Can You Wear Tactical Boots For Hiking?

Tactical boots are also called Police boots. They are also used during the mock drills carried out by the army. They are extremely strong boots. But, the question is can you wear tactical boots for hiking? 

Although there are already many hiking boots you can find, there’s nothing better than a tactical boot for trekking and hiking. You can wear tactical boots for hiking, dirt biking, and even mountain climbing.

They are strong and they create perfect traction while you’re walking on slippery terrain or are on your way to a rough climb. 

Can You Wear Tactical Boots For Hiking

Even if you’re a construction worker or somebody who works in a tricky landscaping environment that can be a threat to unprotected feet, tactical boots are a very safe option. They’re especially a boon for people who have a fear of wearing steel-toe work boots. 

This guide will be an informative read. Expect to learn about the many aspects of wearing tactical boots, the benefits of wearing tactical boots, are tactical boots and military boots the same, the best tactical boots you can wear while hiking, and much more!

Are Tactical Boots Right for Common People – Can You Wear Tactical Boots for Hiking?

When we say police boots or Army boots, the first thing that comes to mind is that these boots aren’t suitable for normal people. But, that’s not the case with tactical boots.

Tactical boots are very comfortable and very strong to be worn as hiking boots. They literally prevent feet from shocks that can occur due to accidental tripping on tricky landscapes. 

You can expect a high-quality traction boot to offer resistance from slipping if the ground is too wet or the mud on a trail is too loose.

These boots also offer excellent grip while climbing mountains. Tactical boots are, thus, most certainly wonderful hiking boots for everybody.

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Tactical Boots and Combat Military Boots – Are these the Same?

You might find many people selling military and combat boots as tactical boots. But, in reality, tactical boots and military boots are different. They are not the same. They do share many similarities though.

The major difference between the two is that tactical boots are the lighter and more flexible option out of the two.

Military/combo boots are not for everybody. Only trained people such as soldiers in the army or advanced hikers should wear combat boots. 

combat boots

Combat Boots

If one may, one can also say that tactical boots are the more practical options for common people in the place of combat boots that are mostly used by the Army.

If you’re looking for good hiking boots (no matter whether you’re an experienced hiker or a newbie), tactical boots offer many benefits. 

Sometimes, many manufacturers create tactical boots in such a way that they feel like a cross between tactical boots and military boots. If you’re an advanced hiker, a forest ranger, or police personnel, such boots can work wonders for you. 

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Tactical Boots Vs Regular Hiking Boots: Which of the Two is Better?

Hiking fanatics can vouch for the fact that they’re looking for more than just style when hiking on rough trails.

Tactical boots offer the best of both worlds: they’re stylish and they offer more than you think. That’s why they are emerging as better options than your regular hiking shoes. 

1.) Tactical boots have padded midsoles to offer protection from shock. This feature isn’t necessarily incorporated in all regular hiking shoes. 

2.) Tactical boots are the next best boots to combat boots. Pointless to say that they can offer much more protection to your feet than regular hiking shoes can.

3.) Tactical boots are costlier than regular hiking boots. So, if you’re a light hiker who just requires shoes for a light walk or jogging, regular hiking boots are enough. 

4 Benefits of Wearing High-Quality Tactical Boots for Hiking

1.) Tactical Boots are Very Practical 

A civilian isn’t trained to carry the weight of heavy-duty boots. And going on treks and hikes requires a comfortable pair of boots that are not too bulky.

This is where the practical design of tactical boots comes in handy. Good hiking boots do not mean they should be bulky. In fact, they should be light and that’s what tactical boots are.

1.) They are lighter than you would expect. It makes walking on tricky uneven ground easier.

2.) They’re flexible. It reduces the chances of twisting your ankle. 

3.) They do not cut into the skin because they have the option of many types of midsoles.

2.) Tactical Boots that are Made of Polyurethane and EVA are Very Strong

You’ll find two most popular types of tactical boots: one features a polyurethane Midsole and the second type will have a midsole made of EVA. Both types share many common benefits and some individual benefits. 

This is one of the biggest reasons that despite being thinner and lighter, tactical boots will still protect your feet. 

1.) Polyurethane is a very firm material. It’s very difficult for sharp objects to cut through Polyurethane. Hence, hiking while wearing Polyurethane tactical boots will protect you from getting hurt if you accidentally bump your feet on sharp twigs or pieces of rocks.

