Best Cowboy Work Boots to Work Safely

There was a time when cowboy boots were only limited to cowboys wearing them for the joy of their sport.

However, this has changed drastically over the years and cowboy boots have expanded their use for various types of jobs today.

Best Cowboy Work Boots

Enough, all the major brands took this challenge upon themselves to enter the league of creating cowboy boots specifically for work.

We are here to tell you that they certainly didn’t disappoint – so we scoured our hearts out and managed to create a list of ten cowboy work boots that you should look into! They are stylish, to say the least, and are great for most job types. 

10 Best Cowboy Work Boots

Cowboy Boots Best for
Justin Original Construction, slippery surface, miners, rough terrains
Wolverine Rancher 10” Electricians, construction, heavy machinery, factory, slippery surfaces
Irish Setter 83912 Wet environments, electricians, construction, heavy machinery
Dan Post Hunter Miners, slippery surfaces, rough terrains, hunters
Ariat Rambler Western Boot All types of weather, slippery surfaces, outdoor work
J’s.o.l.e Men’s Square Toe Slippery surfaces, warehouse
Soto Boots H50019 Slippery surfaces, rough terrains, construction, warehouse
Ariat Workhog Pull-on Construction, warehouse, factory, farm work
Ariat Groundbreaker Slippery surfaces, electricians, construction, outdoor work
Durango Rebel DB4442 Slippery surface, rough terrains, construction

 1.) Justin Original Work Boots (Best Overall)

Did you know that Justin Boots have been crowned as the ‘Standard Of The West Since 1879’? The brand has patented the J-flex comfort system that is found in every footwear made by them. This makes their work boots one of the most comfortable ones out there in the market.

Perfect for workers who have to be on their feet for an extended period. They are made from 100% high-quality treated leather which is flame-resistant. The rubber outsoles are slip, oil, heat, and abrasion-resistant.

The boots feature a steel shank for added support and stability, and a removable comfort-cushioned insole to give you that much-deserved comfort while on the job.

Their square toe gives the toes a lot of room which only means ultimate flexibility or freedom of movement. Justin Original work boots are brilliantly stylish and authentic keeping the western design in mind.

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2.) Wolverine Men’s Rancher 10″ (Most Comfortable Western Boot)

For every person working in a place that is prone to accidents from heavy objects falling, you should consider the Rancher 10” by Wolverine.

These come with a strong steel toe that meets ASTM standards, plus they’re great for protection against electrical hazards. Your feet will remain uber-cool, comfortable, and dry in them with their moisture-wicking mesh lining feature.

There is a removable ortholite cushioned EVA midsole or footbed that is ultra-light, therefore, not weighing you down while on the job. You get the benefit of a lightweight and comfortable cowboy work boot.

These boots are equipped with a full-grain leather upper and a rubber lug outsole that is slip-resistant and will give you a great grip while walking or working.

It is engineered with Goodyear welt construction that gives them added durability and strength to combat even the toughest of demands in the job.

However, it doesn’t end there, they also have a steel shank that provides strength and support while working. Expect nothing less than a combination of superior materials, and timeless craftsmanship from this iconic American brand.

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3.) Irish Setter Work Men’s 83912 (Best Heat Resistant Cowboy Boot)

Do you work in an area that experiences frequent rains or perhaps you are exposed to water at your workplace? Trust the Irish Setter Marshall boots to help you stay dry with their UltrDry waterproofing system that gives you long-lasting comfort while maximizing performance.

These boots have a steel toe to protect you in accident-prone zones. It also meets ASTM standards for protection against electrical hazards.

They are constructed from 100% full-grain waterproof leather and features a removable PU footbed for comfort and support. The rubber outsoles are heat and slip-resistant.

The most impressive feature of these boots is the RPM Composite technology that reduces the weight of the boots without sacrificing their comfort and durability.

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4.) Dan Post Men’s Hunter (Best Cowboy Boot for Wide Feet)

Dan Post is a legendary brand known for making the world’s finest cowboy boots. The brand handcrafted these very popular Hunter boots with a genuine Mossy Oak Camo Upper that is 100% leather.

It has an ultralight PU outsole that is oil, heat, and slip resistant. This dual-density outsole provides you with all-day comfort with its mini-lug traction feature without too much tread.

These boots have been constructed with a waterproof membrane bootie that helps keep your feet dry by avoiding moisture from entering.

