Is 600 Grams of Thinsulate Good?

Whenever we purchase a new pair of boots, most of us have two questions in our mind. First is whether the boots will be able to keep your feet warm and second if they are successful in keeping your feet warm, will they keep your feet dry?

The grams of insulation decides how warm your feet can remain after you wear the boots. Different boots come with different insulation. One such insulation is 600 grams thinsulate. But is it really good?

Yes, 600 grams of Thinsulate is good in most conditions. For most US states, 600 gram boots will be warm enough and will be suitable for work which is done in a cold environment. However, if you are working in extreme cold temperatures then you might need higher insulation but for most occupations 600 grams of Thinsulate is the right choice.

Is 600 Grams of Thinsulate Good

What is thinsulate and how much thinsulate does your job require? Is 600 gram enough for your work environment? We shall find the answer to all these questions in our article. We would also suggest you best boots available in the market with 600 gram thinsulate. So, read this article till the end.

What is the importance of boot insulation?

If your feet are cold then the rest of your body doesn’t feel comfortable at all. If your bots aren’t insulated then your feet especially your toes become vulnerable to many complications some of which are frostbite and circulatory issues. Insulation actually saves your feet by maintaining appropriate temperature.

Moreover, insulation inhibits the moisture from entering your boots even if you work with your feet covered with snow.

It creates a barrier against cold and dampness and preserves warmth and maintains blood flow. Therefore insulation plays a major role in keeping your feet healthy while you work in extreme temperatures.

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What is Thinsulate?

Thinsulate is basically a fabric which is manufactured using synthetic fibres woven together to make various layers of certain thickness so that it can keep your feet warm at a range of temperatures.

This thickness is expressed in grams per square metre or simply ‘GSM’. Basically, Thinsulate ranges from 40 gsm to 800 gsm.

GSM and protection are inversely proportional to each other. That means, the lower the GSM, the lesser protection your boot will offer in cold conditions. Boots with higher GSM have the tendency to keep your feet warm and protected even in sub-zero condition.

However, it sometimes might become a bit uncomfortable because of thicker fabric. Thinsulate are available in different weights and before purchasing one, you should always consider these factors.

      • The temperature and environment in which you’d be working.
      • The amount of fine or large motor skill activity.
      • Insulation at the toes
      • The manufacturer of the boots.

What does 600g insulation mean?

Are you confused about different boots having different insulation ratings? Worry not, we are here to save your day. Well, these ratings indicate the thickness of insulation used.

Most people confuse it with the total weight of the insulation in the boot. If we are talking about 600g of insulation that doesn’t mean it would add 1.6 pound of extra weight to the boot.

600g insulation weighs 600 gram per square metre. It is the standard method of  measurement when it comes to boot insulation.

Comparing Insulation Ratings

Before you go shopping for insulated boots it’s better to familiarize yourself with the different types of insulation. Look at the table and compare the most common boot insulation weights.

Insulation WeightTemperature RatingSeasonUses
100g40 to 50 degrees F3 seasonsGood for short periods and for urban winters.
200g30 to 40 degrees F3 seasonsGood for short early winters and for early winter hikes. 
400g15 to 30 degrees F3 seasonsGood for short early winters.
600g-5 to 10 degrees FWinterFavourable in extreme winters if you have to work outside for long hours.
800g-20 to -10 degrees FWinterExtreme cold and suitable for long periods without moving in extreme temperatures.

Best 600g Thinsulate Boots

1.) Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 600g Insulated Work Boots

Timberland PRO Men's Boondock WP-M Industrial Work Boot, Brown, 7

Constructed with 600 grams of efficient thinsulate, these Timberland Pro work boots are as rugged as they look. The boots are efficient flame laminated and provide you with enough warmth without being too bulky.

Made of waterproof membrane, these boots are breathable and keep your feet dry and cozy all day long. It’s advanced waterproofing materials are pathogen resistant and saves you from all kinds of injuries.

