5 Best Anti-Fog Safety Glasses for Work

Wearing anti-fog protective safety eyewear is a huge advantage when doing manual labor or a specialized profession, especially when working in a very hot or humid environment.

Of all the anti-fog safety glasses that our team of tradesmen and professionals tested wearing them during several workdays, we recommend the NoCry Safety Glasses with Wrap-Around Lenses as the best antifog safety eyewear because these glasses performed exceptionally well throughout the entire trial period. The polycarbonate lenses are durable, anti-fog, and scratch resistant.

Comparison of Top Anti Fog Safety Glasses

Safety GlassesStyleLensWeightExtra
NoCry Safety Glasses Wrap-around glassespolycarbonate0.055 lbs.UV protection, Rubber frames, Glare resistant
Dewalt DPG82-11 CTR Gogglespolycarbonate1.6 ouncesRubber conforms to face, ventilation channels
Solidwork Safety Glasses Glassespolycarbonate0.81 ouncesPolarized lenses protect from UV rays, 1-year guarantee
Uvex Stealth Safety GogglesGogglespolycarbonate1.6 ouncesRx insert available, UV ray protection
3M Safety Glasses Virtua CCSGlasses, state of the art designpolycarbonate3.6 ouncesIndoor/outdoor tint, Protects against UV rays

Detailed Review of Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Our Top Choice

1. NoCry Safety Glasses with Wrap-Around Lenses

Our top choice fell on these incredibly popular safety glasses by NoCry. They are among the bestselling safety glasses available today on the market.

Ideal for carpenters, chemists, metal workers and even dentists, they are characterized by wrap-around lenses in polycarbonate that offer protection from numerous hazards on the job.

These glasses can be customized thanks to an adjustable fit, guaranteeing comfort. The nosepieces in soft silicone and the sides are all adjustable. Lightweight at 28 grams, they offer complete protection.


      • Polycarbonate construction
      • Customizable fit
      • Soft silicone nose pieces
      • Wrap-around lenses
      • Anti-fog
      • Scratch-resistant


      • Some discomfort from earpieces over ears
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Other Great Choices

2. Dewalt DPG82-11 CTR Anti-fog Safety Goggle

If you prefer a goggle style, these Dewalt anti-fog goggles are a terrific choice. The lenses are polycarbonate and offer impact resistance for tradesmen that deal with flying debris.

Since they are goggles, they offer great protection from dirt, mists, chemicals, and particles in general. Made with dual mold rubber, the goggles conform nicely to your face.

They also come with ventilation channels. The lenses can be replaced. Meet ANSI Z87.1+  safety standards.


      • Replaceable Lenses are scratch and impact-resistant
      • Adjustable cloth head strap
      • Breathable
      • Affordable


      • Larger goggles require more storage space
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3. Solidwork Safety Glasses with Side Protection

These lightweight, thin safety glasses are built with protective polycarbonate lenses that are anti-fog and scratch-resistant even after numerous cleanings as well as polarized to offer protection from UV rays.

They feature soft rubber frames with adjustable temples so that you can bend them to fit perfectly as well as side protection that is integrated for full protection.

The safety glasses are certified for US ANSI Z87. A one-year guarantee offers a full refund if not satisfied.


      • Adjustable fit
      • Side protection
      • UV ray polarized protection
      • Anti-fog
      • Scratch-resistant
      • One-year full refund guarantee


      • Grey tinted lenses may not be ideal indoors
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4. Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles

These exceptional safety goggles prevent chemicals and particles from damaging your eyes. Coated with a Dura-Streme dual coat, the lenses are anti-fog and scratch-resistant as well as impact-resistant.

Complete with UV protection, a Rx insert, sold separately, is available for prescription glasses wearers. The fit is gap-free to prevent splashes, mists, dusts or particles from coming into contact.

Easy snap on lens replacements available. Neoprene headband allows for a custom fit. Ten different versions for selection. Glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 and CSA Z94.3 standards.


