How Tight Should Wedge Boots Be?

Wedge sole boots are generally a bit spacious as compared to the other types of boots. This is because you generally don’t get the option of pointed toe boots in wedged sole boots.

In wedged sole boots, the outsole runs through the entire length of the boots in a single piece and there are no separate heel, arch and toe section for these boots (in respect of the outsole).

How Tight Should Wedge Boots Be

Therefore, the toe box area of these boots has enough room for the movement of the toes naturally. And as there is no issue with the toe area with these boots, you can go for the wedged sole boots that fit exactly to the size of your feet without needing any extra space for the toes in the toe box.

If you try to buy wedged sole boots that are half a size bigger than your feet size, then you will get loose fitting boots with which you might find difficulty in walking fast.

Through this article, I will take you down the various sizing solutions for a wedged sole boot and will answer most of the frequently asked questions regarding the sizing of wedged sole boots according to your feet shape and size!

Should my toes touch the end of my wedge boots?

There is no harm in your toes touching the end of the wedge sole boots unless the toes are bent and that hurts you!

Also, make sure that even if the toes touch the end of the wedged boots, they should have the space to wiggle and stay in their natural shape and be able to maintain the natural spacing between each toe.

This will ensure proper balance of the feet and will let you to move your toes back and forth whenever necessary.

One more thing to keep in mind is that when the toes touch the end of the boots, it should not exert pressure on the nails or should not brush the toes against the walls of the boots or else you will face issues with calluses, blisters and pain in the toes and toe nails. It can also lead to ingrown toe nails.

Should you buy wedge boots half size bigger?

Wedge sole boots are generally true to their size with enough space for your feet to breathe freely. So, you should never size up in wedged sole boots or else it will give you loose fitting boots that won’t be very comfortable to walk in and maintain balance.

Getting half a size bigger in wedged sole boots will not fit the heels of your feet exactly in place of the balls of the heels of boots and your feet will sway at the either side while walking. This will lead you to lose balance and make you fall while trying to walk fast.

Also, the feet will tend to slide forward inside the boots thus exerting all the pressure in the toes of your feet.

Therefore, do not buy wedged sole boots that are bigger than the actual size of your feet. Measure your feet with a tape and match it with the length of the insole of the boots.

Effects of too tight and too loose wedge boots

Neither too tight nor too loose fittings wedged sole boots are good for your feet and comfort. Let us see the various side effects of getting either of them:

Effects of too tight wedged sole boots:

→ Your feet will feel suffocated inside the boots

→ Your feet will feel squeezed by the side walls of the boots or by the front and back of the boots

→ Too tight boots will cause rubbing of the heels or the toes against the walls of the boots and create friction

→ The friction and rubbing can lead to various feet ailments like blisters and calluses

→ It will lead to heel and toe pain and can lead to ingrown toes as well

Effects of too loose wedged sole boots:

→ First of all, it will make you lose your balance

→ You will feel like your heel is coming out of the boots while walking because wedged soles are quite heavy and your feet has to fit tight inside the boots

→ Your feet will move back and forth all the time you walk

→ All these may lead to problems such as overpronation, Achilles’ tendon, plantar fasciitis 

→ All in all, it will not enable you to walk comfortably in your wedged sole boots

How to get right fit of wedged sole boots?

In order to get the right fit of wedged sole boots, you need to follow the steps below:

1.) Wear your work socks that you usually wear with your boots for work

2.) Place your feet on a piece of white paper and mark the end of your big toe and that of the end of your heels

3.) Draw a straight line along the two points

4.) Take a scale and measure the line. Say its 8”

5.) If you are buying online then get a wedged sole boot that is exactly the size of 8” (see the size chart of the boots for reference before buying because 8” would not necessarily mean size 8 for all boots)

6.) And if you are buying from a store, ask the concerned person to take out the insole of the boot so that you can measure if the insole size is exactly 8” or not. This is the actual and the correct way to get the right fitting wedged sole boots

And it’s a wrap!

So, we can conclude that wedged sole boots are the most comfortable ones when it comes to sizing, giving you enough space inside the boots to move your toes and let your feet breathe. Do not size up in wedged sole boots and create unnecessary problems.

Check out the best wedged sole boots for your feet.

Do not forget to choose wedged sole boost with a good lacing system and make sure you tie your boots tightly because wedged sole boots are heavy or else you might feel that they are slipping off from your feet!

That’s all for today! See you soon in my next post!

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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