Do UGG Boots Stretch When You Wear Them?

UGG boots are made of sheepskins with a layer of fleece on the inner side, making the boots one of the best options in winter for work as well as casual purposes. The material keeps your feet warm and helps you be comfortable during your work.

However, because sheepskin is not a very frequently used material, you might not be quite aware of its properties. Thus, thinking about its elasticity and questioning whether it will stretch or not as you wear them is a valid question that you might encounter at some point.

The answer to your question is, Yes! Definitely, they will stretch over time as you use them. It is always better to buy a size that fits your correctly right from the beginning.

Do UGG Boots Stretch When You Wear Them

Even without applying a lot of external force like you might have to do in hunter boots or rain boots, UGG boots can stretch on their own as you use them frequently.  

Wearing UGG Boots to work would mean more movement for the shoes, which might speed up the expansion process. Therefore, choosing the right size of UGG boots is very important because wearing loose shoes can be as uncomfortable as wearing tight ones.

The wool easily gets adjusted to your feet’ length. This article will highlight some crucial aspects of the stretching of UGG Boots and what should be taken care of while using them. 

How long does it take for your UGG Boots to stretch out? 

Due to the ability of the woolen material to adjust fast with a particular shape, the chances are that you will start seeing the results very soon. It won’t take more than a week for your UGG boots to stretch with time.

However, the difference during this period might not be significant. If you want the shoes to expand more due to the wrong size or other discomforts, you should go for different methods with which you can stretch them a little more. 

How much will it Stretch by Wearing? 

Based on the users’ experiences, it is observed that they stretch half a size naturally as you wear them multiple times. If you want it to be expanded more, you might have to resort to other measures. 

What size of UGG Boots should I buy? 

While buying shoes, we tend to buy a bigger size than our usual shoe size out of the fear that they might contract due to the weather effects.

Whereas in the case of UGG boots, you should not fall for such kinds of urges. Always buy the exact size of your shoes, as UGG boots will stretch easily and quicker.

However, if your shoe size is originally a half size, then going with the bigger half would be a better option to be on the safer side. Even if they are initially tight for you, they will stretch in no time, and you can be well assured of that. 

What kind of Socks should I wear with my UGG Boots Shoes? 

Usually, socks are not preferred along with UGG boots as they already have a fleece side in the inner part. However, if you still want to wear one, we suggest you wear thin socks with your UGG boots.

If it is only a tiny gap that needs to be filled, wearing thick socks can also help in practical and quick stretching. They will also fill out the boots better, keeping you comfortable irrespective of the size mis adjustments. 

How Do I Stretch Them More?

1.) Wearing Thick Socks 

If you want to stretch your UGG boots more than how much they would stretch naturally, try to pair them with thick socks. Walk around and work for some time wearing the same.

You will feel the changes happening in your boot size immediately. It might take some more time than the other stretching methods. However, because it is a natural process, there won’t be any side effects. 

2.) Freezing Methods 

In this method, you fill Ziploc bags with water and then place them near your toe area and other parts where you want them to be stretched.

Keep the boots in the freezer for a stipulated period, and you will see that as the water turns into ice by freezing, the material will expand. Ensure that you don’t wet the fleece inside much, as it will ruin the material and make you uncomfortable during work. 

3.) Use Leather Stretching Substances

Various materials like stretching sprays or liquids can be applied to the calf area. After application, pull it in the direction you need it to be expanded.

You will be able to witness the extension immediately. The material does consist of chemicals and thus must not be overused to retain the quality of your UGG boots. 

4.) Use Stretchers 

Applying external forces can be one of the best options in stretching footwear quickly. It works fast and can also be used across for many shoes.

However, because UGG Boots material has soft portions on the inner side, ensure that you do not harm the material while using the stretchers on your boots

5.) Seek help from Cobblers

Given the kind of material with which UGG boots are made,  seeking help from professionals to stretch them can be the safest way. They know how to deal with all types of materials even if they are as sensitive as that of UGG boots.

They will help you understand what can be done to keep your UGG boots refined and comfortable as you use them for work. 


The convenience, ease, and warmth provided by UGG boots, especially during the winter season, make them one of the best footwear choices for work.

The elasticity also helps the shoe stretch very quickly, unlike other materials. The softer side on the inside will also prevent you from developing rashes and itching. Thus, wearing UGG boots to work can never be a wrong choice. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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