How to Waterproof Suede Cowboy Boots?

Suede is a very sensitive material. It is not as tough as leather. Therefore, maintenance and caring for suede is not very easy. You need to be very careful with the products you are using and the procedures you are applying for its care!

How to Waterproof Suede Cowboy BootsWaterproofing suede cowboy too calls for the right care and the use of right products and this article is all about what you need to know regarding waterproofing suede cowboy boots!

The best way to waterproof your suede cowboy boots is using waterproofing sprays and the best amongst all the sprays is the Saphir Medaille d’Or Suede Renovator which not only waterproofs the suede material, but also nourishes the suede fibres and increases their longevity.

Apart from this product, there are a number of other products as well, which are considered good for suede boots and I am going to mention all of them in this article.

Not only this, you will also know about the ways to use these sprays and the best way to treat your suede cowboy boots.

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Are suede cowboy boots waterproof?

Suede is NOT a waterproof material in general. But definitely there are ways to make them waterproof and the best way to waterproof suede cowboy boots is by spraying a waterproof spray!

Wax based or cream based products can damage the suede material. So, the safest way to waterproof them is the use of the sprays.

Can you waterproof suede boots?

Obviously, you can waterproof suede boots using a number of products mentioned below:

Best for suede: Crep protect universal protector

Best value for suede: Sof sole waterproof spray

Best non-aerosol spray for suede: Nikwax nubuck and suede proof waterproofing

What is the best way to waterproof cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots are generally made of leather and the best way to waterproof them is the use of mink oil.

Mink oil is the best waterproofing ingredient for leather cowboy boots because mink oil has fatty acids in it and this fatty acid creates a layer over the leather, thus making it resistant to water and abrasions.

The other ways to waterproof cowboy boots are as follows:

Cream Conditioners:

Conditioner is one of the best ways to waterproof leather cowboy boots because besides waterproofing, conditioner also helps to nourish the leather fibres and make them supple and soft and increase their weather resistance capacity.

Steps to follow:

      • Clean the boots thoroughly with soap water solution and using a clean lint free cloth
      • Again dip the lint free cloth in clean water and rub the boots to clean it entirely
      • Apply the conditioner with your finger tips and massage in small circular motions
      • Let the conditioner soak in for a few minutes and then use a buffing brush to buff off the excess conditioner

Wax based conditioners/sealants:

Wax conditioner is generally a by-product of bees wax and wax creates a protective coat over the leather boots which repels water thus making the leather cowboy boots waterproof.

Steps to follow:

      • Clean the boots with soap-water solution and then again with a clean rag to take off the soapy residue
      • Apply a coat of the beeswax on the leather boots and buff using a horsehair brush

Remember too many layers of beeswax will eventually crack the top surface thus making way for water to sip in.

Waterproof sprays:

Waterproof sprays are the best choice if you have suede cowboy boots because these sprays will not damage the suede fabric and will retain the waterproofing capacity of the suede cowboy boots.

Steps to follow:

      • Clean the boots using a horse hair brush and if there are stains, take a wet lint free cloth and rub on the stained area. If still you notice spots, you can just rub the cloth on soap and clean the area. The main point is avoid the use of water as much possible for suede boots
      • Take the waterproof spray and spray it over the boots. Do not forget to spray on the seams and the tongue area of the boots

Mink oil:

Mink oil can be used on leather cowboy boots and is by far the best option for waterproofing it naturally besides getting the conditioning effect as well.

Steps to follow:

      • As usual, the first step is to clean the leather boots
      • Then take a lint free cloth and pour few drops of mink oil on it
      • Use the cloth to apply the oil in small circular motions until you have covered all the areas of the boots including the soles and seams
      • Apply a second coat of the mink oil if necessary

How do you treat suede cowboy boots?

To treat your suede cowboy boots, you need to both clean and protect them from the weather. In order to treat my suede cowboy boots I make use of two products: Kiwi Suede Cleaner & Kiwi Suede Protector.

Now let’s learn about the application of these two products in order to treat your suede cowboy boots:

      • Use a horsehair brush to clean off the loose dirt from the surface of the suede boots
      • Spray the KIWI suede cleaner all over the boots and use the horse hairbrush to brush the dirt off the boots
      • You can then make use of a clean lint free cloth to remove any extra dirt that might not have gone with the use of brush
      • Once the boots are clean, spray the KIWI suede protector all over the boots and let the bots dry. Apply a second coat for better protection

Is it ok to get cowboy boots wet?

If your cowboy boots are made of leather, then getting them wet won’t be a huge problem because leather has the capacity to retain water naturally. Little water will do great harm for your leather boots.

The problem will arise if your cowboy boots are made of suede and you get them drenched in water. Suede is a fabric and will get damaged due to prolonged exposure to water.

Obviously, waterproof sprays can save them from getting damaged by water for a while, but a regular exposure to water for over a month will definitely damage your suede cowboy boots!

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Is it ok to wear cowboy boots in snow?

There is a difference between waterproof and water resistant and leather cowboy boots are water resistant and not waterproof. So, wearing them in snow is never a good idea because over time, leather will get cracked in the presence of snow.

You can treat them with the right protectants to make them weather resistant and then wear them but still not extensively.

What happens if suede boots get wet?

The sued fabric is soft and has fur-like texture. So, when suede gets wet, it will turn hard and develop white patches over it. You can obviously replenish the suede fibres by cleaning them and spraying them with protectants, but over exposure to moisture will harden the fabric forever and ruin your boots.

What is the best way to waterproof suede boots?

The best way to waterproof suede boots is by spraying them with Saphir Medaille d’Or Suede Renovator.

This is a water-based spray and does a fantastic job in waterproofing the suede material. This is a tried and tested product by our experts which gives 100% waterproof protection to the suede boots.

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