Is It Hard to Walk in Cowboy Boots?

We all have heard the famous quote that cowboy boots don’t define you but it’s you who define them. At the same time we all those who own a pair of cowboy boots know how difficult it is to walk in them. 

The wild look of boots not only look elegant but also gives you confidence if you become habitual to them. But it’s not that easy and in fact it is a cumbersome task to many workers.

Cowboy boots were designed to serve their purpose with precision and so walking in them doesn’t come naturally. The boots have got heels to secure the boot to the stirrup along with the high shaft to protect the worker’s leg from friction.

Many wearers found the boots uncomfortable, wobbly and loud for their workplace, and hence cowboy boots are not the first preference of many workers.

So what all problems are faced by people who wear cowboy boots and how exactly does one walk in cowboy boots? Read our article to easily overcome the troubles that you may face while you first purchase them.

Is It Hard to Walk in Cowboy Boots

Are cowboy boots comfortable to wear?

Cowboy boots are one of the most comfortable boots available in the market. This variety is known to provide impressive support to your feet but there is just one condition, the boots must be of correct size.

The cowboy boots have evolved with time and now the new design can be worn daily and can be used for any activity.

The regular cowboy boots have got adjusted lower heels, wider toe box and flexible leather. Not just this, these are tougher so that you can wear them at rough places.

How to walk properly in cowboy boots

There are various factors which control the comfortness of cowboy boots. The main parameters are quite basic yet important.

1.) Choosing the perfect size of your boot

Most people choose the boots online and make the mistake of choosing the wrong size. Size always plays a significant role for your boots to fit in comfortably because of that way they make you more comfortable to walk in. 

Cowboy boots have particularly wide heels so there might be some slippage problems and it might affect your gait as well. For your boots to be comfortable, make sure you buy the one whose heels are a bit loose and the instep fits snugly.

Most of the time, cowboy boots haven’t got a standard fit. The size differs from brand to brand and that is why I would advise you to physically fit them before purchasing.   

2.) Properly break in your boots

Cowboy boots take some time to break in so you don’t really have to hustle. Once they break in you can automatically feel the ease of wearing these boots.

To accelerate the process, there are certain proven methods by which you can easily break in. Use of sprays can also speed up the process.

Breaking in the boots not only makes them comfortable but also reduces the chances of blisters by many folds. Moreover, it allows the boots to mold to the natural contours of your feet.

3.) Applying pressure on the heel of the boot

If you shift all of your weight to the front then there are high chances that you’ll end up falling down because of the overbalance. And that is why it is very important that you exert pressure on the heels while walking to attain maximum stability. 

Moreover, if you really want to feel comfortable in your boots then rest the ball of your feet on the widest part of the boot’s interior. This gives enough space for your toes to move freely.

You can also insert pads under your shoe and easily lean on it. The pad will equally distribute the weight creating a subtle balance.

4.) Walk from heel to toe

Whenever you walk in cowboy boots make sure that your heel touches the ground before your toes. And do not try to put both at the same time because by doing so, you will notice an awkwardness in your walk as your feet don’t compensate for the space taken up by the raised heel.

Put on your boots and direct all your weight on the heel of the boots or on the balls of your feet. As soon as you have centered the weight, start walking from back to front that is from your heel to toe and by doing so take forward steps.

Obviously, it will take some time for you to get used to it but once you adapt to it, you will notice that your posture has also got better with time.

5.) Have a correct purpose

Lastly, cowboy boots were initially made to serve a purpose and one of the reasons that you are finding it hard to walk in them could be because you might be wearing them for the wrong purpose.

If you are purchasing them just for walking and you are new to them then you definitely ought to work your way up.

How to avoid slipping in Cowboy boots?

Now that you have learnt how to walk properly in cowboy boots, let’s learn how you can avoid slipping after wearing them because most amateurs have the tendency to fall right after you start walking in them. 

1.) First and foremost, get the boots that actually fit you because the actual reason for slippage might be the distance between your boot and the toe.

2.) One of the most economical solutions for heel slipping is wearing the right socks. You may try paired socks as their thickness is twice as much as typical socks.

3.) Use shoe tongue pads. These are very comfortable and great in supporting heels, relieving pain and heel inflammation. 

4.) Heel liners help in reducing friction on sensitive parts of the heel and prevent boot rubbing and slipping.

Are Cowboy boots hard on your feet?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. While most people think that cowboy boots are hard on your feet, the reality is that it depends on the heel and the purpose for which they are being used. The toe shape and sole of the boots also decides in what way these boots will suit your feet. 

If you are using cowboy boots with 1 to 1.5 inches of heel then it’s perfectly alright but the moment you switch to 2 inches without knowing how to use them properly, you might experience bad effects on your feet. 

Moreover, traditional cowboy boots don’t have proper arch support so it can worsen pain of flat feet and their narrow toes can aggravate forefoot pain.

However, if you are a patient of plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis then the higher heel of cowboy boots can turn out to be helpful. So, it really depends how and when you use them.  

Are Cowboy Boots Bad for Your Back?

If you know the tactics then you can easily wear cowboy boots without any discomfort. However, these boots can be an issue if you choose the ones with really high heels.

Heel higher than 1.5 inches is not only hard on your foot but can also cause your back to arch. High heels can make your knees bend and can push your quadriceps to exert extra force. Infact, it can put stress on your spinal cord hence resulting in back pain. 

Cowboy boots with rigid soles can also initiate back pain but if you break them properly before wearing, they become very comfortable to walk in.

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What are the positive effects of wearing Cowboy Boots?

Modernization in cowboy boots have led to better sole design and impact. So cowboy boots have following advantages:

1.) Sides of the boot or tall shaft protects your foot, ankle, shin and calves from harsh environment and elements.

2.) Modern cowboy boots don’t have laces so it decreases the chances of you getting caught in stirrups or any other hurdles manyfolds.

3.) The heel present in the boot elevates the heel of the foot reducing strain on the tendons and reducing foot pain in people with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon.

Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots to Walk all Day

1.) ARIAT Men’s Rambler Square Toe Boot 

      • The ATS technology cushions present in them enhances good posture and at the same time helps in reducing fatigue.
      • These square toe boots come with torque stability technology.
      • The duratread sole ensures maximum wear resistance.
      • Breaks in quite easily.
      • The boots are so flexible that you can easily move your feet every now and then.
      • Keeps your feet dry, thanks to its moisture wicking footbeds and gel cushioned insole.
      • Available in five classic finishes.

2.) Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Pull-On Square Toe Work Boot 

      • Quite comfortable for men with wide feet.
      • The boots inhibitJ-flex comfort system which provides extra comfort so that you can be on your feet all day long.
      • The pull ons come with multicolour shaft stitching and side pull tabs for your convenience.
      • The boots are designed using an all leather upper with heels that measures approximately 1.25 inches.
      • It also features a steel shank and a rubber outsole.
      • The mesh fabric lining in the boots helps to keep your feet cool and dry.
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3.) Dan Post Boots Men’s Milwaukee Round Toe Boots Mid Calf

      • Classic cowboy boot with modern comfort and design features.
      • You can work all day long in these boots without any obstacle because of the comfort cushion insole.
      • The scalloped topline and decorative stitching pair makes the boot look fashionable.
      • Made of 100% pure leather which is both durable and attractive.
      • Pull tabs on sides makes it convenient for users to wear them. 
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Bottom line

If you know how to walk in cowboy boots then it could be a perfect sport for you. By following our guide I am sure you can bring out that confidence in your walk and make it look quite easy.

The key is the right size and the correct placement of your weight and your steps. Once you figure these out, the ramp is all yours!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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