How Do Safety Glasses Function?

Safety glasses and safety goggles need to create a kind of protective seal around the eye area so that substances cannot enter.

Usually, safety glasses will be designed with side shields to prevent foreign matter from entering laterally.

Safety eyewear will function in terms of the kind of material you will be working with and which application you will be using.

Safety glasses with side shields are great for dust, or particulates while goggles are great for chemical or liquid splashes. 

Safety Glasses Types

Depending on the work you do professionally or the DIY project you may be doing in your home workshop, there are various kinds of safety glasses to consider and choose among. Here are several of the defining aspects of safety glasses available for metalworkers.

Clear or Tinted Lenses. 

Most professionals may opt for a pair of clear lenses to improve vision clarity when working. The choice of a tinted lens will depend a great deal on your comfort level as well as the environment you work in.

Low light areas may find benefit in using an amber lens because it will remove blue light improving visual clarity.

If you work outside you may want to opt for grey or brown lenses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays and reflective glare.

Side Shields

Side shields can be designed as part of the safety glasses and therefore permanent, or they can be removable.

They are designed to specifically impede airborne particulates from entering your eye laterally. They also can provide UV protection.

Safety Ratings

Whichever type of metalwork you are engaged in, remember that quality safety glasses will have safety rating certification.

Safety ratings guarantee that the glasses you are considering passed testing for impact, as well as other qualities, requested to ensure workers’ safety on the job.

The non-profit ANSI which stands for the American National Standards Institute has developed guidelines for the minimum requirements necessary in eyewear protection.

If a pair of safety glasses has complied with these requirements, they will bear the Z87.1 marking assuring you that the glasses will protect you.

Safety Goggles

Goggles are the design alternative to safety glasses. These are top-notch for those who desire complete protection while working because they seal and encase the entire eye area. They have the same function as safety glasses for resisting any type of airborne substance. 

They will also come with built-in features like adjustable headbands, scratch-resistant lenses, and anti-fogging technology.

Most goggles will feature clear lenses however many are now designed with the option of interchangeable colored lenses. The lens material used is of equal importance and will generally be one of three materials:

Polycarbonate. When polycarbonate is used you will have lightweight eyewear that, however, does risk scratching. It does not tend to fog up as much as glass and is much stronger than both glass and plastic. Polycarbonate is highly effective in resisting impact and in offering UV protection.

Glass. These lenses will not be as prone to scratching as lenses made with alternative materials, however, they will be heavier on your face. Glass lenses also tend to fog up a bit, so if you choose glass lenses, look for anti-fog coatings.

Plastic. This is one of the more lightweight materials used meaning that it may be more comfortable especially for longer periods. It also tends to fog less, but it is highly prone to scratching.

Do I Need Safety Glasses?

When working with metal, you most certainly do. Safety glasses will prevent airborne particulates, debris, or material from entering your eyes and damaging them.

They will lower your risk for life-changing accidents and permanent damage to your vision including blindness.

Injuries can be brought on by slight but recurring damage and exposure to UV rays on a continued basis. Also consider that if you weld, you can be exposed to both UV and IR rays.

Particularly in the case of welding, you must have adequate and specific shade-rated eye protection.

The Metal Work Safety Glasses Buying Guide – What to Look for When Purchasing

Here are the principal factors to keep in mind when searching for your best safety glasses for metalworking.


If your safety glasses do not fit correctly, this will pose two crucial problems:

1.) The glasses may be uncomfortable due to improper fit and therefore you may remove them placing your eyes at risk, and 

2.) They may not form the proper seal to ensure eye safety.

In either case, you face hazards.


You need to acquire safety glasses that are specifically designed for the type of work you plan on doing to ensure adequate protection.

Will you need basic or high-impact protection? Will goggles be a better choice than glasses to ensure a proper face seal?

Safety Certification

If you will be using these at work, ask your employer about specific safety regulations with which your PPE must comply. Look for the ANSI Z87+ marking to make sure safety glasses have been adequately tested for protection needs.


Consider frame material for durability and comfort. Flexible softer materials may be more comfortable for extended periods. Also, consider the lens material.

Polycarbonate is the go-to material due to its lighter weight and tough impact resistance, however, it does scratch more easily than glass.

Also, consider if you want a tinted or clear lens in your glasses as well as coatings such as scratch-resistant and anti-fogging treatments.

If you work outdoors, think about opting for a photochromic lens that darkens with exposure to sunlight. Polycarbonate lenses will offer UV protection.


The design will influence both the efficacy of eye protection and your comfort when wearing safety glasses. Look for features like side shields, brow guards, soft nose bridges or pads, adjustable headbands, and indirect air vents for ventilation. 


Safety glasses are intended for eye protection from small irritations right on through to major life-changing injuries. If you work with metal, you don’t want to be without a pair.

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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