5 Ways to Get Creases Out of Leather Boots (Step By Step)

Leather boots enhance your entire look and add that sophisticated touch to your personality, but not with the creases obviously!

Creases tend to develop on the leather over time and which might not be totally visible in the early days but take gradually tend to take away the look of the boots in the long run.

Creases start to develop very early on the leather which we don’t pay attention to. But if you ignore them initially, they will make a permanent place on your boots which will be of no use to you later.

That is why it is very important to treat the creases at the right time and from the very beginning.

how to get creases out of your leather boots

And today I am here to tell you all about how to get creases out of your leather boots fast and easy!

Let’s get started:

5 Ways to Remove Creases from Boots

While it is inevitable for the creases to get developed, thank god there are certain ways by which you can treat them:

1.) Using Leather Oil to Remove Creases from Leather Boots

Leather being the dead skin of animals will certainly develop creases sooner or later. But the earliest you treat them the better. The following steps need to be followed to get rid of the creases using just leather oil:

Things Required:

Steps to Follow:

1.) Take the boots and find out the creases.

2.) Drop a few drops of the leather oil on the creased parts.

3.) Massage gently with your fingers to remove the creases.

4.) Now stretch the boots and massage again.

5.) Hang the boots with a hook and the oil soak into the creases.

6.) Take the soft lint free cloth and take off any excess oil.

7.) Let the boots dry and they will be ready to be worn.

2.) Using a Clothes Steamer to Remove Creases from Suede and Nubuck

For suede and nubuck, you just don’t too much moisture to take off the creases or else the material of the boots would get worse. Let’s look at the following steps:

Using a Clothes Steamer to Remove Creases from Suede and NubuckThings Required:

      • Newspapers
      • Washcloth
      • Clothes steamer

Steps to Follow:

1.) Wrap a bunch of newspapers and insert it inside the boots trying to maintain the shape of the boots while leaving no space inside.

2.) Remove the laces.

3.) Now place the dry washcloth over the boots.

4.) Heat the steamer and place it over the washcloth covering the boots.

5.) Move the clothes steamer all over the boot trying not to concentrate the heat over the same spot for long.

6.) Remove the washcloth and look if all the creases have gone. If not, then again place the washcloth over the desired spot and work out with the steamer once again.

7.) Keep the boots under the fan for overnight and you are good to go along with it in the morning.

3.) Using Alcohol to Remove Creases from New or Old Leather Boots

Alcohol designed for this purpose is called a rubbing alcohol. Not the ones you thought it to be guys! LOL! But the process is as effective as the other satisfies your desires! You just need to follow the following steps:

Using Alcohol to Remove Creases from New or Old Leather BootsThings Required:

      • Rubbing alcohol
      • Water
      • Spray bottle
      • Leather conditioner
      • Boot stretcher

Steps to Follow:

1.) Half fill the spray bottle with water and the other half with rubbing alcohol.

2.) Now spray the liquid over the creases.

3.) Massage the solution with gentle motions over the creases on the leather.

4.) After the boots dry, apply a coat of leather conditioner to treat the leather and give it a polish.

5.) Now take the boots and stretch them for a while with the help of the boot/shoe stretcher.

6.) You are ready to go!

4.) Using Clothes Iron to Remove Creases from Sneakers

All new and old creases can be removed from boots using a clothes iron. You just need to follow the following steps:

Using Clothes Iron to Remove Creases from SneakersThings Required:

      • Insulation tape
      • Newspapers
      • Washcloth
      • Water
      • Clothes iron

Steps to Follow:

1.) Roll newspapers into thick bunches trying o acquire the shape of your boots.

2.) Insert the bunch of newspapers into the boots trying to fill the entire boot inside leaving behind no space. Try to maintain the shape of the boots.

3.) Take off the laces.

4.) Soak the washcloth in water and place it over the creased parts.

5.) Now heat the clothes iron to nearly 80 degrees F.

6.) Then slowly and very carefully start ironing with the clothes iron over the washcloth.

7.) The steam that is generated from the wet washcloth removes the creases.

8.) Take off the washcloth and look if all the creases have gone. If not repeat the steps once again; this time just over the left over creased parts.

9.) Let the boots to dry naturally by keeping them in the sun.

5.) Using a Blow Dryer or a Heat Gun to Remove Creases from Leather Boots

If you are not a pro at applying direct heat to your boots, you might choose the other alternative of applying heat from a distance far away! Let’s see how:

Blow Dryer or a Heat Gun to Remove Creases from Leather BootsThings required:

      • Shoe stretcher
      • Leather oil
      • Leather conditioner
      • Soft lint free cloth

Steps to follow:

1.) Insert the shoe stretcher inside the boots and stretch them so that creases get stretched.

2.) Now massage the leather oil on the boots.

3.) Apply the heat from the dryer from a distance of 5-6 inches away.

4.) Again massage the oil gently into the leather so that the oil soaks in nicely and creases get away.

5.) With the soft lint free cloth, remove excess oil.

6.) Apply the leather conditioner and let the boots dry for 5-10 hours.

7.) Rub the boots with a fresh piece of cloth to get the shine.

8.) Voila! You are done!

What Causes the Creases?

Creases are caused in the leather due to several factors and in certain parts very fast:

1.) The areas where your foot flexes tend to cause creases at an early period.

2.) Bad fitting boots also lead to the creases.

3.) Too loose boots will tend to develop creases more easily because they get bent in several points and angles.

4.) The quality of the leather is an important factor to be considered. While high quality leather might develop creases over time if not treated properly, low quality leather will already be creased from the beginning which might not be very visible at the first sight.

5.) The design of the boots also plays an important factor in developing creases. Full cap toes or semi cap toes won’t develop creases so easily. But plain toe and whole cut boots would develop creases very easily.

6.) It can get creased if stored improperly.

7.) Boots made of multiple layers of leather develop fewer creases as compared to the ones made with one piece of leather.

Before we say Good Bye:

So, these were some of the very effective tried and tested quick hacks to creases from all types of boots.

Keep in mind to apply the particular method in the particular boot type. Leather boots will need different treatment than the suede boots definitely!

That’s all guys for today. We will be back soon with yet another exciting article!

Till then take care and…

Keep walking!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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