Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete – Top Boots for Concrete Worker

Do you have to walk all day long on concrete floor?

Concrete is too hard for your feet and the pain that is caused is even hard to bear. Moreover, concrete has got some negative impact on your feet. 

Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

To fight concrete, all you need is boots good for walking on concrete.

There are shoes and boots designed specifically for each concrete work like for pouring concrete, Servus XTP 15″ PVC Chemical-Resistant Steel Toe Men’s Work Boots are the best boots as they are chemical resistant, made of rubber and have steel toe caps for added protection. They also have open pattern outsole for self cleaning debris and are waterproof too.

In this article, I am going to tell you all about the effects of walking on concrete. And our team of experts worked continuously testing for the best shoes for walking on concrete. 

So, let’s get started…

Best Work Shoes Concrete Comparison Table

Concrete Boots

Best For…

Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel-Toe Standing on concrete
Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan 6″ Women’s to stand on concrete
Skechers Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker Sneakers for walking on concrete
Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn  Tennis shoes to stand on concrete
Wolverine Men’s W06684 Ingham Boot Pull on boots to work on concrete
Servus XTP 15″ PVC Chemical-Resistant  Pouring concrete

Best Men’s Shoes for Standing all day on Concrete

1.) Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel-Toe

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6
Made of 100% leather, Comfortable, Durable
Heat resistant Slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsole
Great traction, Soft toed, Toe cap
Comfort suspension technology, Padded collar
Shock diffusion plates, Midsole support
No cons

The features we liked:

  • ⇒ They have an asymmetrical shaped toe cap
  • ⇒ They are heat resistant so won’t make you sweat
  • ⇒ It offers great traction even on slippery floor because of the anti-slip, oil and abrasion resistant feature
  • ⇒ They have an arch support
  • ⇒ The cushioning is great
  • ⇒ They have anti-fatigue insoles which does not cause pain even while walking on concrete
  • ⇒ They are waterproof
  • ⇒ Roomy toe box
  • ⇒ Has fabric lining with anti-microbial treatment for odor control
  • ⇒ Goodyear welt construction 

Our Verdict:

“The boots were extremely comfortable and sturdy”… this was the very first statement made by our experts. The toe box had enough room for toe movement and the lace system helped to hold the feet right in place to avoid rubbing against the sides of the shoes.

The Goodyear welt construction is the certification for durability and yes even after 2 months of long wear, the boots did not wear off anywhere, neither the leather nor the soles. When they tested them in water, though the boots got wet, their feet were completely dry.

The insole was with great cushioning and they are built with anti-fatigue technology which when worn on concrete for 15 hours did not make their feet tired or caused them to pain.

The fabric lining is treated with anti-microbial treatment which kept away odor even after standing for long hours under the sun.

Not much was praised about the sweat proof side because when the boots are waterproof, they lock in moisture and obviously it will end up making your feet to sweat.

They had midsole and arch support which added to the comfort. The asymmetrical shaped toe cap provided protection against heavy load.

They have shock diffusion plates to distribute pressure and the heat resistant feature kept out sweat to a bit extent.

The rubber outsole was said to be anti-slip, oil and abrasion resistant and they tested them on wet, slippery and lathered floor and they held the grip right in place.

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Best Women’s Shoe for Standing on Concrete all Day

2.) Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Women's 72399 Titan 6

Very comfortable, Stylish, Durable
Comes with a lace up system, Arch support
Provided with a heel, Midsole support
Great cushioning, Sweat proof
Good traction, Slip resistant, Water resistant
Opening of the shoe might feel a bit rigid

Features we liked:

  • ⇒ Made of 100% leather
  • ⇒ It has got a dual density rubber outsole
  • ⇒ Built with a power fit comfort system
  • ⇒ Soft toe
  • ⇒ Provided with a lace
  • ⇒ It also has a mesh comfort lining
  • ⇒ Has a 1.5” heel for better support
  • ⇒ The cushioning is durable
  • ⇒ The midsole is made of polyurethane
  • ⇒ The best part is it comes with a electrical hazard protection

Our Verdict:

When our team of experts wore the boots, the positive feedbacks that they gave were: water resistant, slip resistant, super fit, stylish, they are steel toe, did not heat up and were not too heavy. 

