Best Work Boots for Roofing? [2023 Reviews]

Being a roofer calls for a lot of hard labor, from standing under the sun for hours to dealing with rough and slippery surfaces.

best work boots for roofing

Yes, we can’t take off your labor and hard work, but can obviously ease your footwork and provide comfort to your feet by suggesting some good pairs of roofing boots for you.

 If you are a roofer wishing to safeguard yourself against the risks of slip and fall under inclement weather conditions then investing in quality footwear might be ideal for you.

A right pair of roofing work boots will not only help you stay stable but also protect you when you are working under inclement weather conditions.

Top 3 Roofing Boots Comparison Table

Why not get any work boots for roofing?

When it comes to roofing it is safe to assume that ordinary work boots would not make the mark. It is because when you are suspended off the ground you need more than what normal work boots get you.

Investing in a good pair of work boots is paramount for a roofer for their safety as well as comfort. But not every pair of boots is the best one!

Detailed Review of Best Boots for Roofing

1.)Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Lace-To-Toe Roofer Boots

Made of 100% leather, Vibram slip resistant outsoles
Shock absorbing insole, Built-in composite shank
Provided with a lace, Cushioned foot bed
Sole is provided with subtle lugs
Comfortable, Durable
A bit heavy

If you are someone who prioritizes your support and comfort over anything else then these Thorogood boots are the ones for you. These leather roofer boots are known for their –

Safe Outsoles – Wedge outsole that is slip-resistant and is designed to offer greater traction

Stable Insoles – The dual-density Poron insole of the boot works well to absorb shock and appropriate stability from the built-in composite shank offers rigidity.

Easy to Clean – Not to mention the Thorogood boots with removable insoles that promotes easy cleaning.

Comfort Above All – It also comes with a cushioned footbed providing the much-needed support that you need when suspended up in the air without any other support.

Securing the Foot – The Thorogood boots have lacing holds lining straight from the toe to the ankle that keeps your foot firmly attached to the boot.

Keeping the Grip – The sole of the boot is dealt with subtle lugs and rough texture to promote grip and traction with any roofing material.

Beauty with Strength – The uppers of the boot are made with resilient leather that is tanned in oil to promote durability as well as achieve a beautiful deep black color.

Our Verdict:

We made 10 people dealing with roofing to wear them for 1 month. The first thing they liked about the boots is that they are very comfortable to wear and give a perfect fit due to the presence of the laces. The grip is extremely good and is slip resistant. It has cotton drill vamp lining and an extremely comfortable cushioned foot bed. The look of the boots is something to be really praised of. The break-in time was also quite less.

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2.) Timberland PRO Men’s Barstow Wedge Work Boot

Comfortable, Durable, Moc-toe
Mesh tongue lining with a microbial treatment for breathability
Slip, abrasion and oil resistant outsole
Very light weight, Anti-fatigue technology
Designed for electric hazard protection, Provided with laces
The insole needs to be replaced after extensive use overran year

You would not get another pair of work boots that offer you superior traction as well as protection than the Barstow wedge boots from Timberland. These roofer boots are known for their –

Working Your Way – It is the best work boots in business with a wedge shape that works best for maximizing your foot contact underneath the surface.

Best Grip – To improve your grip horizontal line patterns are also incorporated into the shallow tread.

Keeping you Leveled – The soles of the work boot are both shocks as well as slip-resistant made with the intent of keeping you grounded. (No pun intended!)

Safe For You – The Mocc-toe Timberlands work boots offer speed-lacing hardware as well as protection from electrical hazard making them the safest work boots.

Supportive Exteriors – The exteriors of these boots are made of durable leather that works as a slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant for the rubber outsole with rigid arch support.

Up for Anything – The dual-density anti-fatigue technology that is unique for Timberlands boots keeps your feet comfortable.

Far more Hygienic – The Mesh tongue lining of the Timberlands work boots are prepped with Agion antimicrobial treatment.

