5 Best Wolverine Work Boots Reviews [2023]

In 1883, G. A. Krause decided to bet on the opportunities America offered. He created a small leather tannery with just a few employees.

Thanks to the company’s dedication to craftsmanship, this small business located in the state of Michigan was able to successfully produce both work boots and gloves that ensured rugged durability coupled with comfort.

Just twenty years later in 1903, Mr. Krause, together with his sons, was manufacturing 300 boots daily in a new factory in Rockford, Michigan, and because they thrived were able to even bring electricity to the town.

Today, 140 years later, the company “Wolverine”, named for the state of Michigan’s mascot animal, is still producing quality boots.

Best Wolverine Work Boots

Because Wolverine is a well-respected industry name in producing work boots and still going strong after more than a century, we decided to research and review the best Wolverine work boots for your consideration.

Our favorite Wolverine work boots are the Wolverine Men’s Raider WO2421 Six-inch Work Boots. We liked them because they are a quality all-round utility work boot.

If you are interested in a work boot that can double at the office consider the Wolverine 1000 Mile Axel Work Boots, although they are expensive.

Work BootUppersOutsolesStyleExtras
Wolverine Men’s Raider WO2421 Six-inch LeatherRubberRound soft toeLightweight PU midsole, CK mesh lining, Flexible Contour Welt, Multishox footbed
Wolverine Men’s I-90 DuraShocks 6-inch Moc Toe LeatherSyntheticMoc toeWaterproof, Good year Welt construction, DuraShocks dual-density footbed, Composite safety toe, EH-rated, Slip and oil-resistant
Wolverine Men’s Rancher Steel Square Toe LeatherSyntheticRancher, Square toeSteel safety toe, Goodyear Welt Construction, Slippage resistant, Waterproof
Wolverine Overpass Men’s Six-InchLeatherRubberRound toeComposite safety toes, PU midsoles, Moisture-wicking mesh lining, Removable Ortholite cushioned insole, Oil, slippage, abrasion, and chemical resistant, Waterproof membrane
Wolverine 1000 Mile Axel Leather Vibram Original 1914 designGood for the office or worksite

Wolverine Craftsmanship

Since its beginnings, this company has emphasized craftsmanship through the use of high-quality materials and highly skilled employees.

They also, with technological advancement, have introduced innovative methods to provide clients with the best footwear possible.

Wolverine work boots are known for their durability even in the harshest climates or workplace settings. 

Our Favorite Best Wolverine Work Boots

Best Overall Wolverine Work Boot

1. Wolverine Men’s Raider WO2421 Six-inch Work Boots

The Wolverine Raider Work Boot features a durable rubber, lugged outsole offering reliable traction on slippery surfaces and uneven terrain. Leather boot uppers maintain warmth and dryness.

A nicely cushioned footbed increases comfort ten-fold while on the job. The polyurethane sole is lightweight and offers exceptional shock absorption. 

Testing Wolverine Men’s Raider WO2421 Six-inch Work Boots


      • Full-grain leather boot uppers
      • Lugged rubber outsole 
      • Lightweight PU midsole 
      • CK mesh lining for breathability
      • Flexible Contour Welt construction 
      • Wolverine removable Multishox footbed
      • Slippage, oil, and abrasion-resistant boots
      • Comfortable


      • Sizing issues
      • Quality control issues
      • No steel toe
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Best Waterproof Wolverine Work Boot

2. Wolverine Men’s I-90 DuraShocks 6-inch Moc Toe Work Boot

This waterproofed boot is extremely stylish, manufactured in waterproofed premium full-grain leather together with a breathable waterproof membrane and a liner that is moisture-wicking for the driest feet possible on the job. DuraShocks insoles and polyurethane wedge soles.

The polyurethane midsole increases comfort and protection and Thermo polyurethane pads on the outsoles resist abrasion.

This model of boot uses Goodyear Welt construction for convenient resoling when the time comes, and a nylon shank adds to overall boot strength. Boots come with an ASTM F2413-18 EH-rated composite safety toe.