The boots fitted them well with the lace up system. After walking even 30 miles, the boots did not hurt them. The thick rubber heel absorbed shock and kept the pain out from the concrete. So, in terms of comfort and longevity they proved great.

The boots were slip resistant because when they walked on the most slippery floors, the boots did not slip off. The boots were true to size and fitted well with the laces and had enough room for the toes.

When they kicked on doors with the boots, they felt nothing at all because of the presence of steel toes. But in spite of having steel toes, they were hell comfortable.

In style too, the boots impressed our team. When they tested for the waterproof feature, they stood in water logged floor and though the boots got wet, their feet were completely dry to their surprise.

Even in the extreme heat, their feet did not heat up inside and therefore did not sweat. At last, the electrical hazard feature was an impressive edition though there were no means to test for it.

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Best Steel Toe Work Boots for Concrete

3.) Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Wp Industrial Boot

Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot, Black, 9 M US
Comfortable, Made of 100% leather
Soft removable insole, Durable
Slip resistant outsole, Has a waterproof membrane
Offers breathability, Provided with laces
Ankle support, Provided with a toe guard
You might have to re-glue the sole

The Features we liked:

  • ⇒ The insole is soft and is also removable
  • ⇒ The outsole is slip resistant to enable you to walk on most slippery surfaces
  • ⇒ It is made of genuine 100% leather
  • ⇒ The shaft supports till ankle-high from the arch
  • ⇒ Its sweat proof because of the breathable upper layer
  • ⇒ The membrane is waterproof which allows you to survive in wet conditions

Our Verdict:

When our team members tested the boots, the first review that they gave was that their feet didn’t hurt even after standing on the concrete for 12 hours. The boots are sweat proof as well as waterproof; therefore, neither heat nor water did any effect to their feet or the boots.

The boots proved to be of medium weight and the padding around the ankle wasn’t too thick like other hiking boots. The toe guard was an added feature that they liked.

Due to the presence of laces, the boots fitted them well and gave support to their feet. The outsole seemed to be well stitched, though some complained about the durability of the product.

They said that the boots might need to be re-stitched or re-glued after several months. The sweat proof feature was however questioned by them because when the water does not get in, the sweat won’t obviously get out and the boots being made of leather turn up to be a bit hot.

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Best Sneakers for Walking on Concrete

4.) Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Skechers Men's AFTER BURN M.FIT Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker, Black, 11 4E US
Durable, Provided with a lace
Comfortable, Very soft insole
High traction, Provided with a heel
The soles might wear out

The Features we liked:

  • ⇒ They are made of 100% leather
  • ⇒ They are provided with a lace
  • ⇒ Have a mesh tongue that is cushioned
  • ⇒ The insole is made of memory foam
  • ⇒ It has got a metal top eyelet
  • ⇒ The outsole is made of high traction rubber
  • ⇒ It has 1 ½” built-in heel
  • ⇒ It has perforated details
  • ⇒ Padded collar makes it even more comfortable to wear

Our Verdict:

Our team’s first review was that the shoes were extremely comfortable and sturdy. Walking in them for 15 hours a day was not a hectic job at all. They were hell comfortable with the super soft memory foam insole; though you might need to change them after a year’s wear.

The shoes hold up nicely and tightly with the laces. The breathability offered by the shoes is a very important feature if you work out in the hot sun. The toe box have enough room even for the large toes to move in.

The heels gave support while walking and the cushioned mesh tongue and padded collar all added to increase the comfort ability of the shoes. Their feet didn’t hurt or pain even after walking on concrete floor for 15 hours a day in the one month of testing period.

