5 Best Carhartt Boots for Work

If you are thinking about buying a pair of work boots and the Carhartt brand is among your considerations, this is what you need to know.

Carhartt is a major American brand in the footwear sector with a reputation for quality products. From workwear to footwear, it is popular and is the go-to brand for numerous professionals in a myriad of industries and work settings. 

Best Carhartt Boots for Work

The Carhartt Story

This company distinguishes itself for listening to customer needs and as such has contributed to its longevity in the marketplace. In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt decided to produce work clothing for those involved in manual labor.

He began his company with five employees and two sewing machines, listening to the laborers he dressed as to their needs with the philosophy of “Honest value for an honest dollar”. 133 years later, the rest is history.

Now with global production, e-commerce, and close to 5,000 employees, Carhartt is still going strong.

Our Favorites

We asked our team to research and test an ample variety of Carhartt work boots. While many of the boots we tested merit a mention, our overall favorite is the Carhartt CMF6371 Men’s Safety Work Boot because the composite toe cap boots offer tough protection without the weight or conductivity of a steel toe. 

We also want to draw attention to the Carhartt Waterproof 8-inch Men’s Inner MetatarsalGuard Work Boot CMF8720. These work boots are super thanks to the EH-classified composite safety toe and internal metatarsal guards that are Poron XRD soft to guarantee comfort and exceptional protection at the same time.

Top Carhartt Boots Comparison Table

Carhartt CMF6371 Men’s Safety Work Boot100% Full-grain leatherRubber, luggedWater-resistantComposite toe, EH, ASTM F2413-18, ASTM F2413-11
Carhartt Waterproof 8-inch Men’s Inner MetatarsalGuard Work Boot CMF8720100% leatherRubberWaterproofComposite toe, EH, ASTM 2413-11, ASTM 2413-18, Metatarsal guard
Carhartt CMW6175 Six-inch Waterproof Wedge Men’s Soft Toe Work Boot100% leatherRubber with Goodyear Welt constructionWaterproof membraneEH, ASTM F2892-18
Carhartt CMF6366 Men’s Six-inch Work Boot100% leatherRubberWater-resistantEH, Composite toe, ASTM F2413-18
Carhartt  8-inch CSA Ground Force Cmr8959 Work Boot100% leather RubberWaterproof, Insulated, 400g 3M ThinsulateCSA Grade 1, ASTM 2413-17, Swen flex puncture-resistant plates, EH, Composite toe

Carhartt Work Boots

Together will all of the work clothes and gear that they produce, their work boots are at the top with the best in the business. Made to last, they are sturdy for durability yet comfortable for the professional that is on his feet most of the workday.

Whether you are on hard cement surfaces or rugged, uneven terrain, Carhartt has something for everyone when it comes to footwear. 

When designing their line of work boots, they have developed several technologies used in various boot designs that explain why their footwear is so popular.

1.) 400 Litefire Insulation to guarantee warmth even in the coldest of climates

2.) FastDry moisture-wicking technology to keep feet comfortably dry on the job

3.) Rugged Flex offers flexibility and comfort 

4.) Storm Defender waterproofing technology that also guarantees breathability

Many of their work boots also comply with safety requirements in hazardous industries and are CSA certified or ASTM compliant. Features may include resistance to slippage, abrasions, chemicals, heat, oil, or even punctures to keep your feet safe in any work environment.

Carhartt Work Boot Types

Not all boots are created equally, nor should they be. Depending on your profession’s particular needs, there will be a boot for you. Among Carhartt boot types we find:

1.) Climbing Boots

These boots are designed for pros that climb and need sure footing regardless of the weather. They are designed with reinforcements on heels and ankles for extra support and come equipped with a steel shank for safety.

2.) Oxford Boots

Lightweight and perfect for everyday wear, they feature a cushioned insole for comfort and a stitched leather upper. Their attractive style makes them perfect for office wear as well.

3,) Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are especially appropriate for those that need foolproof waterproofing. Wherever there is water, mud, or muck, these boots will protect you, keeping your feet dry.

Made with neoprene and rubber, they feature a breathable membrane that resists water and liquids from entering.

