How to Break in New Work Boots (10 Fast & Proven Ways)

How to Break in New Work BootsLeather boots can serve you a lifetime.

It’s like building a new house and living in it for the rest of the life!

But every new thing starting from house to medicines to places take some time to adjust in your life.

Your leather boots are no exception.

They too take some days for your feet to get adjusted with them.

In other words to make your feet comfortable in them, you need to break-in your new work boots fast.

Breaking-in work boots will allow the boot to take the shape and size of your feet so that they feel comfortable inside it.


In this article I am going to detail you about some exciting hacks on how to break in new work boots.

Hacks to Break in New Work Boots

1.) Wear them at Home for the First Few Days

Do not head out to the workplace straight away after buying your new boots. Give them some time at home, wearing them for at least a week.

boots wearing in house

Whenever you are at home, wear the boots with thick socks or multiple layers of socks. This will expand the area inside the boots according the size of your feet. Actually this helps in stretching the fibers in the areas where the boot was tight for your feet.

 Wear the boots for few hours every day and try bending and stretching your toes, arch and heels inside the boots.

2.) Use Warm Water to Soak in Your New Boots

Take a bucket of warm water and soak in your new boots in it for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the quality of your leather boots.

This will loosen the leather fibers.

Use Warm Water to Soak in Your New Boots

Now wear them with socks. The loosened leather fibers will adjust according to the shape of your feet as they start to dry up. 

Wear them till they are almost dry and then take a dryer and dry the boots while still your feet is in. 

Remember not to over-soak the boots as it might damage the boots entirely.

3.) Use Boot Stretchers to Stretch your Boots

Boot stretcher is a mechanical tool that is used to stretch your boots to the desired shape and size with the application of force.

There are plenty of them available online

Insert Stick to stretch boots

Just insert the boot stretcher inside your boots and then pull the stick as much as you can. Take out the stretcher and wear the boots to see if your purpose is solved. 

If not…

Repeat the process once again or as many times you need until your boots fit you right.

4.) Use Ice Bags to Make Some Room Inside your Boots

Let’s have a look at the process:

Freeze water bags inside to stretch boots➢ Take an ice bag when the ice inside it is in the molten state.

➢ Put it inside your boots right in the place where the boots need to be bigger.

➢ Now take the boots along with the ice bag and place it inside the freezer.

➢ As the water inside the ice bag starts to freeze, it gradually expands your boot’s surface area.

➢ Take out the boots and wear them. 

➢ Now, take a dryer and start drying the boots.

➢ The boots should fit you right.

5.) Use Leather Conditioner to Soften the Fibers

You might think that what work a leather conditioner can have in breaking in your new boots, but the idea is just to soften the leather fibers.

Once the leather fiber, that is the upper of your boots are soft, they can mold according the comfort of your feet.

condition the bootsThe process to follow is:

➢ Take your brand new pair of boots.

➢ Apply the leather conditioner generously on the upper of the boots.

➢ Leave-in for some hours.

➢ Wear them when the fibers are soft.

➢ The boot will take the shape of your feet.

➢ Now take a wet cloth and rub off the excess conditioner.

➢ Dry the boots using a dryer.

6.) Use Mink Oil

Mink oil is known for its softening properties. It works on your boots pretty much like the conditioner.

How to Mink oil leather boots and leather goods

The process is also almost same with just some differences:

➢ Take your boots and apply mink oil on the upper portion with soft cotton.

➢ Leave-in the mink oil on your boots overnight.

➢ The mink oil will soften the leather fibers.

➢ Next morning wipe off the excess oil from the uppers of your boots using a tissue paper.

➢ Wear the boots for few hours to let the fibers mold into the shape of your feet.

7.) Use Heat in the Form of a Dryer

Heating also loosens up the leather fibers which in turn then takes the form of your feet.

Using-Hair-Dryer on boots

The steps for the process are:

➢ Take a hair dryer and start heating your boot from all sides.

➢ The heat will loosen the fibers.

➢ Now wear the boots and walk around as usual.

➢ The soft fibers will mold into the form of your feet.

8.) Try Inserting a Shoehorn


A shoehorn is a wooden piece that can be inserted inside your boots. Take the shoehorn and insert it inside the boots and as the shoehorn expands, it gradually stretches the leather.

9.) Wear your new boots with Thicker pairs of Socks

Thick Pair of Socks

Wearing thick pairs of socks inside your boots will expand the surface area inside the boots. This way your new boots won’t hurt you too. Your feet will feel comfortable as well as the boot will break in too.

10.) Use Rubbing Alcohol


While alcohol is used to clean the leather, it also acts as an agent to soften the leather fibers. Spray rubbing alcohol on the parts that need to be broken-in. leave it for few hours. Wear the boots and clean the alcohol using a wet cloth. Dry the boots nicely using a dryer.

Before we say Good Bye:

So, before taking adieu from you here are some PRO TIPS:

  • Never over soak the boots in water for long hours. It will damage the boots entirely.
  • Try wearing your new boots longer than usual. Wear them at home as well as go out to the park or shopping in them.
  • Don’t have to tendency to avoid them as they are new and hurting your feet. If you don’t start now, they won’t fit you any day.
  • Try to keep them in airy and lighted area.
  • Repeat as many processes mentioned above alternating one with the other till the boots fit you right!

Your new boots should be comfortable for you with the tricks mentioned by us.

Do try them and let us know in the comment section below your experiences with your new work boots.

Till then take care and…

Keep walking!