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Best Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete all Day

5.) Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

Skechers Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker,White/Navy,11 M US
Made of 100% leather, Comfortable
Shock absorbing heel, Laced up
Has a padded tongue and collar

The Features we liked:

  • ⇒ They are super comfortable
  • ⇒ The slip resistant rubber outsole offers great traction
  • ⇒ The heel is padded for extra comfort and support which does not hurt your feet even on the concrete
  • ⇒ Shock absorption in the heel also provides resistance against the hard concrete surface
  • ⇒ The cushioned midsole provides all day comfort

Our Verdict:

The sneakers were found to be super cool by our experts. They said they walked 40 miles a day on the concrete in these shoes and their feet did not ache a bit.

They were super comfortable and light weight. The padded heel which is also shock absorbing, took away strain from walking on the concrete. They the laces provided good fit and support.

The cushioned midsole just added to their comfort while walking and the anti-slip rubber outsole held their grip on the slippery floors. They climbed 6000 steps of concrete stairs on these shoes and the durability was unquestionable.

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Best Pull on Work Boots for Concrete

6.) Wolverine Men’s W06684 Ingham Boot

Wolverine Men's W06684 Ingham Boot, Dark Brown, 10 M US
Made of leather, Comfortable, Durable
Wolverine contour welt construction, Good traction
A bit narrow foot opening

The Features we liked:

  • ⇒ Built with patented technologies including: wolverine contour welt, wolverine multishox, wolverine durashocks, wolverine durashocks SR and wolverine fusion
  • ⇒ The rubber outsole provides great traction
  • ⇒ It has got shock absorbing compression pads molded in the outsole
  • ⇒ It comes with a nylon shank to provide support
  • ⇒ They are fully unlined
Top 10 Best Pull On Work Boots

Our Verdict:

The first thing that our team of experts reported was that the boots were perfectly fitted to their feet and had great traction even on the polished and slippery concrete floor. The welt construction was something trust worthy and the boots really turned out to be super comfortable.

The shank added support. The durashock shock absorbing outsole kept them from pain caused due to walking on concrete floor. No matter how hard the surfaces were, the boots did not make them realize the pain in their feet after a day long walk.

The only complain that some of them had with the boots were that they were a bit narrow at the opening, thus making it difficult for them to get in it.

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Best Rubber Boots for Pouring Concrete

7.) Servus XTP 15″ PVC Chemical-Resistant Steel Toe Men’s Work Boots

Servus XTP 15
They are sturdy, Comfortable, Very durable
Contour cushion insole, Arch and heel support
Steel shank supports the arch
Open pattern outsole for self cleaning debris
Chemical resistant technology, Waterproof
Might not be too durable

The Features we liked:

  • ⇒ The PVC steel toe is made with triple density technology that resists degradation from harsh chemicals
  • ⇒ They are 100% waterproof
  • ⇒ The insole is made with contour cushion that provides heel and arch support
  • ⇒ It has steel toe impact protection where stress is applied at critical points for extended durability
  • ⇒ It has dual compound centre sole
  • ⇒ The insole is replaceable and washable
  • ⇒ Extra traction performance for a great grip
  • ⇒ Extended ribbed steel shank for added support

Our Verdict:

Our team of experts declared these as the best waterproof boots as even after standing in a pond for 2 hours, their feet were completely dry.  They are a bit taller than usual women boots. They were very comfortable and kept their feet warm in the winters but not hot.

The insole provided great cushioning and the rubber outsole proved to be a miracle one which cleared off debris underneath the boots automatically. The good thing is that the insole is washable and replaceable so you can change or wash them whenever needed.

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Features in a Good Shoe for Walking on Concrete


Comfort Working on Concrete

The shoe should be comfortable enough for your feet to resist the hardness offered by the concrete surface. It should be of perfect size and shape and have room for your toes to move.


Stability Working on Concrete

The shoes should not only offer stability to the feet but should also support your ankle and heel.


Cushion Walking on Concrete

Cushioning is an important factor when it comes to selecting shoes for walking on concrete floor. The thick cushioned insole and the midsole will give your feet comfort against the hard surface.


