Can Rubber Boots Protect You from Electric Shocks?

Can Rubber Boots Protect You from Electric Shocks

Can you imagine life without electricity? I guess not. We use electricity on an everyday basis without knowing its consequences.

Similarly, there are certain professions in which workers are exposed to electrical wires everyday and that is why their safety becomes extremely important.

It is said that in order to take the right step towards protection, one way is to go for rubber boots. But do they actually save from electrocution?

Yes, rubber boots can protect you from electric shocks. This is mainly because rubber is an insulator and thus it doesn’t carry electricity. The electrical insulation can assist in preventing shock current from passing through the foot. While rubber boots don’t guarantee your 100% safety but still, they massively improve your job safety.

Whether you are an electrician, working in any industrial or construction site or indulging yourself in any activity which involves dealing with electricity, this article is for you.

It will tell you all you need to know about how rubber boots can save you from electrical hazards and what all you should take into consideration while purchasing them. 

Do Rubber boots protect you against electric shock?

The soles in rubber boots offer some electrical insulation which inhibits the current from passing through the worker’s foot.

But this is not the case with most of the shoes as they are too thin and made of the wrong material. After wearing rubber boots, you get insulated from the ground which leaves no path for electric current to make its way through. 

However, there are some factors which might decide whether you’ll be completely saved from electrocution or not. It all depends on moisture content present in the boots and in the surroundings along with the level of voltage stress.

Can you get electric shock with rubber boots on?

Rubber boots can indeed save you from being electrocuted but just because you are wearing rubber boots doesn’t mean that you’ll be saved from the electric current. Rubber is indeed an insulator but it cannot save you if a live terminal screw falls into your boot.

Rubber boots can only protect you from the current when only they touch the ground and not any part of your body.

If any of your body parts let’s say arms or knees touch the ground then there are high chances that you’ll feel the current with full force.

As I mentioned earlier, moisture is another factor which can’t be ignored. There are many incidents where workers get shocked just because of puddles or pipe leaks.

The main reason for this is when you step in water, it paves way for current to pass through it and your rubber boot thus putting you in danger.

What things should you consider while choosing rubber boots?

A good pair of rubber boots are quite important to protect you at your workplace from different hazards. Therefore, before purchasing them you should always consider the following crucial elements:

Protection Level

Since this article is all about the protection from electrical current, I guess it is the most essential factor to be considered.

A good pair of rubber boots should be able to ground you and save you from the electricity flowing through cables and other outlets. 

Make sure you go for boots that have got a high protection rating so that you can worry with confidence and without any fear.


Everyone wants to work freely, in the most comfortable way possible. For this they want their  work attire to be comfortable including their boots. If you go for a poor pair of boots, chances are that you may end up hurting your feet. 

Choose the boots which have got features like foam insoles and enough toe room. Try a pair of boots before purchasing and go for the one which fits you well.


Your rubber boots should not only be protective but durable as well. They must run a little longer so that you can get the most out of them.

You can preserve your boots with mink oil or different kinds of varnishes which are easily available in the market. The simple principle is, the more you take care of boots, the longer they will last.

Can Rubber Protect You from Lightning?

We all know that rubber is an insulator and not a conductor and that is why you should always wear rubber soled shoes in a thunderstorm. But that’s not always true.

Rubber boots cannot protect you from lightning because they are quite thin and not strong enough and therefore when lightning strikes, it can easily penetrate through your rubber boots.  

Can Rubber Boots absorb Electricity?

Rubber is non conductive and electricity cannot pass through it. Infact, it gets absorbed in the boots and that is why you get prevented from receiving an electrical shock.

The main reason is, rubber doesn’t have free electrons and therefore it inhibits the conduction of electricity.

Because of zero conductive electrons, there isn’t a clear path to the ground for electric current to pass and hence it gets absorbed in the rubber boots.

Recommended Rubber Boots for Protection against Electric Hazards

1. Muck Boot Men’s Chore XpressCool

The new yet very comfortable XpressCool boots have got inbuilt lining material which guarantees to keep your feet cool and dry in warm weather.

The boots have got added Spandura on the outside to give protection against wear and abrasion. Some of the interesting features of the boot includes four way stretch nylon which is 100 % waterproof and flexible along with quick clean rubber.

Furthermore, the boots have got a steel shank for additional arch support and shovel work. It meets ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH.

The sockliner lining helps to reduce friction and heat build up. The Vibram outsole utilizes the latest technology to provide you with utmost comfort.

The boots also have a large toe pad to increase toe-off traction along with wide broad lugs which improves the surface contact and provides you with stability. Lastly, the presence of grooved heel pad reduces slip hazard while allowing proper dispersion of liquids.

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2. Cofra 00040-CU3 Thermic Insulated Met Guard Composite Toe Boot

These rubber boots come with composite safety toe which exceeds impact and compression ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 standards.

One of the attractive features is the puncture resistant fabric which is lighter and more flexible than steel with higher thermal insulation.

The boot offers slip resistant soles along with the closely located cleats which will give you excellent grip and traction.

The innovative polyurethane compound of Thermic is combined with an innovative manufacturing process which insulates against low temperature and makes the boots lightweight.

Additionally, the cold barrier anatomic footbed which insulates against low temperatures. The non metallic toe cap gives you enough protection from all the workplace hazards.

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3. VW88 Viking Ultimate Protection Work Boot  

Induced with SBR blended upper and cotton canvas lining, the Viking boots have got highly resistant rubber upper along with circular saw cut resistance.

Protected with chainsaw, these boots have got CSA Omega electric shock resistance upto 18kv. It is EN ISO 20345:2011 certified. It is also CSA Z195-14/ASTM F2413-11 certified and has a steel toe to give you ultimate protection.

The footwears are best for the oil and gas industry, forestry, waste and recycling facilities , plasterwork, road construction and other workplaces where you have to deal with electric current on a daily basis. Reinforced with achilles, the boots are abrasion, oil, heat and slip resistant.

Furthermore, the boots are air cushioned with NBR lug sole and give you protection against slipping into rebar and hence saving you from various injuries.  The protection work boots have got a snug fit design and exceed 305,000 flex rating.

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Always remember, rubber soled boots saves you from electrical shocks given that the circumstances are favourable.

So, whenever you are wearing rubber boots and working with electrical wires or electric current in general, make sure that your boots don’t have holes or tears in them.

Don’t settle for cheaper boots as they can really cost you your life. So, choose wisely and stay safe!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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