What Do Cowboy Boots Say About a Man?

Although not the invention of the 21st century, cowboy boots are making a grand entry, Again! Not everybody’s swag, but there is no other boot that can send across so many signals about the confidence of the man wearing a cowboy boot. 

Cowboy boots have a history that goes back to the 19th-century struggles of American men (and women). Pulling them off with swag in a way that they belong to you isn’t easy.

Having said that, if you still fancy embracing the grace of cowboy boots, there are many interesting ways of subsuming them organically so that they find a permanent place in your wardrobe. What Do Cowboy Boots Say About a Man

What’s so special about cowboys boots? What makes them different? What do they say about the men wearing them? We hear this hullabaloo every now and then. 

The debate whether or not they belong to the modern wardrobe has divided fashion gurus too. Yet, cowboy boots can decipher the personality of the man wearing them adequately. 

Keep reading to find out what do cowboy boots symbolize, what is so great yet controversial about them, and why real men are choosing cowboy boots over the many other readily available footwear options!

10 Things Cowboy Boots Say About a Man

1.) You Know Your Roots and are Proud of Your Identity

A man who knows his roots also knows what his ancestors had to endure to make us the Americans that we are today. Cowboy boots have the struggles of ancient Americans written all over them. 

Wearing cowboy boots is a token of tribute and homage to those who lived a tough life at barns and farms and worked in the wilderness to enrich America and help it become the country of pride with an honorable past. 

So, wearing cowboy boots says that you’re a patriotic man who respects his culture!

2.) You’re Not Afraid That You Look Different 

Cowboy boots look every bit unique. Their design, strength, and even their shape will make them the most noticeable ensemble of what you’re wearing. They will attract eyes: both, admiring and critical.

Some people will admire you for having the guts to pull off something so unique. At the same time, a section of the crowd will strongly disapprove of your choice and criticize your dressing sense. 

If you’re still confident enough to wear cowboy boots, it means you embrace the fact that looking different is not bad. 

3.) You’re Sending Out a Sign That You Condone Bullying 

Many people are constantly bullied because they look different. They either don’t fit within the beauty standards set by society or they’re just born a certain way. Every 3rd person of color or a person who isn’t a size zero faces brutal bullying! 

When you wear cowboy boots, you’re embracing the idea that you’re OK with looking different. It’s a choice you’re making. It’s your conscious decision that bullying, no matter what, isn’t acceptable!

4.) You Put Safety Ahead of Everything Else

Cowboy boots are one of the strongest footwear in the whole wide world. When you wear them, it shows that you’re someone very responsible. You value safety above everything else. 

When you’re wearing a cowboy boot, it says that your life’s philosophy is to value life! 

5.) You’re Confident of Who You Are

Wearing cowboy boots and wearing them with style isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. These boots are definitely stylish, but it takes courage to sport them outside a concert hall. If you can do that, it just shows the amount of confidence that you have in yourself. 

You are who you are and you’re unapologetic about it. Not everybody is even half the man of confidence and courage that defines you.

6.) You Can Pull Off Any Style 

If you can rock a pair of cowboy boots under your chinos or your corporate pants, there’s no other style left that you can’t pull off.

Not only is your taste in fashion exquisite and unique, but you’re also a style icon who embraces different things in life. Different, in fact, is good! 

Your sense of comfort goes beyond what’s predictive. 

7.) You’re an Explorer 

Cowboy boots were designed in the 19th century to aid men going out in the wild to fetch food for the family. They were worn by men on horses who would journey miles and miles for hunting.

When you wear cowboy boots that were originally designed for men setting out on long journeys through tricky terrains, they send out a strong signal that you’re an explorer. 

You seek thrill as much as you value your culture. You’re a traveler and an adventure fanatic who loves exploring wild tricky terrains. At the same time, you’re a responsible sensible man who knows how to stay safe while experiencing all the thrill and adventure you want. 

8.) You’re a Provider and a Man of Words

Cowboy boots were worn by mid-century men who worked hard every single day to hunt for their families and to provide and care for their children. 

When you wear cowboy boots, they say the same thing about you too: that you’re a devoted dutiful lover, husband, and father who works hard to sustain his family.