Support walking on concrete

It should have ankle support, heel support and also should be provided with a lace up system.

Other features:

      • It should have a supportive arch system.
      • It should have shock absorbency power to reduce the impact on your feet, ankles and knees.
      • It should distribute the weight of the feet evenly in the entire shoe surface.
      • Go for the ones with a slightly rounded outsole.
      • Select the shoes which are more rigid on the front.

Is it Bad to Walk on Concrete?

Concrete are usually hard surfaces built with cement and other coarse ingredients. So, walking on this hard surface is obviously going to harm your body especially your feet.

Is it Bad to Walk on Concrete1.) The very first adverse effect of walking on a concrete floor is that your ankle and knee joints would start hurting and paining.

2.) Pain and fatigue would be just another bad effect.

3.) If you walk barefoot on a concrete floor you are sure to suffer with plantar fasciitis.

4.) It may also lead to sore feet, swollen legs, varicose veins and back pain.

5.) Your muscles, bones and joints take a jarring when walking for a prolonged period on concrete floors and these results to a condition called Achilles Tendinitis which is associated with extreme calf and heel pain.

6.) You might also suffer from arthritis (osteoarthritis) in the long run.

7.) Another condition that might develop is shin splints in which you develop muscle problems and inflammation causing stiffness in the muscles of your leg and feet.

What does Walking on Concrete do to your Feet?

Walking on a concrete floor might affect your feet in the following ways:

      • What does Walking on Concrete do to your FeetArthritis is the first one in the list.
      • You will suffer from continuous knee pain.
      • You will experience fatigue after a day long walk.
      • You might have a stress fracture which targets your bones than your muscles.
      • Shin splints as you already know is another side effect.
      • It will lead to neuroma where the ball of your foot gets hurt resulting in pain, numbness or pain between toes.
      • It might cause an injury in ligament and low back muscle leading to lumbar strain.
      • Bunion might be caused leading to misaligned bone in the big toe joints. It will lead to swelling up of your feet.
      • You might also develop an ingrown toenail where the nail grows inside the skin of your toes. Believe me it hurts a lot!
      • You will experience pain in the bottom of the heel that connects to the arch and bon heel. The condition is known as plantar fasciitis.

Why do my Feet hurt after Walking on Concrete?

hard surface which results in cracking of the heel and then pain in the heelImagine resting your head all day long against the wall. It’s going to hurt terribly right? Probably you will give up after half an hour.

Your feet too are built up of soft tissues muscles veins and fibers. When you walk or stand on a hard surface for a long period of time, your feet starts hurting because of the hardness of the surface your feet are onto. 

Actually, the arches of your feet need some bendable surface to stretch and bend and that can be only possible with cushioning.

The heel of your foot are continuously exposed to the hard surface which results in cracking of the heel and then pain in the heel, ankle and then the entire leg. 

The hard surface causes calluses and corns in the feet which hurt badly and if not treated at the right time, might need a call to the OT.

Why wear separate shoes for walking on concrete?

Walking on concrete and working with concrete is not an easy task and while you cannot work with concrete with your bare hands, likewise, you need some special shoes and boots to deal with concrete.

Walking on concrete all day cause severe pain in the feet and therefore you need shoes and boots that have some extra cushioning to it so that you don’t feel the hard concrete surface while you walk and thus save your feet from the pain.

Concrete boots must be made of waterproof materials because obviously working with concrete means handling water and walking in water.

The outsoles of the boots must be made of a self-cleaning technology so that the concrete do not get stuck in the ridges of the soles and damage the boots.

If the boots do not have padded tongue and extra height in the cuff area, then concrete might sip in while the pouring process. And the boots designed for concrete have these essential features.

How to Clean Concrete Boots?

Concrete is not easy to work with and cleaning those concrete from the boots isn’t easy as well. You need patience and need to know the exact techniques of cleaning the concrete from the boots.

