How to Reshape Steel Toe Boots (6 Effective Ways)

Have you ever felt frustrated while shopping for shoes or clothes and not finding the right one for yourself? I can understand, it is quite problematic, especially if you are attached with that particular item.

How to Reshape Steel Toe BootsOne of the frequently faced problems by workers is that they are not always able to find the appropriate shape they want for their steel toe boots.

Don’t ever worry about the level of your comfort since there is a bunch of ways, if you are in a dire need of adjusting the shape of your work-boots. However, it is recommended to choose your boots according to the perfect size that you need without keeping the thought of reshaping it afterwards.

This piece of writing aims to hand out ways and solutions to reshape your steel toe boots according to your preference so that, you can wear your boots for a longer time and feel more comfortable in them.

6 Effective Ways of Reshaping Steel Toe Boots

1.) Freezing the steel toe boots:

Freeze water bags inside to stretch boots

      • Take quart-sized plastic bags and fill them with water, enough to fill the toes of your boots.
      • Put these bags inside your boots and push them towards the toe region to fill up the toes.
      • Once done, place your boots in the freezer filled with the plastic bags and wait till the water in the plastic bags turns into ice.
      • Take the boots out once the water bags gets frozen and let it there only till you can get the bags out of the boots.
      • Now try your boots on to find out whether they have expanded or not. Otherwise, repeat these steps until you get a perfect fit.

2.) Heating your steel toe boots:

      • Put on two pairs of thick socks before wearing your safety footwear to protect your feet from getting cold.
      • Use a blow dryer to blow hot air in a medium or low setting over the areas of your boots, so that they get expanded.
      • Apply a leather conditioner after you are done so that the leather doesn’t remain dry after exposure to heat.

Do NOT opt for these processes if your boots are not made of leather.

3.) Help of mechanical devices:

You can also use other mechanical devices like the two-way shoe stretcher.

      • Insert the toe-end of the shoe stretcher inside your boot to fit it perfectly with the inner area of the boot.
      • Use a widening shoe stretcher and rotate the widening handle, clockwise, to stretch your boot according to your fit.

4.) Rubbing alcohol:

Rub a scientific amount of 70% rubbing alcohol on your steel toe boots. This alcohol will relax the leather and widen it easily.

5.) Stretching Sprays:

A wide range of stretching spray is available in the market for your convenience. Apply the spray on your entire boot or the particular area you need to stretch. Wear them frequently to let the boots stretch to your optimum size.

6.) Using a stick:

Insert Stick to stretch boots

      • Insert the free end of a broom or a stick, strong enough to withstand the widening pressure.
      • The free end should be inserted up-to the toe end of the boot.
      • Push the other end of the stick in a direction opposite to which you want to widen your shoe.
      • Keep applying pressure until you reach your desired widening limit.

How to choose the perfect shape and size of steel toe boots?

There are some basic points to be kept in mind as follows:

1.) Length of your feet– 

Always remember that safety toe comfort comes in length and not width. Be sure to maintain a minimum length for the back and forth movements of your feet within the boots.

2.) Breadth of your feet-

The perfect fit according to the width is obtained when the widest part of your feet aligns with the widest part of your boot, while wearing it.

3.) Measuring your arch-

The arch of your feet should perfectly fit the arch of your boot, giving you the maximum support for your shoes. This particular movement is very important for your feet’s back and forth movement within your safety boots.

Mens (US) Genuine Brannock brand Device - international standard for foot-measuring/shoe-fitting…

The arch of your feet can be measured with the help of a particular device named Brannock Foot Measuring Device. Just like any other slight physical changes in your body, the arch of your feet also changes over a period time.

It is advisable to measure your arch drop from next time onwards, before you buy a pair of steel toe boots.

4.) ‘Longer’ not ‘Bigger’:

The general tendency of your feet is to grow longer, not bigger. As your foot grows, buy a long and narrow shower as it will fit your feet’s size.

But since these safety boots are not manufactured in such a way, you can buy the available wide safety boots and cover them up with flat insoles to reduce the gap between your feet and the inner side of your boot.

Some frequently answered queries:

What is the widening or stretching limit for steel toe boots?

Leather safety boots can be stretched quite well, maybe to the quarter or half the size of the original pair depending on the quality of the material used while manufacturing them.

Can leather steel toe boots be stretched in length?

No, leather steel toe boots cannot be stretched in length but, they can be stretched breadthwise, only to a certain limit.

What are the best shoe-stretchers?

The best shoe-stretchers available are-

How much long should your boots be according to your foot length?

You should maintain a distance about a finger’s width between the longest toe of your feet and the end of your boot. The toes should not retract if it touches the end of your boot.

Which is the most convenient and useful way to expand your steel toe boots?

All the previously mentioned ways are pretty convenient for reshaping your boots. Although, mechanical ways such as using a stick or shoe stretcher delivers more satisfactory and quicker results.

Why reshape steel toe boots?

Steel toe boots might need to be reshaped due to one of the following reasons:

      • If your toes feel cramped inside the toe box
      • If your toes hurt at the sides of the steel toe box
      • If the ball of your feet does not sit right at the heel of the boots and it keeps on swaying on the sides
      • If the arch of your feet is too much bent inside the boots
      • If the heel of your feet hurts and develops blisters
      • Reshaping the boots at the required areas will make the definite parts of your feet to sit comfortably within the boots

When to reshape steel toe boots?

If your feet show any of the following signs, you should know that it’s time to reshape your steel toe boots:

      • When you see ingrown toe nails developing, you should know it’s time to reshape your boots because they are too tight at the toe box area
      • When you experience regular blisters on feet, it’s time to reshape the boots because they are too narrow and that is why your feet rubs against the walls at the sides
      • If your feet sweat a lot, you should know they are too tight and there is no room inside the boots for your feet or the toes to move
      • When the boots feel too tight or too loose, they should be reshaped

Time To Take A Leave:

Hope this article could provide you necessary information regarding the reshaping of your steel toe boots, if only they are not of proper size.

But, it is my personal view that from next time onwards whenever you tend to buy a pair of steel toe boot, always choose the right size.

This will cause you no headache of reshaping them.

Choose the appropriate, use the best!

See you all very soon with some more efficient topics.

Till then,

Be safe and healthy!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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