Should Rubber Boots Be Tight or Loose?

Nobody likes it when the boots choke the life out of your feet or when it threatens to fall off any second. Finding a pair of boots that fit you perfectly and gives you ample comfort is one cumbersome task. 

Since rubber boots do not have laces to tighten them up to our liking, the task of finding a pair with the perfect fit gets even more harder. If you are out there shopping for rubber boots, you must really be sweating it out trying to figure out what sort of fit you require.

Well, say bye bye to ill fitted rubber boots as we have got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to find you the a pair of rubber boots that fits your feet perfectly. 

Should Rubber Boots Be Tight or Loose

Should rubber boots be tight or loose? 

Rubber boots do not have laces to adjust the fitting. Therefore it is important that you find a pair that fits perfectly around your ankle and foot.

But the boot must not be too tight as this can make putting them a real nightmare. Tight boots can hinder the blood flow and cause swelling and give you pins and needles. It is important for rubber boots to be a bit loose so as to give you a perfect fit. 

Never go for rubber boots that are tight. If you cannot find a rubber boot that fits perfectly, get a pair that is a bit loose as the roominess of the boot can be dealt with using a few simple tricks. 

What is the right fit for rubber boots? 

      • Rubber boots but fit perfectly around the ankle and feet 
      • The heel must lift up without any problem but should not slam when you walk. 
      • Should have enough room to wiggle the toes 
      • Should not pinch the feet and restrict blood flow 
      • Should not be too tight when thick socks are worn 

 Why should rubber boots be a little loose? 

You must now be wondering why rubber boots have to a bit loose. Questions like “Wont that slip off the feet?” or “ Won’t that cause skidding?” or “Wont that be too uncomfortable?” might pop up in your head. We do have several distinct reasons as to why you should opt for rubber boots that are a bit loose. 

1.) Rubber boots are slip on boots 

You have to slide your feet into the boot and therefore for that process to be easy, the boot must have ample space to let your feet go in and come out. If the boot is way too tight putting them on and taking them off might become a tedious task. 

2.) Toes must have space to move 

If the boot is too tight, you will not have ample space to wiggle your toes. If the boot is too tight around the toe area, that will restrict blood flow and your toes will get sore, swollen and walking in those boots would be a painful ordeal. 

3.) Must have room to accommodate thick socks 

Rubber boots are usually worn with thick socks to improve grip and prevent slipping. Therefore the boot must have enough room to accommodate a thick sock as well. 

4.) Rubber shrinks in low temperatures

If you go out in the rain or snow your rubber boots would shrink and if the boots are tight fitted, they would choke the life out of your feet when out in the cold. Hence, while working in low temperatures it is important to have a somewhat loose fitted rubber boot.

5.) It is easier to make loose boots tighter 

It is easier to make loose boots tighter rather than making tight boots looser. 

6.) Tight boots can cause blisters 

Rubber boots that are too tight can cause blisters even after walking for a short while. This would definitely make the process of using rubber boots a painful endeavor. 

What to do when rubber boots are too loose? 

1.) Thick socks 

Thick socks with rubber boots

The best way to make loose rubber boots tighter is to use thick socks. Thick socks also help by preventing slippage. Thick socks are indeed a boon when it comes to rubber boots that do not fit well. 

2.) Thick insoles 

Use thick insoles to improve grip and to make the boot fit you better. 

3.) Apply heat 

Heat can cause rubber to shrink. Therefore by gently heating the boot with a hairdryer you can shrink the ankle area of the boot to fit you perfectly. 

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4.) Padding heel 

Padding out the back of your boot with a small heel cushion or piece of foam can close the gap between the boot and your foot. 

What to do when rubber boots are too tight? 

1.) Freezing 

Place a plastic bag filled with water inside the shoe and freeze it. The rubber will expand to make room for the frozen bag of water. Remove the bag of frozen water and stuff the shoe with paper to retain the shape. 

2.) Apply heat 

Wear the shoe and heat it to expand the rubber so that it fits your feet by using a hair dryer. Go for a walk to use the heat to expand the boots properly. 

3.) Use a boot stretcher 

Use a tool called the boot stretcher to stretch the rubber boot overnight or for a day to loosen it up a bit. 

Should rubber boots be worn over regular shoes? 

Rubber boots are not worn over regular shoes or sneakers. Since rubber boots are slip on boots, they have to very loose if they are to be worn over regular shoes. Opting for rubber boots when you are already wearing your sneakers is not a feasible option.

If you are looking for a way to keep your sneakers dry, opt for waterproof shoe covers that can keep your sneakers clean and dry.  

Should rubber boots be worn with socks? 

Rubber boots are always worn along with thick socks. These thick socks provide a firmer grip to the feet.

This prevents the feet from slipping on the rubber interior and can help avoid skidding. Thick socks also help to acquire a better fit as boots are always larger than regular shoes.

There are certain rubber boots that comes with slip resistant, waterproof lining. In such cases socks can be avoided. 

How to make rubber boots more comfortable? 

→ Wear thick socks or insoles for better grip

→ Break in the rubber boots by wearing them around the house before you start using them

→ Use baby powder to keep the feet dry and to prevent slipping and blisters 

→ Freeze it or heat it to adjust the fit. 

→ Use stretching liquids to loosen up the boot 

→ Take it to a cobbler if the tricks are not giving you’re the perfect fit 

Top 3 Rubber Boots 

1.) TIDEWE Rubber Boots for Men 

These stylish hunting boots come with a protective steel shank and is available in a variety of colours as well. The soft, flexible and durable design has a pull on tab that makes getting in and out of the boots an easy task. 

2.) TIDEWE Rubber Boots for Women 

This sleek, durable and easy to wear hunting boots are a must have in every adventurous woman’s wardrobe 

3.) Kamik Men’s Ranger Rubber Boots 

This user-friendly, dirt resistant rubber boot is a boon to anyone who loves the outdoors. It comes with an extra-traction outsole so that you can bid adieu to slippage. 

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