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Is Mink Oil Good for Ostrich Boots? 
Let's explore the unique properties of ostrich leather and why mink oil is a popular choice for conditioning and protecting it. You'll also find pros and cons of using mink oil on ostrich leather boots!
Do Farmers Wear Cowboy Boots?
YES!!! Cowboy boots are often associated with cowboys, but it is not uncommon for farmers to wear cowboy boots, especially those who work on a ranch or farm that involves a lot of outdoor work.
What Boot Brand Do Real Cowboys Wear?
Lucchese and Justin boots both have excellent reputations for lasting for decades. Ariat also has a good reputation for their boots and they are often referred to as “workhorse” boots that last.
What Boots Do Construction Managers Wear?
Often a construction manager will be required to be working on site, meeting with company directors, and eventually consulting with a client all on the same day.
Are Timberland Boots Good for Construction?
The answer is a resounding yes! Timberland produces excellent work boots. Comfortable, protective, and durable, and they also come in enough styles to satisfy a variety of style preferences.
Do Real Cowboys Wear Square Toe Boots?
Among professional cowboys that work with livestock, rope, and ride daily, some prefer the square toe design. Some professional cowboys prefer the pointy toe design or the round toe design of ropers.
Can Suede Shoes Be Worn in the Rain?
Suede, and most leathers for that matter, will not resist water as well as plastic or rubber, but suede shoes can manage an occasional light rain if you waterproof them just like leather shoes!
How Do You Ventilate Work Boots? (4 Ways)
Dealing with sweaty feet isn't an easy task and the long term effects of it are also not tolerable right? So, I have come across some great hacks for you wherein you can allow air circulation within your boots.
Is it Okay for Ostrich Boots to Get Wet?
It's not okay for ostrich leather boots to get wet because ostrich leather is not waterproof and even they cannot repel water on themselves. You need to spray a water repellent coating to protect them!
Can Neatsfoot Oil be Used on Non-leather Boots?
Neatsfoot oil when applied to non-leather boots, it stains them, making them look dull and also behaves like water making the fabric wet and ultimately damages them.
Are Black Work Boots Hotter?
Yes, certainly black boots will absorb more heat than the other lighter colors like brown, grey, etc. But with features like breathable mesh lining, which make the boots well ventilated, things can be sorted!
Should you get Waterproof Insulated Boots for Sweaty Feet?
It's certainly not a great idea to wear waterproof insulated boots if you have sweaty feet because waterproof insulated boots are not ventilated.
Can You Wear Alligator Boots in the Rain?
Alligator boots will not get damaged if you wear them in the rain for a certain amount of time and that's because crocodile leather is naturally water repellent. However, do not expose them to continuous rain!
Can Good Socks Replace Insulated Boots?
Thick woollen socks can keep our feet warm inside boots. But when temperature falls, boots will start to transfer the cold into the pores of the socks and that can be stopped only with insulated boots.
How to Trim the Heel on Logger Boots? (Step By Step)
If the outsoles are separable from the uppers of the boots, using a knife you can take them out and paste a new outsole with shorter heels with the help of a shoe glue!
Are Logger Boots Good for Landscaping?
Yes, logger have all the essential features that are required for landscaping like, tall height, waterproof, raised heels, non-slip outsoles, protective toe boxes and shank and arch support!
Does Neatsfoot Oil Hurt Waterproof Boots?
While some oils are used to condition and waterproof leather boots. Neatsfoot oil will damage the waterproof coating on the leather over time and make its water repellency weaker.
Can You Run in Logger Boots?
Logger boots are not great for running because they are heavy duty boots with high heels, extending much above ankles, both of which hinder free movement of the leg and feet while running!
Are Rubber Boots Warm Enough for Winter? 
Rubber boots can keep you warm in chilly weather because they act as a moderate heat insulator. However, you'll need an insulated rubber boot for colder, more severe conditions. 
5 Best Carhartt Boots for Work
If you are thinking about buying work boots and the Carhartt brand is among your considerations, this is what you need to know. Our team researched and tested a variety of Carhartt work boots.
How to Reshape Rubber Boots? 
There are times when you unintentionally purchase boots that are too small or large for your feet. But you can always change that and reshape your rubber boots according to your right fit.
Can You Wear Regular Socks with Tactical Boots? 
Wearing regular socks with tactical boots is not a good option. You need special socks that are suited to provide comfort and safety in specific types of footwears. 
Why are My Cowboy Boots Bending at the Ankle? 
Ankle is narrower than the calf, therefore boots frequently tend to bend there. Few things you can do to make sure your cowboy boots are not bending at the ankles.
How Long will Full Ostrich Cowboy Boots Last? 
You can be assured that your ostrich leather cowboy boots will last a very long time. High-end ostrich leather is prized for its suppleness, adaptability, and durability. 
Cowboy Boots- Leather vs Rubber Sole
Both leather and rubber soles have benefits and limitations. You may select between rubber and leather soles depending on your needs. However, people frequently find a rubber sole to be flexible and comfy.
Chelsea boots: Leather vs Suede Material
When it comes to choosing the best material for Chelsea boots, leather is far a greater option than suede. Suede is less practical and not as durable as leather. Check out detailed guide!
Bearpaw Boots Vs Uggs: Which One is Better?
Both Bearpaw and Uggs are comfortable and durable, but if brand is important to you, Uggs is the clear victor since the relationship they have with their customers is light years ahead of what Bearpaw has.
Are Carhartt Boots Good? 
Carhartt boots are made of high-quality protective materials, but they aren't as heavy as other tough work boots. They're comfortable and supportive, preventing slippage and blisters.
Chelsea Boots Vs Sneakers: Which One to Buy?
The Chelsea boot and sneakers are versatile footwear. Ideally, you should have both in your wardrobe and the more colors you can afford, the better.
Rockrooster Vs Redback Boots: What's The Difference?
Both of these companies offer quality safety footwear. For those on a budget, Rockrooster is slightly more affordable than Redback.
Are Kamik Boots Good? (Our Experience)
Kamik boots are definitely good when it comes to protecting feet in harsh weather conditions. Client testimonials speak of being in below 0° weather and still having warm feet.
How to Oil Ostrich Boots? (Explained)
We all know that oiling leather boots conditions and moisturizes them, making them revived and long lasting. Oils such as mink oil, Neatsfoot oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc. are safe to be used on leather products.
Should Your Toes Touch the End of Your Boots?
Generally the longest toe is the first or the second one. If your longest toe touches the end of your boots, know that your feet are inside a wrong sized boot and you need to size up ASAP!
Chelsea Boots Vs Jodhpur Boots: What's the Difference?
Chelsea boots and Jodhpur boots do appear to resemble each other somewhat structurally and in design, but there are also some substantial differences.
Can I Use Mink Oil on Suede Boots?
While you can use mink oil to condition your suede boots when they start to develop creases and appear too dull and dry, Let's find out if is it really safe to apply mink oil on suede?
Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday boots: Which is Better Choice?
Beating Allen Edmonds in quality is tough. However, Thursday boots are quite good for the price, well constructed and give classy look like conventional boots.
Are Gore Tex Boots Good for Snow? 
You can wear gore-tex boots in the snow. As long as you don't perspire a lot, your feet will stay warm and dry. However, if water or worse, snow gets inside your boots, you'll feel extremely uncomfortable.
​​Rain Boots vs Muck Boots: What's the Difference?
Muck boots are made to withstand water seepage and shield your feet in the muckiest of environments and are arguably twice as durable as rain boots.
Carolina Vs Georgia Boots: Which Brand is Best for You?
Both boot companies have good reputations for producing quality footwear for jobsite especially those that expose workers to professional hazards daily.
Are Lucchese Boots Good?
Lucchese boots are among the best on the marketplace. Creativity, design, materials, features, and craftsmanship all contribute to their allure. If you love cowboy boots, you’ll love Lucchese.
Wolverine Vs Rocky Boots: Which Brand is Better?
Wolverine is a globally recognized brand known for quality and design and Rocky Boots offer no less with impressive features and added protection.
Are Golden Fox Boots Good?
Golden Fox boots may not have the same level of advertising as other manufacturers, but they most certainly are not new to boot manufacturing, and they boast some very attractive qualities and features.
Are Neoprene Boots Good for Winter?
Neoprene boots are waterproof and insulating, can be worn in the winter, will offer good grip across a variety of terrains. Slip-resistant outer soles add protection against snow and slippery surfaces.
Are Caterpillar Boots Good? 
Caterpillar boots are very durable and provide good traction in slippery conditions. The boots are also comfortable to wear, even when worn for extended periods of time.
Are Goat Leather Boots Good?
When selecting a type of leather boot, there are quite a number of choices and all different prices. For those looking for hardy leather at a reasonable price, goat leather is a great choice.
Rocky Boots Vs Danner Boots: Which One to Choose?
Rocky Boots offer impressive features and workplace protection. Danner Boots also come with impressive credentials and a loyal customer following.
Are Muck Boots Good for Summer? 
Muck boots are tall and have excellent traction, but they are far too warm to wear during the sweltering summer months. But with features like breathable Xpress cool lining in new muck boot chore collection.
Thursday Vs Timberland: A Battle Between the New and Old
Thursday boots are more comfortable while Timberlands are better in water resistance. Thursday boots are lightweight while Timberlands are sturdier.
Wellington Boots Vs Muck Boots: Who wins?
Wellington boots are one of my favorites and so are muck boots. I have used them both and I can help you decide which is better and which suits you more. So let's start exploring…
11 Best Material For Cowboy Boots
If you’re having a tough time deciding which material cowboy boots to buy, then keep reading as this ultimate guide takes you through 11 different materials of cowboy boots. 
Ariat Vs Red Wing Boots: Which One to Prefer?
Well, both the brands offer much needed safety, comfort and durability. But depending on the quality, safety features, and cost, we would prefer Ariat if you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket. 
Rain Boots Vs Snow Boots: Detailed Comparison
Well there isn't much difference between the two boots, however, there are a few things rain boots lack which are available in snow boots. Let us check them out. 
Cowboy Boots Vs Work Boots: Which is Better?
Always in vogue and perfect for any occasion, the no-nonsense cowboy boots do possess a charm that is hard to evade. But will it be able to replace work boots with its charm. Let's find out!
Work Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: What's the Difference?
The most noticeable difference between a work boot and a motorcycle boot is the extra padding in the toe designed in motorcycle boots to protect it.
Differences Between Work Boots Vs Snow Boots
Work boots provide flexible and solid heavy-duty protection, whereas snow boots focus on keeping your feet dry and warm in cold, wet weather.
Cowboy Vs Mexican Boots Comparison
Regarding aesthetic appeal, style and durability the cowboy boots does score much more than Mexican boots. The high-quality leather makes the cowboy ones look classier and last longer.
Rigger Boots Vs Wellies: What's The Difference?
Both Rigger and Wellington boots are so similar in so many ways, like they look so similar. However, there are minute differences between them which we have discussed in this article. 
Work Boots Vs Sneakers: What's The Difference?
The primary distinction between boots and sneakers is that boots are sturdy, strong, and long-lasting, whereas sneakers are light and comfortable, that are ideal for sports and other physical activities.
Cowboy Boots Vs Engineer Boots: Which One is Better?
Cowboy boots are meant for light abuse conditions like farming or riding, but engineer boots are supposed to put up with a lot more harsher conditions.
Does Walking in Steel Toe Boots Burn More Calories? (Explained)
Walking in steel toe boots will put extra weight on feet and exhaust you more, but will lessen time of your walking thus no advantage on burning extra calories!
