Are Grey Boots Worth It?

Are you a Boot lover and own boots that are durable, stylish and comfortable?

Then you ought to have a pair of grey boots in your shoe rack that goes well with any colored attire and look damn sophisticated!

Are Grey Boots Worth ItThey are a sneak out from the monotonous black and browns that you must have been tired of wearing since ages.

Grey boots look absolutely stunning on dark and bright colored clothing and make you stand out in the crowd!

Want to know more about grey boots?

Well, I have dedicated this article to grey boots: their types, pros and cons, how to style them and some of our recommendations of the best grey boots!

Grey boots are in style since ages and look very trendy, stylish and sophisticated! They come in various options ranging from cowboy boots, to knee-length boots, to military boots, to the fashion statement stilettos! They are comfortable yet durable because they are made with finest quality leather or suede. And the best thing is dirt does not show off easily in grey colored boots.

So, without further ado, let’s head on…

7 Types of Grey Boots

1.) The Riding Grey Boots

If you do not own a pair of riding boots, then what on earth are you doing man?

They are a must have for your wardrobe that look absolutely gorgeous and give you that classy look!

They are knee-high boots that have somewhat flat bottom or a very low heel. They are generally made of leather or suede materials and are very comfortable to wear especially in the winters.

Recommended Grey Riding Boot

When to wear them?

You can wear them in the cold winters for protecting your legs from the harsh climate or in the fall season.

How to style Riding boots?

You can style riding boots with jeans by tucking the jeans inside the boots and wear a long or short jacket with it.

If you are a woman, you can just wear them with your long coats (over coats), trench coats or with your skinny fitted jeans.

2.) The Grey Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have been the favorite of many since ages and there are definitely reasons for it. They never go off trend and are very sturdy and durable with the finest quality leather being used in their making.

Their features include high heel support, high shaft, safety toes and no lacing! With all these features, you can imagine how comfortable they would feel to wear.

Recommended Cowboy Grey Boots

When to wear them?

You can wear cowboy boots in all seasons and in work or casually.

How to style them?

They look very classy with your pair of jeans and style up with denim jackets your blazers.

Top 10 Best Cowboy Work Boots for Men and Women

3.) The Chelsea Grey Boots

Chelsea boots are very easy and comfortable to wear with their elastic side panels. You can get these boots in almost any material and styles that will look classy with any attire.

Recommended Chelsea Boot

When to wear them?

You can wear Chelsea boots in summers as well as winters.

How to style them?

They give a sort of casual look. Therefore, you can style them with any pants or jeans, with your regular shirts or t-shirts.

4.) The Grey Combat Boots

They are basically the pair of work boots which is somewhat of military style boots. 

They are tough and weather resistant and come in various toe styles ranging from round toes to safety toes, they have heavy weight soles and high padded collars that are very comfortable and sturdy to wear.

Recommended Combat Boot

When to wear them?

You can wear combat boots in the toughest weather conditions like snow, rain, heat and cold.

How to style them?

Style your combat boots with overcoats and a pair of tough jeans, leather jackets, fur coats, etc.

5.) The Weatherproof Grey Boots

They are basically the pairs of rain and snow boots that have become stylish and cool in time.

They are the pairs of work boots that will save your feet from all weather and offer protection in a number of ways like they are insulated, waterproof, shock absorption technology, outsoles with ridges and grooves, good cushioning, etc.

The grey color helps to hide the mud splashes and dirt spots that you tend to gather in the boots while work, therefore making them apt for your work.

When to wear them?

You can wear them in all seasons in all weather conditions with the perfect material and features apt for the weather.

How to style them?

You can style weather proof boots with your work pants, jeans, casual shorts and t-shirts, jackets, etc.

6.) The Grey Stiletto Boots

If you a style junkie then probably a pair of grey stiletto boots is what you should own! They look drop dead gorgeous and add that style statement to your look!

As they have high pointed heels and high arches, they might not be very comfortable to wear but style and comfort does not always go hand in hand though!

When to wear them?

You can wear them in the parties, casual dinners, family get together, etc.

How to style them?

This type of boots is mostly worn by the women and you can style them with your dresses, trench coats, overcoats, etc.

7.) The Thigh high Grey Boots

A pair of grey thigh high boots is just the cheery on top of your pie for the winters.

