How To Stop Steel Toe Boots From Hurting (8 Hacks)

How to stop steel toe boots from hurting

When it comes to the safety of our feet during work, we can think of none other than steel toe boots!

Steel toe boots are definitely the strongest and toughest built boots especially designed for the work industry.

But one thing that we ignore is the pain that comes along with the safety of these boots. As the toe caps of the steel toe boots are made of steel, obviously they are not very comfortable to wear for the entire day. Steel toe boots are hard at the toe area and are heavy in weight that brings with them the pain of wearing these boots and bruises and calluses!

To avoid pain from steel toe boots use these simple and easy tricks like wearing thick socks, inserting cotton pads, wearing rubber toe caps, and choosing the perfect boot fit are some of the hacks you can try for stopping steel toe boots from hurting!!

Ignoring the pain for a longer period of time can cause some major problems in your spinal cord as well as the feet. So, better late than never we should start taking the precautions for stopping the steel toes from creating any further damage to our body.

8 Hacks to Stop your Steel Toes from Hurting

1.) Cut the Toe area of the INSOLES:

One of the major reasons that your toes are hurting is that they are too tightly pressed inside the toe box and this is because the insole in the toe box area is taking up much of the space.

One trick is to remove the insole from the boot and cut the toe area of the insole and then insert it back to the boots.

This will give your toes more room within the toe box and thus stop hurting your toes from rubbing against the steel toe cap.

2.) Wear Thick SOCKS

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Socks provide a thick layer to the base of the feet. When you wear a sock, the pressure exerted by the feet is much absorbed by the socks and your feet is not directly exposed to the heel pressure. Check the reviews and price of thick pair of socks recommended by us on Amazon.

Your toes will get a protective layer of the thick socks and thus would not rub against the steel toe box!

Also, wearing a thick pair of socks would provide a comfortable layer to the base of your heel and the heel of the boots would hurt you much less than wearing the steel toe on your naked feet.

3.) Insert TONGUE PADS

Padding adds that extra comfort of wearing boots! It helps a lot in case the edge and the side walls of the toe area feel sharp or compressed.

tongue pad at the top of the foot

Just get hold on some adhesive tongue pads and then cut them into strips and insert them inside the edge of the steel toe caps!

Now put your feet inside the steel toes and you will feel the comfort of wearing a soft shoe as the TOES would not hurt you anymore. This is a quick fix to your problem without having done any further investment.

4.) Always choose LACED STEEL TOES

Yes, guys! This might sound weird, but lacing helps to keep your feet intact inside the shoes without any movement. You can adjust the laces to adjust the fit of the boots according to your feet shape and size. 

The steel toes which are without laces do not fit true to your feet shape and thus cause pain on your toes because your toes keep on moving inside the toe box and keep on rubbing against the steel walls.

You can either select the many laced steel toes from the market or can customize one for you. All you need to do is to just cut out a square portion from the top of the shoes exactly where the laces in other shoes are placed. Punch three holes on either side of the cut outs and tie lace in knots. You are ready to go peeps!

5.) Steel Toe Shape and Size

The ones with very sharp pointing fronts would hurt the most. So, select the ones which fit your toe shape so that you feel comfortable like the asymmetrical or the oblique safety toes.

asymmetrical or the oblique safety toes

You can also use cotton pads in front and on the sides of the toe area to prevent it from hurting.

While buying the steel toes, remember that the point of the ball of the heel of the shoe should be placed just at the middle of your heels. This position would cause much lesser pain than if the point of the ball falls in some other portion of your feet.

6.) Arch support is Necessary

One reason your steel toe boots hurt is that it does not have a good arch support!

You can get the perfect fit when the ball of the foot is located just at the widest part of the boots. With this the arch of the feet fits precisely with the arch of the boots thus providing utmost support from the boots.

You can choose the boots with arch support or insert insoles that provide the arch support to the feet!

7.) Try Wrapping BANDAIDS on your Toes

The toes that hurt the most are the longest toe and the little toe that is the first and the fifth toe!

Try wrapping band aids on these two toes before wearing your boots. This will prevent the toes from rubbing against the walls of the steel toe caps and thus stop hurting.

8.) Apply VASELINE

Vaseline acts as a thick coating for the toes and prevents blisters and calluses!

Apply generous amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the parts of the feet that hurts the most and develops bruises or cuts.

Believe me guys, this trick works like magic!

It’s time to bid Adieu!

Wearing steel toe boots can’t be skipped if you work in sites where your feet have chances of injuries from heavy falling or rolling objects!

But definitely we can reverse or change some bits of it to fit our comfort because nothing comes prior to our comfort.

Try these 8 exciting hacks with your steel toes and you will definately get rid of pain from steel toe boots.