It comes with a removable breathable orthotic cushion insert that is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and the best part is you can wash it when needed.

With their broad square toe, you will get a lot of wiggle room, thereby reducing your foot fatigue. A great looking pair of boots with all day and all night cushioned comfort.

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  5.) Ariat Rambler  (Best Square Toe Western Boot)

Looking for boots that are all-weather friendly? The Rambler Western Boot by Ariat is what you need. With 100% leather uppers and rubber soles that can be worn in any weather while keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day, Ariat has gone above and beyond with this one.

The outsoles have dura tread, which makes them resistant to slippery surfaces, flexible for optimum performance, and resistant to wear and tear. 

These boots look perfect for work, outdoors, or even a night out in town. One of its most impressive features is the use of ATS technology, which is lightweight and ergonomic that gives you all-day comfort.

This technology is a blend of a moisture-wicking, gel-cushioned footbed with a heel stabilizer for support and stability. These boots promote excellent posture and minimize fatigue for you to be able to work proficiently all-day. A game changer!

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6.) J’s.o.l.e Men’s Square Toe (Best moisture wicking Cowboy boot)

J’s.o.l.e have been creating stylish, durable, and functional footwear for over 10 years now, with inspiration from across the world.

These Western Cowboy Square Toe Boots are another one of their wonderful creations. They are made with 100% full-grain leather uppers and durable rubber outsoles that are slip-resistant.

It comes with removable cushioned insoles and a moisture-wicking sock liner that provides comfort and support throughout the day. These boots will make sure that you are hardly ever exhausted while working. Your feet can breathe easily due to the mesh lining.

Who says you can’t look good while working? You can style these very stylish boots with a cowboy hat, embossed western belt, and bootcut jeans for that perfect look.

The brand guarantees quality control at each stage and offers a 35-day easy return policy to make your experience even better.

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7.) Soto Boots Men’s H50019 (Best slip resistant cowboy boots)

We found another pair of cowboy boots that is perfect for both work and casuals. Soto Boots never compromise on comfort, and these boots are no different.

They are constructed from genuine leather, even the soles are leather with slip-resistant rubber ridges and shock absorbent. For additional comfort and durability, the insides have a leather lining, and insoles are cushioned.

They have been handmade with Goodyear Welt Construction to last for a long period. Your toes get a lot of wiggle room with its broad square toe design, thereby reducing fatigue. It has classic western stitching done on the shaft and decorative inlays for making it stylish.

Everything that you could expect genuine cowboy boots at an affordable price should offer you will get it from these Soto Boots. They are built to tackle the tough days at work and so much more.

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8.) Ariat Workhog Pull-on Work Boot (Most Durable Cowboy Boot)

We have added another one by Ariat because it was quite a task to pick just one. The Workhog Pull-on Work Boot is built to last with its strong, and sturdy features.

They are constructed from 100% premium full-grain leather and have a western-inspired design that adds a certain character to the boots.

The Duratread outsole is highly abrasion, oil, and slip resistant. It also comes with a lightweight, cushioned EVA midsole, which along with the outsole has to be the ultimate combination of comfort and durability.

These boots promote healthy body alignment when you wear them, with their ATS Max technology that gives maximum torsional stability and minimizes foot fatigue. For additional durability, Ariat engineered them with Goodyear Welt Construction.

It has a wide, round toe that allows a lot of flexibility while moving, which is every man’s dream come true. You are truly going to be comfortable in these rugged and ready to wear work boot.

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9.) ARIAT Men’s Groundbreaker (Most popular cowboy boot)

Groundbreaker by Ariat is just another amazing pair of cowboy boots you would want to own. They are made from 100% full-grain leather foot with a suede upper, Clarino shaft, and a 90-degree heel.

It comes with a square toe that is very comfortable for most types of feet giving you ample space to wiggle your toes, thereby, maximizing mobility while working. The rubber Duratread outsole is oil and slip resistant, making it perfect for slippery surfaces.

There is a removable cushioned insole for added comfort and support. This is a great option for electricians as well as they meet the ASTM standards for protection against electrical hazards.

You can expect performance, comfort, and durability for anyone working under the open sky in these cowboy boots.

