Best Ariat Work Boots

Best Ariat Work Boots

Ariat International is a renowned brand that not only sells work boots but also manufactures apparel, accessories, and footwear other than work boots as well as equestrian gear. This company was founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in 1993. Its headquarters are situated in California.

The company is known for creating high-quality products that perform well over time and are comfortable and practical for their users.

Best Ariat Work Boots Comparison Table

Top Ariat BootsWaterproofOutsoleUppersSafety
Ariat Intrepid VenttekNoSyntheticLeatherComposite toe
Ariat Workhog Steel Toe YesRubberLeatherSteel toe
Ariat Rambler Wide Square All weatherDualtread RubberTough cowhide
Ariat Groundbreaker YesDualtreadLeatherSteel toe, EH rating
Ariat Construction Work YesRubberLeather and textileSteel toe

1.) Ariat Intrepid Venttek (Best composite toe ariat boots)

This is a uniquely styled boot: The Uppers are made of 100% full-grain leather while the outsoles have been created using a strong synthetic. The boots offer great appearance and style as well as being well designed for comfort.

The outsole is heavy-duty for great protection. The boot opening is approximately eleven inches wide so even those with wider feet or high arches should have no difficulty with the fit.

The toe has a composite cap for improved protection, while the boot shaft measures 14.5 inches from the arch. Sizes are available from seven to fifteen (US sizing) and come in three different colors. The Ventek shaft guarantees ventilation.


      • Roomy toe space
      • Comfortable
      • Great foot ventilation
      • Stylish


      • No waterproofing
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2.) Ariat Workhog Steel Toe (Best Ariat waterproof work boots)

This is a really terrific durable model for those professionals looking for great safety features. The   Workhog boots are made using the highest quality full-grain leather and feature a mesh lining to guarantee breathability for your feet.

The outsole is in rubber for additional traction and resistance to slippage. Another great feature is the midsole which is crafted using Ariat’s patented technology for shock absorption. This work boot has been designed for those with wider feet or high arches in mind.

It’s a great choice for those who work around oil, grease, or slippery surfaces. This boot boasts Ariat’s ATS Max technology as well guaranteeing stabilizers for the forefoot and heel together with additional support translating into less foot fatigue.

A square toe design offers a roomier boot and the footbed offers a gel cushion that is shock-absorbing to prevent stress in the back, hips, or knees. These boots may be a bit more expensive but are well worth the investment. This boot also uses the company’s “U-Turn Entry System”. Waterproof.


      • Shock-absorbing gel-cushioned footbed
      • Quality full-grain leather
      • Waterproof


      • No warranty
      • Expensive
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3.) Ariat Rambler Wide Square Toe (Best Ariat work boots for plantar fasciitis)

This is a slip-on work boot that has great style for lovers of all that is western. This popular model is constructed with imported leather and a heavy-duty durable rubber outsole. This western-style cowboy boot features a square toe design offering more space and comfort for your feet.

This particular boot, while great on the job can also be worn elsewhere offsite. Insoles are removable and the footbed has a moisture wicking feature to avoid perspiration buildup.

Made using the company’s patented “Torque Stability” technology, it offers increased stability and comfort. This is an excellent quality boot that is equally functional. 


      • Durable and functional
      • Tough cowhide leather
      • Comfortable


      • Some issues with sizing
      • Reported narrow toe shape
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4.) Ariat Groundbreaker (Best ariat work boots for concrete)

This is a pair of steel-toed work boots with great safety features. It is a classy well-designed work boot known for comfort, too. Made with full-grain leather that is waterproof.

A “four-layered 4LR” footbed offers stunning shock absorbency and great foot support. Since this has been designed as a wide toe work boot, your feet will have some additional space and strong protection thanks to the steel toe cap.

A mesh lining guarantees breathability and the “Dualtread” outsole gives traction against oil, grease, and water. The shaft measures about six inches from the arch. The Groundbreaker boot also has an EH rating. For all the protection, this boot remains lightweight among Ariat’s offerings.


      • 4LR shock absorbency technology
      • Waterproof
      • Slip-resistant
      • Rounded toe design


      • Some discussion about comfort
      • Without a warranty
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5.) Ariat Construction Work Men’s Boot

As part of the “Workhog series”, the boot is manufactured with leather and an imported textile. The shaft measures about 10.5 inches from the arch and the outsole is very stable rubber. The opening is approximately twelve inches all around.