Georgia Vs Red Wing Boots: Which Brand to Choose?
For longevity and durability, Red Wing rates higher thanks to the premium materials used. However, for limited budget, Georgia offers good safety features.
Top Cowboy Boots For Dancing (Men and Women)
Any dancer in boots for class, style, flexibility, durability, and grip with perfectly shaped heels. Here are some of the top picks of cowboy boots out there!
Is Wearing Chelsea Boots With Chinos Good?
Wearing your brand-new Chelsea boots with chinos will give you the best look you ever wanted to go with. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to style your chinos with your favorite Chelsea boots. 
Should You Size UP in Boots for Socks?
If the socks are thin like made of cotton, you do not have to size up in your boots in this case. But in case your socks are thick or you have to wear multiple socks, sizing up can be considered an option!
What Does 9.5 D Mean in Shoe Size?
The size 9.5 is for a foot with 10 ½" in length for a men's shoe and with 10" for a women's shoe and the letter D denotes the width which is 4 2/16" for a women's shoe and 3 15/16" for a men's shoe. 
Can Snakes Bite Through Rubber Boots?
Yes, good quality rubber boots can give you full protection from snake bites. The conventional ones, on the other hand, are not ideal for this function. Let’s understand in detail...
Can a Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller?
There were instances where I had to take my shoes to the cobbler for a complete change of the size and he used his tools and equipment to make my shoes smaller. There are other ways also!
10 Tips To Keep Your Feet Warm in Cowboy Boots
Cowboy boots are known for being used in summers, especially in dry mid-western states. So, if they can be used in winters, then can you keep your feet warm in Cowboy boots? Let's find out
Long Sleeves Vs Short Sleeve Shirts For The Office!
When it comes to the office, I would definitely recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt over a short sleeve shirt and there should be no second thought to that.
Timberland Vs Thorogood Boots: Which One is Better?
Both Timberland and Thorogood produce high quality boots whether specifically designed as work boots or footgear for outdoor use.
Shoe Width Sizes D Vs E: Find the Perfect Fit!
In the US, the letter D denotes regular width for men and measures wide for women, whereas the letter E denotes wide in men and extra wide for women. But first, let's learn how to measure the width!
Bogs Vs Muck Boots: Which One is Better?
Brands Bogs and Muck are popular and have good reputations for keeping feet and legs warm and dry. These two brands also offer a variety of styles, so you can find a pair that fit your fashion requirements.
Are Hunter Boots Good For Snow? (Explained)
Made of rubber hunter boots are waterproof, they might be suitable for the start of winters, but when it starts to snow heavily, hunter boots won't serve the purpose.
Lugz Vs Timberland Boots: Which One to Buy?
While designs are relatively basic, Timberland arrived much earlier on the scene. So, the Lugz boot appears to be a Timberland-inspired copy with nothing particularly new introduced.
Can You Wear Gumboots In Snow? (Explained)
Depends on the amount of snow! If you live in a place that experiences snow frequently and covers the surface with more than 3 inches in depth, gumboots might not be the best choice for you.
Height of Your Cowboy Boot Heels Says a Lot About You: Here’s How
In this article, you will understand how heels contribute to the purpose, background, and personality of various types of cowboy boots.
Snow Boots Vs Ski Boots: What's The Difference?
The snow boots are commonly used for casual purposes like walking while ski boots are used for skiing. Also snow boots are softer than ski boots given their difference in purposes. 
Tecovas Vs Lucchese Boots - Which is The Better Brand?
Despite many similarities, there are significant distinctions with relation to quality, manufacturing process, price and most importantly how well they function.
Timberland Vs Caterpillar Boots: Which One is Better?
Timberland boots are a good choice for getting comfort, protection, and durability. However with caterpillar, you will save some money while still getting good quality.
Engineer Boots vs Motorcycle Boots: What's the Difference?
Motorcycle boots are specifically designed for motorcycle riders and these boots offer better protection, style, comfort than engineer boots.
Do Ugg Boots Have Arch Support? 
UGG boots don’t have arch support even though they’re famous for their warmth and ease of use for wearing. They also have less durability and are not apt for industrial purposes, however you can use it casually.
Irish Setter Vs Red Wing: What's the Difference?
If you want protection and functionality, the tough and durable Irish Setter Boots are the way to go. On the other hand, if you want a long-lasting and stylish work boot, go with Red Wing boots!
Can a Rattlesnake Bite Through a Rubber Boot?
The short answer to the question is that rattlesnakes can bite through a rubber boot. There is much more to it. Let us understand the risk and ways you can protect yourself.
Do Girls With Short Legs Look Good In Cowboy Boots?
We usually assume cowboy boots are for people with average height. But time and again, this misconception is challenged by short women rocking these boots in style. 
5 Ways To Stretch The Toe-Box Of Your Hiking Boots
In this guide, you'll find innovative ways to stretch the toe-box of your hiking boots and use them for a longer time without any problems. 
Are Hiking Boots Good for Walking on Concrete?
If you are planning to go for a long walk on concrete with hiking boots, then the probable answer is NO! Walking on concrete can cause hardness in walking and may slow down your pace.
8 Different Types of Heels on Cowboy Boots
Some of the prominent cowboy heel types are roper, fowler, walking, underslung, spiked, cowboy, riding, and fashion. So, why does one differ from the other? Let’s examine it closely.
Rubber Vs Felt Wading Boots: Which One to Buy?
If you live in an area where felt waders are banned, your choice has already been made for you. If you are still undecided, felt waders offer spectacular grip on slippery moss and algae-covered surfaces.
Should You Condition Cowboy Boots Before Waterproofing
YES. It is always good to condition your cowboy boots before waterproofing. Even though both sound equivalent and are used alternatively!
How to Get Motor Oil Out of Shoes? (Tested Ways)
If the stain is from grease, I would recommend using gasoline dipped in a rag and then rubbing the grease off. But if the stain is from the by-product of combustion, rub the area with soap and wash it.
How To Wear Logger Boots With Jeans?
Logger boots would look the best when exposed to its full length, meaning the jeans should not hang over the boots, but must either be tucked in the boots or should just above the boots.
Rainboots Vs Galoshes: What's the Difference?
There can be quite a lot of confusion when it comes to rain boots and galoshes with many people asking quite often if they are the same thing. No, they are not!
Are Chelsea Boots True To Size?
Chelsea boots are quite close-fitting boots as they offer a slip-on design so that the boots do not come out from your feet when you walk. But this does not mean that they are loose fitting boots.
Are Military Boots Good For Running?
If you are to cover a rough terrain, military boots would not be a bad choice for running through the gravelled and bushy terrain as they provide ample protection to the lower legs from cuts, punctures from rocks.
Chelsea Vs Chukka Boots: Which One is Right for You?
Chelsea boots are best for you as they serve both formal and casual looks. And if you're flamboyant type, and dress casually, chukka should be in your wardrobe!
Chelsea Boots Vs Desert Boots: What's the Difference?
The Chelsea boots are more versatile than than the desert boots. While the Chelsea are pull-on boots, the Desert boots come with laces.
Do UGG Boots Stretch When You Wear Them?
Yes! Definitely, they will stretch over time as you use them. It is always better to buy a size that fits your correctly right from the beginning. Even without applying a lot of external force!
6 Ways To Stretch Calves Of Your Rain Boots
There are multiple ways of stretching the calves of your rain boots. Drying methods, freezing method, using calf stretchers or stretching spray, wearing thick socks, moist-heat method, etc.
Rain Boots vs Garden Boots: Which One to Wear When?
After research, we can conclude that there is no such defining difference between the two of them with slight variations in the designs and that the material.
Ariat vs Rocky Boots Comparison and Similarities
To be honest, in comparison, Ariat does have an upper hand as they are a tad bit more popular than Rocky that makes them reliable with its customers. 
How To Polish Two-Tone Cowboy Boots?
Make sure to choose a shoe polish for your two-tone boots that is colorless(mostly known as neutral) polishes. You cannot select any colored polishes as it will ruin the whole look!
Is It Ok To Wear Leather Boots In Snow?
After constant research and some tiny personal experiments, it's rather clear that you cannot wear leather boots in the snow if you are looking for a long boots life. But it's not a period. 
Are Leather Doc Martens Waterproof?
Doc Martens are not waterproof. They will eventually get ruined with constant exposure to rain and snow. The dampness can cause damage to the material in long-term use. But that's not the end of the story.
Muck Boots Vs TideWe Boots: Which is The Best?
In comparison, muck boots and TideWe boots have their uniqueness and variations. Let’s check out some of its features to differentiate its quality and brand popularity.
Danner vs Irish Setter Hunting Boots: Which One is Better?
Danner and Irish Setter boots come with a lot of great features that enable them to be the best hunting boots. They have their unique style and variations!
Mens vs Womens Cowboy Boots (Same or Different)
We sometimes question if there are any differences between men's and women's footwear. The short answer is YES, but there are other distinctions as well. 
Can I Put Insoles On The Top Of Insoles?
First of all, it is not unusual to wear two insoles at a time. Many people suffer from foot issues, and they need to comfort their feet by putting in two insoles. Not only do people with foot issues, but runners also!
Round Toe Vs Moc Toe: Which one is Better?
Moc toe or round toe is all about the style of the boots, to cater to a variety of preferences and needs. You may prefer one toe style design over another for aesthetic or functional reasons.
Snow Boots vs Hiking Boots: What's the Difference?
Snow Boots are more appropriate if you intend to hike in snowy circumstances, since you'll need solid traction to keep you on your feet.
7 Ways To Prevent Sliding In Rubber Boots
If your rubber boots are slippery, it can lead to a major accident, and you may not want to get into such a situation. In this article, we list down easy and inexpensive ways to prevent sliding in rubber boots.
How Do You Fix a Hole in a Wellington Boot?
Your wellington boots may split or damage while working or travelling. You must carry a patch kit with you for such an emergency situation. It will be a great help to you while fixing your boots and keeping your feet dry.
Can You Use Flex Seal On Rubber Leather Boots?
Flex seals are the best way to save your boots from water. Flex seal forms a rubberized surface over the cracks, rips, and holes on your leather boots. Thus it protects from the water that enters boots.
Do Uggs Run Big Or Small?
The classic Uggs are made with sheepskin and tend to stretch over time, so sizing down is the best option, the Uggs rain boots are made of rubber and do not stretch and so buying the exact size of your feet!
14 Benefits of Logger Boots
Logger boots provide support, stability, breathability, waterproofing, cushioning, shock absorption, ankle support, arch support, midsole support through steel shanks, anti-slip, oil resistant.
Rubber vs Leather Hunting Boots: Which is Better?
Leather boots will give you comfort, flexibility, breathability, waterproofing, etc. On the other hand, rubber boots will give you the best waterproofing and traction.
How Do Sheepskin Boots Stretch? (4 Ways)
Yes, sheepskin boots can be stretched over time. Because all genuine sheepskin stretches, you may anticipate your boots to extend with time if they're made of it.
Logger Boots Vs Work Boot: What's the Difference?
If you are in the market for a sturdy pair of boots, both work and logger boots hold a certain appeal. You may be wondering exactly how different these boots!
Square Toe Vs Round Toe Cowboy Boots
Round toe cowboy boots that provide some extra space to the toe area and are comfortable for all day walking. On the contrary, the square toe boots are enjoyed by specific masses who have broad toe.