Testing Wolverine Men’s I-90 DuraShocks 6-inch Moc Toe Work Boot


      • Moc-toe style
      • EH-rated
      • Waterproof
      • Full-grain leather boot uppers
      • Slip and oil-resistant
      • Good year Welt construction
      • DuraShocks dual-density footbed is removable
      • Composite safety toe


      • Runs narrow for some feet
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Best Pull-On Wolverine Work Boots 

3. Wolverine Men’s Rancher Steel Square Toe Work Boots

With a height of 10 inches, these boots reach the calf. Upper boots are 100% leather while the boot construction is Goodyear Welt so resoling is a possibility. The Welt construction is also the gold standard for water-resistant boots.

Soles are slip-resistant with a nice sturdy safety toe offering good foot protection. The mesh lining is moisture-wicking so all perspiration will be pulled away from your feet, so they remain dry and cool, especially in the summer heat. 

Testing Wolverine Men’s Rancher Steel Square Toe Work Boots


      • 100% leather uppers, unlined
      • Steel safety toe
      • Goodyear Welt Construction
      • Slippage resistant
      • Waterproof


      • Require a little breaking in

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Best Comfort Wolverine Work Boots

4. Wolverine Overpass Men’s Six-Inch Work Boot

This Wolverine work boot boasts ergonomic features for increased comfort on the job. Polyurethane midsoles impress with shock-absorbing capabilities on any surface. Removable Ortholite footbeds provide comfortable cushioning to keep feet happy.

Moisture-wicking linings wick moisture away while a waterproof membrane contributes to maintaining feet dry, comfortable, and odor-free.

Composite safety toe caps provide impact safety but keep boots lightweight. The outsoles are resistant to slippage and oil. Comfort and protection in the same work boot.

Testing Wolverine Overpass Men’s Six-Inch Work Boot


      • Removable Ortholite cushioned insole
      • PU midsoles absorb shock
      • Moisture-wicking mesh lining
      • Composite safety toes
      • Waterproof membrane
      • Outsoles are resistant to oil, slippage, abrasion, and chemicals


      • Need a little breaking in
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Best Durable Wolverine Work Boots

5. Wolverine 1000 Mile Axel Work Boot

Recognized for its exceptional traction, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Axel Boot was originally designed in 1914 and after more than a century is still going strong.

With Vibram outsoles with heavy lugs, traction is superb. It’s also a comfortable work boot and looks good when worn in the city or on the job.

The 1000 Mile boot is handcrafted with top-quality materials in the USA. Boot uppers are fashioned out of premium leather with cotton laces. Goodyear welt construction is used for durability and boots can be re-soled.


      • Durability – made to last
      • Goodyear Welt construction
      • Stylish leather uppers
      • Made in the USA
      • Perfect for the office too


      • Expensive
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Wolverine Boot Types

The company also makes quality recreational footgear for hiking or trekking or casual wear. When it comes to work boots, they offer several kinds of boot models to select among.

1.) Work Boots Featuring Steel Toe Protection

Steel toe work boots are traditional protective work boots for any number of hazardous settings including construction sites, industrial sites, or any site where toes are at risk from falling debris, materials, or tools.

Protective steel toe caps provide outstanding safety to the toe area and this category of boots manufactured by Wolverine is no exception.

Most Wolverine steel toe protective boots will also offer increased ankle protection with lined six-inch, or eight-inch shafts inserted in the boot design.

2.) Soft Toe Wolverine Work Boots

For those types of professions or jobs that may not require steel toe protection, Wolverine manufactures soft toe work boots. If your profession does not expose your feet to hazards, this is a great option to consider.

Worn mostly by professionals and tradesmen in low to medium risk jobs, they are characterized by being lightweight and without the toe cap inserted affording more room and flexibility in the toe area.

3.) The CarbonMax Wolverine Work Boot

If you want the protection of a steel toe cap, but don’t want the steel, Wolverine offers an impressive alternative using what it calls “Carbon Max technology”. 

Here the company has utilized nanotechnology to reduce as much as possible the weight of its work boots.

The protective toe cap in carbon offers the same protection as the heavier steel toe boots. These boots, thanks to being lighter will also offer a bit more flexibility along with increased comfort.

