Should I Condition My Boots First and Then Add Mink Oil?

Should I Condition My Boots First and Then Add Mink Oil

Do you want your leather boots to last a long period and want them to look nice? Then you must keep your leather boots clean and conditioned. A good leather conditioner keeps your boots supple and soft while protecting them from cracks. But you also require a protectant to protect your boots against hazardous elements and to prevent the moisture and natural oils from escaping.

Once you break in your boots, you must invest in its maintenance. From time to time, you should oil and condition your leather boots for restoring their beauty and luxurious look.

Yes, you must condition your boots first and then apply mink oil to them. But why so? This is because leather conditioners restore the color of your boots and enhance your boot’s appearance, whereas mink oil protects your boots against hazardous elements and keep your boots moisturized. 

Let’s talk in-depth about leather conditioner and mink oil and how they can benefit your boots.

Types of Leather Conditioners

Leather conditioners are available in the form of conditioning oils, conditioning creams, and wax conditioners. 

1.) Conditioning oils: Conditioning oils are used to keep your boots soft and supple. Examples of conditioning oils include Lanolin, Neatsfoot oil, Lexol, and so on.

2.) Conditioning creams: Conditioning creams are great ways to nourish and moisturize the leather boots precisely. One of the highlights of conditioning creams is that they do not change the color of your boots and keep the leather fibers supple.

3.) Wax conditioners: Wax conditioners good for provides excellent surface protection to your boots against all kinds of liquids. But they do not penetrate deeply into the leather and is not good for nourishing your boots.

Uses of Leather Conditioners

Some of the uses of leather conditioners are listed below

1.) Leather Conditioners are one of the great ways of protecting your leather boots. They not only lubricate the fibers of your boots but also reduces the amount of friction that can damage the boots.

2.) Certain chemicals present in your conditioner can bind the leather and makes them stronger and durable.

3.) Leather conditioners assure that your boots will be preserved in their natural condition for a long time.

4.) Leather conditioners can infiltrate any kind of dirt and grime present in your leather.

Note: Although leather conditioners are good, it is recommended not to over condition your leather boots.

Uses of Mink Oil

1.) Mink oil can be used on different kinds of leather. Examples include full-grained leather, top-grain leather, corrected leather, oil-tanned leather, and so on.

2.) Mink oil can protect your boots against hazardous elements and keeps them soft and flexible.

3.) If you want to preserve your leather boots then mink oil is a good option. Mink can protect your leather boots from the harmful rays of the sun and allows them to last for a long time.  

4.) Mink oil can protect your boots from extreme weather conditions. They can waterproof your boots and guard them against mold, mildew, salt, external abrasions, snow, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, etc.

Should I condition my leather boots? 

To prevent irreversible damage to your boots from cracked and extremely dry leather, it is essential to condition your boots frequently. If you are someone who works mostly in water or mud then you will have to condition your boots more frequently.

Never allow your boots to sit with mud, concrete powder, wood pulp, or mechanical oils for a long time. These substances can harden and cause irreparable damage to your boots.

Is Mink Oil a Leather Conditioner?

Mink oil is not exactly a leather conditioner. It can moisturize and nourish your leather boots. But, in due course, mink oil will oxidize and harden your leather.

How to Clean and Condition Leather Boots?

Before applying any boot-care products, you need to clean your boots thoroughly.

Phase 1: Clean your boots

horsehair brush to clean boots

1.) Remove the laces of your boots before cleaning them.

2.) Wipe the boots using a damp cloth/soft brush (use saddle soap if required).

3.) Now, wipe the boots dry.

4.) Give some time to the boots for drying fully and then apply boot-care products.

Phase 2: Condition your boots

1.) Quickly rub your boots using a dry cloth to get rid of the remaining dirt particles.

2.) Next, take a soft brush and apply the leather conditioner to a small portion of your boots to see that they do not change the color of your boots.

3.) Now, take a soft cloth, pour the conditioner on it, and then rub it on your boots. Use circular motions to apply the conditioner to every corner of your boots. (Use as much product as your boots need. If you haven’t treated your boots in a while, then apply the conditioner 2-3 times).

4.) Wipe off the excess and allow some time for your boots to dry. After a few hours, rub your boots with another dry cloth to absorb the remaining oils and moisture.

Phase 3: Apply Mink Oil

Once you are done conditioning your boots, consider adding mink oil to protect your boots from salt, water, and other hazardous elements. Follow the steps below to apply mink oil to your boots.

Applying Mink Oil To Leather Boots

1.) Apply the mink oil to a small section of your leather boots.

2.) Next, rub the oil in each section of your boots one by one until the entire surface is covered with the oil.

3.) Allow some time for your boots to absorb the oil and then wipe off the excess oil. 

Note: After you are done with both the products, take a polishing pad and rub it lightly on your leather boots to achieve a healthy shine.

Similarities Between Mink Oil and Leather Conditioners

      • Both mink oil and leather conditioners keep your boots soft and supple.
      • Leather conditioner and mink oils nourish the fibers of your leather boots.
      • Mink oil and leather conditioners contain a lot of similar ingredients and keep your boots healthy.  
      • Leather conditioners and mink oil creates a protective layer around your boots and keeps them moisturized.
      • Both mink oil and leather conditioners are perfect ways of restoring the natural oils of your leather boots.

Difference between Mink Oil and Leather Conditioners

Mink Oil Leather Conditioners
Mink oil conditions leather boots that are used heavily and are more exposed to dirty stains. Leather conditioners are good for such leather boots that are not much exposed to stubborn stains. 
Mink oil can clog the pores of your leather boots and darken the color of your boots. Leather conditioners do not clog the pores of your leather boots and rejuvenate the color of your boots.
Mink oil offers protection against hazardous elements like salt, water, and extreme weather conditions. Leather conditioners are not very effective against hazardous elements and extreme weather conditions.
The soft glow of the leather patina withers away when you start applying mink oil to your boots. Leather conditioners maintain

the soft glow of the leather patina.

Mink oil stays on your boots for a long period. Leather conditioners cannot stay for a very long time on your boots.

Check out the detailed guide on mink oil vs leather conditioner.

Top 3 Leather Conditioners 

1.) Huberd’s Shoe Grease

Hubert’s Shoe Grease is made up of beeswax blend, pine patch, and other essential oils that not only keep your boots waterproof but also protect them against cracks. You can take these boots out in the dirt, grime, and rain without worrying about your toes getting wet and your shoes becoming dirty.

2.) Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovator

Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovator is a mink oil-based formula that not only offers the ease of waxes but also the saturation of oil. This product conditions your boots deeply and also help in bringing out the color and shine to your leather boots. The conditioner keeps your boots hydrated does not darken the color of your boots.

3.) Cobbler’s Choice Leather Conditioner

Cobbler’s choice leather conditioner is one of the best leather conditioners. It keeps your boots soft and supple. The conditioner is made from triple filtered beeswax that keeps your boots waterproof, seed oils that can soften and nourishes your boots, and naturally occurring lipids that deeply penetrate the leather and keeps them flexible.


Hence, it can be said that leather conditioners are a good option to restore the color of leather boots and keeping them soft and flexible. Do follow it with mink oil if you want additional protection against salt, mildew, mold, and other harmful elements.

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