      • Anti-fog
      • Scratch-resistant
      • UV protection
      • Impact-resistant
      • Lens replacements available
      • Multiple choice selections


      • Side vents not great for airflow
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5. 3M Safety Glasses Virtua CCS

These safety glasses have an original unique design that is wrap-around providing you will all round protection from harmful elements.

These offer dust defense and moisture defense. The long-lasting coating guarantees resistance to fog on the job. Corded system for earplugs that doubles as a lanyard.

Foam-lined gasket has airflow vents for efficient comfortable protection. Glasses meet High Impact Requirements of CSA Z94.3-2007 and High Impact Requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2020.


      • State of the art design
      • Foam gasket for eye protection
      • Cushioning near eyes
      • Lens Tint for indoors and outdoors


      • Expensive
      • Limited sizes
      • Earplugs sold separately
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The Research and Test

We tested them in conditions that included physical labor, working with specialized tools, and in particularly humid environments and found them to be high-quality performing PPE.

Your eyes are incredibly important, and even more so when working. In this sense, safety glasses are of primary importance and are often a safety gear requirement.

If your work involves machinery, specialized tools, or intense physical labor, wearing safety glasses is important for protecting both your eyes and your vision.

If your employer or your profession requires you to wear protective safety eyewear, you should consider a good pair of anti-fog safety glasses particularly if you work in an especially humid environment. 

Your safety glasses should meet all your professional and environmental necessities in order to guarantee you maximum protection while on the job.

Top 10 Best Safety Glasses for Construction Workers

Regardless of how good the quality of your safety glasses might be, lenses that fog up can pose an incredible danger to your personal safety, to other colleagues with whom you work closely, and eventually to tools and machinery being used at the moment of fogging.

Fogged-up lenses are also frustrating and irritating. Imagine having to remove your safety glasses continually to wipe away the fog.

Plus, if you work in an industrial situation where hazardous chemicals are used, by removing your glasses, you may also be exposing your eyes to dangerous fumes in the air.

Fog is often the result of excessive humidity in the workplace which can be a result of temperature changes that are rather extreme, or fogging can also be a result of excessive perspiration. Whatever the reason, if you can’t see, you have a problem.

Our team of professionals used these glasses for several days while on the job so continue reading for the results.

What are Anti-Fog Safety Glasses?

These protective glasses are, just as their name suggests, eyewear designed with the intent of preventing fogging regardless of environmental conditions.

So, even if you find yourself working in extreme weather conditions or experiencing rapid radical changes in temperature, your glasses remain clear and your vision unimpaired.

If you experience a dramatic change in temperature within your workplace, or should you experience a build-up of moisture near the lenses of your safety glasses, fog inside the glasses will usually appear. 

It will probably occur due to the air inside the eyewear as well as the moisture or warmth inside. It can also be a result of condensation due to cold.

If there is a considerable difference between the temperature and moisture inside and temperature and moisture outside of the glasses, fogging will occur and do so rather quickly.

The air inside should match or blend with the air on the outside of the glass. Anti-fog glasses were invented for this reason. Most often, this specialized eyewear will come with an anti-fog coating.

How do the Safety Glasses Prevent Fogging?

Safety eyewear feature a high-quality anti-fog coating on the lenses. Professionals should look for a hydrophobic and hydrophilic coating when purchasing. 

A hydrophobic coated should repel moisture that appears in the form of droplets on either side of the lenses. A hydrophilic coating, on the contrary, is intended to attract moisture.

This type of coating on the eyewear has properties that can manipulate moisture. To begin with, they absorb the moisture and will make excess condensation evolve into a type of clear film that can be found on the surface of the lenses. Some coatings can effectively manage large amounts of moisture.

Anti-Fog Types of Safety Glasses

The best kind of anti-fog safety eyewear will have a coating that is both anti-fog and high-performance. 

