How to Shrink Crocs? (Fast and Simple Ways)

Crocs are built for comfort!

Crocs are made from a material called “crosslite” which is type of closed cell resin and looks very similar to rubber and plastic. But they do not exhibit the properties of either rubber or plastic.

How to Shrink Crocs

In fact, they are much softer, more flexible and are not slippery at all. They are extremely lightweight, very attractive and are resistant to sweat, odor and stains.

But one problem with the crocs is that they are very spacious and too comfortable in which people sometimes make the mistake of buying loose fitting crocs mistaking it to be the comfort initially.

But carrying forward, these loose fitted crocs will get you into discomfort as they will slip off your feet easily while walking.

Thank God to the material of these crocs that they are not resistant to heat and that is what you can make use of to shrink them!

Yes! Applying heat to the crocs is one of the easiest ways to shrink them. Heat from the dryer machine, hair dryer or natural heat source all work great in shrinking the crocs.

Through this article, I will tell you the detailed steps as to how to shrink your crocs using all the heat sources and will also answer some of the most asked questions regarding shrinking of crocs….

Ways to shrink crocs

Heat is the only way to shrink crocs, but the source of heat can be multiple! So, here are some of the many ways in which you can apply heat to shrink your crocs:

1. You can shrink crocs in the dryer:

Well, this is the least time-consuming process and the work will be done without much effort. All it demands from you is supervision and knowing the exact steps:

Things required:

      • A dryer machine
      • 2 wet towels

Steps to follow:

1.) First of all, you need to adjust the heat settings in the dyer as well as set the timing

2.) Set the heat setting of the dryer to the lowest temperature and the timing to 10 to 15 minutes. This will ensure that the crocs will get a steady low heat for a long time which won’t damage the material of the crocs while shrinking them

3.) Next, dip the 2 towels in water and squeeze of the excess water

4.) Wrap the crocs separately in the 2 towels respectively. You can also secure them with a string or a rubber band so that the towels do not come off while the crocs are put in the dryer

5.) Put the crocs wrapped in the towels in the dryer

6.) Plug the dryer and switch it on. You have already adjusted the settings in the dryer 

7.) Make sure that you stand in front of the machine while the dryer cycle is going on

8.) Switch the dryer off and take out the crocs

9.) Take them out of the towel and notice that they have shrunk to your desired size and shape

2. You can shrink crocs using a hair dryer:

A hair dryer will do the work similar to that of the dryer and here you have the control in your hands as to where to apply the apply the heat in order to shrink that particular part of the crocs. And that’s is why, this is my favorite method to shrink crocs.

Things required:

      • A hair dryer
      • 2 towels

Note: The wet towel ensures that the heat is not applied directly onto the material of the crocs and no damage is caused to it!

Steps to follow:

1.) Take the 2 towels and wet them in water. Do not forget to squeeze out the excess water or else all the heat will be used up in drying the towels and the heat will not reach the crocs

2.) Wrap the towels on the crocs. In this case, there is no need to secure the towels as you can hold the crocs in your hand and there will be no movement of the crocs (as in the dryer machine)

3.) Take the hair dryer and set the heat setting to medium. Here you can use the medium heat setting as you can control the distance of the heat being applied to the crocs as the hair dryer will be in your hands

4.) Switch on the hair dryer and start applying the heat to the required parts of the crocs only

5.) You can unwrap the towels in between to check whether the crocs have shrunk or not and then go on applying the heat till you reach the desired result

3. You can shrink crocs in natural sunlight:

This is the most cost effective and the easiest ways to shrink your crocs. All you need to do is just leave your crocs in the open ground which receives direct sun rays.

You can shrink crocs in natural sunlight

The heat from the sun rays will help to shrink the crocs naturally without the least of your effort.

But this process can be time consuming and might have to do it for some consecutive days in order to get the desired results.

Do crocs shrink in the washing machine?

Crocs will not shrink if you just wash them in the washing them. It will shrink only when you put it on the dryer cycle.

That is, only heat can shrink the crocs and not the water. So, if you just intend to wash them in the machine, you can do so without putting the dryer mode on.

Can you shrink crocs with a hair dryer?

Yes, you can definitely shrink crocs with the help of a hair dryer and 2 wet towels. Using a hair dryer is in fact, the best way to shrink crocs because here you can control the amount of heat and also make sure that you apply the heat only to the required parts of the crocs.

Can you shrink crocs in hot water?

Though heat helps to shrink the material of the crocs, but this is not the case with hot water. Hot water will do just the opposite of dry heat.

Hot water will instead loosen the material of the crocs and will stretch the crocs and make them loose fitting. Hot water can also relax the material of the crocs and make them lose its elasticity.

Its time to bid Adieu!

That’s all with how to shrink crocs!

Just a note to remember before we part…

Excess heat can damage the material of the crocs. So, apply the heat to the crocs only till you find the texture of the crocs to be the same with no wrinkles and creases. Because, once the crocs will develop wrinkles and creases due to the heat, it will be time to discard them!

Hope you enjoyed reading my article!

See you soon in my next column. Till then take good care of your crocs and keep reading my article for more exciting tips and tricks!