2.) A single pair of high-quality Polyurethane tactical boots can last for many years. Not only does it make these boots cost-efficient, but it also means that the shoes are very strong and durable.

So, they do cost a little bit more than normal hiking boots, but they last for a very long time. Hence, it’s money well spent.

3.) Tactical boots made from EVA are lighter than the ones made from polyurethane. So, they are much better options if you’re not used to holding up the weight of heavy-duty boots. They won’t tire your feet. 

Having said that, both EVA and Polyurethane tactical boots are exceptionally suitable for hiking. Which of the two is right for you depends upon how advanced a hiker you are and the kind of area you live in.

If it’s advanced hiking through very rough mountainous or jungle terrains, polyurethane tactical boots are preferred. If it’s a fun trek with friends, EVA tactical boots are much preferred. 

Sometimes, the materials could be synthetic blend or leather and suede leather too. These materials are also extremely high-quality hiking options that you can explore.

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3.) Tactical Boots Offer a Spectacular Grip

The outsole of tactical boots offers great resistance against the slippery ground. And every hiker knows that climbing down is trickier than climbing up. Since tactical boots are slip-resistant, they are very safe when you’re on a descent. 

4.) Tactical Boots Have Cushioned Midsole That Offers Protection from Shock 

The primary purpose of a cushioned midsole is complete protection from thuds and impacts against rocks or tree branches.

If your hiking boots cannot absorb shock, there’s a great deal of chance that you might twist your ankle. Tactical boots eliminate this problem too. Other benefits of a cushioned midsole are as follows.

1.) It wicks away moisture. Hence, there’s no friction when you walk.

2.) Your feet feel very dry despite you’ve been on the walk for a long time.

3.) Cushioned midsole offers protection against rashes and shoe bites.

3 High-Quality Tactical Boots that You Can Buy

1.) WIDEWAY Tactical Work Boots with Zipper

Call them combat boots, Jungle boots, or desert boots – these tactical boots deserve all the fame. They’re quite strong and they’re actually preferred by forest officials and even police personnel because they’re very strong indeed. 

1.) Despite being known for their strength, these boots are surprisingly very lightweight. That’s why they can be easily worn by everybody.

2.) In addition to being slip-resistant, these boots are waterproof too. 

3.) They’re provided with a toe tuff that creates enough room to easily accommodate your toes without hurting them.

4.) Even if you’re living in places as hot as the Middle East, these boots will keep your feet considerably cooler and dry.

The side zipper is an added advantage that makes it easy to wear these boots. The company also promotes these boots as women’s tactical boots.

But, it’s always recommended that you buy any shoe according to your size. One of the best things about these boots is that they come with a one-year warranty. 

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2.) Under Armour Tactical Boots for Men

These super-strong tactical boots have a Molded EVA midsole. It makes them super lightweight and very, very flexible. The many features that make them a worthy buy are as follows. 

1.) These are ankle-high from the arch and look super stylish. 

2.) They have a quick-dry design that makes them a perfect option even when it’s very hot or very wet.

3.) The rubber lug sole in these boots offers excellent traction and a strong grip.

4.) The material wicks moisture, doesn’t create friction, and doesn’t lead to shoe bites. 

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3.) FREE SOLDIER Tactical Boots for Men

These boots feature an EVA midsole that offers them the lightweight quality, making them perfect for hiking. Besides, the outsole has a sturdy geometric design that makes these boots provide high traction. It makes them slip-resistant too. 

1.) The toe caps are specially strengthened to protect your feet while hiking.

2.) These boots are reported to be scratch-resistant too.

3.) Since they are heavily padded, they are very comfortable. Heavy padding also means no shoe bites.

4.) The design features vented holes in the side. It will keep your feet dry, cool, relaxed, and happy.

5.) The middle part is specially made of very thin Lycra. It makes these boots extremely breathable too.

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You can wear tactical boots for hiking. These are, in fact, some of the best hiking boots that will keep you comfortable and will protect your feet from rocks and any other sharp object(s) that might come your way. These boots also have excellent grip and they do not slip even when the ground is loose or wet.

Hence, it’s very easy to climb down when you’re wearing these boots. So, tactical boots are, hands down, the best options for you if you’re a hiker or an adventure fanatic who likes to go dirt biking or mountain climbing. 

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