Can Boot Oil Help Scratches? (Get Rid of Boot Scratches)

Can Boot Oil Help ScratchesDo you like your chapped skin in winters? Definitely not, right? 

Likewise, scratches in leather boots are very hard to ignore!

So, how do you treat your chapped and scratched skin in winters? By applying body lotions and body oils, right?

That’s the same what boot oil does for leather boots!

Yes, boot oil will effectively help to get rid of boot scratches in case of light scratches! Boot oil works by softening and conditioning the leather fibers and thus the scratches seem to fade away with gentle massage using the oil. 

However, boot oil is not the only solution for scratches on leather, especially in case of deep scratches. You need some other products as well to get rid of the scratches on leather completely!

So, in this article I am going to tell you about the various ways to get scratches out of boots and also tell you via comparison which is the best oil for the purpose.

Let’s get started…

How do you get scratches out of boots?

The scratches in the boots might be light or deep ones and both the types of scratches have different treatments. So, let me share with you all of them in details:

How to get light scratches out of boots?

1. Boot oil:

There are a lot of boot oils available in the market that will help to do the job perfectly. What you need to do is, clean the area of the boots with the help of a clean lint free cloth and then massage the oil in circular motion on the spot of the scratch with the aid of your fingertips.

Let the oil dry for a few hours so that the oil gets soaked inside the scratched area well. This will help to soften the fibers of the leather around the scratches and fade away the scratch marks gradually. If you do not find any significant difference on the scratch you can reapply the oil one more time.

2. Vaseline:

Using Vaseline is another effective way to get rid of the scratches out of boots. Clean your boots first and then apply Vaseline on the scratched part of the boots.

Can Vaseline be used to Protect Leather Work Boots

You can then gently massage the Vaseline on the scratched area and let the Vaseline seep inside the broken that is the scratched surface of the leather. The Vaseline will cover the scratches very well and give your boots a new look once again.

3. Leather conditioner:

Leather conditioner will probably work the best for light scratches. All you need to do is take a good leather conditioner and apply it with a lint free cloth or your fingertips in gentle circular motion on the scratched area of the leather boots.

The conditioner will restore all the natural oils and moisture to the leather and mend the scratches in just a few hours.

How to get deep scratches out of boots?

Method 1:

      • First of all, clean your boots nicely with the help of a buffing brush and then with the help of a lint free cloth. 
      • Next, using a lint free cloth softly dab distilled white vinegar on the scratched area. This will help to lighten the scratch marks. 
      • Now take a good amount of olive oil and apply it with your fingertips in circular motion on the scratches. Olive oil is thick in nature and will help to mend the scratches very well. Olive oil also help to condition the leather fibers and form an effective coating on the surface of the leather boots that seals the scratches.

Method 2:

      • Clean your boots with the help of a wet lint free cloth and then let the boots dry for a few hours.
      • Apply a good leather conditioner on the boots with the help of your fingertips. Wipe off the excess conditioner using the lint free cloth.
      • Take a wax sealant and spread it over the scratched area of the boots. Buff the boots using the buffing brush to get the layer of the wax even. The wax coating will permanently heal the scratches and give the boots a fresh new look.

Boot oil vs mink oil vs neatsfoot oil

The following table will show you which type of oil is the best for your leather boots:

Features  Boot oil Mink oil Neatsfoot oil
Composition  Beeswax, mink oil, neatsfoot oil, propolis, pine pitch, natural oil and minerals Derived from the mink fat that is melted into oil Rendered from the shin bones and feet of cattle
Waterproofing  Less effective Most effective Least effective
Darkening  Darkens to an extent Do not darken as such Darkens the most
Conditioning  Conditions the best Conditions to an extent Conditions well
Consistency  Thick  Thickest  Thicker 
Shine  Renders good shine Renders limited shine Renders great shine

Pros and cons of using boot oil for scratches

As every cloud has a silver lining so does boot oil have its own pros and cons and I am going to reveal that to you down below:

Pros of using boot oil for scratches:

      • Boot oil will condition the leather fibers in and around the scratches
      • It will help to heal the scratches by returning the essential oil to the leather fibers
      • It will help to cover the scratches by forming an effective layer above the scratches
      • It will help to prevent further scratches by protecting the leather from abrasions

Cons of using boot oil for scratches:

Alternatives to boot oil

There are a few alternatives to boot oil, which are quite effective in dealing with the boot scratches:


Vaseline is nothing but petroleum jelly that is thick in nature and helps to soften and smoothen the leather fibers as well form an effective coating over the boot that repairs the scratches.

Olive oil:

OLIVE OIL Restores Shine of your Leather Boots

Olive oil is a natural oil which is thick too in consistency. Olive oil penetrates deep inside the pores of the leather and help to repair the scratches from within.


Lexol is a water-based substance that does not contain silicone or petroleum-based solvents and is not flammable too. It penetrates deep in to the leather and conditions the fibers that ultimately help to repair the scratches.

Wax sealants:

Wax sealants are one great solution for scratches that not only covers the present scratches, but also help to prevent future scratches as well by forming an effective coating over the boots.

Boot polish:

Boot polishes do not condition the leather fibers, but they return the lost shine and luster to the leather thus covering the scratches and fading them away.

Recommended boot oil/conditioners for scratches

Here are my recommendations of the best boot oils and conditioners that I have listed after extensive research from applications results and reviews from customers:

Best leather milk healing balm for scratches:

Best leather conditioner for scratches:

Best natural leather oil for scratches:

Best obenauf’s oil for scratches:

Best leather conditioner with natural oil and bees wax for scratches:

It’s time to bid Adieu!

Leather oil will repair temporary scratches, but the ones that contain neatsfoot oil will have a long run effect in deteriorating the texture of the leather and hardening it!

So, apply boot oil only when required and condition and use sealants for scratches instead!

That’s all for today. See you soon in my next article. Till then…

Take care and have a great day ahead!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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