Can a Cottonmouth Bite Through Rubber Boots?
The short answer to the questions is Yes. They can, but there is more to the answer. In most cases, snakes cannot bite through rubber boots as they have ample sole thickness.
Bogs vs LaCrosse Boots: Detailed Comparison
LaCrosse are no doubt reliable, sturdy and durable, but if you do not want to spend a lot on boots, then go for Bogs as they provide a lot of options at reasonable prices. Let's know more details!
Tall vs Short Rain Boots: Which One is Better?
While tall rain boots are a must for extreme muddy puddles in the heavy rainfall days or for stepping in deep snow in the winters, short rain boots on the other hand are our best friends for light drizzle.
Desert and Bushacre Boot: What are the Differences?
Both of these boots are popular, so selection of one rather than other will come down to a combination of details as viewed through lenses of personal preferences. 
Snake Boots or Rubber Boots Comparison
Both of these boots are great options depending on which kind of activities you plan to engage in during wear. Rubber boots will cost less but they will not offer any protection against snake bites.
Chippewa Vs Redwing Loggers: Which is Better?
While both boot brands can boast features that are attractive and have something to offer, having to choose between the two will depend heavily on your specific preferences, taste, and occupational needs.
Do Lacrosse Boots Stretch? (5 Easy Ways)
Yes, lacrosse boots can easily be stretched. Ice can be used to extend the toe, while heat can be used to loosen up tight areas. Use an old-fashioned boot stretcher to expand the foot of your lacrosse boots.
What Makes Waterproof Boot Waterproof?
Before you buy a waterproof boot, you need to know what makes a waterproof boot waterproof. We will help you know the different elements that make a waterproof boot waterproof and buy the right pair.
Do Crocs Run Big or Small?
Yes, crocs will run bigger if you buy the exact size that matches the size of your feet. Generally, if you are say size 8, then you should go for size 7 or 71/2 in crocs in order to achieve that perfect fit.
Combat Boots Vs Hiking Boots: What's the Difference?
When examining the differences and similarities between combat boots and hiking boots, their names immediately indicate their specific characteristics.
Why Did My Rubber Boots Turn White?
You may occasionally find unsightly white markings on your rubber boots. Don't worry, we've got your back. Here's a list of why your boots turn white and how you can protect them.
Are Crocs Edible? (How to Eat Them Safely)
Yes, crocs are edible in the sense that they are non-toxic and will not harm your body if you boil and eat them. Boiling crocs for 20 minutes under 50 degree Celsius makes them softer and easy to chew and digest.
Are Cowboy Boots Considered Business Casual?
In the US and also in Canada, many business places allow you to wear cowboy boots as business casuals. But you need to dress formally.
Are Vans Good For Walking?
Yes, simply put, the cushioned sole, the sticky rubber outsole and the breathable mesh fabric make Vans suitable for walking. But there are other factors that too need some consideration...
What Makes a Boot Snake Bite Proof?
These boots are constructed from thick layers of rubber or leather. It is because these substances have been manifested to end a snake's fangs before they penetrate human skin. 
How Much Does it Cost to Make Cowboy Boots? 
A nice pair of cowboy boots may cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 or more, depending on the manufacturing process, style, material, brand, stitching, and whether they're custom made!
How to Get Paint OFF of Cowboy Boots?
There are plenty of ways to get rid of paint on your cowboy boots. You only need to know what sort of paint stained them and what solutions are appropriate to use on your footwear.
Does Your Cowboy Hat Have to Match Your Boots? 
It is not at all necessary for the colors of your cowboy hat to match with your boots but the colors should at least complement each other well. 
Can You Use Cowboy Boots as Biker Boots?
Cowboy boots are not an appropriate biker boot since they have smooth leather bottoms that won't give the traction you need to ride securely. Furthermore, cowboy boots lack protection like biker boots.
How Much Does a Cowboy Boot Heel Replacement Cost? 
A heel replacement on your boots will cost you between $10 and $40 to repair. Soles and heels are often fixed together for $30 to $80 depending on the place.
Can I Put My Cowboy Boots in the Dryer?
It is not advisable to put your cowboy boots in the dryer as they are mostly made of leather, and leather boots are stripped of the natural oils that they contain when they are dried in a high heat setting.
Are Regular Cowboy Boots Snake Proof?
Most snakes lack the biting ability to puncture good quality, heavy leather cowboy boots. Their sharp needle-like teeth, however, may puncture thin leather boots and inject poison. 
Why Are Cowboy Boots So Uncomfortable? (6 Tips to Make Comfortable)
For some, cowboy boots are really comfortable, while others find them rigid and difficult to walk in.
How to Make Cowboy Boots Tighter Around the Calf? 
There are many ways you can make your cowboy boots a little tighter around the calf if they're running loose. Using a leather strap, or best take it to a professional. 
Can You Wear Waterproof Uggs in the Snow?
You cannot wear Ugg boots in the snow. While they will keep the feet warm and dry for a short time, in the end water will seep through. They are not waterproof.
Do Hunter Rain Boots Stretch Out?
Yes, hunter rain boots can be stretched out. One of the main reasons why people wanted to know about this question is that the hunter rain boots are available only in whole size and not half-size.
Best Re-solable Work Boots
We investigated, researched, and talked with professional shoe repair people to get the lowdown on what kind of work boot offers the best chances of quality resoling when the time comes.
What Are PVC Boots Used For?
PVC boots are commonly used in jobs like Custodial, Farming & Agriculture, Poultry & Food Processing, Oil rigs, Fishing & Wildlife and so on. If you work in any of these fields, you can buy PVC boots.
Should New Leather Boots Feel Tight?
It’s quite natural for your brand new leather boots to feel a little tight. So, your next doubt will be whether leather boots stretch? Yes! Leather boots will stretch about a quarter of your boot size.
Internal Vs. External Metatarsal Guards in Work Boots
When selecting metatarsal work boots, you have two options when it comes to boot type: either with external metatarsal guards or with internal metatarsal guards.
Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots While Welding?
Commercially speaking, the welders do need steel to boot and in fact it is mandatory at most workplaces to wear protective boots while welding. The boots are sturdy yet comfortable.
Are Met Guard Boots Uncomfortable?
So, despite Met Guard Boot being uncomfortable footwear, it’s a lifesaver if you are someone who works in an industry prone to occupational hazards. And, there are ways to make it a comfortable wear.
How to Clean Thrift Store Shoes? (Step By Step)
In order to clean thrifted shoes the very thing you need to do is disinfect them with some disinfectant spray or home-remedies like apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, wet wipes, etc.
Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet?
Birkenstocks are well known for their arch support and rubberized footbed that provide excellent cushioning for flat feet and makes walking a comfortable experience!
How Many Grams of Insulation Do I Need for Boots?
Basically the number of grams of insulation needed for the boots is decided by the purpose of wear, the temperature of the area where you would be wearing them.
Do You Wear Socks With Uggs?
Just as wearing a raincoat shields you from the rain by avoiding direct contact of your skin and water, similarly wearing socks will restrict the direct contact of your skin with the Merino wool.
Are Doc Martens Good for Snow?
Doc Martens have few new series or line of boots like the Wintergrip, Warmwair and Drywair that qualify as winter boots as they are made with upgraded technologies to serve you in the winters...
Are Vans Slip-Resistant?
Vans are no doubt one of the best choices you can make when it comes to their slip-resistant feature as nearly all vans are made of vulcanised rubber that holds great traction in the most slippery floors along with the lugs and grooves in the outsoles!
Can Too Much Arch Support Hurt Your Feet?
Arch support is not meant to give you pain or discomfort of any sort. But there are cases where people have complained of pain because of using insoles to support their arch.
What Does D Mean in Boot Size?
Starting with the letter B which indicates an extra narrow width, C indicating narrow, the corresponding letter D indicates the width "medium" or "regular" or what you might call a normal shoe size.
13 Ways to Polish Boots (Easy and Natural)
Products like coconut oil, jojoba oil, mink oil, and few other natural ingredients work great for leather boots, while suede and nubuck boots need to be polished with their particularly designed artificial polishes.
8 Best Way to Lace Work Boots
A variety of lacing methods can be used for work boots. A few may be a tad more complicated and require a little bit more time, but all things considered, it comes down to your choice of lacing up methods.
5 Best Work Boot Dryer
You may want to consider a good boot dryer, particularly if your boots are exposed to the elements like snow or rain regularly. They may also come in handy if you suffer from excessive perspiration that leaves boots soaked on the inside.
4 Best Moisture Wicking Socks for Work Boots
We had any number of volunteers for testing moisture-wicking socks because this problem is so common to agricultural, industrial, or construction work. We found some excellent moisture-wicking socks!
How to Measure Insole of Boots?
Remove the insole from the boot, place it on a piece of paper and mark the topmost and the bottom end of the insole. Then join the two dots and measure with a scale to know the exact length of the insole.
How to Ladder Lace Boots? (Step By Step)
In the ladder lacing technique laces are tied through the eyelets first horizontally and meet the next set of eyelets vertically. This ladder lacing was actually used to offer a very tight and secure fit to the boots.
Nubuck Vs Suede Leather Boots: Which One is Better?
We have curated this guide to put an end to the drama around nubuck vs Suede. Expect to learn everything about both these leather types!
How Tall Do Boots Make You?
Different kinds of work boots can increase the height from anywhere between 1 inch to even 5 inches. Women have endless options too. They can wear platform heels or pencil-heel boots. 
What Are Metatarsal Guards and What Do They Do?
Metatarsal guards consists of a protective flap that covers the instep area of the feet. The metatarsal guards are indeed extremely essential at construction sites.
How Many Times to Resole Steel Toe Boots?
It may be just once a year that you might need to resole your boots, or it might be once in every two years and that entirely depends on the condition of the outsoles of your steel toe boots over the period of time.
Can You Go Hiking in Steel Toe Boots?
There is absolutely no problem in going hiking in your steel toe boots if you are comfortable with the weight of these boots and their stiff nature around the toes. Steel toe boots will not bend or flex around toe.
Can Steel Toe Boots Cause Numbness?
According to the doctor, the lack of cushioning in the toe area of the steel toe boots and the constant pressure from the steel walls restrict the blood flow to the toe area that ultimately causes numbness!
9 Disadvantages of a Steel Toe Boot
Some of the real disadvantages of steel toe boots are being excessively heavy in weight, setting off the annoying metal detectors, passing on the outside cold to your feet...
How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes to Return Them?
One of the most effective ways to clean the bottom of the shoes to return them is to clean them with dish soap and water and them after drying them, you apply a shoe polish to return the shine to the soles!
What Does “M” Mean in Boots?
In the US boot sizes include both the length and width of the foot. ‘M’ mentioned in a pair of boots means that the width of those boots is medium. It is neither too wide nor too narrow, it's just right or average width.
Do Steel Toe Boots Wear Out Faster?
In my experience and the knowledge I have gathered, a good pair of steel-toe boots can last you anywhere between 6 to 24 months or 2 years. They do tend to wear out faster than other kinds of safety work boots.
Can Steel Toe Boots Cause Arthritis?
There is no evidence that steel toe boots can cause you arthritis, but the fact is, steel toe boots are no doubt very heavy and that extra weight will definitely put pressure on your feet while walking.
Do I Need Steel Toe Boots for Firefighting?
In urban firefighting or for firefighting in the wild, you will definitely need boots with safety toe protection because there remain the chances of your feet getting pierced by sharp objects while you are firefighting.
