Do Safety Glasses Expire?

Well, nothing lasts for a lifetime and so don’t safety glasses too!

Nothing remains the same forever and, in that case, your safety glasses too don’t remain in the same brand-new state forever and start developing minor issues over time which can give you a clear indication that they are not capable of offering you the same protection level!

Do safety glasses expire

And this is when it’s time to replace your safety glasses.

But, if you ask me, “Is there an expiration date for safety glasses?”

Your safety glasses aren’t made from a chemical combination and neither do they have any electrical wirings in it that they are supposed to have an expiration date! But definitely there are certain physical deformities that develop in them over time like scratches on the lenses, cracks, the lenses turning hazy and changing in the color of the lenses.

When you notice any of them, be sure they cannot offer the same protection any more and that these minute problems can be the causes of big hazards and therefore know that they have reached their expiration limit!

During the course of this article, I will explain you in details about the longevity of safety glasses, when is the time to replace them and how to increase their shell life!

So, let’s get set go…….

How long do safety glasses last?

While my detailed research on the expiration of safety glasses, I read quite a few pdfs, articles and have also talked to the eye specialists regarding it. And the conclusion I arrived at is that they will last you somewhere around 3 to 4 years.

That said, there are certain conditions that will decide the expiration of your safety glasses like are they serving you right, are you able to see clearly through them, are there any scratches in the lenses, are they fogging a lot, are the lenses turning yellow, are they still protecting you from the harmful rays?

So, all these factors will contribute towards the life span of your safety glasses as if you face any one of them, you should know that it’s time to discard the glasses.

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How often should you replace safety goggles?

If your work condition is too demanding, like you are working in welding and fabrication department or in saw mills or stone grinding, you might need to replace your safety glasses more often then others because these jobs might pose hazards to your eyes and your safety glasses would be hampered instead while protecting your eyes from those hazards.

Let me explain you in details…

Works like welding involves a lot of heat, electrical sparks, spatters from hot metals, flying debris, flying hot metals, and a lot of glares!

These conditions can be deteriorating factors behind the longevity of your goggles.

For example, a lot of heat from the welding can make the glasses wear down the heat protection film over them, the spatters and sparks can create scratches on the lenses, the flying hot metals can even create cracks in the lenses resulting which your glasses will acquire some problems for your eyes or at least for your sight which can alternately affect your work because blocking the vision means distraction in work and distraction in work means chances of hazards.

So, in case of any damage to the safety glasses or the safety goggles, you should replace them immediately!

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But if you still confused, I will tell you a few situations when you should order for an immediate replacement of your safety glasses:

→ When your safety glasses/goggles have developed noticeable scratches on them thus affecting your vision

→ In case you have a blurry vision while you wear them 

In case they have started fogging up a lot due to loss of the anti-fogging coating

→ In case they are not able to save you from the heat any more due to the fading away of the heat-resistant film over them

→ In case your eyes feel irritated and you start squinting a lot, it might mean that you need a new pair of prescription glasses

→ In case your safety glasses and goggles do not get cleaned no matter how much effort you put on them to clean them, you should know that they have must become old

→ In case they are broken, replace them immediately

→ In case the frame does not fit your face, either change the frame or the entire set of the safety glasses

Is it okay to fix old one or replace?

Eye is the one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. So, I suggest you should not take any chance with it and replace your old safety glasses as soon as they undergo any damage.

If it’s the problem with the fitting of the frame of the glasses, only then you can take the chance of fixing them, or else, it’s better that you replace them.

But nowadays manufacturers provide the facility of recycling the safety glasses, which is in a way replacing them by changing their parts, but still, you don’t need to buy a new pair of lenses for the purpose!

How to make safety glasses last longer?

Proper care and maintenance can make your safety glasses last longer and I will tell you how to do that exactly:

1.) In order to increase the life of your safety glasses, the very first thing that you need to do is to keep them clean. You can do so either by running the glasses under cold water or you can use a lens cleaner and microfiber cloth for the same

2.) Make sure to clean the frames of the glasses as well

3.) Clean any spot that appears on the lenses immediately by carrying the lens cleaner and the microfiber cloth in your work bag daily

4.) Do not use soap or detergents to clean your safety glasses as they are too harsh for the films/coatings of the glasses and will wear them off

5.) When you clean your safety glasses with any solution, do not forget t dry them well with a clean microfiber cloth

6.) Use an anti-fog solution for your lenses

7.) Get them examined regularly for the deterioration in the protective films and the change of color of the lenses

8.) Spray anti-scratch solution after cleaning them

9.) Store them properly in the storage boxes provided with them so that they remain safe from any accidents when not in use

It’s time to bid adieu!

If you think that your safety glasses are working fine, there is absolutely no need to replace them before a period of 4 to 5 years, but if they are disturbing you for some reason, replace them immediately!

That’s all with the life span of safety glasses. See you soon in my next column!

Till then…

Take good care of your eyes and your safety glasses too because both are as important for your healthy living!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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