What Do You Mean by 1000g Thinsulate?

Hey, are you out winter shopping? 

I bet you just came across a few items labelled “1000g thinsulate” and ventured on to find what it is, on the internet. Well you have reached the right place coz we have been asked the same question before and we are all set to answer it now. 

So you must be wondering what exactly is this “thinsulate”. As the term so evidently indicates it’s an insulating material, meant to keep you warm and dry in winters. 

The grams of insulation, the 1000g in the 1000g thinsulate, represents how thick the insulation is and how warm and dry the feet will be with it and it can range from about 200g to 2000g. 

What is 1000g thinsulate?

Thinsulate is a synthetic fabric that is made up intricately woven fiber, which is used to ensure warmth in a variety of temperatures.

Much thinner than other high-loft insulation materials, thinsulate can be about twice as warm as the other alternatives available in the market.

They are made of different mixtures of polymers, the most common among them being polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylene. Thinsulates have water resistance as well which ensures comfort, warmth and speedy drying after washing. 

Thinsulate is available in a wide variety of thickness and insulation and these varying levels are represented by its ‘gsm’ value. The ‘gsm’ value represents the gram per square metre of the fabric. The higher the grams per square meter, the more insulating the material would be. 

1000g thinsulate is a fabric whose one square meter weighs 1000g or 1kg. 1000g thinsulate provides high level of insulation. It can keep you warm and dry even in extremely low temperatures. 

Pros of using 1000g thinsulate

1000g thinsulate have very high insulation and can keep you warm even at extremely lower temperatures. 

It is waterproof and can keep you dry at all time. Even if you are sweaty 1000g thinsulate can ensure that you remain warm and comfortable. 

1000g thinsulate is much better than other insulating alternatives as it is lightweight and non- bulky as compared to fur, wool or other synthetic insulating materials. 

1000g thinsulate is also more convenient as it lets you move around without exhaustion due to its lightweight feature. 

It is easy to clean and maintain 1000g thinsulate as they can be machine-washed. 

It is more durable when compared to other alternatives. A 1000g thinsulate boot or glove can last you for ages. 

Cons of using 1000g thinsulate

As compared to other types of thinsulates, 1000g thinsulate is a bit more thicker and heavier. 

It can be a bit too warm for moderately low temperatures and you might end up feeling a bit too hot and uncomfortable in them if the temperature is not extremely low. 

The 1000g thinsulate is not that common, as the companies prefer to produce more of the lower levels of thinsulate such as 400g or 800g. 

Advantages of 1000g thinsulate Disadvantages of 1000g thinsulate
High insulation- warm and dry High insulation- too hot, uncomfortable
Lighter that other materials Bulkier and heavier than other thinsulates
Non-bulky compared to other materials Not common/popular/ easily available
Machine-wash possible

Hence it is best to choose 1000g thinsulate if you are to be working at extremely low temperatures and if you want then to retain their insulating properties for a longer period of time. 

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The different types of thinsulates 


The insulating property of the thinsulate is dependent on the gram of fiber per square metre. The high the gram the higher the insulation of the fabric. 

The lowest insulation level is provided by 200g thinsulate and it can be used on a chilly evening with high activity levels. 

One of the most common levels of thinsulate is the 400g thinsulate. It provides good insulation at moderate temperatures and is best suited if there is high level of activity involved.

Since thinsulates are very good insulators, the increased level of activity can produce extra heat and a 400g thinsulate can keep you warm and dry at moderately low temperatures. It is the most preferred type when it comes to working gear. 

600g thinsulate is often used colder weather conditions given that there is low level of physical activity involved. 

800g thinsulate is used in very cold climatic conditions and when there is low level of physical activity. 

Thinsulates greater than 1000g are used in extremely low temperatures and for minimal movement or activity. For regular winters or hunting season, thinsulates lower than 1000g are more preferable. 1000g+ thinsulates are used in extreme conditions like the poles. 

The highest level of thinsulate available is 2000g thinsulate and it used in extremely low temperatures. 2000g thinsulate is not big on comfort as it is heavier, bulkier and hence harder to carry or move in. 

Type of thinsulate  Temperature to use in 
200g Mildly cool 
400g Cooler temperatures 
800g 30- 40 degree F
1200g Less than 30 degree F 
2000g Below 0 degree F

Uses of 1000g thinsulate 

Thinsulate is seen as the ultimate weapon against cold and moisture in winters. Being much lighter, thinner, water resistant and highly insulating makes thinsulates the best fit for high loft winter wears.

1000g thinsulate is used in winter boots, gloves, jackets, blankets and other winter specials. 1000g thinsulate is also used to line vans and tents, to keep moisture and freezing temperatures away.

In extremely low temperatures, 1000g thinsulate is also used to make clothing to keep the body warm in sub zero temperatures. Despite its thermal insulation properties it is also used as an acoustic insulator that helps to keep out noise or sounds. 

Top 5 1000g thinsulate boots 

1.) Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 1000 Hiking Boot

These best in class, waterproof boots made of full grain leather have a custom K-Talon outsole which provides exceptional grip and traction even in the most slippery surfaces. 

Along with keeping your feet warm even in extremely cold conditions, the nylon midsole provides extra support and stability to make walking in thick snow much more easier. 

Protective rubber toe cap can prevent getting hurt by hidden rocks or boulders. 

Double and triple stitching throughout the boots ensures that these warm and comfortable boots lasts longer as well. 

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2.) Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12″ Big Game Hunting Boot

Made of full grain leather,the boot has a waterproof Gore-tex lining to keep your feet dry at all times. 

Aggressive sole for traction provides better grip in the snowy terrain. 

ScentBan technology prevents bacteria growth that causes bad odour to maintain the freshness of the boots as it keeps your feet warm. 

Rubber outsole of the boot has multidirectional lugs for greater support and balance, to make walking in the snow less tiresome. 

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3.) Women’s Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 1000g Thinsulate Boots 

Made of full grain leather these boots provide warmth and style to your feet. Even though the boots might seem a bit pricy, they are abrasion resistant and made with durable and breathable material and would definitely last four times longer than it’s cheaper alternatives. 

Nylon midsole and custom insole for greater support and balance and ensures that you do not skid or sprain your leg. 

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4.) Rocky Men’s Sport Utility Pro 1000g Boots

Made of high grade leather and nylon , with a molded EVA midsole for extra comfort, this boot is the best choice when it comes to winter sports. 

Heel guard and custom rubber outsole for better grip ensures that your won’t slip or fall or lose a game. This is a perfect boot for occasions when you wish to stay out for longer hours in cold conditions. 

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5.) LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ 1000G Boots 

Made of rubber and neoprene for flexibility, comfort and waterproofing, this boot remains fresh and clean at all times. 

Embossed liner to facilitate easy drying, breathability and low moisture levels and makes sure that your feet does not sweat too much or end up getting all stinky.

Adjustable gusset for ease of wearing saves you a lot of time as well. This moderately priced boot is hence a perfect choice if you are looking for a warm yet low maintenance boot. 

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