Our Verdict:

These boots when worn gave the roofers very comfortable wear and they found the boots very close to sneakers. The lacing gave them a perfect fit and the toe room was spacious. The insole is replaceable that is a good thing. The outsole is slip, abrasion and oil resistant and the boot have electric hazard protection. It has got an ankle support system and a mid sole which provides support and comfort to your feet all day long. The anti-fatigue treatment is an add on. The only con is insole and outsole will start having cracks on them after almost one year and might call for repair.

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3.) Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Plain Soft Toe Work Boot

Provided with laces for perfect fit, Durable
Mesh lining offers breathability, Comfortable, Ankle support
Padded collar, Goodyear welt construction offers superb grip
Not 100% waterproof

If you wish to have sustainable work boots made of durable leather then Caterpillar is the way to go. Here is why you should buy them –

The Best Support – The resilient work boots offer added support for your feet as well as ankles.

Expanding Area – The leather that covers the upper extends well beyond the ankles providing much-needed protection.  

Holds Up On Your Own – The leather used in making the work boots can hold up well against natural wear and tear and holds up well against the rough roofing environment and material.

Safety Above Ground – The thick rubber welt sole from Goodyear offers lasting durability as well as the best traction that is lifesaving for the roofers stranded 10 feet above the ground.

Keeping It Dry – The Caterpillar Lace-up work boot closure system offers you a snug fit comes with Climasphere sock liner that keeps your feet dry and cool by holding moisture at bay.

Added Security – It also comes in with a comfortable padded collar as well as a rigid shaft providing added protection to your feet and ankles from electrical hazard.

Lets You Breath – The Nylon Mesh lining lets your feet breathe and maintains the health and comfort of your feet

Our Verdict:

First things first, the boots have room in them for providing comfort to your feet and the laces give you the perfect fit. The material of the boots could have been a bit better but not an issue because of the other great features that they provide as mesh lining which keeps the feet dry all day long and the Goodyear welt construction with slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsole that provides great grip that is needed for roofing. Provided with a padded collar and shaft to give support to your feet and are provided with electric hazard protection.

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4.) Wolverine men’s moc-toe 6” work boot

Why it’s best?

This boot from Wolverine has crepe outsole that holds the grip on the roof surface quite effectively and also the wedged sole design helps to improve traction and distribute pressure equally on the roof structures.

Build quality: This boot is made up of 100% genuine full grain leather with contrast stitching and Goodyear Welt Construction that speaks of durability.

Comfort: Speaking of comfort, this boot has it all with removable full-cushioned footbed, a springy rubber midsole for support on the uneven terrain of the roof, and has nylon shanks that absorbs shock while you walk on the up and down structures of the roof.

Protection: The padded collar and the ankle-high shaft offers protection against pain that might arise due to walking on the uneven roof surface for the entire day. Also the crepe outsole besides holding great grip on the roof surface is oil, slip, water and abrasion resistant too.

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5.) Golden Fox work boots 6” men’s moc toe wedge comfortable boot for construction

Why it’s best?

First of all these boots have wedged soles that are perfect for roofing! Next, they are made of lightweight polyurethane outsoles with tread design to hold better grip and are chemical and oil resistant too. At last, these boots are water-resistant too!

Build quality: These classic moc-toe wedged sole boots are made of durable oil full grain leather with oil resistant polyurethane outsoles. The braided design around the toe box resembles that of 1900’sstyle of the farmers and hunters. They are constructed with the Goodyear Welt Construction that would prevent sole separation in the longest tenures and an option to re-sole the boots when needed.

Comfort: The boots are very light in weight and are lined with moisture wicking breathable linings that help to keep your feet all day dry during hot days. The boots are insulated too that does not transfer the heat or cold of the roof to your feet thus, adding on the comfort of wearing them!

Protection: The steel shanks give you extra support around your arch which is necessary while you are walking on the roofs. They also help protect against the pressure that develops due to long standing on uneven surfaces of the roofs. They also prevent your feet from being punctured in the metal roofs.