4.) Slip-on Boots

Traction for numerous surfaces and comfort cushioning distinguish slip-on boots offering the same technology and protective features while providing the ease of pulling boots on and off with rapidity.

5.) Wedge Boots

Wedge boots are created for the needs and hazards of construction site work. Offering excellent protection thanks to Carhartt proprietary technologies and a cushioned thick footbed, these boots offer both quality and durability as well as comfort in the workplace. They also feature an attractive design in terms of style.

6.) Wellington Boots

Just the title “Wellington” indicates that these boots have been created for agricultural or ranch situations. They are slip-on for convenience and offer all-weather versatility in their design. Heels and ankles are reinforced and toe protection is available.

7.) Work Hiker Boots

If you are a professional trail worker, you know the challenges that varying terrains come with. These are lighter in weight and very easy on the feet.

Designed and manufactured with carbon nanosafety technology, these boots protect feet from compression or impact injury dangers,

8.) Work Boots

Carhartt work boots are rugged and adaptable to most work environments as they are designed for various climate conditions. The feet will remain dry and warm when you need it most.

Construction is lightweight to fight foot fatigue and a breathable tongue and ankle collar add to the comfort. Insoles not only cushion feet but fight odors as well.

What Makes Carhartt Boots Special?

Because the marketplace offers hundreds if not thousands of work boots to choose from, “daunting” is a pretty weak word to express the challenge involved.

So, why consider a work boot manufactured by Carhartt, aside from the company’s well-known name and advertising campaigns?

Carhartt offers quality products. This is the best reason to consider this manufacturer’s work boots. It offers original characteristics and features that do distinguish its footgear.

1.) Design and Construction

Carhartt boots are created to support and protect your feet, yet at the same time offer lightweight comfort. Styles are designed so that boots never look out of place whether worn at a worksite, in the office or when meeting with clients.

When creating their boots, the folks at Carhartt integrate their proprietary technologies, invented after significant amounts of time and money have been invested in researching how to create the best possible boot. 

High-quality materials round the company’s commitment to excellence that begins with an idea and follows through to the final production stages.

2.) Durability

Durability is a consideration in any piece of protective work gear that one invests in. Workwear or footwear is used daily or almost so it must stand the tests of wear and tear as well as time. Because of the high-quality materials used in boot construction, Carhartt boots are produced to last.

Durable quality leather and well-wearing rubber are two components found frequently in Carhartt boots, and there is a reason…they last. Treatments and technology are integrated so that work boots will protect you in all types of weather.

3.) Proprietary Technologies

When a company invests in research, they are not doing so to find a cheaper manufacturing process but to make a better, improved product.

Carhartt has developed several technologies to improve boot performance in the most varied work environments. From moisture-wicking to insulation, you’ll get the best performance for your professional needs.

4.) Quality

High-quality materials, quality construction methods, and innovative technology make Carhartt boots durable, and comfortable, all the while offering great performance regardless of your profession. 

5.) Safety

Safety is what it’s all about in the workplace. Carhartt produces its boots to meet or exceed CSA and ASTM safety requirements. Many of their boots are Electrical Hazard safety compliant, and some will have safety features such as

      • Safety toes
      • Metatarsal guards
      • Puncture resistant soles
      • Resistance to slippery surfaces, and uneven terrains
      • Chemical or heat resistance

Our Favorite Best Carhartt Work Boots

Best Overall Carhartt Work Boot

1.) Carhartt CMF6371 Men’s Safety Work Boot

Carhartt boasts a sterling reputation for producing rugged PPE that lasts. These work boots feature a composite safety toe and a cement construction that maintains boots lightweight.  Oil-tanned full-grain 100% leather uppers integrate a lace-up style for a more customized fit.

The “FastDry” lining is moisture-wicking keeping feet dry and free of troublesome foot odors. Heels and toes are composite reinforced. Rubber bumpers are abrasion-resistant. 

A cushioned polyurethane insole and EVA midsole are exceptionally lightweight. The heavy-duty rubber outsole features an original lug design against slipping.

Resistant to chemicals, oil, and water, they are ASTM F2413-18 and ASTM F2413-11 compliant.  Sizing in medium and wide from 8 to 15 is available. 