4.) Lacing Options

There are professionals, that due to the type of work they do, choose to wear boots that do not have laces, for example, pull-on styles.

But while these boots can be easy and quick to pull on or off, they will not afford the snug, almost customized fit that a lace-up work boot can offer.

An option for workers that wear gloves most of the time on the job is a work boot with the BOA lacing system. Gloves make it almost impossible to deal with lace-up boots. The Boa System uses a large dial to tighten or loosen boots rapidly with a turn.

Why Should I Buy Wolverine Work Boots?

The company is dedicated to providing quality footgear to its customers. First off, Wolverine uses high-quality materials when producing its work boots. 

Excellent materials will contribute to durability as well as comfort when working so that your productivity increases and there will be little or no distraction on the job, at least not because of your footwear.

Innovative features and exacting construction make Wolverine work boots an investment that offers longevity and doesn’t require you to spend money needlessly.

Some of the noteworthy features include Ortholite footbeds that are removable making cleaning or substitution easy. Polyurethane midsoles increase foot comfort aiding in fighting foot fatigue.

And it’s worth noting that specific types of work boots are designed and manufactured to meet the challenges inherent to specific professions.

Finally, Wolverine cares about proper fit. A principal factor in the success of any footwear is sizing and how a shoe or boot fits. The company offers extensive sizing options to aid you in finding the correct size with the correct width for your feet.

Check out the video below of top ten wolverine boots available in the market

Wolverine Work Boot Features

Wolverine offers an array of attractive features in its various work boot options that will distinguish this brand from others.  Features to consider when selecting include:

1.) Construction

Goodyear Welt construction is one of the top work boot construction methods available.

This system contributes to prolonging your work boots’ lifespan because it is one of the few systems that allow for boots to be resoled once outer soles are consumed or worn down.

If you have a nice pair of comfortable work boots, you won’t be required to toss them when the outer sole is finished.

Wolverine also offers a “Contour Welt Construction” so the boot feels as if it’s fashioned as a single unit. Special adhesives are used to bind boot elements together in such a way that the boot uppers are contoured directly into the outsoles contributing to durability.

2.) Foot Beds

Removable insoles or footbeds are always a plus. This means you can actually choose a custom insole if so desired as well as clean insoles or replace worn-out footbeds. Wolverine’s Ortholite technology offers increased arch support for improved comfort.

3.) Lacing Systems

Wolverine gives the option of a traditional lace-up system or a BOA lacing system for pros that need to keep their gloves on.

4.) Linings

Workboot linings are one of the most crucial aspects of foot hygiene, especially if you select a boot with a moisture-wicking lining.

This particular lining helps move moisture caused by excess perspiration or heat away from feet to protect against bacteria and allergens. This technology also aids in keeping feet cool in the warmest climates.

5.) Mid Soles

Wolverine uses polyurethane midsoles for improved arch support.

6.) Outersoles

Wolverine outsoles are produced in rubber or polyurethane with the intent of enhancing shock absorption. Using their proprietary “MultiShox technology”, the outsoles convert what would be a shock to your foot into energy enabling your movements.

Lugs are added onto the outsole for increased traction, so if you work in environments that are wet, oily, or feature gravelly surfaces or uneven terrain, you’re protected.

7.) Protective Safety Toe Caps

If you need a protective safety toe for your work environment, Wolverine offers options in steel or composite materials. For extreme hazards, the steel toe box is a more appropriate choice.

Composite toes are ideal for those pros working with electricity or in situations with excessive heat because your composite toe will not be conductive. A soft toe boot is a terrific alternative for office or similar situations.

8.) The Shaft

Wolverine work boots shafts come in both six-inch and eight-inch sizes The shaft extends boot protection to the ankle: Many will also come with padded collars for improved comfort.

9.) The Shank

Wolverine offers shanks in a variety of materials depending on your footgear needs. Steel shanks will be the hardest, while shanks fashioned from fiberglass and nylon will be softer.

A steel shank is indicated for high-hazard jobs. Other materials will provide superior options when foot flexibility is preferred.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of Wolverine boots for you to consider. The company distinguishes itself above all for its craftsmanship and is well worth your consideration.

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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