Do Rubber Boots Work for Snakes?

Do Rubber Boots Work for SnakesMore than often we don’t easily spot a snake while walking because they camouflage with the ground. Since our legs and feet are the most vulnerable in this scenario you have to consciously wear boots that can protect you from the snakes’ fangs to penetrate through to the skin. If you are worried about can your rubber boots protect you from snake bites?

The answer is yes, rubber boots will protect you from snake bites. Rubber boots are made of very tough material that prevents the fangs from reaching your skin. 

Usually, it is the venomous snake that will have the strongest fangs and will strike with force. So this is where the rubber boots will come in handy because even if the fangs do go through the boots, they will not be able to reach further than that. Snakes are not concerned whether they’ve bitten you on the skin, so after the bite, they will retract and flee. 

Although it is not any regular rubber boot, they need to be snake-proof specific boots. 

Below is a List of Recommended Snake-Proof Boots:

What are Rubber Boots Made of?

Rubber boots are also known as Galoshes, gumboots, rain boots, or Wellington boots and have been in existence since the 1800s. They are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a halogenated polymer, and are waterproof that is very useful in the rainy season or while being in areas with mud. 

The materials used make these boots very warm on the inside keeping the feet dry and warm but also sweaty. So it is best worn during cooler weather, such as during the monsoons and winters.  

What are Rubber Boots Used for?

farm work prefer rubber boots

People working in mines, industries with hazardous chemicals, and farm work prefer rubber boots because it helps protect their feet from any unforeseen accidents or mishaps as it doesn’t allow fluids to seep in.

Especially in the agricultural sector, workers are required to be in mud and dirt throughout the day, so wearing a pair of rubber boots lets them submerge their feet in liquid making it easier to work.

Rubber boots are also very useful for people who love to hike as you don’t know what to expect in your trails, and nothing can penetrate through them.

Manufacturers generally make them knee-high which gives ample coverage to the legs. But with the fast pace changing fashion trends, many brands have options of ankle-length boots as well.  

Check our guide on how to fix holes in rubber boots, if you want to repair a hole in your rubber boot.

What Type of Rubber Boots should you wear to Prevent Snake Bites?

While rubber boots are good for preventing snake bites, you must keep in mind that it may not be the case with highly venomous snakes because they have the strongest, sharpest fangs. So it’s best to invest in a proper pair of snake-proof boots.

What Type of Rubber Boots should you wear to Prevent Snake Bites

They are made with a combination of leather, rubber, neoprene, polyurethane, synthetic weaves, Kevlar, and denim.

Manufacturers give an extra lining that makes these boots completely reliable, so you won’t have to worry while walking in swamps which are practically the breeding ground for snakes, or in places where the snakes cannot be spotted easily. 

When do you have the Most Risk of Snake Bite?

It is that time of the year, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining; yes I am talking about everyone’s favorite seasons – spring and summer.

You are sitting out on your porch while taking it all in, and wondering how incredible it will be to head out for a picnic or a long walk through the woods or simply spend time fishing in the sparkling lake.

Spring and summer season is when we get the thirst for some adventure and outdoor activities; and why not? But are you wearing the right attire and shoes to quench your thirst? 

outdoors activities

The outdoors is always exciting during this time; however, it also means that we have season visitors like insects, bugs, and snakes.

So whether it is for an adventurous recreation or your work entails you to be outdoors, we must learn what type of gear is appropriate and safe for us. Now you don’t want to have an encounter with a snake and wonder if the shoes or boots you wore were safe AF! 

We ought to be prepared for them with the suitable gear and that is what I am here to help you with, by discussing whether rubber boots work for protection against snakes.  

Where can Snakes be Found?

There are over 3000 species of snakes that are known to mankind. And they can be found in any corner of the world. Since they fall in the category of wild carnivores animals they are mostly more likely to live in the wilderness.

However, this does not mean that we can rule out their presence in the cities or urban areas. They sometimes reach as far as your house in search of food or when following their prey like rats and rodents. 

When do Snakes Come out?

what temperature snake likes

It is a known fact that snakes are cold-blooded reptiles so naturally, they prefer warmer weather because it helps them warm their blood.

They mostly come out during the day, which is when they are most active but they also do not like extremely hot weather. So temperatures between 70-80 degree Fahrenheit is ideal for them.

This, however, depends on the region you’re in and the type of snakes found there. There are many different types and a few prefer to come out at night to hunt as they have an infrared vision, which helps them detect mammals. 

Why do Snakes Attack Humans?

Snakes, in general, want nothing to do with people and they are very territorial. Similar to any other animal who does not want to be messed around with for the fun of it.

If you happen to be in an area that is prone to snakes, it is very important to be mindful of where you’re stepping, because it is quite possible to step on one without realizing. So whenever they feel threatened or disturbed they will attack a person without thinking twice. 

If someone disturbs our peace or invades our space we would react too, we perhaps won’t bite but find other ways to send a message across. 

Where do Snakes Bite?

Considering the anatomy of a snake, they are long and crawl on the ground so their basic instinct while protecting themselves is biting on the legs, which is easily accessible to them. They can go up to your calves while striking. 

Where do Snakes Bite

Hence, you must wear something that keeps you completely covered with very little skin being exposed. The right answer to this is knee-length boots, or just below the knees. 

What should you wear while hiking, hunting, or working in snake prone areas?

Being in comfortable clothing is inevitable when hiking, hunting, or working. But what is appropriate to protect yourself from snake attacks? Wear clothes that cover you completely, like full sleeve t-shirts, long pants, and a strong and sturdy pair of rubber boots that give enough coverage.

Wear slightly loose trousers that are made of heavy material but are comfortable as well, and knee-length or calf-length boots to go over the pants is the way to go. 

The idea is to reveal as little skin as possible. This will also protect you from insects, bugs, and mosquitoes. 

Wrapping Up

Do not shy away or hold back while buying a good reliable pair of rubber boots that are also snake proof. The US alone has over 8000 accidents in a year caused by snake bites as it is home to several venomous snakes. Make sure to do your research to every minute detail while investing in a pair.

If you are someone who often ventures out into the wild, chances are you will have an encounter with these reptiles at some point. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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