Do Boots Run Big or Small? (Perfect Boot Size Guide)

 Do Boots Run Big or SmallChoosing the correct size for your boots is a very tough job.

They generally tend to run smaller or bigger or end up putting your feet to discomfort.

This is because while you buy a boot, there are certain things to be considered and the problem is that you don’t usually know the things even.

You are caught between whether to go for a size up or choose the same size. 

One more question that tickles your mind is whether the sizing of a boot and shoes similar?

There is nothing to worry guys because I am here today to answer all your question and give the ways out to all of them.

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Should you Buy Boots Half Size Bigger?

There are certain factors to be considered while you ask if you should get the boots half size bigger:

1.) Summer Months:

Cotton Socks

Summer is the month when you generally go for thin cotton socks and generally choose boots or shoes which are made of light breathable material. With these types of boots, you don’t need to size up.

2.) Winter Months:

thick woolen socks

During winters, when you have to deal with snow and keep your feet warm, you go for rubber or leather boots and wear them with thick woolen socks. So, if you are buying the boots especially for the winters, you should definitely go for half size bigger boot.

3.) Lace up boots:

Lace Up Boots

If your boots have a lace up system, you can easily go for a half size bigger boot because the laces will anyhow fit the boot to your feet when you tie them tightly.

4.) Wide feet:

Wide Feet

If the toes and toe ball part of your feet is wide, the perfect sized boot would make your area of the toe ball part feel pressed from the sides. Therefore, in this case, you should go for half size bigger boots.

5.) Knee-length boots:

Knee length Boots

If you are buying a knee-length boot, you can choose half size bigger so that your feet slip in easily inside the boots. The part covering from the start of the heel to the knees will hold your feet in place.

How to Tell if Boots Fit Right?

Well it completely depends on the comfort after you wear the boots.

Still, if you are unsure, there are certain ways through which you can tell if the boots fit you right:

1.) The very first thing to notice is the insole. Just take it out and put your feet on it. Starting from the longest toe in your feet to the end of the heel, the insole should be just bigger with the width of the thumb.

2.) Wear your favorite socks while trying the boots. The boot should fit well while you are wearing the socks because you are not going to wear your boots without the socks anyway.

toes should not feel cramped inside boots

3.) The other things to notice is that the toes should not feel cramped and the heels should not slip on the sides.

4.) The toes should have some room to move inside the toe box.

5.) The ball of the feet should not feel pinched.

6.) Look if your ankles have any chance to get twisted while rolling the feet on the other sides.

7.) Wear the boots for some time. Go for a long walk in it. You should not feel uncomfortable or experience any pain after removing it.

8.) Check for any red marks in your feet after removing the boots and the socks.

9.) If not overly tight, but the instep of the boot should feel a bit snug.

10.) Put your finger inside the boot on the end of the heel part. The fingers should slip in easily and come out easily rubbing against your heel.

Are Boots and Shoes of the Same Size?

Boots and shoes are of different built and made to suit different purposes. You can never expect your leather steel toe boots to be of the same size as your shoes. Manufacturers too, take a great deal of liberty in labeling their products and somehow the same 11 number measurement for a shoe and a boot from the same brand would have different fittings for you in terms of the fitting.

Focusing on the technicalities, a size 9 sneakers and a size 9 boot of the same brand should be of the same size. But this isn’t the reality. Shoe sizing might not be too exact i.e. size 9 sneakers might fit a size 11 person as well. However, this is not the case with boots. Boots generally tend to remain true.

So, better buy shoes from the shop. This is also because same size shoes from different brands also end up fitting differently.

Luckily, there are some ways out which can be put into application before buying shoes or boots:

1.) Take the measurement of your feet and match it with the measurement chart:

Take the measurement of your feet

With a measuring tape, take the exact measurement of your feet. Now, go to the size chart of the particular boot brand that you ought to buy. Select the size that matches with the data in the measurement chart of the brand. You can rest assure that the shoes or boots will fit you perfectly.

2.) Try them on your feet:

The other way and probably the easiest way is to go a shop and check your exact size by trying one or two sizes.

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Just remember the points mentioned in the article and go for shopping in the evening hours because during the end of the day your feet tend to swell up. This will help your feet to stay comfortable during the entire day.

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