Can Electricians Wear Alloy Toe Boots?
Alloy Toe boots are not necessarily the best option for electricians as they are good conductors of electricity, but if the situation demands it and if is used with care they are not that bad either. 
The Best Cold Weather Work Gloves for Electricians
When working with your hands on high voltage equipment, your life is literally on the line. On top of that freezing temperatures, the hazards keep doubling.
What Should You Not Wear When Working with Electricity?
You should NOT wear silk, nylon, wet apparels, steel and iron equipment, apparels made from animal skin, etc. will help to conduct electricity to your body.
What Voltage is Acceptable to Work in Your Leather Gloves?
Leather gloves can save you from cuts and are heat-resistant. Leather does not guarantee any electrical protection unless the voltage is between 50 to 450 volts.
Can Rubber Boots Protect You from Electric Shocks?
Yes, rubber boots can protect you from electric shocks. This is mainly because rubber is an insulator and thus it doesn’t carry electricity.
What Color Hard Hat do Electricians Wear?
Electricians generally wear blue hats which are accepted by industry standards. The hat saves you from head trauma due to contact with falling objects, electrical shock or burns and injuries.
10 Best Work Pants for Electricians With Utility Pockets
Be comfortable while on the job site, because as an electrician, you tend to do long hours a day in and day out. We have picked the best work pants for you!
6 Best Work Boots for Electricians (EH Rated, Safety Toe and Comfortable)
In this article, we will help you find the best work boots for your profession as an electrician. Let's discover top ones...
Why Do Electricians Wear Rubber Gloves While Working?
Rubber, being a bad conductor of electricity resists the flow of electric current to your body and thus rubber gloves work best in protecting from electrical hazards.
Should Electricians Wear Steel Toe Boots?
The truth is that Steel Toe Electrical Hazard Safety Shoes very well pass the ASTM Standard Electrical Hazard Protection Test just as the composite or the aluminum toe shoes.
Electrical Safety Tips During Rainy Season (Do's and Don'ts)
Well, there are several risks in working with electricity in the rainy season. If you step on electric charge water you're sure to encounter severe electric shock!