Does Your Cowboy Hat Have to Match Your Boots? 

The cowboy hat is one of the most well-known fashion accessories, and as such, you may wear it with practically any outfit to make a big statement. 

Ranchers and cowboys have traditionally worn these caps with t-shirts and button-up shirts. Wear them with blue jeans and a fantastic pair of cowboy boots to complete the outfit!

If you are someone obsessed with fashion and how you look, then you probably know how to mix match your outfit and its color.

It is not at all necessary for the colors of your cowboy hat to match with your boots but the colors should at least complement each other well. 

Fashion is all over, and cowboys are no way behind to express themselves more creatively. Cowboy hats with a solid pair of boots paired with jeans and a nice, crisp shirt will graciously add on to your look. 

Does Your Cowboy Hat Have to Match Your Boots

Is it important for you to choose the color of your cowboy hat? 

I think it is essential for you to choose the color of your cowboy hat as it plays an important role in defining your overall look. 

When selecting a cowboy hat color, bear in mind that neutral hues are more preferred. Cowboy hats, whether brown or tan, are a must-have in any western dress collection, and the most prevalent color is black, but brown or tan cowboy hats are also popular. 

In some ways, a cowboy hat expresses your personality.

Why are cowboy hats important? 

A hat offered shade, protection from the weather, and warmth for the user, but it could also be used to fan a fire, as a receptacle for drinking water, or to attract the attention of a fellow rider in the distance when waved from horseback. 

There were as many different types of cowboy hats as there were individuals wearing them, and there are various reasons why cowboys wear hats. 

1.) To provide weather protection 

Heat protection: White and light-colored cowboy hats, such as those made of straw, can reflect sunlight and so deflect heat. The hat’s high crown also aids in keeping the head cool. 

Winter protection: The lofty crown of the hat creates a pocket of air as insulation to assist save heat in the winter. To keep the head warm, choose a dark-colored wool or felt hat that absorbs light and heat. 

Rain protection: The hat’s wide brim functions as an umbrella, keeping rain, sleet, and even snow out of your face and keeping you dry. 

2.) The hat might be customised to serve as an identifying item

To some extent, the cowboy hat is soft and malleable, and the crease pattern on a hat is one of its most distinguishing features. To be specific, previously, wrinkles were used to signify the cowboy’s identification. 

Certain wrinkles, for example, were reserved for cattlemen and others for bull riders. Aside from revealing the employment of the hat-wearer, hat creases might also indicate where the cowboy was from and whose ranch he worked for.

3.) They may be used as temporary water buckets for the horses. 

During those hot summer days, your cowboy hat can also serve as a vessel to store water for your horses to drink if you do not have any alternative. However, do not do this with straw hats as it will most likely damage them.

4.) To make sleeping circumstances more comfortable 

Cowboys sleeping in the open may occasionally use their hats to block out any light if they were to be sleeping during the day. If their hats were tough enough, they could even use them as a cushion when camping out on the plains at night.

5.) It can conceal a bald head. 

A cowboy hat may be used for all of the aforementioned purposes, but it is also useful for concealing a bald spot on your head, saving you embarrassment. 

Different types of cowboy hats

There are two different categories of cowboy hats- felt and straw. Simply put, straw in the summer and felt in the winter. 

1.) Straw hats- Straw hats have been used and worn by cowboys for thousands of years. Almost every civilization throughout history has made headwear out of lightweight, straw-like material. 

Straw hats

Some straw hats have a floppy brim and a loose weave, making them more informal. A well-worn straw cowboy hat is an ideal summer accessory. 

2.) Felt hats- Leather, animal skin, or fur are used to make the felt hat. This is mainly worn in the winter since it is used to keep the head warm and the eyes safe. 

Felt hat

It also shielded them from the sun during the day and warmed them at night when temperatures plummeted in the desert. Felt hats provide a more traditional cowboy style.

Different colors of cowboy hats

Light colors like white, beige and off white, reflect heat the best, whereas dark hues retain the most heat, with black being the worst choice for those hot summer days. However, because black is the most formal color, it goes with almost every color boot and outfit. 

Although black goes with almost everything, a traditional brown or tan cowboy hat is a must-have in any western dress collection as they’re the most common ones. 

How to fit a cowboy hat according to your face? 

1.) Oval shape- Wear a cowboy hat that is neither too short or tall if you have an extended and thin face, since both will accentuate the length of your face. 

A low brow crown with a moderate crown height will suffice. Avoid small or flat brims, which highlight your face’s long lines, and instead go for a curved, broad brim. 

2.) Round shape- Sharp angles will help to balance out your round face shape. A cowboy hat with a high crown and sloping brim will look great on you. 

Asymmetrical forms assist balance out your symmetrical face, and you may increase the impact by tilting your hat backwards, forwards, or to the side. 

3.) Diamond shape- If your face is angular and broadest at the cheekbones, but you have a small forehead and narrow jaw, you should extend those features. 

Try a hat with a moderate to wide brim and a shallow crown to allow the hat to be worn further back on the head. Avoid wearing floppy hats, which can shrink your face and produce weird shadows on your angular features. 

4.) Square shape- If you have a square jawline, a broad forehead, and prominent cheekbones, you should choose caps that soften your sharper edges. 

Rounded cowboy hats with curving brims complement your powerful jaw. A wide, floppy cowboy hat with a smooth brim complements a boxy face shape.


What do you generally wear with a cowboy hat? 

When it comes to matching a cowboy hat, there are several factors to consider. The first crucial thing is the color of your boots, and then you may select a hat to match or complement the color of your boots. 

A black hat complements brown or black boots. A grey hat can also be worn with brown or black boots. Tan hats look well with brown, black, or tan boots.

Any color boot will look great with a white cap because a white hat, they say, goes with everything, and it isn’t incorrect to say that. 

How can you choose the best cowboy hat? 

There are several factors to consider while selecting the appropriate cowboy hat for you. Let’s go through the most important things to remember when shopping: 

      • Quality 
      • Material 
      • Cost
      • Fit
      • Color
      • Design
      • Style, as according to your facial structure


Hats are a significant component of a cowboy since they become a part of their identity. Your cowboy hat does not have to match the color of your boots, but the colors should look good together. 

Attempting to match the right colors may be really a hard job, as you must have a keen sense of style. 

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