8 Easy Ways To Keep Feet Dry In Work Boots

Human-thermoregulation-and-heat-transfer-mechanismsSweat glands are distributed all over your body, and it has its usage, but the stench that generates from it makes it harder to appreciate its pivotal role of thermoregulation.

The boots that you wear for work usually are heavily lined and although they are comfortable, they become very warm and cause my feet sweat in work boots.

That is why you cannot remove your shoes in your office or when you remain surrounded by people as it will emit an acrid smell.

It becomes quite humiliating when the person sitting or standing next to you in office or a transport wrinkles their nose and looks around for the source of the unpleasant smell- and you know it’s you.

Now, before you decide to change the type of footwear to work, you should know what causes your feet to perspire profusely. We think that it might get caused because of one of the three following reasons.

1.) Extreme sweat condition that is known as Hyperhidrosis

2.) Foot Conditions that varies from person to person, and

3.) Extreme hot climate

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Best Ways to Keep Your Feet Dry in Work Boots

Now that we have mentioned why your feet get sweaty, we are going to discuss the fast and easy methods that will help you to keep feet dry in work boots. Take note from the list and implement the method that you feel that you can follow easily.

1.) Choose a Boot whose Material will agree with your Feet


Depending on the work that you do, you must select your work boots. If your job does not make you travel from place to place, or work in water-filled areas, you can simply select boots that are light to wear as it will make your feet feel cooler, and the problem of sweating will become much less.

2.) Try Powder to stop your feet from becoming sweaty

Apply foot powder to soak sweat

Apply foot powder to your feet before you put on your boots as it keeps your feet dry by soaking up the moisture that gets generated from your feet.

3.) Why not use socks?

socks to keep feet dry

Socks can be an important element that can soak up the sweat, keep the feet dry, and help with the odor problem. But before you buy a pair of socks, you will have to make sure you have the right material; otherwise, it will be a bad investment. A bit of advice, wash your socks regularly as repeating the same sock regularly will not help your purpose.

4.) It’s Time to think of your Hygiene

Apply lotion to eleminate foot odor

When it comes to eliminating bad odor from your feet, nothing beats a rigorous feet cleansing session. After you take off your boots, you need to wash your feet with soaps and apply lotion on them regularly so that you can keep the sweating in check, which will also keep in check the odor.

5.) Use Surplus Paper to Stuff in Your Shoes

surplus paper to soak sweat inside shoes

We are not asking you to buy paper to follow this process. We are supposed to save the environment, remember? All we are asking is to find old pare that you do not need to stuff in your shoes so that the paper can soak up the entire sweat inside the boot and reduce the odor so that it becomes good to wear the very next day.

6.) Dedicate Your Time for Cleaning the Boots

Cleaning the Boots

If stuffing papers aren’t proving useful, consider cleaning your shoes frequently. Do not worry about ruining the boots because they are tough and can handle much worse than your scrupulous cleaning. Spend more time cleaning the inside of the boots as that is your targeted area, and then leave it to dry preferably in the sun.

If the boots remain damp, it will become stinkier and the purpose of the cleaning will get lost.

7.) Invest in a different kind of insole

bamboo insoles for shoes

There are some insoles available, which get made from natural elements like bamboo and charcoal that will help keep the feet drier and control the odor.

8.) Get hold of a Good Foot Deodorant


It is, perhaps, is the best way to counter sweat as your work stops with just squirting some liquid onto your feet. These deodorants are not known to cause rashes. It is safe to use them on your feet as well as your shoes.

Before We End

All of these above techniques on how to keep feet dry in work boots will help you to avoid embarrassment in public because of your smelly feet, but we would like to give one more advice for people who suffer from excessive sweating- drink water as it will help to regulate your temperature.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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