Do Waterproof Work Boots Make Your Feet Sweat? (Risks and Solutions)

Imagine the scenario where you are wearing waterproof work boots to keep your feet dry while working in wet conditions outside but end up having sweaty feet inside.

No matter how hard you try to focus on your work, sweaty feet will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also causes smelly feet, itching, fungal and bacterial growth which in turn can cause some serious medical conditions. So is there something you can do to avoid the perspiration while wearing waterproof work boots?

Sweating from waterproof work boots substantially depends on two basic factors, your work environment and the material used in them. The boots with breathable upper and sole are likely to escape the sweat from top and bottom, thus avoiding the entrapment of the sweat. But even these breathable work boots become ineffectual in extremely hot conditions where you just can’t avoid having sweaty feet.


In this article we’ll discuss why your feet sweat in waterproof boots and features of appropriate waterproof work boots. We will also explain the dangers of sweaty feet and how to prevent the sweating while wearing work boots in the coming paragraphs which you surely won’t want to miss!

Why do Your Feet Sweat in Waterproof Work Boots?

Athletes foot, hyperhidrosis or working in excessively hot environments might make your feet sweat more than normal. These are just normal conditions which aggravate sweating in humans. But have you ever thought why do our feet sweat after wearing waterproof work boots even in natural circumstances?

One of the major problems that people working at construction sites, factory or warehouses face is surely the sweating feet while wearing heavy work boots.

The question is why do these work boots which promise to keep your feet dry end up giving you wetness?  The only culprit that is responsible for your sweaty feet is the imperfect material of your waterproof work boots.


Most of these boots are made up of leather which is coated with polyurethane. No doubt this coating is completely waterproof to keep your feet protected from the outside moisture but in reality, it traps your sweat inside the boot.

By not allowing the moisture to pass through it, the leather boots make your foot bath in your own sweat. The only reason you bought these so called waterproof work boots was to keep your feet dry and happy which is definitely not possible with the boots made by this material.

The other material is the waterproof- breathable fabric which despite being advertised as “breathable” does not allow your feet to breathe. Forget about the regular days, these marginally breathable boots tend to trap the perspiration inside your boots more on warm or humid days thus putting you into discomfort.

What are the Risks of Sweaty Feet on a Heavy Duty Job?

Excessive sweating everyday can have the following consequences:

1.) If you are sweating too much then chances are that you may be severely dehydrated which can make you feel exhausted and fatigued.

2.) Sweat production can cause softening of the skin which in turn might be responsible for blisters on your feet.

Sweaty Feet Risk

3.) Rashes, agitation and foot or leg cramps are a common problem seen in people with sweaty feet.

4.) Most dangerously, while you are trying to focus on your work, giving little attention to your feet, you are inviting the bacteria to fester inside the damped, warm space which in turn can result in dangerous foot infections.

We all have read that by having an adequate amount of water and eating balanced meals every day we can avoid excessive sweating. But is there anything else we can do to put our best foot forward? The answer is, yes. It’s time to invest in the best waterproof work boots!

What Type of Waterproof Boots Should you Choose to Avoid Perspiration?

Are you wearing brand new work boots and still having sweaty feet? It’s time to have a second thought because chances are that you may be wearing wrong boots! So, what are the types of work boots which are not irksome? Let’s have a look at some of them.

1.) Top on the list are the ones which have their uppers made up of breathable material. These boots keep your feet cool by maintaining proper air circulation. You will be satisfied to see that these boots allow enough air to go in and out of the boots.

2.) Next in the list are the lightweight boots which not only allow easy movement of your feet but also makes your feet relaxed by saving them from perspiration.


3.) You might need to consider special featured boots with GORE-TEX linings and membranes that have got all that moisture wicking property which works best to keep your feet dry.

4.) As a good thumb rule, if your feet sweat in boots you might want to consider the ones with side air pockets and cut outs for better ventilation.

So what if you buy the appropriate boots and still can’t get rid of the perspiration? Don’t worry it’s human nature to sweat but precaution is always better than cure. By choosing the right boots with some extra care can definitely prevent your feet from sweating.

How can you Prevent your feet from Sweating in Work Boots?

The tips below will definitely help you to keep your feet happy and away from sweat.

#1) Always wear Absorbent Socks

Your right selection of socks can surely save you from facing uncomfortable conditions. Investing in quality and absorbent socks with better materials should be the next thing in your to-do list.

If you are thinking about purchasing cotton socks then you will be surprised to know that despite being popular material cotton is not the best choice for hot feet.

Wear Absorbent Socks

There are better materials in the market like merino wool, polyester or even the combination of these which wick the moisture away from your feet. These socks may end up damp by the end of the day but keep their promise by making sure that your feet remain dry and comfortable.

#2) Go for Cooling Foot Powder

Apply foot powder to soak sweat

You might want to consider a top-rated foot powder if you witness mild to moderate foot sweat. The best part about these foot powders are some of them will even give you cooling relief on contact with your feet. Just sprinkle the formulated powder inside your socks and you are ready to go.

#3) Use an Antiperspirant

Anti-perspirants ON FEET

If you can use an antiperspirant on your body then why not apply it on your feet? Before lacing up your work boots a little application of spray-on or powder on the feet and in-between your toes can reduce the amount of sweat your feet produce.

#4) Allow your feet to Breathe

I know it might be impossible for many but if you are in a situation where you can remove your socks and boots then take them off and let your feet breathe. Drying out and cooling off your will not only give you comfort but also prevent the odor keeping itchy foot at bay.

Wrapping up

In the end, it is often said that a severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer and you surely don’t want to experience this. Having sweaty feet is a big hassle and completely cheerless. 

However, by selecting the right work boots and combining them with best prevention methods which are stated above your feet can do wonders.

So are you ready to fight the sweat with the right pair of work boots and keep you best foot forward?

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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