The boots are made of water-repellent material and the treaded design of the outsole besides holding grip, are oil and chemical resistant too.

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What are roofing boots?

Roofing boots are the ones that are designed especially for walking on the roofs.

Now, walking on the roofs takes into account several factors like the ridges present in the roof structures, heating up of the roof due to direct rays of the sun, slippery roofs due to rain, and slopes in the roofs.

So, a roofing boot is the one that is designed keeping in mind to withstand all the aforesaid factors.

Therefore, roofing boots are lightweight, are slip-resistant, have ridges on the outsoles for proper grip, the outsoles are made of rubber, are waterproof and have lacing system to ensure proper fit and also have extra cushioning for providing the much needed comfort.

What to Look for in Good Roofing Boots?

1.) Durability


Durability refers to the materials with which the boots are made of. Boots made of vibram leather and good stitching are the most durable ones. Full grain leather is also a good choice.

2.) Comfortable

While talking of comfort, the first thing that should come to your mind is the insole, shaft and laces. The foot bed should be cushioned and the insole must be soft to provide you all day comfort. The laces give your feet perfect fit and protect against rubbing.

3.) Lacing

Lacing Boots

Laces help to give you the perfect fit and pace up your work. No matter if the boots are slight bigger, laces hold them in position.

4.) Mesh lining

Mesh Lining Boots

The mesh lining offers breathability and helps to keep your feet all day dry because roofing demands standing under the sun for long hours.

5.) Replaceable insole


No matter how good the materials of your boots are, the insole gets worn off after years of long wear. So, go for replaceable insoles so that the same boots serve you years after years and it becomes a life time investment.

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6.) Outsole

Design slip resistant shoes

The outsole should be slip, oil and abrasion resistant because roofing demands dealing with rough and slippery surfaces and the outsole should have good grip.

Check the video on the list of top 10 roofing boots 

Top 10 Best Roofing Shoes

Why Getting the Right Work Boots for Roofing Job is Important?

Everyone needs a roof over their heads but to be a roofer is not exactly on the wish-list of many. It is primarily because of the multiple precarious situations faced by the roofers on an average day. The high-risk job entails working at least 10 feet above the ground while dealing with various hazardous conditions daily. Not the most ideal situation but can be countered with the Best Work Boots Roofing.

All the roofers need to take as many precautions as they can when they are up on the roof. Most roofers will try to do the bare minimum to deal with this but without quality support; they are still very much susceptible to life-threatening injuries.

Not many realize how much risk they are in till they are fighting for their lives in a hospice fighting for their life. Here are a few perils of the roofing job that you have to take care against –

1.) Getting Tripped 

Getting Tripped

It is one of the most potential perils that cause many a roofer to visit a hospice if they are not careful enough. A roof is the first line of defense for a house, so it is no surprise that some odd debris may be found on it.

Hence, when a roofer goes up to do their jobs they are bound to come in contact with loose building materials, leaves, branches, and small stones! These all have potential tripping hazards that may lead you to break your neck if you do not have the right pair of boots to support you.

Thus it is important to invest in the right pair of work boots!

2.) Perilous Weather

Perilous Weather Roofer

It is not just the debris that you need to be aware of! When you are up on the roof you need to keep a careful eye out for volatile weather conditions. You may have to counter with anything from extreme cold to heat, from snow to hail, from light to heavy rain.

All this poses a risk for the safety of the roofer who does not have the right equipment in place to safeguard against them. Investing in a pair of work boots would do that for you. It is the first defense of a roofer who is up there protecting the first line of defense of a home.

By investing in the right pair of boots you would ensure that climate change, while you are on work, does not trouble you!

3.) Slippery Surfaces 

Slippery Surfaces Roof Rain

The other hazard that may come about to be more perilous is the slippery surfaces. In a rainy climate, the roof is supposed to be drenched with water. If the water does not get dried up within the limited period a layer of moss starts growing up.

