How Long are 5 Eyelet Boot Laces?

The standard size of shoe laces run somewhat around 60 to 100 cm in length, but the length generally varies with the number of eyelets present in the boots or the shoes.

How Long are 5 Eyelet Boot LacesThis is easy to understand as a 4 eyelet boot will definitely have shorter lace length than an 8 or 10 eyelet boot.

In general, 5 eyelets boot lace length will be around 36 inches to 45 inches that is 90 to 120 cm in length.

However, the length of the laces depends on the spacing of the eyelets which are different in different types of boots and shoes about which we will learn in this article below.

Also, I will tell you the easiest ways to lace up your 5 eyelet boots and shoes and lastly I have in list for you; our top 3 recommendations of 5 eyelet boot laces from our experts!

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Types of laces used in different types of shoes:

Types of shoes Types of laces
Tennis and skater shoes Cotton 
Work shoes  Textured polyester
Smart shoes Spun polyester
Walking shoes and boots Nylon 
Sports shoes Elastic 

What shoelace length should I order?

Your shoe lace length will depend on the number of eyelets present in your shoes or boots.

Therefore, count the number of eyelets in your shoes and look at the chart below to know the perfect size of lace length for your shoes and boots:

No. of eyelets Shoelace length
4 27-36 inches
5 36-45 inches
6 45-54 inches
7 54-63 inches
8 63-72 inches
9 72-75 inches
10 >75 inches

Different types of shoes/boots and their number of eyelets and lace length:

Types of shoes/boots Number of eyelets (in pairs) Length of laces
The street style shoes 4 to 5 27 inches to 36 inches
The low-top hiking shoes 5 to 6 36 inches to 45 inches
The 6” hiking and work boots 6 to 7 45 inches to 54 inches
High top sneakers 7 to 8 54 inches to 63 inches
Tall hiking boots 7 to 8 54 inches to 63 inches
The 8” work boots 8 to 9 64 inches to 72 inches
Tall boots 9 to 10 75 inches to 84 inches
Tall boots 10 to 11 96 inches to 108 inches
Tall boots 11 to 12 108 inches to 120 inches

If you are too confused with the above chart, here is a shorter version of the chart:

Types of shoes/boots No. of eyelets Length of laces
Athletic shoes 10 to 14 44-52 inches
Hiking boots 12 to 16 52-70 inches
Work boots 12 to16 62-78 inches
Military boots 16 to 20 70-86 inches

Can you use 5 eyelets boot laces in 4 or 6 and vice versa?

A 5 eyelet boot’s lace length would be 36 inches and that of with 4 eyelets would be 27 inches and that of 6 eyelets would be 45 inches.

Therefore, you can definitely use a 5 eyelets boot laces in a 4 eyelets boot but not in a 6 eyelets boot.

But, if your 5 eyelets boot lace length is 40 inches or above, you can definitely use it in the 6 eyelets boot.

How to lace 5 eyelet shoes?

There are several ways to lace your 5 eyelets boots, but let me mention the most common method below:

Straight bar lacing method:

      1. First of all put the laces through the front eyelets and then pull the laces out from underneath keeping the left lace a bit longer
      2. Next pull the left lace from underneath the next eyelet on the left
      3. Then pull the right lace from underneath the 2nd eyelet on the right
      4. You then have to loop the left lace to the right hole
      5. Next pull the lace that is on the right from underneath the last eyelet on the right
      6. Loop the lace on the left across the right eyelet
      7. Lastly, loop the last lace on the right to the last eyelet on the left
      8. Make a knot of your choice and you are done!

If you are still confused, watch the video below:

How to Straight Bar Lace Shoes with 5 Eyelets

Types of laces to use in 5 eyelet shoes:

You can use the following types of laces in 5 eyelet shoes:

Types of laces No. of eyelets Lace length Size of eyelets
Medium round laces 5 to 6 eyelets 30 inches Medium 
Medium round laces 5 to 6 eyelets 33 inches Medium 
Large round laces 5 to 6 eyelets 30 inches Large 
Large round laces 5 to 6 eyelets 33 inches Large 

Top 3 5 eyelet boot laces:

1. Miscly round boot laces: Best 5 eyelet boot heavy duty laces for hiking and work boots

These laces are made to last and are made of two inner nylon cords and an outer polyester weave. They are round in shape and available in 4 lengths from which the 45” would the perfect one for your 5 eyelet boots. They are available in two colors: black and brown and you get 2 laces in one purchase.

2. DELELE 2 Pair Round Wave: Best 5 eyelet boot non-slip heavy duty laces for outdoor climbing

These laces give a brilliant design with the weave concave convex shape and are anti-skid and wear resistant too.

They are just perfect for strenuous activities like mountaineering, running and hiking. They are available in plenty of color options and lengths from which you need to select the 120cm size length.

3. GREATLACES: Best heavy duty Kevlar reinforced 5 eyelet boot laces

The Kevlar reinforced laces are just the latest replacements for the old shoe laces that keep the laces in position and maintain a tight grip when tied.

The weave design and the kevlar stitching keeps the laces in better grip than the old laces made of cotton or nylon.

The base material of these laces are polyester-synthetic and are water-resistant. You can select from 36 inches to 48 inches according to your shoe type for the 5 eyelet length.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article and you know by now that a 5 eyelet boot lace can be of any length between 90cm to 120 cm.

You can even use longer laces with 5 eyelet boots, but not anything shorter than 90cm.

Do not forget to check our recommended laces that are heavy duty and will run a long way!

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