Why do Ironworkers Wear Wedge Boots? 11 Reasons!

Benefits of Wedge Sole Work BootsIronworkers need to undertake a lot of risks in doing their job. They work with iron rods all day long; securing iron structures in the construction of buildings, cutting of iron rods, etc. 

Hence, they are always at the risk of getting foot injuries while working and therefore they need to be equipped with a good boot that provides protection to their feet from the heavy iron metal.

The best boot for this purpose is the wedge boots as for walking in an iron beam while the construction work is going, no boot can beat the traction offered by the wedge boots. The wedge shape is itself anti-trip and the outsoles are made of non-slip, oil and heat resistant material like the polyurethane thus making wedged sole boots the perfect choice for any ironworker.

Besides this, there are also a great number of reasons that make wedged sole boots the perfect pairs for the feet of the iron workers and in this article I am going to tell you about all of them!

So, let’s see why iron workers wear wedge boots!

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What are wedged sole boots?

Before knowing the reasons why iron workers wear them, let us first learn what actually wedged boots are!

Basically, they are your feet’s best friend on any hard surface. Also, as the name suggests, wedged sole boots have a wedged-shaped cushioning in them that elevates slightly towards the heel area. They provide the added comfort and stability that is required in jobs like the construction and especially for the iron workers.

They are built using the Goodyear welt construction which speaks of durability of the boots. The outsoles are also anti-slip and heat and oil resistant which make them even more apt for the job of the iron workers. They also have toe protection them in the form of steel or composite toe caps and fiberglass shanks to provide arch support. All in all a perfect boot for tough workers.

11 Reasons for wearing of wedge boots by the Ironworkers

Wedge boots have a number of features in them which are just very essential for work conditions of the iron workers and I am going to discuss about all the essential features in a wedge sole boot so that it becomes clear to you the importance of wearing them for the iron workers:

1.) The traction provided by the wedge boots is unmatched:

Wedge Soles

The outsole of the wedged boots are made of a non-slip material that prevents the wearer from falling or tripping on any slippery and thin terrains. The outsoles are made of polyurethane which is an excellent non-slip, oil and heat resistant material thus saving the iron workers from any injuries from falling or tripping while walking on the beams in the construction sites.

2.) The outsoles are EH Rated:

The outsoles of the wedged sole boots are EH rated which means they do not conduct electricity. This is very important for the iron workers who have the risks of electrocution by stepping on live wires, through the machineries used for cutting iron, also it might be that the metal is connected to the live wire and they step on the metal.

In both cases, there is a risk of electrocution that can be prevented by the EH rated wedge sole boots. The soles of the wedged sole boots also in some cases absorb electrical shock.

3.) They offer toe protection:

The wedged sole work boots are made with safety toe caps in them which offer protection against heavy falling or rolling objects.

4.) They offer ankle protection:

The material of the wedge sole boots reaches above the ankles thus giving them ankle protection and preventing sprain or twists in the ankles.

5.) The boots protect from cuts or burns:

The wedged sole boots are made of very high quality materials which protect the feet from cuts by sharp tools or from burns by sparks produced during welding.

6.) They are made of fiberglass shanks that provide arch support:

Yes, fiberglass shanks weigh much less than steel shanks and provide support to the arch area thus relieving foot fatigue due to standing all day long on foot.

7.) The greater surface area of the outsoles reduces pressure points:

In the wedged sole boots, the outsoles are greater exposed to the ground. In other words, more surface area of the wedged soles comes in direct contact with the ground which eventually helps to reduce pressure points meaning no particular area of the feet is too much in contact with the ground alone and bears more pressure than the others.

So, when the entire bottom of the feet receives the pressure of the body, it automatically distributes the pressure and thus relieves foot fatigue or pain from standing all day long.

8.) Wedged sole boots have shock-absorbing inserts:

Iron workers have to step on metal beams all day which leads to pain in the feet. But the wedged sole boots come with shock-absorbing inserts which help them to prevent the shock (pressure) from getting in to your feet and it turns back the shock to the ground.

9.) The wedged sole boots are made with moisture wicking linings:

The wedged sole boost are made with cotton linings that help to wick away the moisture that is caused from sweating of the feet and thus keeps the feet of the iron workers dry for the entire day.

10.) The wedged sole boost are very durable:

Made of materials such as full-grain leather, polyurethane and fiberglass or composite shanks, wedged sole boots become not only comfortable but also very durable which is a major concern for the iron workers who have to through their boots every day to tough conditions.

11.) They track less dirt than any other traditional boots:

The outsoles of the wedged sole boots are flatter than the traditional boots. Therefore, they track less dirt and debris from the ground while walking. As a result, maintaining them is also very easy.

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