Don’t worry; as I am here with some awesome tricks that will help you to do away with the concrete that has stuck to your boots during your work:

1.) Take a hard bristled toothbrush and start cleaning the outsoles of your boots to get rid of the concrete from the ridges and grooves

2.) You can also use a plastic knife to deal with the concrete in case they do not intend to get off with the toothbrush

3.) Now, take a bowl and mix some mild shampoo in the water and then stir it to make the soap-water solution

4.) Use the toothbrush and apply the soap-water solution to the boots to take off the rest of the concrete from the boots by brushing the concrete off from the boots

5.) Now, take a clean cloth and dip it in clean water and take off the soap-water from the boots from the boots

6.) If there are still traces of concrete on your boots, then you can use rubbing alcohol and vinegar mixed in equal proportions by applying the mixture with the help of a cloth. Just massage the mixture on the concrete spots using the cloth dipped in the solution.

7.) Lastly, you need to use a good conditioner to nourish the boots as cement tends to dry up the boots.

You may then apply a good shoe polish to bring back the shine to the boots!

Is polished concrete hard on your feet?

Polished concretes hurt your feet in no less manner than normal concrete floors but obviously, they keep away from abrasions. Being smooth, your feet won’t be prone to develop corns and calluses but they won’t spare you from the pain in your feet.


The polished concrete is even harder and is supposed to strain your feet more. They obviously do not provide any cushioning for preventing your feet from hurting.

Are running shoes good for walking on concrete?

Running shoes are designed to offer excessive flexibility to your feet while running. They are extremely light weight but might not have that extra cushioning that is required in a shoe to walk on the concrete.

For walking on concrete floors you need shoes that offer support not only to your feet but to the ankle and midsole as well. They need to be sturdy both upside and downside and need to have thick cushioned insoles so that your feet don’t hurt. 

10 Best Boots for Standing on Concrete ALL Day

Are crocs good for standing on concrete?

Standing on dry concrete and working in wet concrete are two different things. 

If your purpose is standing and walking on dry concrete all day, then crocs should be the best option for you. Crocs offer the best comfort to your feet on hard surfaces.

They are super comfy to step on and also are very roomy. Crocs won’t let you feel the hardness of the concrete and will keep your feet pain-free, dry and relaxed all day long.

But when it comes to working on wet concrete, crocs might not be the best option. This is because, the outsole of the crocs is not resistant to heat and will get stuck on the wet concrete due to the heat, the heat from the wet concrete can also damage the soles of the crocs.

The other problem with crocs on wet concrete is that, the outsoles of crocs are very good in offering the best traction. If the concrete floor is slippery, there might be chances of tripping and falling.

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Is it bad to stand on concrete all day?

Yes, standing on concrete all day long is not a great option because concrete is hard and it can have certain side effects on your feet. 

The hard concrete floor can be bad for your feet in the following ways:

      • It can cause foot and leg pain
      • It can stretch the cuff muscles leading to strain in the veins which is a cause of varicose vein
      • It puts unnecessary pressure on the balls of the heels, thus leading to heel pain and pain in the lower back and spinal cord as well
      • Walking on hard concrete all day can also make the bottom of your feet hard and lead to cracks in the heels and development of corns at the base of the toes
      • Walking on concrete all day can also make you fatigued more often in between works

Before we say Good Bye:

Concrete isn’t good either for your health or the feet!

But yet you can’t avoid them, right?

The only way to fight back is to take protection and that can be done only with a good concrete shoe!

All the shoes and boots mentioned above are ideal to walk on concrete floor and we bet you can’t find any better.


Before your feet starts aching and hurting on concrete, treat them with these goodies!

Don’t forget to mention in the comment section below which are your favorite pairs and why?

And if you choose one among the above, we bet you won’t regret!

Because we mention the shoes only after testing them by our team of experts in adverse conditions over a long period of time in all odds.

That’s all for this article…

See you soon with a new and interesting article…

Till then take care and as we say…

Keep walking!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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