Do You Have to Break in Rubber Boots?
Even though rubber unlike leather and other materials, do not really stretch out too much with usage, rubber boots are not really seen as problematic boots that require the tedious process of breaking in.
How Should a Wellington Boot Fit?
A Wellington should fit you snugly around the calves. It shouldn’t be too roomy as to let your feet slip and skid and it shouldn’t be so tight that it gives you pins and needles.
Should Winter Boots Be a Size Bigger?
Your winter boots should be right fit, which means it should be roomier so that it allows space for thick winter socks, and also for air circulation. They shouldn't be too tight, nor too loose because of safety reasons.
Do Pawn Shops Take Steel-Toe Boots?
If your steel toe boots are highly expensive made by one of the high-end brands, there is a chance you may be able to pawn them. There are very few and limited pawn shops that take them!
4 Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis
We asked for help from foot specialists and professionals suffering from this condition to establish if work boots helped or hindered work and increased pain on the job.
Is 800 Grams of Thinsulate Good?
In this guide, we will be walking you through the many questions revolving around 800 grams of Thinsulate insulation in boots: is it good, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and much more. 
How Much Does It Cost to Get a Zipper Put on Your Boots?
Although doing it yourself will save you more money, getting it done by a professional will cost you anywhere between $50 and up!
Can You Put Mink Oil on Synthetic Boots?
The answer is NO. Real leather can absorb the mink oil but fake leather or synthetic materials can’t. The oil will remain on the surface being a glossy and sticky layer that attracts dust and dirt.
Is Your Boot Size the Same as Your Shoe Size?
The sizes for boots and shoes are NOT the same. There are a lot of factors that influence the size of footwear including the type, the company that makes it, the country that it is made in, and a few more.
Do Insulated Boots Lose Insulation Over Time?
The insulation won’t last forever. It will eventually wear off. Insulated boots will probably last a couple of winters and them you will have to repair or resole them to keep your feet warm. 
Are Steel Toe Boots Required for Forklift Drivers?
If you are wondering whether forklift drivers need to wear steel toe boots as part of their PPE – the answer is YES! It is part of the mandatory PPE kit.
Can Inside Shoe Lining Repair? (Fix Shoe Inner Lining)
Yes, you heard it right, the inside lining of shoes can definitely be repaired, whatever be the reason behind its wear and tear. Applying simple tricks!
Do Plumbers Need Steel Toe Boots?
The answer is NO. A plumber does not necessarily have to wear steel toe boots but they must wear work boots that come with a safety toe cap. Most plumbers do not work with heavy-duty machinery and tools.
Will Concrete Ruin Muck Boots?
Although muck boots are made with a chemical-resistant material called neoprene, they will deteriorate when touched with concrete as not the whole boot is made with the material.
Should I Get D or EE Boots? (Shoe Width D vs EE)
Getting a size D or EE width boot depends on a person's foot characteristics. Size D is medium for men, and a wide size for women, and EE width shoes are wide for men and extra wide for women.
Do I Need a Metatarsal Guard?
If the hazards at your workplace extend to dangers from heat and chemicals, then, metatarsal guard boots are a must. Plus, if the work puts your entire foot at risk, not just your toes, then again, YES!
Why Do Surgeons Wear Crocs?
Crocs are ideal for surgeons because they provide adequate cushioning and comfort to the feet as they spend a significant amount of time standing or walking around.
Do Cowboy Boots Mold to Your Feet?
Yes! Cowboy boots are made of leather and leather is a very pliable material. Upon wearing regularly, the leather will stretch and the boots will loosen up to accommodate your feet comfortably. 
Are Wellington Boots Bad for Your Feet?
Wellington boots are not suitable for prolonged use. They create discomfort for your feet if used for hours. The reason for this is the hard material they are made of. But, you can adopt methods...
Can Concrete Floors Cause Plantar Fasciitis?
Although concrete floors have many advantages in general, they're also responsible for causing Plantar fasciitis. Since most of the flooring at home, as well as the workplace, is made of concrete.
Why Do Nurses and Doctors Wear Clogs?
Nurses and doctors wear clogs because these shoes are super comfortable. By comfortable, we don’t mean just padded and soft. Alongside being padded and soft, clog shoes also provide arch support.
Are 8-Inch Boots Comfortable?
8-inch boots are not as comfortable when compared to 6-inch boots. The reason being, 8-inch boots are designed to have taller shafts that are known to provide more protection to your feet.
Are You Supposed to Wear Socks with Vibrams?
You're supposed to wear toe socks with your Vibrams because they will protect your nails from getting in direct contact with the shoe material.
What Is a Soft Safety Toe?
Soft safety toe boots are meant to be worn in working conditions where there is minimal to no risk of falling or rolling or penetrating objects. Discover all about soft safety toes before purchase!
Are Zipper Boots Durable?
Yes, zipper boots are durable, although, the main problem with these boots is that the zippers may become jammed or even break, hampering the longevity of the boots.
Should Snow Boots Be Tight or Loose?
When it comes to picking the right size, snow boots shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. They should offer a snug comfortable fit from the first time you wear them. Snug snow boots allow optimum space!
Why Do Tactical Boots Have Zippers?
Tactical boots with zippers add comfort in a lot of ways. A side zipper (or a back zipper) not only makes wearing and removing tactical boots easier but also makes these boots more practical and time-saving.
Is Skid Resistant the Same as Slip Resistant?
As of now ASTM and OSHA has not provided a clear cut differentiation between slip resistant and skid resistant footwear. All we can depend on are the features that cater to our specific requirements.
Should Rubber Boots Be Tight or Loose?
Never go for rubber boots that are tight. If you cannot find a rubber boot that fits perfectly, get a pair that is a bit loose as the roominess of the boot can be dealt with using a few simple tricks. 
Why Do Linemen Wear Tall Boots?
Lineman boots are comparatively taller than your average work boots. This is because it provides enough ankle support while also protecting your upper foot and lower leg.
Are Logger Boots Good for Standing on Concrete?
While logger boots do come with some great features, if your profession needs you to walk all day on flat concrete floors, then logger boots might not be such a good idea. 
Does Hairspray Make Your Shoes Grippy?
It's actually a misconception that applying hairspray on your shoes would increase your grip. Hairspray is sticky and will temporarily increase your grip. Instead, the stickiness will collect dirt and dust.
How Do You Know if Your Cowboy Boots Are Too Small?
If you want to know whether your cowboy boots are too small, we might be able to help. We have a list of certain things that are indicative of the fact!
Does Gore-Tex Make Your Feet Hot?
Gore-tex fabric is windproof and breathable, however, it is not as breathable as other fabrics and the fact that they are highly insulated makes your feet too hot and sweaty in warm weather conditions. 
What Is a TPU Toe Cap?
TPU stands for Thermoplastic polyurethane. An option that provides the user with all the benefits that rubber and plastic could provide, this family of plastics is quite a desirable one because of its adaptability.
How Often Should You Wax Walking Boots?
Essentially, you need to apply wax on your walking boot once every month. But it also depends on the usage and the environment in which they are frequently being used. Waxing too much will lead to soften.
How Do You Keep Rubber Boots From Dry Rotting?
You can use a high-quality boot conditioner to keep your rubber boots from dry rotting. This isn't the only way though. Proper storage can also protect rubber boots from dry rotting. 
Are Cowboy Boots Good for Construction?
Cowboy boots are not suitable for working on construction sites or in any other heavy-duty environment. Cowboy boots have two major flaws: a high heel and a lack of traction, both lead to problems at jobsite.
Do You Need to Waterproof New Cowboy Boots?
Yes, it's important to waterproof cowboy boots. As most are made of leather or suede which are hydrophobic and get damaged when exposed to too much moisture.
Are Dr Martens Good for Hiking?
From the slip and puncture resistant soles, to soft yet supportive cushiony soles and protective steel toes, Dr Martens boots have almost all the desirable features of a perfect hiking boot. 
Can You Wear Boots with Flat Feet?
You can wear boots with flat feet, but the kind of boots that come with adequate arch support, suitable for people suffering from flat feet. Not only arch support, boots that come with curved insoles at the arches...
Are Tactical Boots Good for Snow?
So if you were wondering if tactical boots are good for snow, I’d say that the answer is a definite YES!!! Now we will see why tactical boots will be a perfect fit for your frosty winters or vacations. 
Are Cowboy Boots Bad for Flat Feet?
Cowboy boots are not comfortable for flat-footed people. Due to high shafts, heels, and absence of midsole, cowboy boots can give a hard time for feet that are flat. However, there are tricks to make boots comfy.
What Do Cowboy Boots Say About a Man?
Cowboy boots are a symbol of hard work, adventure, responsibility, and, most importantly, they’re the boots of our ancestors. They say a lot about the personality of a man wearing them.
Do Rubber Boots Make Your Feet Sweat?
Yes, rubber boots do make your feet sweat. Since we know that rubber is an impermeable material, it absorbs and traps moisture and heat, preventing it from passing through.
How Much Weight Does it Take to Crush a Steel Toe Boot?
Steel toe boots can withstand weight as much as 6000 pounds, and anything beyond that might crush the steel toe boot, causing it to lose its structure.
Why do Ironworkers Tuck their Pants in their Boots?
This is not because they want to be stylish, but they do this to stay safe while working. It is a way for them to avoid tripping by getting caught up in their own pants.
Are Timberlands Good for Hiking?
Timberlands are durable and tough wearing boots, but when it comes to hiking, they might not be the best option as they are bulky and cannot offer the adequate traction that is needed for hiking.
Does CSA Mean Steel Toe? (Explained)
CSA standards (Canadian standard) states that CSA rated footwear will have sole protection and toe protection, but is nowhere mentioned that the toe protection means steel toe caps!
Are Cowboy Boots Good for Mud?
Cowboy boots made of leather are an excellent option to be used in the mud. By knowing the cleaning methods, cowboy boots can be maintained without trouble for years.
Is 600 Grams of Thinsulate Good?
Yes, 600 grams of Thinsulate is good in most conditions. For most US states, 600 gram boots will be warm enough and will be suitable for work which is done in a cold environment.
Can Steel Toe Boots Cut Off Your Toes - The Myth Busted!
Naturally, the crushed steel can damage your toes and your feet. But, consider the fact that if no steel toe is present, then the injury will be more severe.
Hiking Boots vs Work Boots Comparison
Hiking boots are constructed with specific features to help you hike with ease without inviting serious foot injuries while on a trail. Whereas, work boots are fashioned in a manner to aid you while at work.
Red Wing Insoles Vs Superfeet Insoles
Both of these brand Red Wing and Superfeet Insoles have a great reputation but we wanted to give you a better idea of which one of the two will serve you better than the other.
Can Work Boots Be Used as Snow Boots?
Wearing regular work boots in the snow can harm the leather and impact the boot's longevity. Snow, and the moisture it leaves behind, eat away at the fabric, leaving it brittle with unpleasant stains.
Ariat Vs Justin Boots: Which One Is for You?
So while purchasing boots it is important to understand that there are different brands that suit each individual differently. Today we will discuss two popular boot brands Justin and Ariat boots.
6 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet in Work Boots
We had our team of professionals test these socks for several weeks directly in the workplace to find the best socks for sweaty feet in a pair of work boots just for you. Check out the result of our research!
Difference Between Composite Toe Vs Soft Toe Boots
A lot many times I have been asked if composite toe boots and soft toe boots mean the same thing. I understand where the confusion arises...
