Best Waterproof Safety Toe Work Boots

Safety is a paramount necessity for workers who work in construction, landscaping, and roofing industries as they have to walk on slippery surfaces all the time. Working during the rainy season becomes troubling, and the snowy wintery days become even more challenging.

Best Waterproof Safety Toe Work BootsAll you would need are the best waterproof safety toe work boots that will keep your feet dry as well as protect them from accidents.

Talking about the best waterproof work boots, the one to outstand the rest was the Timberland direct attach safety toe with its distinguished features like 24/7 comfort system to reduce foot fatigue, waterproof uppers, 200 grams insulation that can be worn even in the summers, oil resistant rubber lug outsole that provides great traction, steel toe caps for toe protection, arch support, electrical hazard protection and last but not the least, padded collar, breathable mesh lining andante-microbial treatment for odor control.

Top 3 Waterproof Safety Toe Work Boots Comparison

Best Waterproof Safety Toe Work Boots Review

1.) Wolverine Marauder Men’s Waterproof Boots

Wolverine recognizes the need of the industrial workers and provides boots for all kinds of workers. These boots provide comfort in addition to being durable and giving protection to the feet.

It comes with an additional MultiShox footbed, which is cushioned and can get removed if you wish. It has a long shank that is made from nylon and provides necessary support and comfort.

Features at a Glance

      • Steel toe: F2413-11
      • Lining: Wave mesh
      • Construction: Contour Welsh
      • Upper Part: Waterproof leather
      • Midsole: Lightweight PU
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2.) Timberland Direct Attach Safety Toe

The protection from the steel toe offered by boots protects feet from any sort of impact, and furthermore, it will protect you from electric hazards a common cause of accidents in the workplace.

For its upper-part, the boots have waterproof leathers, which get sealed at the seam. The material, further, saves your feet from getting wet. It provides necessary support and controls odor problems.

Features at a Glance

      • Protective Gear– Steel toe
      • Protection From– water damages and electrical problems
      • Comfort– padded collar, mesh lining
      • For Odor Regulating– anti-microbial treatment
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3.) Keen Utility Pittsburg Men’s Steel Toe

It provides the best protection for the feet with its uneven steel toe safety feature and it is built in a way that meets ASTM F2412-11 standard for protecting the feet against electrical hazard.

It gives the feeling of utmost comfort as soon as you place your feet in the boots because of the EVA footbed, which is removable.

Features at a Glance

      • Upper Leather– Waterproof Nubuck
      • Comfort Technology– Hydrophilic 2-zone
      • Protects from– oil and slipping
      • Technology– TPU with linking torsion plate
      • Feature– waterproof, dry, and breathable
      • Safety feature– Reflective webbing
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Why is it Essential to Buy Safety Toe Boots?

Safety toe boots get built from durable materials that protect your toe region if something heavy was to fall on your feet at your workplace. 

The safety toe, generally, gets made from steel, but in some instances is made from aluminum or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The boots have to meet safety standards and usually protects against-

1.) Penetration

If sharp objects are lying around you, the boots will help to protect your feet from getting impaled by the objects. You cannot know when harm is going to befall you and that is why you take out insurance as it will help you to pay you for the excessive cost of treatment while you have time to recuperate without having to worry about it at all.

Penetration protection safety toe boots

Similarly, the safety toe boots are like insurance that ensures that your feet remain safe even when you inadvertently step on some sharp objects that are strewn on the ground.

2.) Chemical hazard

For people who are working in a chemical processing industry, they need to make sure that if there is a spillage their feet get protected from any harm. If chemical touches your feet, it will cause you more trouble than if water enters into your boots.

Chemical hazard protection boots

To save your feet from such danger, you must invest in buying waterproof safety toe work boots as these are the best chance that you have for ultimate feet protection.

3.) Impact

When you are working in construction, you can encounter freakish problems like heavy things falling on your feet. Another problem, though not limited to construction sites, is your feet accidentally hitting hard materials that are lying on the ground.

construction boots impact

Both these impacts can be detrimental to your feet, but these boots can save your feet as the material used to build them will not let your feet get crushed.

Don’t fear as the steel used to protect the toe area will not cut your toes, it is placed there protect them from such harm.

4.) Electric Shock

Electric Shock protection boots

These boots are your best friend if your work has a fear of getting electrocuted at your workplace. The waterproof safety toe boots get made from rubber and leather of supreme quality and these materials will help to save you from receiving an electric shock from an exposed wire.

You do not need to risk your life when you can simply buy excellent protective gear for your feet.

These are the typical hazards that industrial workers face while they are working.

But these safety boots are not just for protecting your feet from hazards, it also allows you to walk around comfortably; you will not feel pain in your feet, and most of all, you will not experience painful blisters erupting on your feet.

If you buy waterproof boots, your feet will not get wet, and the quality of the boots will remain unharmed.

It is a huge blessing because you cannot dry your boots completely as you have to go to work wearing them, and since they remain moist most of the time, they start to grow mold or bacteria. Thus, they become completely unusable.

Why the Quality of Waterproofing Such A Big Deal?

qualitytargetYou might feel that buying waterproof boots are very expensive and hence prefer to buy normal boots. But if you spend a tad bit time researching about the subject, you will find that the cost waterproof boots are not that much high than your regular work boots so it makes no sense in passing over great boots and settles for regular ones, just because, the former costs you a few bucks more.

