Are Logger Boots Bad for Your Feet?

Are Logger Boots Bad for Your FeetLogger boots are designed in such a way so that it can be used for engaging in daily outdoor activities. They are quite useful for farmers, ranchers, lumberjacks, and in those jobs where the worker have to stay on their feet for a long time. These boots are also helpful for workers who have to work on wet and uneven terrains. 

Logger boots can be bad for your feet if you purchase the wrong type of logger boots. Logger boots that do not provide arch support can hurt your feet. Also, too wide or too narrow logger boots can make you feel uncomfortable.

Let’s take a look into some of the reasons why logger boots can be bad for your feet.

1.) Lack of Arch Support

There are four surfaces of your feet- the heel, the arch, the ball of the foot, and the toes. When our foot strikes the ground, the heel comes in touch with the ground, then the arch moves forward, followed by the ball of the foot and the toes respectively.

The right kind of logger boots provides good arch support to your feet. Without proper arch support, the arch will collapse. Besides, the foot will roll out flat and will stretch the foot along with the ligaments, nerves, and muscles. This is known as over-pronation and can lead to one of the common foot injuries called plantar fasciitis. This can cause pain at the rear of the arch.

How to solve this issue?

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You can solve this issue by purchasing a logger boot that provides good arch support. Individuals who have flat arches need boots that are rigid whereas the ones with high arches need more cushion in their boots.

2.) The height of the Logger Boots can also be an issue

We also need to give attention to the heel of the logger boots. Logger boots that have heel beyond what a standard heel usually have are the ideal one for you since it will not only give your foot adequate support but will also provide shock absorption.

3.) Why too much heel can be bad for your feet?

Boots with a higher heel and inadequate internal arch support can put more pressure on your foot, knees, hips, and on the lower part of your back. Too much heel might also affect your balance and can lead to more chances of an ankle injury and falls. 

How to solve this issue?

Know about your work and purchase the one that is appropriate for you and your job. Loggers have to work on uneven terrains and hence have to wear boots with raised heels and good arch support. Hence, buy a logger boot that has not more than 3 inches of the heel and has good arch support to avoid foot injuries. 

4.) Toe box problems

You should not overlook the toe box before you purchase an appropriate logger boot for you. Too short a toe box can cause your toes to crimp which might lead to permanent damage of toe muscles and can lead to severe foot pain. Too high a heel that has a cramped toe box can cause your toes to go numb which will further lead to nerve pain. Additionally, too narrow a toe box can lead to bunions which can cause foot deformity. 

How can you solve toe box problems?

Poor-fitting logger boots can lead to the problems that are stated above. Hence it is recommended to purchase properly fitted steel toe work boots. This is because steel toe boots are comfortable and always keeps you on your feet.

How to stop your Logger Boots from hurting your feet?

To stop your logger boots from hurting your feet, you have to purchase a properly fitted logger boot that has good arch support. Lack of arch support can lead to many foot problems like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, tendonitis, and so on. This problem can be avoided with arch support insoles.

Benefits of arch support insoles are listed below: 

      1. Arch support insoles reduce strain on your ligament that connects the heel with your toes. This not only gives your feet the much-needed security but also prevents the severe heel pain of plantar fasciitis.
      2. Pressure on the heel and ball of your foot is greatly reduced owing to the use of arch support insoles since it spreads the effect of each step over the entire surface of your foot.
      3. Arch support insoles can also cure alignment issues which can lead to pain in your knees, hips, and the small of your back. 

How do I find an ideal Logger Boot for Myself?

Make sure that the logger boot is properly fitted and are comfortable. Your logger boot will be more comfortable if it has a proper cushion at the bottom.

Avoid boots that are too wide since it might cause blisters if you move too much. Ensure that your boot is made up of high-quality materials and is stitched properly. 

Opt for a waterproof logger boot. The waterproof feature is important if you have to stand in the water for very long. This will prevent moisture from penetrating inside.

Opt for high-heeled logger boots if you have to move on uneven terrains or need to venture deep into the forests. Go for short-heeled boots if you have to work on smooth surfaces like concrete, plywood, or a dirty surface.

Assess the level of insulation provided by the logger boots if you are planning to use its outdoor activities. Uninsulated boots might be hot during the summer and can cause your feet to sweat. Hence, do purchase a well-insulated boot.


So, now you know why logger boots can be bad for your feet and what precautions you must take to avoid this. Always ensure that you try on logger boots wearing your work socks as this will confirm if the boots are properly fitted or not.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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