Why Are Leathers Soles More Slippery Than Rubber Soles?
Leather soles are not great in providing traction because leather has a smooth finish, unlike rubber soles that provide excellent traction due to their rough nature.
Why Do My Feet Get Cold in Rubber Boots?
Rubber boots are not breathable and seal your feet inside the boots, blocking any source of airflow. Due to lack of air circulation, the feet start to sweat profusely and sweaty feet become cold very quickly!
Is Motor Oil Bad for Leather Boots?
Motor oil can leave stains on the leather boots. As the texture of leather is coarse and thick, oil can get stuck on its surface making dark stains if left for a considerable amount of time.
Is Leather Easier to Clean Than Suede?
When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, leather is probably easier to clean than suede because suede, being soft and delicate as it is made from the underside of the animal hide, is more prone to harm.
How to Choose Right Breathable Boots?
If you are someone who has a tough job in hot weather conditions. Things get harder when the temperature rises, so it is important to buy boots which are excellent with quality, breathability and ventilation. 
Is Oil Resistant the Same as Slip Resistant?
Oil-resistant boots are made of an upper material that repels oil and does not let it seep in. Whereas slip-resistant boots have a special rubber sole, containing tread patterns that won't let you trip and fall.
5 Best Work Boot Cleaning Kit
Maintenance is an important part of getting the most worth out of your investment in a pair of work boots. We decided to investigate and test cleaning kits for the care and maintenance of work boots.
Is It Hard to Walk in Cowboy Boots?
Cowboy boots were designed to serve their purpose with precision and so walking in them doesn’t come naturally. Many wearers found the boots uncomfortable, wobbly and loud for their workplace!
Can You Use Hair Conditioner on Leather Boots?
YES, you can absolutely use your hair conditioner on leather boots. Infact, there have been studies claiming that using affordable hair conditioners.
How Long Does Leather Soles Last?
If you purchase a shoe with a high-quality sole and use it accordingly, your pair is definitely going to outlive its rubber and synthetic alternatives. Since outsole is the most used and least cared part of shoe.
How do I Know if my Shoes are Oil Resistant?
For a shoe to be slip resistant, it should provide friction to keep you steady on the ground. If you pay some attention to the shape, tread pattern and material of the sole, you can easily find the right pair. 
Can Steel Toe Shoes Get You Electrocuted?
The metallic reinforcement in steel toe shoes are always enclosed within insulating layers of non-conductors. Therefore the electric current never ever comes in contact with the metallic part.
Are Rubber Boots Bad for Your Feet?
Rubber boots are indeed an ideal pair of work boots but it does have a bad impact on your feet. The frequent friction of your skin against rubber is going to cause you some painful blisters.
Do You Wear Socks With Rubber Boots?
Ideally, you should wear socks with rubber boots in order to avoid getting painful blisters. Since rubber is a non-porous material, it will not absorb sweat that your feet will produce.
What Does Non-Metallic Shank Mean?
In this article, we're going to discuss the importance of Non-metallic shanks and why they are used, along with some of the things you need to watch out for in composite shank boots. 
Can Water Damage Cowboy Boots?
Yes, exposure to water for a long time can actually damage your cowboy boots. Since they're mostly made of leather and leather resists water, but still they aren't 100% water-proof.
Are Tactical Boots Good for Walking?
Tactical boots can be used for walking, but they aren't built for it. They're heavy, uncomfortable for long walks and running. Though they are extremely durable and give excellent arch support.
Do Vibram Shoes Have Arch Support?
Vibram shoes have very minimal arch support. And the bottom is made of rubber, flexible sole. However, studies about people who had flat feet and wearing vibram shoes drastically improved their arches.
Which is Better EVA or Rubber Sole?
While EVA is used mostly in the midsoles, rubber on the other hand is used mostly in making the outsoles of boots. While EVA is used mostly in running shoes, rubber is used in heavy duty work boots.
Is PU Sole Slippery?
PU soles are slip-resistant, that is they will offer you utmost grip in almost all the slippery surfaces. Also, they are resistant to chemicals, abrasion and oils. Obviously, there’s more to it and I will be discussing in details about PU soles.
Do Rain Boots Stretch Over Time?
Rain boots do stretch with time as they are worn. The rubber will soften and stretch to better suit your foot. But if you have got the wrong-sized boots, don't worry, you can easily stretch them out yourself. 
Can Rubber Boots Protect You from Electric Shocks?
Yes, rubber boots can protect you from electric shocks. This is mainly because rubber is an insulator and thus it doesn’t carry electricity.
Are Wedge Soles Slip Resistant?
Yes, wedge sole boots are slip resistant. In comparison to standard work boots, the greater contact area it gives on the ground makes them more sturdy, offering good grip and traction.
Do Grip Socks Help Blisters?
The grip socks help to prevent slippage inside the boots and thus reduce friction that gets generated while your feet get rubbed against the walls of the boots which is the cause behind the blisters.
How Should MOC Toe Boots Fit?
The MOC toe boots should fit snug to your feet, having ample amount of room in the toe box area, making sure that the toes do not get rubbed against the walls of the boots and they do not remain cramped!
Moc Toe Vs Plain Toe Boots: What's the Difference?
Moc toe and plain toe boots have been around for several years now, making a name and reputation of being classy and functional at the same time.
What is the Advantage of Moc Toe Boots?
Moc toe boots offer advantages such as flexibility, enhanced comfort, and toe box protection for folks who need a dependable, productive work boot. Because of the stitching, these boots are quite flexible.
Why Do My Boots Keep Cracking? (Easy Ways to Fix and Prevent)
Aging and improper care of the boots are two main reasons that your boots develop cracks from time to time. So, it's important to prevent and fix boot cracks.
Are Vibram Soles Good on Concrete?
Vibram® soles are made from vulcanized rubber that resists heat from the concrete ground and the lugged tread pattern in them offer great traction on concrete floors. 
How to Clean Yellow Shoe Soles? (Step By Step)
In this complete guide, you'll find the reasons that get the soles yellow and will also answer the most asked question regarding yellow soles and the best ways to clean them!
Do Heavy Boots Hurt Your Knees?
YES, wearing heavy boots for any period of time can affect your knees. If you’ve noticed that your knees have begun to hurt after wearing heavy boots, check out the guide for reasons and solutions!
What Kind of Boots do Ironworkers Wear?
Work boots for ironworkers are those that does not only provide safety and durability, but also feels comfortable on the feet. Check out the guide to discover qualities of ironworker boots.
Should You Wear Walking Boots to Bed?
If you're using walking boots for treatment of a foot fracture or injury, you should keep them on at night in the first few weeks. You can only take them off when you're in the shower.
Are Wedge Boots Good for Construction?
Construction workers benefit from wedge boots because the soles give support across the foot, minimizing pressure points and enhancing overall comfort. These boots have a greater contact surface area...
Is Wedge Sole Boot Good for Hiking?
Wedged sole boots are not recommended for hiking because neither do they have marked heels to give you support while you descend the hills and nor do they have deep lugs to hold good grip in hilly terrains.
How Tight Should Wedge Boots Be?
Wedged sole boots are the most comfortable ones when it comes to sizing, giving you enough space inside the boots to move your toes and let your feet breathe. Do not size up in wedged sole boots
Why Are Logger Boots So Tall? (Explained)
Logger boots are tall as compared to other work boots in order to elevate your feet from the ground. The benefits of this elevation are like the heels dig in and it gives you a better grip against the ground
How to Shrink Crocs? (3 Simple Ways to Make Crocs Shrink)
In this guide you'll find the detailed steps as to how to shrink your crocs using all the heat sources and will also answer some of the most asked questions regarding shrinking of crocs….
What Does SRC Stand for in Safety Shoes?
In this detailed guide, you'll find all about SRC shoes and boots and will also introduce with the best SRC rated boots that are recommended by our experts after conducting several tests.
Are Cowboy Boots Supposed to be Slippery?
You will also get to know through this article how to fix those slippery soles of the cowboy boots and also will come across with the 3 best non-slip cowboy boots that are recommended by our experts.
10 Ways Keep Your Socks From Slipping Off Your Heel
I have some amazing hacks to solve your problem and keep your socks from slipping off your heels which I am going to share in this article!
Are Wedge Sole Boots Good for Roofing?
Wedged sole boots are considered the best when it comes to roofing because they offer the maximum traction and contact area on the roofing surfaces. This will help you to hold your grip tightly on the roofs.
Do Wedge Boots have Steel Shank?
In this article, I will take you through the pros and cons of having steel shanks in wedged sole boots and tell you whether having those steel shanks in your wedged sole boots is necessary or not!
Are Wedge Sole Boots Better for Your Back?
In wedged sole boots, the heels of the feet do not experience any extra pressure of the body and as a result, it does not hurt your back. In addition, the wedged sole boots absorb more shock than normal boots.
Can You Put Steel Toe Boots in the Dryer?
Now, if you own a pair of steel toe boots and are wondering if it is okay to throw them in the dryer as a quick solution after the cleaning ritual, know that not all footwears are the same.
Can You Replace the Soles on Cowboy Boots?
If your cowboy boots suit you well then you do not have to go for a brand new pair of boots, you can professionally mend the cowboy's sole and achieve all that was lost. Check out the complete guide!
Why Wear Wedge Sole Boots? (Purpose and Uses)
I will be discussing in this article along with the professions in which you should be considering wearing wedged sole boots for a better experience of comfort…
How to Make Steel Toe Boots Last Longer? (17 Ways)
In this guide you will discover 17 amazing tips to make your steel toe boots last longer so that you can wear them for years without investing in a new pair of boots!
Do Truck Drivers Have to Wear Steel-toed Boots?
Steel-toed boots are not a requirement for truck drivers. However, depending on the type of truck driver that you are it may be a smart idea to invest in them. Just ensure a perfect fit and slip-resistant outsole!
How to Pad Heels of Steel Toe Boots?
You can pad the heels of your steel toe boots using any of the following: orthotic insoles for entire foot pain and shock absorption, gel heel protectors for heel spur relief, cracked heels and plantar fasciitis.
Do Steel Toe Boots Set Off Metal Detectors?
Yes, steel toe boots set off metal detectors. So, if you are planning to go to a high-security place, such as, an airport wearing steel toe boots, be prepared to remove your shoes during the security check.
Can Bunions be Caused by Steel Toe Boots?
Bunion is the swelling or inflammation in the bone of the big toe. When the big toe gets cramped inside the steel toe box that has narrow space for the toes to remain freely in shape, it causes bunions!
How to Heighten Steel Toe Boots? (5 Ways)
You can heighten your steel toe boots using extra heels that are few inches taller than the native heels that are set in your boots, you can make use of cushioned insoles to heighten the boots, etc...
Do Steel Toe Boots Crease?
Steel toe boots that are made of leather will definitely crease mostly on the area where the toe box ends. This is for a reason, that the boots mostly bend on that area while walking due to our natural walking posture.
Are Steel Toe Boots Required for Asphalt Paving?
Yes, steel toe boots are required for asphalt paving. These boots are perfect for paving as they are strong enough to resist high temperatures and guard your feet from the scorching heat.
Red Wing Vs Thorogood Moc Toe Boots: Which One is Better?
In this article, we will compare Red Wing Moc Toe vs Thorogood. Whereas Red Wing exceeds Thorogood in terms of material and durability, Thorogood is cheaper.
Can I Use Mink Oil on Colored Boots?