Some of you might feel that you can buy any pair of boots and just waterproof it yourself following instructions available online. But how are you going to get it done perfectly? As most of you are not professional and have not mastered the technique. So, do not bother yourself with the ‘doing it yourself’ techniques and just invest to buy a pair that is already waterproof.

Now we are reiterating about buying waterproof boots, which are made professionally because certain reasons make them perfect for the workplace.

1.) Importance of Comfort


When professionals create waterproof boots, they think of nothing else other than the comfort of the wearer. They make sure that not a single drop of water enters the boots but also keeps in mind that your feet do not get moist from the heat that tends to build up in boots.

That is why they use breathable materials for the interiors of the boots, which keep them cool and consequently dry.

2.) Job Requirement

Job Requirement Waterproof boots

You might be associated with a job that makes it mandatory to wear waterproof boots, and so there must be some standard that your boots should have followed, and turning your regular work boots waterproof will not help you to meet the criteria.

3.) Guarantee

If you buy waterproof boots from professionals, you will get a guarantee for the product; and suppose you experience problems with these newly-purchased boots, you can return them and get another pair.

4.) Innumerable Options

Suppose you work someplace where it is very cold and you need to keep your feet warm; you will find waterproof boots that get made with padding, which are meant to keep your feet warm yet dry.

Review These Commonly Inquired Questions if Still in Doubt

We know that there are questions that are cropping in your mind about waterproof boots and we are here to answer them by providing you with answers to question people mostly ask when they are out to shop for these boots.

1.) Do These Boots Prevent Rust?

Most definitely they do as they get made from materials that prevent building up moisture and stops oxygen to decompose the boots and thus no rusting.

2.) Won’t Water-proofing Compounds help to save the Boots?

Yes, they will, but they won’t do a complete job. Using these compounds on your own will partly protect the boots.

3.) Will the boots protect from getting sodden?

Absolutely! The material that gets used will protect the boots from water whereas the method of its construction and the stitches will bar water to get inside the boots.

4.) Remain Observant and Choose Boots with These Qualities

The waterproof safety toe boots are not just any regular work boots because they give you protection from so many hazardous situations that you can encounter during your work. So choose boots after judging that they have the following features.

      • It must be durable
      • It must provide safety
      • It must be able to save your feet from the water
      • It must be comfortable to wear

Are waterproof work boots worth it?

Waterproof boots are totally worth it and are a must if you work in waterlogged areas like loggers, forestry or agriculture and even in construction. They keep your feet dry all day long by preventing the entry of water within the boots with its waterproof linings.

But as every coin has the other side, so do waterproof boots! 

Waterproof boots will not let water in but they even do not let the moisture out too even if the boots claim to be breathable, which means that your feet will be warmer inside and tend to sweat a lot. This might also lead to smelly feet at the end of the day.

Do waterproof boots the OSHA standard?

OSHA Preamble to Final Rules states that:

Employers must assure that each employee wear heavy duty logging boots that are waterproof or water repellent and cover and provide support to the ankle.”

                                                                                                            -29 CFR 1910.266(d).(1).(v)

Waterproof boots Vs Non-waterproof boots

Waterproof boots Non-waterproof boots
They are warmer on the inside They are not warm as they allow air flow
They are not breathable They are breathable
They can be worn in all weather They cannot be worn in rainy seasons
They keep the feet dry from outside They keep the feet dry on the inside
They lead to sweating of the feet They prevent sweating of the feet
They need extra care as the waterproof coating tends to fade with time They are easy to maintain

How to Clean Waterproof Boots?

Waterproof boots are not hard to clean because you don’t have to worry about getting the boots drenched in water. To clean your waterproof boots thoroughly, follow the simple steps below:

      • Remove the laces from the boots and wash them separately in mild detergent and let them dry in the sun.
      • Now brush off the loose dirt from the boots and clean the grooves and ridges of the outsoles with a toothbrush.
      • Make a soap-water solution and take a clean rag and dip it in the solution.
      • Use the rag to clean the dirt from the uppers of the boots and use the toothbrush dipped in the solution to clean the outsoles and the eyelets.
      • Now either clean the boots under water to clean the soap-water solution or use a damp rag for the purpose.
      • Dry the boots under the fan.
      • Apply leather conditioner to nourish the leather fibres.
      • Apply a waterproof coating of sealants, wax or mink oil.
      • Finish off by polishing the boots.

Are waterproof boots worth it?

Yes, waterproof boots are totally worth it irrespective of the workplace you work in put your boots to waterlogged conditions or not!

Your boots can come in contact with water at any point of time, either it might start raining heavily or you might step on water accidentally! So, a waterproofing coating on your boots is a must to make them long lasting!

If your boots are not waterproof, and they keep on coming in contact with water, it will not take the leather to get damaged sooner by becoming extremely dry, brittle and forming cracks or the leather will rot with continuous exposure to water.

And if your boots are waterproof, the waterproof coating will repel water from getting into your boots and will save the leather.

What the waterproofing coating actually does is, it will not the water to soak in the boots and hence the boots as well as your feet will remain dry irrespective of the boots coming in contact with water.

However, nothing lasts forever and so does the waterproof coating fades after a certain time and as you keep on wearing your boots to water regularly.

But, if you keep on spraying your waterproof boots with waterproof spays at least twice a week, they will remain being waterproof for a good number of years!

Before Bidding Goodbye

Depending on the work that you do it is up to you, which product you consider as the best waterproof safety toe work boots. You how important they are and what purpose they need to serve. Choose wisely!

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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