How To Stretch Steel Toe Work Boots FAST

How To Stretch Steel Toe Work BootsSteel toe boots are the best choice you can make when you think of comfortable and durable footwear for work. But, making the boots a comfortable fit is a challenge that you will have to face once you buy the respective boots.

Experiencing discomfort while walking around in the boots, foot aches, blistering of your toes, and the scrapping of the nails against the roof of the boots are just the minor troubles that the ill-fitting boots can cause you. But, there are bigger problems that can occur if you continue to wear them without stretching the boots. 

Major problems like-

Sadly, wearing the boots will not help to loosen them; you will have to use special methods that are necessary to widen the boots. You can choose from any one of the five techniques that we have discussed below to make it a bit more comfortable fit.

5 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Steel Toe Boots Fast

1.) How Oil can Help to Widen the Boot

How Oil can Help to Widen the Boot

One of the simplest techniques to make the steel toe work boots wide is to either apply a generous amount of leather conditioner or mink oil to the outside of the boots. You will have to apply the lubricant at night, so that the leather of the boot becomes soft enough for your wear.

You will need to clean the excess amount of oil from the boots before you wear the boot in the morning to your work.

If you feel that the toe space is still a bit tight, repeat the process.

2.) Can Heat do the Trick?

Using Hair Dryer to Stretch Boots


This is another process that proves to be highly effective and not as much time consuming as the oiling process, but it has to be approached with extreme caution.

The easiest way to get it done is by using a hairdryer. Wear a thick pair of socks before you wear the shoe and start with the stretching process. Apply the heat supplied by the hairdryer only on the outside of the steel toe work boots.

The leather of the boots will become much softer and no harm will be caused to your feet from the heat as they will remain wrapped within the thick socks. Keep wearing the boots until they are cooled down completely and afterward apply enough leather conditioner so that the leather does not look frayed.

You can use hot water if the hair dryer is not available to you and only if your boots are water-resistant.

3.) Fundamental Concept of Condensed Water Makes it Fun

Freeze water bags inside to stretch boots

It is another most effective way to get what you are after- making the steel toe work boots wide. Fill two bags, preferably zip-lock ones, with water. Make sure that the bags do not contain air and seal them. Place each of these bags inside the steel toe boots near the toe or heel area. Place them inside the freezer and let the laws of physics do the job for you.

You certainly remember the phenomenon that when water freezes it expands. It will help the area that you need to pinch widen enough to make it comfortable.

When you take the boots out of the freezer, do not remove the ice bag instantly as its immediate removal will damage the leather of the boots.

4.) How Regular Household Items Like Stick Can Be Helpful

Insert Stick to stretch boots

Another effective and easily available method is to use a stick whether is it a mop or a broom. You need to insert the stick inside the steel toe work boots to loosen the area that is causing you to wince as you walk.

You cannot leave the stick inserted for a long time inside your boots; instead, insert it in and pull it out until you can see the leather of the boots start to relax.

5.) Using a Special and Expensive Stretching Spray


Another method, albeit a bit expensive, is to use a stretching spray. The spray can be bought online or from any shop. The spray helps to lose the leather fibers and widens the area of the steel toe work boots that are causing you discomfiture.

Use the spray on the boot and then wear the boot to your work as it will speed up the process.

In Conclusion

Select any method for widening the steel toe work boots as it will be effective and lessen the pain that has become akin to wearing too-tight work boots.