If you are going to use mink oil on your colored boots, be careful as it might darken the leather color a degree or more. Also, the regular application of mink oil darkens it more and more.
Red Wing Iron Ranger Vs Wolverine 1000 Mile: Which is your Best Shot?
We will be comparing and discussing both the boots in a detailed manner to make it easy for you to decide what you should buy and what you should not buy.
Mink Oil vs Saddle Soap: What to Use on Boots?
The main difference between mink oil and saddle soap is their role in keeping your boots long standing. While the former is a conditioner for hard wearing leather items, the latter is a cleansing agent.
Timberland Premium Vs Timberland PRO Boots: Which one is Better?
According to my detailed study of the Timberland Premium line of boots and the Timberland PRO line of boots, undoubtedly the Timberland PRO boots is the winner!
Can I Use Linseed Oil on Leather Boots?
Yes, you can definitely use linseed oil on your leather boots and its completely safe if used in the right amount and the needful after cleaning of the oil is done. It also conditions the leather goods.
Can You Replace Rubber Soles on a Pair of Boots?
Yes! You can replace rubber soles on a pair of boots. These replacements may happen a number of times as long as the upper of the pair is in good condition. Let's discover how to do it and the pros and cons of doing it.
How to Repair Tear in Work Boots? (Fast and Affordable)
This article is all about educating you about what you need to do to fix torn work boots because that’s something you should know if you are using work boots on a daily basis.
Can You Use Vegetable Oil on Leather Boots?
Yes, vegetable oil has the ability to nourish, restore the shine of leather fibers, and also make them more supple. Hence, it has proved to have great conditioning assets when applied to the leather. 
Do Flat Feet Get Used to Wearing Logger Boots?
People with flat feet should wear logger boots that offer medium arch support to get the much-needed arch support but not too much that might lead to twisted ankles and discomfort while walking!
Composite, Alloy, or Steel Toe Boots: Which One is More Comfortable?
When it comes to the comfort factor – composite toe work boots are the clear winner here because they are lightweight, plus comfortable to wear all day.
How Much Does It Cost to Repair Cowboy Boots?
If you have a pair of worn-out cowboy boots, no worries, you can still get them back as new ones. Repairing the cowboy boots will cost you something between $30 and $100.
Are Composite Toe Shoes Supposed To Hurt
Wearing composite shoes for a longer time like 10 hours a day will probably hurt your feet. Even after removing them, the pain won’t stop. Let’s understand why composite toe shoes hurt and remedies!
Will Baby Oil Soften Leather Boots?
Baby oil is an easily available household item that can be used for softening your leather boots. It is a great alternative and hack in case you do not have any leather-specific oils and conditioners.
Is Saddle Soap or Mink Oil Better for Cowboy Boots?
Both saddle soap and mink oil can be and should be used on cowboy boots as they have different roles to play. Therefore, it will be unethical to say that one is better.
Do Logger Boots Have More Arch Support?
Yes, logger boots have more arch support than other normal work boots because of the presence of the raised heels in them! It provides needed reinforcement and even force on the ground in uneven surfaces.
How Should Logger Boots Fit? (The Complete Guide)
In this guide you'll find about the fittings of the logger boots, should they be tight or loose, do they stretch or not, how long do they take to break in, and more...
How Much Does It Cost To Repair Boots? (Stats and Facts)
Repairing boots on a basic level and on the spot delivery will cost $80 to $120. That is why you should try to repair boots instead of buying one.
How Often Should You Swap the Insoles of Your Boots?
There are a number of factors that determine how often to change your insoles. Ideally, insoles should be swapped between 6-12 months with regular use.
Wolverine 1000 Mile Vs Thursday Boots Comparison
If Wolverine and Thursday boots compete, my vote will go for Thursday. The reason behind is their high quality at an affordable price, perfect fit and comfortable.
Thorogood Boots Vs Irish Setter Boots (Features Comparison)
In the war between Thorogood boots and Irish Setter boots it is still difficult to determine who takes the trophy. Take a look at the reasons why this is the case. 
Can Boot Oil Help Scratches? (Get Rid of Boot Scratches)
Yes, boot oil will effectively help to get rid of boot scratches in case of light scratches! Boot oil works by softening and conditioning the leather fibers.
Chippewa Apache VS Redwing Iron Ranger Boots Comparison
I prefer Iron Rangers more than the Chippewa Apache due to few comparative features such as a better cushioned insole, durability, ease of breaking in and a more than sufficient outsole.
Can You Use Leather Polish on Suede Boots?
Leather polish can damage the suede fibers as they are harsh for the soft fibers of the suede. Leather polish will stain and harden suede fabrics! Check out my experience on using leather polish on suede boots.
Is Neatsfoot Oil bad for Leather Boots?
Your leather work boots require conditioning, preservation and Neatsfoot oil is the perfect ingredient for doing that. It not only lubricates the leather but also gives it the shine it needs.
Can I use Mineral Oil on Leather Boots?
YES! You can apply mineral oil to your leather boots, however, there are certain pros and cons to using it, which I feel is very important for you to know and understand.
Is Neatsfoot Oil or Mink Oil Better for Boots?
Neatsfoot oil might rot the seams of leather boots if they are not made of synthetic material while mink oil has no such rotting tendency! So, according to me, mink oil is a better choice for leather boots!
How to Waterproof Suede Cowboy Boots?
The best way to waterproof your suede cowboy boots is using waterproofing sprays which not only waterproofs the suede material, but also nourishes the suede fibres and increases their longevity.
Is Darkening the Same as Polishing Boots?
While polishing is temporary, darkening on the other hand is a long term effect. Polishing the boots will only increase the shine and lustre of the boots whereas darkening will change the color of boots.
Lacing and Acing Welding Boots: Guide to Lace Your Welding Boots
Acing the lacing game of the welding boots may need some techniques but once you are familiar with them, you will effortlessly ace them.
Are Lace-Up Boots Safer than Slip-On
Lace-up boots are safe in some work areas and are the top preferred boots when thinking of the best work boots. On the other hand, slip-on boots are safer for oil rig workers. Discover right one for you!
Should You Put Mink Oil Inside Boots?
Using mink oil inside boots is good in the short term as it conditions the inner layer. However, in the long term, mink oil has negative effects as speeding the wear out of the boots.
Why Don't Logger Boots Have Steel Toe?
Logger boots don't have steel toes because they don't need such protection nor do they need heavy boots. So, it is better not to include them in their boots. Although you might find logger boots with steel toes.
Can Vaseline be used to Protect Leather Work Boots?
Vaseline is a solid product for your leather work boots. The formula of petroleum jelly not only softens the leather but also prevents it from cracking.
7 Simple Steps to Clean Your Leather Boots with Mink Oil
The one-stop solution to keep your leather boots clean is Mink oil. Applying mink oil to your leather boots is easy. You can do it by simply following the steps given in the post.
Carolina Moc Toe Boots Vs. Thorogood - What's the Difference?
In this review, we will compare Thorogood and Carolina moc toes on different parameters such as quality, design, safety, and others to help you make the decision.
Best Waterproofing Sprays for New Work Boots
Waterproofing your work boots using spray can make them more resistant to water. Using certain sprays like silicone spray sealants especially for new boots.
Do Wolverine Boots run Large or Small?
Fortunately, Wolverine work boots run true to their size which means that they don’t need to be “broken in”. Generally, the boots come in standard D width with some models offering wider options upto 3E.
Do You Need to Use Brush on Work Boots?
Yes, brushes play an important role in cleaning of your work boots. Whether your boots are covered in mud, sawdust or any other debris, the very first step in restoring them includes brushing off!
How Often Should You Polish Leather Boots?
The general rule of the thumb is that you should polish your leather boots no more than once a month! You can polish them twice a month if your work environment makes the boots lose their shine.
Do Ariat Work Boots Run Half a Size Bigger?
Ariat, in reality, tends to run a bit larger in comparison to boots of other brands. While purchasing Ariat boots, a good rule of thumb to be followed is to go for a half-size smaller than the actual size of your boot.
Do Logger Boots Work In Fire?
YES, logger boots can be used in place of firefighter boots. However, you need to consider features of logger boots such as material, length and protection offered that are crucial for firefighters.
Do I Need Insulated Work Boots in Winters?
Insulated boots are kind of a necessity during winters. These not only keep your feet warm but are also equipped with specific features which makes them well suited for both snow and rain.
How Long are 5 Eyelet Boot Laces?
In general, 5 eyelets boot lace length will be around 36 inches to 45 inches that is 90 to 120 cm in length. However, the length of the laces depends on the spacing of the eyelets!
Do Boot Stand Work?
Boot stands are simply a great way to maintain your space in an organized manner. These stands are available in various styles and are designed to serve specific purposes. The stands keep your boots in-order and safe.
Can You Oil Nubuck and Suede Work Boots?
Yes, oil like mink oil can be applied appropriately on suedes. However, mink oil gets through the pores of the nubuck boots and gets completely soaked in, leaving a patch or sometimes a white residue.
Can you Wear Pull-On Work Boots for Construction?
With adequate height and combination of welted and stitch down construction, the pull on boots are suitable to be used at construction sites.
Can You Spray Paint Your Work Boots?
Spray paint, specifically designed for your work boots is a very effective way to rejuvenate them. Depending on the type of your boots, silicone or acrylic compounds are perfect options for spray painting.
Do Boot Inserts Work?
Inserts are the removable part of your boots that provide cushioning and assistance to your feet. Today, we will read about their importance, different types and whether you should really invest in insoles or not. Let's deep dive!
Can I Wear Toe Spacers With Work Boots?
Yes, you can wear toe spacers with work boots, these are a way to relieve pain and discomfort from bunions, hammer toes or plantar fasciitis. Let’s have a look at the benefits of wearing toe spacers...
Are Wedge Sole Boots Good for Flat Feet?
YES, wedge sole boots are good for individuals who have flat feet issues. The sole of wedge boots runs through the entire length of the boots and makes more space for contact surface area.
Will Mink Oil Help in Shining Boots?
NO, mink oil cannot shine leather boots. It darkens the leather boots. Hence, if you do not want to see your leather boots becoming fader day by day, do not use mink oil often on leather boots.
Are EH Rated Work Boots Static Dissipative Shoes?
EH rated boots impede the flow of electricity between the shoe and the ground. On the other hand, ESD rated footwears reduce or dissipate the static collection build up in your body.
Should I Use Mink Oil On Cowboy Boots?
The answer is YES, you can. Not applying mink oil on your boot can make the boot crack and rot. However, I recommend applying once every 14 days, so it doesn’t become poison to your cowboy boot.
What Does EH Mean on Work Boots?
The Electrical Hazard boots or popularly called EH boots are especially designed non-conductive footwear which inhibits your feet from completing an electrical circuit to the ground.
Are Work Boots Good for a Lot of Walking?
You don’t really need any kind of special gear for walking. Of course, a simple task like walking doesn’t demand much. But not all work boots are recommended for walking throughout the day.
Can a Copperhead Bite through Leather Work Boots?
NO, leather work boots cannot save you from the bite of a copperhead which has got long, retractable fangs upto 2 inches in length.
Are Military Boots Good for Work?
The military boots are not only favorites among military personnels but also among people working in different outdoor work. Let's discover whether it's comfortable to wear them for work or Not!
Can I Get a Pump Bump from Work Boots?
Certain work boots like steel toe work boots, high topped work boots and even your dress shoes may aggravate the condition, Haglund’s deformity or what we normally call it, a  “Pump Bump”.