There is a sandstorm camouflage print on the upper part of the boot together with a flag patch which lends a certain appeal to the appearance.

A mesh lining guarantees breathability. This boot is completely waterproofed and offers lots of protection thanks to its steel toe cap.

Although the boot is slip-resistant, it is not known for advanced protection against grease or oil. Gel cushioned insoles provide comfort.


      • Great style
      • Comfortable gel insoles
      • Waterproof


      • Seams are not high quality
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Ariat Groundbreaker vs Ariat Workhog

In the table below we will compare the two most popular series from Ariat, Groundbreaker and Workhog and their models.

Ariat BootsMaterial Outsole Insole Waterproof Safety toeSpecial features
Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe100% full grain leather with suede upper and mesh lining Oil and slip-resistant duratread Rubber outsole4lr footbedNo Square soft toe that is ASTM ratedMetatarsal guard and 90 degree heel
Ariat Groundbreaker Round Toe100% full grain leather with suede upperOil and slip-resistant duratread Rubber outsole4lr footbedNo Square soft toe that is ASTM rated, Round toe that is rated ASTM F2892-11 EHMetatarsal guard and 90 degree heel
Ariat Groundbreaker Chelsea100% full grain leather Oil and slip-resistant duratread Rubber outsole4lr footbedYes Steel toe; Rated as ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EHMetatarsal protection, insulated, 90 degree heel
Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Pull-On Steel Toe100% full grain leather that has breathable mesh lining Oil and slip-resistant duratread Rubber outsoleExtra comfort insole with higher reboundNo Steel toe, ASTM F2413-11 M/I/75 C/75 EH rated90 degree heel
Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Wide Square 100% full grain leather and mesh lining for added air flowOil and slip-resistant duratread Rubber outsole 4lr footbedYes Square steel toe90 degree heel support, U turn entry system
Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe100% leatherDuratread rubber outsole ATS MAX insoleNo Wide square toe Cushioned EVA midsole to reduce foot fatigue, U turn system
Ariat Men's Workhog Pull-on100% leatherDuratread rubber outsole ATS MAX insoleNo Round  toe Cushioned EVA midsole to reduce foot fatigue, U turn system
Ariat Men's Workhog PatriotUpper made of a premium full grain leather foot and a sandstorm camo-printed textile shaft with flag patch.Duratread rubber outsole that is oil and slip-resistant with a self-cleaning tread designATS MAX insoleNo Steel toe 90 degree heel, Goodyear welt construction, Cushioned EVA midsole to reduce foot fatigue, U turn system, breathable mesh lining  
Ariat WorkHog Composite Toe 100% full grain leather Duratread non-tracking rubber outsole is highly resistant to barnyard acids and is oil- and slip-resistantATS MAX insoleYes wide square composite safety toe is ASTM F2413-17 M I/75 C/75 EH ratedU turn system entry
Ariat WorkHog Waterproof100% leatherDuratread rubber outsole that is oil and slip resistantATS MAX insoleYes Round toe Cushioned EVA midsole to reduce foot fatigue, U turn system

 Ariat ATS v/s Ariat 4lr:

So, if you look at the chart very carefully, there is not much difference between the 4lr boots and the ATS boots with just that the 4LR technology has maximum cushioning with a higher rebound for added support which makes walking on hard surfaces easiest, while the ATS technology provides extra shock absorption that ensures reduction in the foot fatigue, tortional stability and comfort.

All the Ariat Groundbreaker range is made of the 4LR technology while the Ariat Workhog range is made of the ATS technology.

Types of Ariat Work Boots

For loyal clients, an Arial work boot ends up being a part of their daily uniform and part of their safety equipment.

Manufactured to protect you from dangerous elements, Arial work boots also aim to keep your feet dry and comfortable while on the job. Arial offers several types of work boots for the choosing:

1.) Steel toe box work boots. These are really heavy-duty boots that find popularity among construction workers or among those who work with industrial heavy machines.

If you need to protect your feet and toes from falling objects or debris, these are the boots for you. The steel toe model offers a steel toe cap to protect your toe area. It may be a bit heavier than other models due to this.

2.) Composite toe box work boots. This is another option if you don’t want the heaviness associated with a steel toe. It is tough like a steel toe however it does not protect from punctures.

Composite toe guards meet the safety standards from the ANSI. A composite will generally be some combination of carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar, plastic, or rubber.

This is a great option if you work around electrical hazards and even in construction. If you happen to have to pass through metal detectors for your work, composite toe work boots don’t set off the alarms as steel toe boots will. They are lighter in weight than steel toe boots and don’t conduct either heat or cold increasing your comfort.