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10.) Durango Men’s Rebel DB4442 (Most lightweight cowboy boot)

Have you heard of the Durango Suspension System or DSS? It is a very clever system used by the brand to give you all-day comfort, flexibility, and durability. They’ve used 4 key components to create a lightweight design just for all you hardworking people.

It comes with a two-layer cushion flex innersole, contoured removable cushion insole, tempered steel shank, shock-absorbing flexible molded EVA midsole, and a high abrasion rubber outsole with a rolled shank area and rocker heel.

The dual-density outsole is oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant, plus they’re non-marking. Made with 100% full-grain leather upper with a square toe, these boots have everything that you are perhaps looking for in a reliable cowboy boot.

The shaft is very elaborately stitched with twin pull circles on each side, making it quite convenient to wear them and take them off.

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Features of good Cowboy Work Boots

Cowboy work boots are just as handy as any other type of work boot. You just need to keep the following points in mind while buying one.

1.) The toe box is normally mildly tapered or rounded to give more wiggle room for the toes when working.

2.) The stitching should be well done to support the structure of the cowboy boots as they use more material than most other work boots.

3.) Go for cowboy boots that have a good shaft height depending on your job type because you have to be in them for a minimum of 12hrs if not more.

4.) The boots should have enough flexibility for better mobility while working.

5.) Cowboy boots generally have a certain heel height, so pick the ones that you are most comfortable in, keeping your job in mind.

6.) You should consider the style of the boots as cowboy boots come in several designs and styles. Pick the ones that are most appropriate and comfortable for your job or workplace.

7.) Material is by far one of the most important features because this will determine the durability of the cowboy boots. Consider the boots that are made from genuine leather.

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Do cowboy boots protect from snake bites?

One feature that makes cowboy boots different from the other boots is their shaft height which is usually 10 to 14 inches high.

These high shafts protect a major area of the leg above the feet which can be a plus point for protecting against snake bites.

But most snakes bite in a straight position in which their height generally crosses that 14-inch height mark of the shafts of the cowboy boots.

Also, cowboy boots are made of leather and snakes can easily bite through the leather material that is their fangs can penetrate through the leather.

Therefore, cowboy boots won’t protect you from snake bites unless the snakes are very small in size.

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What do cowboy boot sizes mean?

Other than the length size, cowboy boots display another variant of size which depicts the width of the boots which are as follows:

Width size for men’s cowboy boots:

B: narrow

D: medium/regular

E: wide

EE: extra wide

Width size for women’s cowboy boots:

A: narrow

B: medium/regular

C: wide

Cowboy boot styles that offer relaxed feet and roomy toe box area already have some extra space in them. So, while choosing these styles, go half a size down than the size of your sneakers.

Do you need to waterproof new cowboy boots?

Nowadays most of the cowboy boots are waterproof because they are mostly worn by the farmers, concrete workers and forest department professionals where workers have the chances to deal with water on the surfaces.

Waterproof boots already have the coating in them that protects the boots against water and therefore there is absolutely no need to coat them with a waterproofing spray once more.

This is because coating them double with waterproof sprays will make the boots non-breathable and your feet will sweat inside the boots due to lack of air flow. 

Once the water stops beading on the leather boots, you should know then its time to reapply the waterproof coating and not until then. 

Are cowboy boots good for standing?

In the past, cowboy boots were solely made for the purpose of farming and horse riding. Back then, cowboy boots were hard in texture and not very flexible.

But with technological advancements, nowadays most cowboy boots are made with cushioned, anti-fatigue footbeds that deliver utmost comfort to the feet.  

There are many styles that cowboy boots offer and the comfort level depends on the style that you choose. The cowboy boots that have moderate heels and the shaft length is moderate deliver the utmost comfort.

Thus, the ropers and the classic western styles offer the most comfort. Also, look for the ATS comfort technology that cowboy boots install in their boots for the all-day comfort.

Other aspects that decide the comfort level of cowboy boots are proper fitting, roomy toe-box area and the arch support. If your cowboy boots all the mentioned features, then rest assured they are going to be very comfortable for your all day standing!

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Wrapping up

Cowboy work boots are a great addition to your wardrobe because of their stylish western design. You can wear them to work and also with your casuals. They are one of the most versatile types of work boots, so there is no way you can go wrong with them.

In our list above, you will notice that Ariat has won us over. There are a ton of options from this brand that you can check out that did not make it to the list but are equally good. Get those cowboy boots already!

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