Do You Use Boot Cream Before Mink Oil?
Yes, you should use boot cream before applying mink oil to your boots. This is because it is recommended to polish your boots using boot cream and then condition your boots using mink oil.
Are Wedge Sole Work Boots Good for Work?
YES! Work boots with wedge soles are good for workplaces because they are less bulky, lighter and more flexible. Initially worn by the ironworkers, these boots have become a fashion statement.
Are Soft-Toe Work Boots Any Good?
Soft toe boots offer a great level of comfort and mobility. Reinforced with some durable materials, the soft toe boots are lightweight, have potential to save your feet from chemicals and germs.
Can You OIL Suede Boots?
YES, it's possible to oil suede boots when your shoes are starting to lose their natural color and need to be saved. All you need is a suede brush, clean cloth and natural oil for the best results.
Should I Condition My Boots First and Then Add Mink Oil?
Yes, you must condition your boots first and then apply mink oil to restore the color of your boots and enhance your boot’s appearance.
How to Tie Logger Boots? (Top 4 Methods)
You can tie logger boots by using the heel-lock lacing method, the 2-1-3 lacing method, the ladder lacing method, and the army lacing method. Let's deep dive into each one...
Are American Made Work Boots Higher Quality?
Yes, American made work boots are of high quality. The boots are made of premium waterproof leather, traction optimizing rubber soles and sweat proof lining.
Can I Put Saddle Soap Over Mink Oil on Boots?
DO NOT put saddle soap over mink oil on boots. It is recommended that you clean your boots with saddle soap first and then condition them using mink oil. Let's learn in-depth about both.
Are Composite Toe Boots Good for Welding?
The Composite toe can be used to protect your feet while welding. The boots are made using strong non metal materials. Composite toes are comfortable and are less affected by the ambient temperature.
Are Crew Socks Good for Wearing in Work Boots?
Most of the crew socks are antimicrobial, breathable with moisture wicking properties which save your foot from getting drenched in sweat. The socks are durable and don’t wear and tear easily.
Should I Put Leather Conditioner on NEW Boots?
Leather boots that are straight out of the factory contain a good amount of conditioners and have an intact layer of waterproofing on them.
How to Fix Scuffed Work Boots (Step By Step Guide)
Though most of us think that fixing scuff is hard, it is the depth of the scuff and the damage it causes which determines how much repairing you need to do.
How to Get Paint OFF Work Boots? (Fast & Clever Ways)
The paint that stains your precious boots can be oil or water based. Although, it doesn’t matter much as both of them are quite hard to get rid of. Let's discover...
5 Easy Ways to Break in Logger Boots FAST
New pair of logger boots can be very uncomfortable for the wearer since they have not yet conformed to your foot. You need to break in logger boots so that it becomes comfortable.
What is an Alloy Toe Work Boot?
Alloy toe work boots are as strong as steel toe and are becoming more popular in the market. Interestingly, alloy boots are lighter than steel toes and provide similar protection.
Should I Get 6 or 8 inch Work Boots?
Both 6-inch boots and 8-inch boots give different aesthetics especially if you are blousing your trousers. The fact is both of them work well and it’s you who have to decide it according to your job.
Are Logger Boots Bad for Your Feet?
If you purchase the wrong type of logger boots it can be bad for your feet. Boots that do not provide arch support can hurt your feet. Also, too wide or too narrow logger boots can make you feel uncomfortable.
Why Logger Boots have High Heels?
The raised heels of logger boots have multiple purposes. High heels of logger boots can not only help you to monitor your balance but also keeps you on your toes to withstand miserable weather conditions. 
Can You Wear Knee High Boots to Work?
Knee high boots rise comfortably to the knees or slightly thereunder or over and provide traction even on slippery surfaces. In my opinion, these boots are apt for you to work freely with a professional look.
8 Easy Hacks to Deodorize Work Boots
Today I am going to share some interesting hacks for eliminating odors and deodorizing your work boots and if not eliminated, it will at least slow down your boots from smelling. So here we go!
How Do Boot Blousers Work? (Step By Step Guide)
This article is all about the blousers. I have a straightforward guide to make you learn how to blouse your boots and why is it important to indulge in this process.
How Do Boot Dryers Work?
In this post, we’ll discuss the working of boot dryers and how efficient they are. You will discover the different methods of using boot dryers along with their pros and cons further along in this post. Let’s begin!
How Much Does it Cost to Resole Work Boots?
The average resole cost can range somewhere between $80 to $150, it generally tends to increase or decrease keeping a few parameters in mind. Let's find out...
20 Ways To Shine Boots Without Polish At Home
As an alternative to boot polish, you can use olive oil, walnut oil, aloe gel, beeswax, vinegar, hair gel, rubbing alcohol, paraffin, baking soda, etc to polish your boots and bring back the lost shine to the dull boots!
Should You Mink Oil Boots that are Already Waterproof?
It's always good to double coat the boots with mink oil to make the waterproof coating last longer and protect them form getting dried up and developing cracks.
How Often Should You Apply Mink Oil to Leather Boots?
The answer is once every 2 weeks! Yes, excessive use of mink oil on leather boots might lead to moisture build up within the boots and rot the leather in the long run.
16 Ways to Keep Your Feet Cool in Steel Toe Boots
Your feet get hot and sweaty in steel toe boots. In this post, you'll find the best ways to keep your feet cool in steel toe boots. Let's discover...
Do Carpenters Need Steel Toe Boots?
Yes, steel toe boots offer the best protection for carpentry job from any sharp objects and heavy impacts. Steel can withstand impact up to 6000 pounds without causing the slightest harm to your toes!
Thorogood Vs Danner Boots: Differences and Similarities
Both Thorogood and Danner boots are made in the USA, their stitching pattern is very similar, and both have durable leather uppers. Let's compare them...
How to Dry Steel Toe Boots FAST
The fastest way to dry your steel toe boots is by using a good boot dryer or using the highest heat setting of your hair dryer! In this article, I am going to tell you easy tricks to dry your steel toe boots.
Lineman Boots Vs Logger Boots: What's the Difference?
A logger boot has different characteristics from a lineman boot. In this post I’m going to put lineman and logger boot to the test. Check out the In-Depth comparison...
10 Ways to Dry Waterproof Work Boots on the Inside
In this article you'll find easy ways to dry boots from inside, why waterproof boots become wet from inside, how to avoid that and effects on your feet, etc.
What Kind of Oil to Use on Boots?
In order to nourish and restore your work-boots, applying oils is very effective. Many oils like Mink Oil, Saddle Soap, Coconut Oil, etc are very useful in softening the boots and preventing them from getting stiff.
Effective Ways to Prevent and Treat Sore feet from Work Boots
Sore feet are a common side effect of the long-term use of safety work boots. However, there are simple ways to get rid of sore feet and soothe the pain.
Pull-On Vs Lace-Up Work Boots: Which One to Wear?
Witness the comparison between these two types based on better ankle support, ease of wearing and pulling off, proper fitting, protection and comfort level for their users.
Will Composite Toe Work Boots Stay Warm in Winter?
In this guide, you'll discover why composite toe caps stay warm in winters and are comfortable to wear during cold work environment. Read on...
Thorogood Vs Wolverine Work-Boots: Which One is Better?
The Thorogood Boots have a greater edge over Wolverine work-boots in terms of the use of better material, ease of breaking-in and durability.
Steel Toe Vs Soft Toe Boots: What's the Difference?
Steel toe boots provide better foot protection than the soft toe. On the other hand, Soft toe boots are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.
Are Logger Boots Comfortable to Wear ALL Day for Work...
Wearing logger boots is a more flexible and comfortable option. These boots provide additional safety and support to your feet. So, why go for something else?
Chippewa vs Carolina Logger Boots: Which One is Better?
Chippewa logger boots offers a classy look with rugged strength, whereas Carolina offers more or less same, but with better traction on wet as well as dry surfaces.
Are Keen Work Boots Good? Should You Buy Them!
Keen has something for all seasons and for all terrains to ensure protection of your feet, which makes it a perfect amalgamation of versatility and utility!
Are Work Boots Bad for Your Feet?
The short answer is NO. Work boots are your best partner in work but the only condition is, you have to pick the right kind of boots that suit you and your work. Your boots act just like a tool for job.
Are Logger Boots Good for Construction?
YES, you can wear logger boots as a construction boot but I think there is nothing that can beat the quintessential construction boot. Matching a boot to the specific demands of your job is important.
How To Get Rid Of Ankle Pain From Work Boots
Typical 8-10 long hours of work shift, at construction sites, standing around heavy equipment and uneven surfaces, can result into severe ankle pain. But this can be avoided with the help of simple remedies.
Static Dissipative Shoes How They Work?
Static dissipating safety shoes are designed to reduce the amount of static electricity that is built upon your body. The electric charges flow through your body to the ground as soon as you come in contact.
Why do Ironworkers Wear Wedge Boots? 11 Reasons!
The wedge boot is anti-trip and made of non-slip, oil and heat resistant material like the polyurethane thus making wedged sole boots the perfect choice for any ironworker.
Are Employers Required To Pay For Steel Toe Boots?
It is the sole responsibility of the employer to provide every safety measures to the employee, be it their work-boots or PPE or their safety glasses or head protection.
Do Steel Toe Boots Cause Ingrown Toe Nails?
Steel toe boots that are not in proper size, i.e. either too tight or too loose, can sometimes cause in-growing toe nails. Wearing improper footwear can also be another cause of this problem.
Are Insulated Work Boots Too Hot in the Summer?
Discover regarding wearing insulated boots in the summers: are they too hot for the summers or not, should you go for them in the summers or not and if not, what should be your alternative options.
How to Reshape Steel Toe Boots (6 Effective Ways)
It is recommended to choose your boots according to the perfect size that you need without keeping the thought of reshaping it afterward.
Work Boots Safety Symbols Demystified!
Symbols in work boots indicate level and type of protection from a particular hazard. Like the yellow triangle with the letter “R” in it, the green triangle with the letter “R” in it, the orange Ohm symbol, etc.
6 Ways to Dry Leather Cowboy Boots Fast
Leather cowboy boots are versatile, but when wet they can be a cause of real worry. Fortunately, there are some easy yet effective ways to dry your wet leather boots speedily. 
Are Hiking Boots Good for Work?
Yes, you can use hiking boots as work boots. I think hiking boots are extremely versatile and in fact,  can turn out to be a  great option if you are really looking for a comfortable pair to wear at work.
14 Reasons to Wear Steel-toe Boots to Work
Here, in this article, we will explore the various reasons for wearing steel-toe boots at work, from toe protection to comfort, from OSHA regulations to ASTM standard to keep you're feet safe.
Boot Waterproofing: Waterproof Leather, Suede, Fabric and Hiking Boots
Be it leather or suede or rubber, boots get damaged with constant exposure to water. Only waterproofing can save the boots!
Can You Wear Steel Toe boots in Winter?
Steel toe boots will never be a problem if worn with proper socks with extra insulated layers, in the winter season. You can also wear composite boots that slow the pace of toes from getting cold.
Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots On a Plane?
Yes, one can wear steel toe boots on a plane after clearing it through the checkpoint where the instructions given by the TSA Officer, are needed to be followed if the scanner goes bonkers on you.
Do Work Boots Run Larger Than Tennis Shoes?
If a size 10 tennis shoe fits you well, chances are the same size may be small for work boots. The reason being tennis shoes run smaller than work boots.
How to Stop your Work Boots from Squeaking?