Talking about the technologies, the boots inhibit All Weather TPU outsole which make the boots slip resistant so that you can walk freely on frosted icy surfaces.

Furthermore, the aggressive lugsole design of the boots provides impressive traction so that you can walk confidently. With all these features, the boots make sure that you get all day comfort with its Anti-fatigue technology.


      • Composite Toe
      • Electrical Hazard (EH) Rated
      • Blood-Borne Pathogen Resistant
      • 600g Insulation
      • Waterproof Membrane
      • 8″ Premium Waterproof Leather Upper
      • Combination three-quarter Goodyear Welt Cement Construction
      • Oil, slip, Abrasion Resistant, Dual-Density, Cold Temperature TPU Lug Outsole
      • Molded Timberland PRO Rubber Protector offering increased abrasion resistance and durability
      • Rigid Extreme Heel Cup for lateral stability 
      • Dual-density polyurethane (PU) and thermoplastic urethane (TPU) midsole
      • Unique “Fingergrip” Pull on for easy entry
      • Padded Collar
      • Dual purpose hardware for lacing customization
      • Fiberglass Shank
      • Mesh Lining for with Anti-Microbial Odor Control Treatment
      • Ever-Guard Leather Heel
      • Built on the TiTAN last for Superior Fit
      • Contoured Open-Cell PU Footbed with Outlast Adaptive Comfort technology
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2.) Danner Men’s Crafter 8″ 600G Nmt Work Boot

Danner Men's Crafter 8

Want to keep your feet warm without any difficulties then Crafter boots from Danner are just the right choice for you. The boots feature zero break in time and plenty of room in the toes. Moreover, you can notice triple stitched, oiled nubuck leather which offers excellent durability to the boots

The waterproof protection of dry danner liner saves your feet from getting wet while you work in a snow packed environment.

The top grain velvet like nubuck leather upper offers a comfortable break-in period. The boots also offer electric hazard protection by meeting or exceeding ASTM F2892-11 EH. 

These Crafters are designed to maintain traction in cold weather. The boots combine the benefit of a lightweight cup sole with a dual density footbed which keeps your feet extremely comfortable. The Airthotic heel clip ensures maximum support.


      • Made of 78oz material
      • Comes in 8” height.
      • Features 600g Thinsulate ultra
      • ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH certified
      • Offers composite toe protection
      • The boots have Patent Pending Plush Dual Density
      • FrostTrekker outsole
      • 100% Waterproof
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3.) KEEN Utility CSA Philadelphia+ 8″ 600G WP Carbon-Fiber Toe 

KEEN Utility CSA Philadelphia+ 8

We all have heard about Keen’s heavy duty boots. This product from Keen can handle the work very well even in extreme foot conditions. Made of superior full grain and waterproof leather, the boots are quite durable and last for quite long.

Featuring 600g of insulation, the boots can provide enough warmth to your feet without adding extra bulk to your feet.

Talking about the toe type, the boots use a carbon fibre safety toe which features a rubber toe capthat can easily cover the toe of the boot.

The boots have got waterproof membrane which makes them breathable and inhibits the entry of moisture. The Keen Polar Traction offers micro cleat effect for increased traction on ice. 


      • Puncture Resistant midsole plate
      • Dual density footbeds
      • Removable aerated pillow top cushioning 
      • 600g extra insulation for extra warmth in cold environment
      • Non metallic, flexible, woven midsole plate
      • ASTM/CSA certified
      • Electric Hazard (EH) resistant
      • ¾ Goodyear welt construction for better durability.
      • Barnyard resistant leather
      • Oil and slip resistant outsole
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Final Thoughts

Different boots have different insulation and the amount of insulation you need depends upon your job and at what temperatures you’ll be working.

In extreme conditions 600 grams of insulation would definitely succeed to provide you the warmth you need. You can choose the boots from one of the top boots I have mentioned above and save your day.

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