9.) You’re Serious About Your Work 

Wearing flip-flops or casual mojos to work gives off the impression that you’re not serious about your work, even if you are.

On the flip side, if you can pull off cowboy boots at your workplace, they will give off the vibes that you’re a hardworking man who takes his job very seriously.

Many celebrities wear cowboy boots to work. Whether you’re a hotshot lawyer or a construction worker, wearing cowboy boots shows you’re a serious devoted worker. 

10.) Not the Society, But You Make Your Decisions

If you would have given heed to what society thinks about you or says about you, you wouldn’t have probably given a thought to wearing cowboy boots in the first place. You would have opted to wear something that would make you look like a part of the crowd.

The very fact that you chose to wear cowboy boots speaks a lot about you. You’re a man who is strong enough to follow your mind and heart. You do not let society make decisions for you. You’re man enough to make your decisions. 

Why Do Real Men Choose to Wear Cowboy Boots? 

Cowboy boots symbolize hard work, free spirit, outgoing attitude, and confidence. All these are the qualities of a real man. 

Real men take risks and stand by the decisions they make. There’s no other shoe better than cowboy boots to convey that you’re a nurturing man. 

Most importantly, real men have seen real struggles. They have been to places, seen the world, and have matured with the experience they’ve had in life. Cowboy boots, similarly, have passed from centuries to centuries and have seen the struggles of true American heroes. 

This resemblance inspires real men to wear cowboy boots more than anything else. Cowboy boots are a symbol of pride and if you can slip into them effortlessly, it speaks a lot about your positive personality. 

What do Cowboy Boots Symbolize? 

Cowboy boots symbolize American history, the struggles of riding through thick bushes and thorns to hunt, the desire to keep going, and most of all, strength. 

These are the boots that helped ancient Americans survive in tricky tough terrains. They symbolize protection. What you now see as manly footwear has a very deep past. These boots were a matter of pride and the mark of the provider. 

Cowboy boots were born out of necessity, not luxury. Wearing them in modern times still symbolizes that you have the qualities of a survivor and provider that your ancestors had. 

Top 10 Best Cowboy Work Boots for Men and Women

The To-Do and Not-to-Do Guide that’ll Help You Look Graceful in Your Cowboy Boots 

Fine, you value your history and you’re a very confident man who doesn’t cower from looking different as long you believe you’re right.

But, if you fail to style your cowboy boots the right way, you’ll look irresponsible, unreliable, and unprofessional, the exact opposite of what you are or what you want to be.

There are things you should do and not do if you want to embrace the real grace of cowboy boots with class, confidence, and style.

The to-do List

1.) Invest in buying high-quality cowboy boots. Being comfortable is a big deal if you plan to wear your boots all day long. Cowboy boots aren’t your regular boots.

If you don’t buy the right size and the right fit, you’ll feel very uncomfortable in your new boots. So, buy high-quality cowboy boots only.

2.) Check the right sizing guide and keep your purpose of buying the cowboy boots in your mind since cowboy boots are of different types. The right match depends upon the purpose you want the boots for.

The not-to-do List

1.) Do not wear your cowboy boots without the right work socks. It is very important to wear breathable socks (both thick and thin, depending upon the climate you’re living in) if you want your feet to stay pain-free, dry, and comfortable.

2.) Do not wear the design you’re not sure about. There is a plethora of colors, designs, and patterns to choose from. Be it the shaft of the boots, the thickness and height of the heels, do not buy anything you’re not comfortable with. There are many options and with the right brand, you’ll definitely find the exact match you’re looking for.

3.) Most importantly, it’s not cool to borrow somebody else’s cowboy boots for a concert or in general. These boots have a very rich cultural significance. Owning a pair should be a matter of pride. 


Cowboy boots are a symbol of hard work, adventure, responsibility, and, most importantly, they’re the boots of our ancestors. They say a lot about the personality of a man wearing them.

Only real men have the confidence to wear them as a part of the modern ensemble. When you wear them, you send out the signal that you’re comfortable with who you are and you aren’t scared to look different and stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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