Although this screeching noise is not dangerous or unhealthy, it can really bother you if not dealt with. So before jumping to any conclusion, find possible causes behind it and it’s potential solutions.
6 Clever Ways to Shrink Work Boots
The natural material of our work boots can reduce molecularly which makes them a little smaller in mass. You can take the advantage of this same phenomenon to definitely get a tighter fit.
Does Toothpaste Work for Leather Boots Scuff?
YES, Toothpaste works for leather boots scuff. It works on leather, patent leather, synthetic leather, as well as on rubber shoes. All you need is a toothbrush or a cloth to apply toothpaste on the scuffs.
15 Best Ways to Keep Feet Warm in Work Boots
While you're working outdoors in cold weather it's a necessity to keep your feet warm. These easy hacks will keep your feet cozy and warm in work boots no matter how cold it is. So, let’s get started!
What Kind of Socks to Wear with Work Boots?
If you are going to invest in a good pair of work boots then it's necessary that you combine them with a good pair of boot socks that has a perfect fabric, perfect fit, and a bit of cushioning.
Is Mink Oil Good for Leather Work Boots?
In short term, YES but in long term, mink oil is not something that I would suggest you for your precious leather boots! Basically your frequency of usage and amount of mink oil will decide.
9 Simple Ways to Soften Your NEW Work Boots
In this article, we will tell you some amazing hacks to soften your new boots quite easily. These hacks can pretty much be done anywhere and require almost no skill or effort.
Boot Waterproofing: The Definitive Guide
If you are wondering whether all types of boots are made waterproof, the answer is NO. Luckily, today there are numerous ways to fix the problem of waterproofing boots, and this guide covers all. 
Should Electricians Wear Steel Toe Boots?
The truth is that Steel Toe Electrical Hazard Safety Shoes very well pass the ASTM Standard Electrical Hazard Protection Test just as the composite or the aluminum toe shoes.
How Much Toe Room Should be in Your Work Boots?
In general, a half-inch to an inch of toe room is usually great. If you take my advice, excess toe room is never a problem if the flex point and heel of boot is right.
Are Tactical Work Boots Good for Work?
I would definitely say YES! If we look at the traditional tactical boots, the main use was for army men. However, over the years, advancements in these boots have made them for everyday worker as well. 
How Much Do Work Boots Weigh?
On average work boots weigh around 2 to 3 pounds whereas a steel-toe boot weighs up to 4.0 to 4.5 lbs (1.8 kg), and that of an alloy toe is nearly 1.5 pounds lesser. A composite-toe boot weighs up from 1.75 to 4 pounds.
Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable to Work In?
YES, While most of us think cowboy boots firmness can decrease their flexibility, in reality, if you purchase a good brand, these boots come with inner cushioning to provide you comfort all day long.
Does Shaving Cream Work to Break in Boots?
YES, Shaving cream absolutely does work to break in work boots. Many of us, including me, have tried to soften up our new leather boots using everyday products like shaving cream.
Does Olive Oil Waterproof Leather Work Boots?
Olive Oil is one such product that people use to treat their leather boots, but it does NOT assist in waterproofing, and can also ruin them in the long run.
Does Hand Soap Work to Clean Suede Boots?
If you ever tried cleaning your suede boots with hand soap, then you probably ruined them already. So to clear your confusion – you CANNOT clean suede boots with hand soap, because they will be damaged.
13 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Buying Work Boots (How To)
In this article, I am going to discuss various things you should know about buying a work boot, and more specifically, mistakes you should avoid.
Does Gorilla Glue Work On Rubber Boots?
Gorilla Glue is one such trusted brand that shoe experts recommend and are even used by cobblers to rehabilitate shoes. However, the question is if they work on rubber boots – the answer is YES, they do! 
Are Ariat Work Boots Good?
Ariat has been in business for the past 20 years until now and it is still pushing its limits to excel in technology and style it uses to make it’s work boots. Ariat has a variety of work boots.
Do Rain Boots Work in The Snow?
YES, you can wear your rain boots in the snow. However, you have to consider the various factors like the temperature, amount of ice on the streets, to keep yourself safe from harsh snow.
Do You Need Steel Toe Boots for Factory Work?
Yes, they absolutely are! Although this also depends on the kind of factory one works at. In some work sites or factories, an alloy toe boot and/or composite toe boot will suffice.
Top 10 Best Oil For Leather Boots to Keep Them Young
Let’s face it leather boots don’t come cheap. Hence, instead of getting rid of them, you should treat them by applying leather oil to make them look young again.
Do Work Boots have a Steel Shank? (7 Benefits)
No, all work boots don’t come with a steel shank inserted in it. There are various types of work boots designed for different job roles. Hence, some work boots come with steel shanks and some don’t.
How to Take Care of Leather Work Boots (Step By Step)
It’s recommended you start taking care of your leather boots since the new purchase by cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing the new pair.
Do Work Boots Become More Flexible Over Time?
In case you’re wondering if work boots become more flexible over time – yes, they do but only to a certain degree. However, keep in mind that it takes a long time for them to reach the ideal point of flexibility.
10 Ways to Stop Feet Sweating in Work Boots
There are plenty of ways to keep your sweaty feet at bay but I'll share 10 of my preferred DIY methods. The list includes both natural as well as artificial ways to overcome this sweaty issue.
Are Wolverine Work Boots Good?
Wolverine work boots promise to withstand the harshest of settings with their out-and-out combination of innovative technologies and highly skilled craftsmanship. The boots are engineered for both men and women.
Do Shoe Stretchers Work on Boots?
Shoe stretchers are specifically meant for regular shoes, but they do work on boots as well. However, some may not go all the way down to the heels of the boots considering they are engineered for shoes.
Do Rubber Boots Work for Snakes?
Rubber boots will protect you from snake bites. Although it is not any regular rubber boot, they need to be snake-proof specific boots. Check out the guide to find all about snake-proof rubber boots.
10 Ways to Clean Your Smelly Work Boots Quickly!
There are a number of ways to get rid of work boot smell. Using baking soda, alcohol, tea bags, baby powder, lemon peels are some of the quick fixes.
How Should Your Work Boots Fit?
By finding the well- fitted work boots you not only buy comfort but also eliminate the risk of pain. For perfectly fitted boot your feet should toe area room, heels should not slide and good midsole and ankle support.
Why do Work Boots Hurt my Knees?
Work boots that are designed to be durable, protective and sturdy can sometimes result in knee pain. The main reason is some work boots fail to provide adequate arch support unless customized.
Waterproof Vs Water-Resistant Boots: What's the Difference?
Both waterproof and water-resistant boots can be useful depending on a person's need. The materials used to make them vary, which is what differentiates them.
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In this article we’ll discuss why your feet sweat in waterproof boots and features of appropriate waterproof work boots.
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Today in this article I am going to tell you which type of toe boot (plain toe or cap toe) you should choose for which occasion and what are these styles actually.
Metatarsal Vs Steel Toe Boots: Which is Most Protective?
Both metatarsal guards and steel toe caps comply with ASTM standards and protect your feet from falling or rolling objects. So, if you are confused with which one read on.
Insulated Vs Uninsulated Boots Comparison With Pros and Cons
Both insulated or uninsulated boot have their own advantages and disadvantages, you just need to know about them and select according to your requirements.
What is Composite Toe? (Explained)
In this article you will learn all about composite toe caps, materials used in the making, how much weight can composite toe caps take and why are they better than steel toe caps, where to wear them.
15 Creative Ways to Keep Boots from Slouching Your Ankles
In this guide I am going to tell you everything about slouching: what causes them, how can they be prevented.
Synthetic Vs Genuine Leather Shoes/Boots: What's the Right Option for You?
Most boots are made from these two types of leather and I will tell you the best between the two.
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Today in this article, I am going to tell in details about all the possible ways to clean almost all the types of stain and materials from your steel toe boots.
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In this article you will learn all the positive as well as the negative sides of wearing steel toed boots for diabetic patients and yes with what precautions can a diabetic wear steel toe boots.
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Today in this article I am going to tell you all about how to prevent blisters from steel toe boots just by following some easy tricks.
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Creases start to develop very early on the leather which we don’t pay attention to. And today I am here to tell you all about how to get creases out of your leather boots fast and easy!
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Having a safety boot for welding may not be a total necessity. But is it safe to wear your ordinary leather boot for a welding job?
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Today in this article I will tell you about all the types of soles fitted in boots and why the best amongst them are the rubber soles.
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Before it’s too late, you need to start maintaining the color of your boots with the right products and methods. Check out these easy and effective tricks to darken your leather boots.
Best Boot Conditioners Guide (Leather, Rubber & Suede)
So, today in this article I am going to tell you all about the best work boot conditioner for each type of boot and also about how to condition your boots and at what time.
Danner Vs Chippewa Boots (History, Features, Comparison & Top Boots)
Choosing the best boots among top brands is always a tough choice. And when the choice is between brands like Danner and Chippewa, the decision becomes even tougher.
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Are you confused between an alloy toe and a composite toe boot? I'm going to tell you about all the differences between alloy and composite toe and which one is the best among the two.
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Today in this article I am going to tell you the truth about composite toe caps and break the myth with proofs!
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8 Benefits of Wedge Sole Work Boots
Today in this article, I am going to tell you all about wedge sole work boots and their benefits and why should you get one immediately.
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13 Effective Ways to Prevent Athlete’s Foot in Work Boots
If you want to prevent athlete’s foot, you have to keep your feet dry. Well the hacks are easy enough and worth giving a try…
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As nothing is permanent, so are the boots. In this article, I am going to tell you about all the signs that indicate the time for replacing work boots.
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In this article I am going to tell you how to polish your leather shoes so that they can get their new look again and you can be ready to wear them and flaunt your investment.
How to Fix a Hole in a Rubber Boot? (Step By Step Guide)
In this article, you will find steps to fix holes in your rubber boots because that’s what most likely to happen often in your rubber boots.
Do Boots Run Big or Small? (Perfect Boots Fit Size Guide)
Choosing the correct size for your boots is a very tough job. They generally tend to run smaller or bigger or end up putting your feet to discomfort.
Carolina Vs Red Wing Boots: Which One You Should Buy?
Red Wing or Carolina? Not able to decide which one should you get. Well…I am here to solve your confusion between two boot companies.
Boot Heel Repair (Learn How to Fix Boot Heel?)
After prolonged walking, the heels in boots get damage. In this article, you will learn all about how to fix worn out heel of your boots.
How to Get Tar Off Shoes (Avoid Shoes Getting Tar)
In this article, we will be detailing you on how to get any type of tar off your shoes just with some simple steps.
10 Tips to Keep Heel from Slipping in Boots
In this article, we will share details about how to keep heels from slipping in boots.
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Breaking-in work boots will allow it to be comfortable. In this article I am going to discuss about the best ways to break in new work boots.
11 Ways to Stop Boots from Rubbing Heels, Top of Foot, Achilles, Ankle
With new pair of shoes comes unavoidable problem of blisters, chaffing and abrasions. In this article I am going to tell you about the ways to deal with them.
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Your leather boots might undergo several damages. We have come up easy DIY ideas to restore your leather boots in various conditions.
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I am here to help you out with some quick and easy tips to take those stubborn steel toes out from your favorite pair of boots. 
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Some people say coconut oil has worked on leather, while others say no. In this guide we will debunk myth can you use coconut oil on leather.
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We are going to discuss the easy and fast ways to keep your feet dry in work boots.