They look absolutely stunning and are very comfortable to wear as they save your legs from the freezing cold and are insulated as well.

They are made of either suede or leather with good cushioning in the sole area. You can get options in heels and toes as well.

When to wear them?

Of course they are for your special occasions and can be worn only in the harsh winter conditions.

How to style them?

You can style them with skirts, coats, shorts, etc.

Features of Grey Boots

Grey boots come in various styles and types as I have mentioned in the previous section. Different types of boots come with different features and so it is very difficult to tell the features of grey boots in particular. 

Still, I will mention some general features that might be common in all types of boots:

1.) The material of grey boots

Grey boots are mostly made of leather, be it natural or man-made (because of the color).

Suede is one another material that is used in the making of the grey boots and they offer a very stylish look to the boots.

2.) The breathability of the boots

The grey boots that are made of leather are ought to be breathable because leather being animal skin, is porous in nature. It helps to keep the feet dry and comfortable all day long.

3.) Moisture wicking ability of the boots

This also counts to the fact that leather absorbs moisture and keeps the feet al day dry.

4.) Heel of the boots

Most of the grey boots come with heels except for the flat bottom styled ones.

5.) The toe shape of grey boots

Grey boots come in various toe shapes ranging from pointed toes, round toes, moc toes, safety toes (in cowboy and military boots).

Pros of grey boots:

There are a number of advantages of grey boots and the first to mention is their classy and stylish look!

      • They go with any kind of looks be it casual or formal or part wear.
      • It gives you a sophisticated look because grey goes with any color clothing and looks decent in any occasion.
      • Not to mention grey boots are easy to maintain in work because the dirt does not show in grey color. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping the boots clean.
      • They make you look younger and trendy.

 Cons of grey boots:

With the pros, there comes certain con of grey boots as well:

      • Grey colored boots are not accepted in formal environments.
      • They might look boring and dull in certain circumstances.

How to clean your grey boots?

The cleaning of the grey boots will depend on the type of material used in the making of the boots.

How to clean grey suede boots?

Cleaning of grey suede boots is very easy, you will just need:

      • A suede brush
      • A piece of lint free cloth
      • White vinegar and rubbing alcohol
      • Suede protectant sray

Steps to follow:

      • Buff the boots to get rid of the loose dirt from the boots
      • Now take a bowl and mix equal amounts of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in it
      • Take the lint free cloth and dip the cloth in the bowl
      • Spot the stains on the boots and rub off the stains using the cloth dipped in the vinegar and alcohol solution
      • Spray the suede protectant spray in neutral color over your boots
      • Leave the boots to dry under the fan or in the open under a shade

How to clean grey leather boots?

To clean your grey leather boots, you will need the following items:

      • Horsehair brush
      • A piece of lint free cloth
      • Soap-water solution
      • Leather conditioner

Steps to follow:

      • Take off the loose dirt from the boots using the horsehair brush
      • Make a solution of soap-water (mild shampoo with no bleaching agent) in a bowl
      • Dip the lint free cloth in the bowl and use it to clean the leather by rubbing on the spots in circular motions
      • Take a clean damp cloth and get rid of the soapy residue from the boots
      • Allow the boots to dry under the fan
      • After the boots have dried, apply the conditioner on the boots using your finger tips or a piece of cloth
      • Brush the boots with the horsehair brush to bring on the shine on the boots

The DON’TS of Grey Boots:

      • Do not use mink oil or neatsfoot oil to grey boots. They will darken the color the boots
      • Do not polish your grey boots with the regular shoe polish. They will change the color of your grey boots
      • Do not expose your grey boots to the sun. They will make them look even more dull
      • Do not apply bleaching agent to grey boots

Are grey boots really worth it?

Grey boots are always in style be it in 2021 or in the past decades!

They look classy, sophisticated and stylish with any attire. They are versatile and are great in comfort.

Plus, you get them in various styles to wear them all round the year. For example the stilettos, combat boots and cowboy boots are meant to be worn all round the year, whereas, the knee-length and the thigh-high ones are meant for the chilly winters.

One great thing about grey boots is that the dirt does not show off in grey color and therefore, the maintenance of these boots is quite easy.

Also, grey color go with any color clothing and looks decent and elegant!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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