3.) Soft toe box work boots. A soft toe work boot basically does everything that a steel toe or composite toe work boot does, only it doesn’t have the protective toe cap.

If your work doesn’t require increased foot protection, and you work in conditions that at their worst are wet, muddy, or slippery, soft toe work boots will offer you the same amount of traction and are just as durable as the other options. They may also be a bit more comfortable thanks to toe space without a cap.

4.) Insulated work boots. These are work boots intended for those who work in cold climates or wet conditions. They are built to keep your feet both dry and warm, avoiding potential health problems caused by these elements. Boots will come with various insulating materials.

5.) Work boots resistant to slippage. While most work boots will offer a good amount of traction, some worksites may require even more than the standard rubber or synthetic outsole provides.

Many work boots will provide “slip-resistant” soles that are made in thick rubber perfect for wet, oily, or greasy surfaces. This type of outsole also offers great shock absorption.

Why you need Ariat boots for work?

Ariat work boots are specially designed for work environments and situations, and many boots offer specific features for particular professions.

This type of footwear is intended to offer above all protection while on the job and thanks to the development of new materials and technology, it is increasingly geared for comfort for those who spend most of the day on their feet.

Ariat work boots come with safety features that are vital for workers to deal with electrical materials or equipment, sharp equipment like saws or blades, molten metal, explosives or highly flammable liquids, extreme weather conditions, water, oil or chemicals, and much, much more.

While it’s not necessary to break the bank to invest in a good pair of work boots, you will want to make sure you get your money’s worth when buying.

Buyers Guide for Ariat Work Boots

What should you consider when purchasing your Ariat work boot? 

1.) Fit. This is a number one priority. You must select a work boot that fits you properly. If the boots don’t seem to fit correctly or they are even the slightest bit uncomfortable, look elsewhere.

Since you may be standing for long periods if not all day long, a boot that doesn’t fit well will create problems for you. Regardless of style or cost, choose the right fit.

In this sense, it is better to try the boot on and walk a bit as various manufacturers have different sizing models. Should you buy online, make sure you can exchange the size if it turns out to not be correct. If you cannot exchange sizes, that’s a red flag to choose another online website.

2.) Safety. The correct choice of safety features will depend on what type of work you do. Steel toe boots offer the best foot protection. Other features to consider may include:

      • Electrical hazard protection
      • Resistance to chemicals
      • Resistance to abrasion
      • Puncture protection
      • Waterproof
      • Resistant to oil and slippage

3.) Materials Used in Construction. Leather is probably the most commonly used material for work boot uppers. Leather looks good, it’s durable and usually soft or supple to guarantee flexibility. Rubber can be a necessary component if you work around electricity for hazard protection.

Plastic boots do exist and cost less but they do not offer the same level of protection as other materials do. New synthetic materials, however, do offer sound protection and will probably cost less than leather. The bottom line here is that quality materials are a good investment over the long term.

4.) The Sole. Sole quality is important in any work situation. A midsole should offer a cushion to keep your feet happy all day long. The outsole should be made of quality materials to guarantee traction.

5.) Breathability. If you wear your work boots all day long and are primarily on your feet, you’ll want comfort. Good ventilation in a work boot will contribute to keeping your feet warm, dry, and happy.

6.) Durability. The adage “You get what you pay for” may be especially pertinent to work boot costs. There are inexpensive models, but they may not last and you’ll end up buying several pairs in a year.

The quality of the materials used, together with the construction method will inevitably decide how long your work boots last and how much the boots cost.

7.) Style. After everything else has been considered, style should come into play. The design and model of the boot will make you look good on the job.

If you can find all the necessary safety features in a boot that pleases you aesthetically, you’ve hit the jackpot. In any case, always place your safety first and above all of the rest.

The Bottom Line

If you love a western-styled work boot, Arial is the brand to go to with numerous options to choose from. While the brand is relatively young, having been established only in 1993, they have given a western twist to outdoor work apparel as well as clothing.

They offer unique styling whether in footwear or apparel. While aesthetics are important, Ariat is a leading manufacturer of work boots in the U.S. Their work boots will give a great performance on the job coupled with peace of mind thanks to safety features.

We loved our top pick of Ariat’s Intrepid Venttek Composite Toe Men’s Work Boot for its unique style, but any of our picks are great choices for lovers of western styles men’s work boots.

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