16 Ways to Keep Your Feet Cool in Steel Toe Boots

Sweaty and itchy feet, foul smelling socks and boots, pain and peeling, are the most common foot problems of people who wear steel toe boots and work all day long, under the scorching sun.

Are you the one who is also suffering from the same?

If yes, then I have some valuable tips for you to keep your feet cool in steel toe boots.

      1. Choose the right type of work-boots.
      2. Wear absorbent socks.
      3. Use cooling anti-fungal foot powder.
      4. Apply antiperspirants.
      5. Let your feet breathe.
      6. Wash and change your socks, daily.
      7. Let your steel toe boots, dry out.
      8. Use boot freshener.
      9. Keep your feet and boots clean.
      10. Use some essential oils, frequently.
      11. Can apply Apple Cider Vinegar.
      12. Place foot inserts in your boots.
      13. Apply Black Tea soaks.
      14. Exfoliation.
      15. Use lemon juice.

Add these few above tips in your to-do list and you are out of the mess, I assure that.

As you go deeper into my article below, you will get properly informed about the same.

So, start scrolling down!

16 Ways to Keep Your Feet Cool in Steel Toe Boots

1. Do have an alternate pair of boots

Make sure that you have at least two pairs of steel toe boots for your work schedule. One pair should be designed to keep your feet warm in winter. The others should be, like general purpose boots and summer boots which are breathable, for keeping your feet cool in summer.

2. Choose the Right Type of Boots

The temperature inside your boots depends on the temperature outside. Your choice should be light-weight summer steel toe boots made up of breathable material.

Make sure the length of your steel toe boots is short so that they don’t cover much part of your leg. Of course, keep the safety features also in mind.

3. Use absorbent socks

Wear Absorbent Socks

You are in your light-weighted, breathable steel toe boots & your feet is still sweating! At this point, wearing absorbent socks can only help out. These socks can wick the moisture away from your feet, keeping them odor & blister free.

‘One pair of socks per day’ is not a rule to obey. You can always carry extra pair of socks with you & change them whenever necessary. Polyester, Coolmax, Drymax, Olefin, Wool, etc. are good absorbent socks.

4. Applying cool, antifungal powder

Using powder on the sweaty areas of our body is a very common habit of all. It keeps us cool. Then why not apply cool, antifungal powder on our feet directly before putting on our feet just before putting on our work boots.

This will absorb the extra moisture from our feet & provide a cooling effect. And if the powder is antifungal, then there is no chances of bacterial breeding causing bad odor.

5. Applying antiperspirants

Your sweaty feet will genuinely feel much better if you try a spray-on antiperspirant powder, before wearing your steel toe boots.

Anti-perspirants ON FEET

Just spread your toes, hold the antiperspirant can six inches away from your feet and then spray a light coat evenly. This will definitely reduce the amount of sweat produced on your feet, I bet. These spray-on antiperspirants are much more effective than sticks, gels and roll-ons.

6. Allow your feet to breathe

Your feet is feeling suffocated inside your steel toe boots for such long working hours. Let them breathe, get them exposed to fresh air.

How much tight your work schedule be, just make it a habit of taking your socks & steel toe boots off at least 2-3 times a day. Believe me, it will maintain your comfort & prevent you from getting foul smelling feet.

7. Wash and change your socks daily

Remember that your feet inside your socks & then in your steel toe boots is a very good breeding ground for bacteria because of frequent sweating. To avoid this bacteria build-up, always wear a washed pair of socks every day.

Even your washed pair may get wet with sweat, due to continuous working in hot climate. It is better to carry an extra pair of socks and change them when necessary.

8. Let your work boots dry up

Just like your socks, your steel toe boots also get wet with sweat, to some extent, at the end of the day. You can wash your socks to remove the sweat but what about your boots? They also need to be cleaned & dried.

My suggestion is, place a crumpled newspaper inside your steel toe work boots & leave them overnight. It will make a big difference, I tell you. Your steel toe boots are now ready for the next day, fresh, odor-free, dry & comfortable.

9. Apply boot freshener

Just like your body, your steel toe boots also need to be treated against unwanted foul smells due to sweat. Boot fresheners is a hygienic solution for your steel toe boots. It neutralizes the odor keeping your work boots fresh & comfortable all day from heel to toe.

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10. Keeping your feet & boots clean

Hygiene is not only about keeping your body clean, it also matters the cleanliness of the things you use, daily, for e.g. your steel toe boots. Regular & proper washing of your feet in sweaty summer is a must for your good foot health.

And for your steel toe boots to remain clean & hygienic, rub some amount of plain alcohol inside your boots daily to prevent bacteria, odor or fungus.

11. Use Essential Oils

Some essential oils like the Tea Tree Oil, the Eucalyptus Oil, the Neem Oil and the Karanja, have anti-bacterial properties which can keep your feet cool and clean in steel toe boots. These oils are of good help to eliminate bacterial waste of the sweat produced.

12. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

I have tried this several times. It really works. Apple Cider Vinegar is a great disinfectant and antiseptic. The acid in this vinegar kills all the harmful bacteria.

Having a stinking feet after putting off your steel toe boots? Just make a solution of 1:4 of this vinegar and water and soak your feet for 20 minutes. Your feet will be clean and fresh, no odor left.

13. Use foot inserts

Certain foot inserts like Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X are very good at absorbing moisture and keeping your feet clean and odor-less in steel toe boots.

14. Black Tea soaks

This process of soaking your feet in Black Tea solution for 30 minutes regularly, really works in eliminating sweat. Just give it a try.

15. Exfoliation

You want to remove dead skin cells from your feet that cause bacteria and stinking feet. Exfoliation is the best option for that.

16. Apply Lemon Juice

Just dip some lemon juice onto a cotton ball and apply it on the bottom of your feet. This will close the pores of your feet and prevent them from getting sweaty in steel toe boots.

The Cause of getting wet feet

Your feet get hot and sweaty in steel toe boots. Have you ever thought, why! There is always a definite need to know the cause of a problem, before solving it.

You must be wondering that what is stopping your feet to stay cool in your work-boots! The answer is very simple-

1.) Hot Environments make your feet sweat

Working in hot weather conditions with your steel toe boots will cause sweat. You can deny it but weather conditions do contribute to your comfort in steel toe boots.

2.) Insulation prevents heat to escape

Steel, being a good conductor, will always absorb heat from the surroundings making your feet warm and sweaty. Extra inner padding might prevent your feet from the heat through steel toes, but it is quite difficult to ditch the sweat.

3.) Material

Non-breathable materials from which your pair of steel toe boots, are made, will surely heat up your feet. Thus, after a hectic work schedule, your socks turn out to be drenched in sweat and obviously, STINK.

4.) Unhygienic Feet

Are you maintaining healthy foot hygiene? If not, then do start from today itself. Proper cleaning of your feet is a must to prevent unwanted sweat in your steel toe boots.

Benefits of Keeping your Feet Cool

Keeping your feet cool in steel toe boots during hot, sunny days, is noteworthy.

Let us consider the benefits in view-

      • Cool feet gives you a cool mind set, when you are busy working.
      • If there is no unwanted sweat inside your steel toe boots, you can move around freely in your working premises.
      • Dry feet give you comfort and stop you from getting distracted.
      • Moreover, it will prevent your feet from different diseases like viral and fungal, athlete’s foot, blisters and bad smell.
      • It increases your level of comfort and productivity.

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Effects of not keeping your feet cool

Steel toe boots definitely tend to heat up your feet especially because of the presence of the steel in the toe area which conducts the outside heat to the body.

Your feet sweat mostly in the toe areas and if the toes do not receive any air circulation, they will eventually heat up the entire feet.

There might be several ill effects of not keeping your feet cool inside the boots:

      • First of all your feet will sweat profusely
      • Heated feet will eventually heat up the entire body and cause you to sweat profusely while working
      • Due to extreme heat in the body your blood pressure level might rise
      • Excessive sweating will make you feel weak and lethargic
      • Sweaty feel will produce bad odor from the feet and the boots
      • Sweaty feet might lead to athletes foot or eczema

Things to consider while buying new steel toe boots to keep your feet cool

You know by now how important it is to keep your feet cool inside the boots to save you from the ill effects of hot foot.

Therefore, while buying new steel toe boots, you should consider the following features in your boots in order to keep your feet cool:

      • The boots should have a breathable mesh lining in order to allow the air circulation inside the boots
      • The boots should be lined with a moisture wicking fabric so that it soaks up the moisture produced by the sweat
      • The footbed of the boots should be made of cool gel technology insoles so that it keeps the feet cool and does not let them heat up while walking
      • The padded tongue and collar of the boots should also be made of a breathable fabric and have a mesh lining.


How to prevent my feet from getting hurt in steel toe boots?

Wear your steel toe boots with laces tight enough, so that they don’t move forward or backward much, when you are working. Select your perfect size while purchasing your work-boots.

Are these steel toe boots bad for your feet?

Of course not, unless they are poor-fitting, because a properly-fit steel toe boot will cause no problems to your feet like chaffing, painful corns, blisters, etc.

Are steel toe boots worthy enough?

If safety is in your priority list then, steel toe boots are the best choice for warehousing, construction and industrial jobs.

Final Review:

Remain cool and comfortable, all day long in summer, with your steel toe boots on, no matter what type of work you are within.

Never compromise your comfort and safety, when you are having a pair of high quality steel toe boots. Moreover, now you know the secret of keeping your feet cool in your boots, even in hottest days.

Henceforth! From now onwards, no more sweaty feet in steel toe boots. Fear not of stinky and tacky feet!

Even if the sun is high, put on your steel toe boots and welcome the day with confidence.

Till I get back with something new!

Stay healthy!

Stay safe!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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