Not many realize this but the moss remains active in the cold places where the rays of the sun do not reach. It is possible to have such spots in the roof and without proper measures, an accident is bound to happen sooner or later.

This may just be avoided if you invest the proper work boots with patterns present in the soles of the boots to encourage traction. This is certainly the way to go!

4.) Electrical Hazard

Electrical Hazard Roof

It may not seem much but there is a high chance of getting electrocuted up on the roof. You may get struck by lightning or by a lone electric line present in the roof. They may also get electrocuted by a socket present in the electricity stand while they are working on it.

If you are wearing the right pair of work boots if that happens you would just get off with minor injuries. But if you have not invested in the right pair you would be fighting for your life in a medical emergency unit.

If you wish to remain safe on the job investing in the right pair would be the way to go!

5.) Ergonomics 

The work of a roofer is not easy and it requires more than putting in great hours in the end. The work of a roofer involves a lot of activities that are extremely repetitive and requires most to go through repeated motions.

Not only are the roofers expected to be on their feet for multiple hours but they have to lift, walk, climb, stand as well as kneel in odd hours during the job. This would put a lot of strain on the lower limbs, feet and lower back of a roofer.

The padded insoles of a good pair of work boots would not only ensure that you take in less stress but also provide you with constant comfort in the working hours.

Are hiking boots good for roofing?

Hiking involves treading rough and steep surfaces, traversing slippery and muddy terrains. 

Therefore, hiking shoes would definitely make one of the best choices for roofing because he hiking shoes are built to withstand similar conditions.

Hiking shoes are designed to offer balance, traction on slippery surfaces and protection in the heated rocks!

Therefore, they make the apt choices as roofing shoes as well.

Also, hiking shoes are lightweight and have lacing system thus making them more suitable for roofing.

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Differences between roofing shoes and regular shoes

Roofing shoes Regular shoes
They are waterproof They need not be waterproof
They are slip-resistant They might not always be slip-resistant
They have rubber outsoles in general The outsoles might be made of any material
They have dedicated tread design to hold on to the roof surface Tread designs might not be present
They have heat-resistant outsoles They do not have heat resistant outsoles

How to clean roofing boots?

You can clean roofing boots just by following the simple steps below:

      • Take a hard bristled toothbrush and brush off the dirt from the ridges and grooves of the outsoles
      •  Then take soap-water solution and use the brush to clean dirt from all over the boots
      • Now take a wet clean cloth and take off the soapy water from the boots
      • Allow the boots to dry or you can dry them using the hairdryer
      • Use a good conditioner on the boots to nourish the leather fibres
      • Finish it off by adding a good polish to bring back the shine of the boots

FAQs for Roofer Boots

1.) Are the boots waterproof?

No, they are not completely waterproof. But you can obviously make them waterproof by spraying a coat of waterproof spray available in the market.

2.) Are the insole repairable?

Yes, all the boots that we mentioned have got repairable insoles.

3.) What does electric hazard protection mean?

It means that the boots are so designed so as to give you protection against electric current that might come on your during your roofing.

4.) How long do roof boots last?

Roofing boots will last you not less than 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance. That said, the boots should be made of quality materials and the outsoles should be made of good quality rubber.

5.) What kind of shoes should you wear with a metal roof?

Metal roofs are even harder to traverse. Therefore, the boots should also have some extra features in them to tackle the conditions. Metal roofs are extra slippery and become excessively hot.

Therefore, the boots should be made of soft-soled rubber that will hold the grip on the metal surfaces easily and they should also feel a bit sticky on hot metal surfaces.

Before We Say Good-Bye

It might seem like a great advertisement to sell branded shoes but in reality, it is our most earnest effort to ensure that you live long enough to rip the benefits of your hard work. Accidents are a sad truth of life but by getting a pair of trusted boots for yourself, you can minimize the chances of it ever happening.

Note: An expensive pair of branded work boots also last longer than a low cost one!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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