      • ASTM compliant
      • 100% full-grain leather boot uppers
      • Water-resistant
      • Moisture-wicking lining
      • Rubber bumpers
      • Rubber outsoles with lugs
      • Composite safety toe
      • EH protection
      • EVA midsole


      • Insoles could have more cushioning
      • Not fully waterproof, but water-resistant
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Best Safety Toe and Metatarsal Guard Work Boots

2.) Carhartt Waterproof 8-inch Men’s Inner MetatarsalGuard Work Boot CMF8720

If you don’t want a steel toe cap, these composite toe cap boots offer tough protection without the weight or conductivity of a steel toe. Uppers are fashioned in genuine leather. The slip-resistant outsole and waterproofing make this an outstanding work boot.

Compliant with ASTM 2413-11 requirements, these boots are shock-resistant for pros working near electricity. The EH-classified composite safety toe protects from impact injury together with internal metatarsal guards that are Poron XRD soft to guarantee comfort.

Metatarsal guards are ASTM F2413-18 compliant. An inner membrane offers waterproofing and breathability. This boot is designed to reduce foot fatigue.


      • Waterproof 
      • Offers breathability
      • Skid-resistant Outsole 
      • Composite safety toe 
      • ASTM 2413-11EH compliant
      • 100% leather uppers
      • Reflective material increases visibility


      • Expensive
      • Without puncture-resistant features
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Best Waterproof Carhartt Work Boots

3.) Carhartt CMW6175 Six-inch Waterproof Wedge Men’s Soft Toe Work Boot

A classic design featuring polished 100% leather uppers brings style to the workplace. Uppers are treated for water protection. The moderate-length shaft measures  6.5 inches from the arch while the lacing system offers a customized snug fit.

Rubber Outsoles feature a tread design. Although the heel is raised slightly, the sole guarantees good surface contact.


      • Leather boot uppers
      • Stylish
      • Goodyear Welt construction permits resoling
      • 4 colors available
      • Waterproof membrane
      • Rubber outsoles
      • Footbeds are removable
      • ASTM F2892-18 EH
      • Comfortable 


      • Durability issues
      • Soft toe
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Best Moisture-wicking Carhartt Work Boots

4.) Carhartt CMF6366 Men’s Six-inch Work Boot

This leather work boot with its padded cushioned collar is impressive in the rugged flexibility it offers. Offering flexibility, comfort, and foot support, the boot lining features FastDry technology to wick away moisture. 

The Carhartt polyurethane foam cushion footbed fights foot fatigue for exceptional comfort. Even the EVA midsole integrates a polyurethane Strobel pad to increase cushioning.

Welt cement construction is used for attaching rugged rubber outsoles. The composite safety toe affords impact injury protection. ASTM F2413-18 compliant.


      • Composite safety toe
      • EH 
      • FastDry moisture-wicking technology
      • Cushioned midsole is shock-absorbing
      • Rubber outsole
      • Cushioned footbed
      • Comes with Ladder Lock grips


      • Not waterproof but water-resistant 
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Best Insulated Carhartt Work Boots

5.) Carhartt  8-inch CSA Ground Force Cmr8959 Work Boot

Leather uppers cover the ankle completely for good protection and support while rubber outsoles offer great surface traction. Oil-tanned leather is protected with additional toe and heel bumpers in rubber against abrasions.

This Ground Force rubber sole is attached using cement construction. The EVA midsole has a dual foam footbed for improved comfort.

The boot features a membrane for complete waterproofing while 400g of 3M Thinsulate is integrated for protective insulation in colder climates.

These boots boast CSA Grade 1 safety toes and Swen flex puncture-resistant plates. They comply with ASTM 2413-17 standards for puncture resistance and are EH rated.


      • CSA and ASTM safety compliant
      • Leather boot uppers
      • Waterproof membrane
      • Composite toe
      • EVA footbeds
      • Rubber outsoles
      • Cement construction
      • Rubber bumpers for toes and heels


      • Sizing issues
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Safety for your feet is a priority. Quality boots will offer efficacious protection while fighting fatigue and guarantee a good comfort level throughout your workday.

Carhartt has survived and flourished in a highly competitive industry for over a century because they listen to their customers and act accordingly.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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