Types of safety glasses include:

1.) Over-Prescription safety glasses are glasses that can be worn over your required prescription eyeglasses. This will allow you to forgo contact lenses on the job because they offer enough space for another pair of glasses.

2.) Safety Sunglasses mean that you won’t have to purchase a pair of sunglasses to go outside, and they will protect those laborers who work outside in direct sunlight. They offer glare protection and may offer UV protection.

3.) Bifocals that permit you to read while working. They may be called reading safety glasses. They are perfect for professions that require both reading and PPE.

Whichever pair of antifog glasses you select, choose from a reputable supplier to ensure getting your money’s worth.

Do I Really Need Antifog Safety Glasses?

Here are some of the principal reasons to invest in a high-quality pair:

      • Avoid fogging that impairs your vision, and that places your safety and the safety of others at risk
      • Improve your efficiency on the job thanks to clear vision
      • Work without the frustration of having to remove safety glasses to wipe them
      • Avoid chemical fumes in the air from coming into contact with your eyes.
      • Prevent both heat and humidity from affecting your eyesight
      • Prevent excessive perspiration from interfering with your vision
      • Prevent changes in room temperatures such as when you move from the humid outdoors to the air-conditioned indoors from fogging your safety glasses as you change environment

Things to Consider While Buying Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

If you have decided to invest in a quality pair of anti-fog safety glasses, now you may be asking how should you choose among so many options.

Here are some important factors you should be checking out when deciding to purchase.

1.) Visibility. This is really the number one factor to consider. You want an anti-fog lens that guarantees clear vision at all times.

Fogging should be eliminated or at least minimal so that it does not in any way interfere with your eyesight.

Also, keep in mind various lighting conditions that may affect your vision, and make sure that the glasses are appropriate for handling these.

2.) Location. Your place of work should play a determining role in the choice. Do you work outside? Look for anti-fog glasses that are also sunglasses.

Do you work in a machine shop with artificial light? If you work outdoors at a construction site, you may prefer tinted lenses, while indoors clear lenses may be preferable.

Best Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

If, however, you work in welding, cutting, or brazing, you may have to deal with very strong light in spite of working indoors and opt for the tinted lenses for visual comfort.

3.) Coverage. More or less coverage can be found by choosing either a pair of safety glasses or a pair of safety goggles.

Your eyes should have proper protection and a significant portion of your face should be covered and protected.

Another consideration should be how your safety glasses fit over prescription eyewear if you need to wear glasses. Safety glasses should fit well on your face and there should be minimal movement during wear.

4.) Safety. Additional safety features may be warranted. Consider UV protection and protection from glare. Also, consider impact protection should you happen to work, for example, at a construction site.

Will the glasses protect you if debris or dirt flies in your face? Will they crack or resist? Should you work with heavy tools for welding or a chainsaw, consider lenses that are fully enclosed.

5.) Design. If your job causes you to perspire excessively, you may want to look for glasses designed with this in mind. Side ventilation or other anti-fog components may save the day with excessive perspiration.

6.) Comfort. The fit should be comfortable for the eyes, nose, ears, and your face in general. They should be lightweight enough for long work shifts.

An ergonomic design is desirable for comfort together with adjustable straps. Nose pieces and the arms may be coated in rubber or flexible, soft material for added comfort.

7.) Adjustability. A pair of anti-fog safety glasses or goggles that are adjustable will help you with the fit and consequentially comfort.

Look for features such as a comfortable brow, flexible temples, and an adaptable nosepiece. One-size-fits-all is not ideal.

8.) Style. It’s all about personal taste. However, an attractive pair of anti-fog safety glasses may inspire you to wear them a bit more often which in the long run will be in your best interests.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technological progress in manufacturing, many producers have already included anti-fog treatments when manufacturing safety glasses.

An ideal pair will protect you from impact, hazardous environmental conditions, and fog that can interfere with your vision. 

We have reviewed anti-fog safety glasses to help you avoid problems connected to fogging.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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