How to Heighten Steel Toe Boots? (5 Ways)

There is only one wish of short heighted people and that’s to get tall!

But height in boots is also necessary for other reasons such as raised heels give better support and save from getting in the mud and water into the boots.

How to Heighten Steel Toe BootsWhatever be your reason, you have come to this post which means that you need to heighten your steel toe boots.

Rest assured I have some amazing tips for you and also tell you about the pros and cons of heightening your boots! Along with it, I also have in store some tall boots recommendation for you by our experts!

Let’s have a quick look into some of the tips for heightening your steel toe boots before we move on to the details…

You can heighten your steel toe boots using extra heels that are few inches taller than the native heels that are set in your boots, you can make use of cushioned insoles to heighten the boots, implanting a wedged sole will also increase the overall height of the boots, inserting cushioned pads just in the heel area of the boots will also do the job!

Well, these were just some of the ways that I am going to discuss in details in this article with a lot more to these options….

So, let’s begin the exploration?

Pros and cons of heightening your steel toe boots

While heightening gives a lift to your original height and you can flaunt it fashionably, there are some adverse effects of heightening your boots as well! Let’s find out the pros as well as the cons of heightening steel toe boots so that you can decide whether you want to do it or not!

Pros of heightening steel toe boots:

      • It gives a lift to your height and you look taller
      • It gives you confidence of a tall height
      • The raised heels prevent mud, wet concrete and water from getting inside the boots easily
      • The heels of the boots provide a support and platform to your heels and aids in walking in the boots all day long with ease and comfort
      • The raised heel saves the sole of the boots from getting rubbed against the floor too much and thus increase the life of the outsole

Cons of heightening steel toe boots:

      • The height thus achieved from heightening of the boots is just a fake one and you do not need it (that’s entirely my personal opinion with no offence to anyone who wants to heighten their boots)
      • The raised heels might be the cause for your feet and back pain
      • The raised heels also effect your spinal cord in the long run
      • Extreme high heels might lead to sprain in the ankle and the heels
      • High heels can also make you lose your balance easily and lead to falls and accidents

5 Ways to heighten steel toe boots

Here I have some amazing tips for you to heighten your steel toe boots of which you might not have thought of earlier:

1. Implanting extra heels on the boots:

This might be a tedious job and you might also want to get it done by the cobbler or some shoe repair shop, but in case, you want to do it all by yourself, here’s the detailed steps for it:

      1. Remove the heel of the boots using a sharp knife. There might be a few nails secured to the heels and if they are present, you need to take them out with the help of pliers.
      2. Once the heel has been removed you need to make use of a sandpaper to smoothen the area from where you have removed the heel.
      3. When the heel area is smooth and flat just like the remaining surface of the sole, you need to wash it with soap-water solution to make sure there is no dirt and dust present in the sole.
      4. Now is the time to apply really effective glue to the heel area of the boots. Apply the glue and leave it for a few minutes to let it semi-dry.
      5. Take the new high heel and apply the same glue on it and let it semi-dry too.
      6. Next, you need to press the heel on the heel area of the boot until the glue has attached the heel to the boots completely.
      7. Leave it for a few minutes to dry completely.
      8. You will now need to make use of some nails and hammer it in the heel area to secure the heels to the soles of the boots permanently.
      9. Voila! You are done and your boots have got the desired height!

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2. Adding extra cushioned insole top the boots:

This is another easy and great way to add that extra height your boots. All you need to do is buy some cushioned insoles matching the shape and size of your boots and insert them inside the boots to get the lift of height.

3. Implanting a wedged sole on the boots:

This is very similar to adding the extra heels to the boots as mentioned in point number one, with an exception that this time you need to replace the entire outsole of the boots with the new wedged sole:

      1. With the help of pliers and knife, take out the outsole of the boots.
      2. Make use of the sandpaper to get a smooth surface and then apply the glue on the lower of the boots.
      3. Take the wedged sole and apply glue to its lower part too.
      4. Let the glue dry to an extent and then press the wedged sole to the lower part of the boots.
      5. You can also make use of nuts and hammer to fix the wedged sole to the boots.

Adding wedged sole instead of just the heels will add height to the entire boot and will be a far more comfortable experience for you.

4. Inserting cushioned heel pads inside the boots:

Heel pads are readily available in or might get them as well from the local shoe stores. Heel pads are cushioned pads that are designed especially for the heel area to give you the extra lift and add cushioning to the heels.

5. Adding cotton layers in the heel area of the boots:

This is a great substitute to heel pads and is a much cost-effective option. We all have cotton pads in our house. Just take a few of them and layer them in the heel area of the boots as much as you need according to the desired height you want to achieve. Walking in them is comfortable too and gives a cushioning effect to the heels too.

Recommended tall steel toe boots

Here’s a list of steel toe boots recommended by our experts with heels measuring 1.5”:

Most comfortable high heel steel toe boot:

Best pull-on high heel steel toe boot:

Best high heel steel toe boot for women:

Best 1.75” insulated steel toe work boot:

And that’s the END:

With that we have come to the end of this post!

Just remember, adding some height to the boots in case they are very flat is okay, but adding too much height is not good for your feet and back!

Heels up to 1” to 1.5” is oaky, but anything more than that can be harmful for your body. So, choose wisely!

Hope this article was helpful for you. Will meet soon in my next post…

Till then…

Take care and have a great day ahead!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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